Saturday, November 23, 2013

Aweekstweets November 15-23 2013: the week I couldn’t think of a theme for the week that was

Guilty pleasure: Michael Buble. Guy can sing.

Grace Kelly. I never see commentary on her acting skills. So R we 2 regard her as a lovely fashion model who read lines in Hollywood movies?

Virginia state senator Creigh Deeds. My heart goes out to him. Unspeakable family tragedy.

Wife & I are working a fresh bottle of wine tonight. By "working," I mean the opposite.

My parents had the 1962 comedy LP "The First Family." Very funny. We didn't discover it in our record cabinet till the 70s. Worth a listen.

I always enjoy going into Arlington for almost any reason. It's a fascinating fabric of distinct communities & vibrant business districts.

Months ago th organizers o today event asked me 2 speak about #IBM Watson. Didnt realize I'd have important Watson news in same week 2 share

I'm speaking at RSA Security Conf in Feb in SF. Securing the Internet of Things. Betcha didn't realize I ponder such things.

Bought & downloaded Mazzy Star's new LP, "Seasons of Your Day." Fine return. Deepens their classic chill burn sound. Will put you in a zone.

Crystal City noticeably more lively today than when I worked there w/Adeena Corp in 1988-90. Less federal. More commercial. More restaurants

@TonyBaer What war? This Inmon guy's firing blanks. Not much ammo in his whammo. Just happy 2 confirm tht fact live. Not much thought ldrshp

Inmon began by garbling Chinese philosophy about crisis/opportunity & attributing it to that great sage Richard Nixon.

Inmon has the most narrow perspective I've ever come across in #bigdata analytics: "textual disambiguation" as only app. Gimme a break.

Wondering why Bill Inmon feels that parsing semantics of phrase "she's hot" is appropriate in context of business-oriented discussion.

Just met #BigData & Ent Arch keynotr Bill Inmon, fabled "father o DW." He speaks before me. My distinction: father of Jason & Sonya Kobielus

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"Models v Experiments" ( ) JK--Use cheap data/compute 2 design/exec many low-risk experimts vs. spend time build models

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stoned & Starving by Parquet Courts from Light Up Gold JK--Singer searches 4 something---not apparently 4 drugs/food

"#BigData set - 3.5 billion web pages - made available for all of us" ( ) JK--Huge hairy hyperlink graph.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Daddy Was A Real Good Dancer by The Dismemberment Plan from Uncanney Valley JK--2013. And this is a real good song.

"Google’s Vint Cerf defines Internet of Things challenges" ( ) JK--Includes discussion of privacy & security.

"Chomsky Warns #BigData Tech Will Be Used For Bad Purposes" ( ) JK--Reminds me: 

"Here comes the age o ambient everything" ( ) JK--Cloud, Internet o Things, wearables, mobility, preemptive search, etc

"White House Cites #BigData Analytics Gains" ( ) JK--Discusses #IBM Analytics Talent Assessment online platform

"Fast clustering algorithms for massive datasets" ( ) JK--Presents the algorithms & discusses computational complexity

"Securing the Internet of Things: 5 Easy Pieces" ( ) JK--None of which involve Jack Nicholson being rude to waitresses

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Getaway by Pearl Jam from Lightning Bolt JK--2013. Brand new. Really excellent. Totally Pearl Jam.

Big Data is not a buzzword. It's 2 words. Discuss amongst.

Catch me speaking tomorrow at #BigData & Enterprise Architecture Conference 2013 ( ). My neck of woods: Arlington VA

New #IBM jk blog: "Small, Spotty and Zero Data: The Insights Present in Information’s Absence" ( )

Big identity? Baking data-centric security into #bigdata platfrms ( ) Friday #IBM q-h in adv. Offsite speaking tomorrow

Decision automation? p1:  p2:  Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles. -Alex Karras #quote RT @TimothyWebb
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@Natasha_D_G I was joking, obviously, Natasha. But I'll take your advice anyway.

"The Big Media Revolution" ( ) JK--Recent video interview of me at #PureSystems booth at #ibmiod 2013

Doing full runthrough of the finished American Mgt Assn course "Data as a Strategic Asset: A Customer-Focused Approach." I co-developed.

The Specials "A Message to You Rudy" ( ) JK--This played overhead at Times Square Starbucks this a.m. I sang along.

Finished my quick-hits for next week. Only had 3 to do. On second thought, I think I'll just work over the 4-day. Relaxation is overrated

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nothing by The Fugs from Fugs 1st Album JK--1966. Aggressively sloppy monotonous NYC folk-beat nihilistic harmonizing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Flying Low by Mazzy Star from Seasons of Your Day JK--2013. Very cool. Sounds like lady sings the delta blues

Over dinner last night, work bud & I agreed Yelp is crap. Tends to recommend you drive 20 miles to save a buck on chicken wings.

Big identity? The fragile foundation of CAPTCHA in the era of online image analytics ( ) Wed #IBM quick-hit

Dave at AMA liked our video session today. I gave him plenty of footage of me wagging

Actually meeting people is the way 2 go. Standing in someone's physical presence tells you far more than their social media chatter ever can

Fun night of dining & wining in Little Italy with my work bud Steven. Amazing th range of stuff you can discuss after dark when pressure off

New #IBM #AnalyzingMedia jk article: "Analytics Illuminate Stab-in-the-dark Recommendations" ( )

New #IBM #Dataversity jk article: "#BigData and the Power of Mathematical Breakthroughs" ( )

Popped into Science House on E. 38th NYC. Met @RitaJKing & James Jorasch @pointsofscience. Great facility. They're doing #IBM cloud event

George Martin, Brian Epstein, Murray the K, Billy Preston, etc. Wish all the 5th Beatles had formed their own band.

Washington football team's sorry prospects: squad sucks, name offensive, & owner a greedy jerk. One of these factors perpetuates the others

That big Starbucks in Times Square is one of my faves. Right up there with original near Seattle Pike Place Market. People-watching points.

2-day to NYC to wrap a course on data in business strategy that I co-developed with #IBM partner American Mgmt Assn. Times Square.

Am I the only person enjoying the tragicomedy involving the cracksmoking Toronto mayor?

I chucked my planned PPT today & spoke off the cuff on #bigdata for an hour to an #IBM audience. Felt good. Stuck to an ad-hoc re-outline.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Evening Ceremony by Active Child from Rapor EP JK--2013. Nice. Good title. Sounds like dreamy animistic incantation

Busy one today. Gee. #IBM is a big, diversified, dynamic, global company. Apparently, we never rest. I think that's a good thing, net-net.

A9: #cxo One salient feature of Starbucks #CX--by its absence--is minimal advertising. Don't feel like marketing is pushing me to go there

A9: #cxo Starbucks' music overhead--and the music on sale--are integral to my experience. I linger to listen & browse. And caffeinate.

A9: #cxo Another salient aspect of Starbucks #CX is feeling of connectedness to coffee culture. People carrying cups to office show that off

A9: #cxo With Starbucks & other coffee shops, most salient aspect is aroma. I loved coffee aroma long before I could stand 2 drink the stuff

A8: #cxo Be careful. A reinvented customer experience is a dangerous thing. You may "reinvent" your prior brand halo into oblivion.

A8: #cxo Freshening the customer experience can benefit from A/B testing of new-vs-old experiences in different circumstances.

A8: #cxo Ask yourself whether your customer experience feels stale. Loyal customers may like it, but non-customers may find it uninteresting

A7: #cxo If local culture expects "American" experience from US-based company, give it to them. First ask what "American" means to them

A7: #cxo Businesses need to involve local personnel in the tailoring of the global brand experience to each region's expectations.

A7: #cxo Businesses must adapt to cultures in which they operate. What experiential aspects R most comfortable to customers U serve?

A6: #cxo Do A/B testing of how customers prefer to procure, receive, & use your product/service. Incorporate findings into evolved offerings

A6: #cxo Rich repeated engagement is sign of strong brand-connectedness. Usage patterns include frequent, intimate, successful interactions

A5: #cxo Word-of-mouth & peer influence is another metric of success in forging connections. Customers feel strongly enough to recommend you

A5: #cxo Measuring trust/relevance of B2C connections requires customer satisfaction surveys, sentiment monitoring, & focused interviews

A4: #cxo Real-time data/analytics tech is key to cultivating customer connectedness: always accessible with rapid response.

A4: #cxo Employees & customers can stay connected if each of them accessible through multi-tech channels (phone, email, social, etc.).

A4 #cxo Data allows us to see the whole customer experience, not just the current one.
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A4: #cxo B2C connectedness thrives on up-to-date customer profile, deep transaction/interXn history, & cross-chan conversationl B2C record.

A3: #cxo Orgs can't ensure employee connectedness to customers if employees churn faster than customers. Loyal staff drive customer loyalty

A3: #cxo If employees know customer names, customers know employee names, & customers can request those employees--that's human bonding.

A3: #cxo Orgs ensure employees truly connected to their customers if a) know customer names, and b) incentivized to solve customer problems.

A2: #cxo Customers feel connected to a brand, across channels, if they belong to a community of customers, rather than purely B2C engagement

A2: #cxo Orgs ensure customer connectedness to the brand by reaching out regularly (without being intrusive/pushy) to delight in new ways.

A2: #cxo For customers, staying connected to brand regardless of channel requires consistent experience. Seamless cross-chann handoff

A1: #cxo Personalization demands a conversational cross-channel engagement that progressively learns how to tune the experience further.

A1: #cxo Personalization of brand narrative is key to strategic storytelling. #CX technologies enact personalization in customer engagement

A1: #cxo Business can become strategic storytellers by shifting focus away from themselves toward customer problems/opportunities.

A1: #cxo Strategic storyteling is key to branding. "We provide unique value that helps you be an even happier, more productive you."

A1: #cxo A "strategic storyteller" is a business that weaves a fact-based narrative of the deep value a customer gains from engagement.

@IBMbigdata Great to be here. Looking forward to #cxo on tangible customer connections

Join today's Twitter trending #IBM #CXO chat! Tangible Customer Connections w/ @josephmichelli me et al  12 ET #cem

Join Mon’s twitter trending #CXO chat! Tangible Customer Connections w/ @JosephMichelli,  12 ET #cem
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Drafted latest #IBM AnalyzingMedia post: "Using Analytics to Illuminate Stab-In-The-Dark Recommendations"

Drafted next #IBM Dataversity blog: "#BigData and the Power of Mathematical Breakthroughs"

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Small, Spotty, and Zero Data: The Insights Present in Information's Absence"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fiya by tUnE-yArDs from BiRd-BrAiNs JK--2009. Merrill Garbus' voice is a musical instrument in its own right.

NoSQL? Lagged veracity & prctcl dilemma o eventual consstncy p1  p2  Tues #IBM qh in adv. Travel

#BigData discovery? Rule discovery is bridge btwn predictive & prescriptive p1  p2  Mon #IBM q-h

Using superior lower-back support technology in my office chair now. It's called "pillow."

"Brain drain"? This is alarming! Were they liquefied in the Zombie Apocalypse? Do we need ear, nose, & mouth plugs to avoid that same fate?

"Mechanical Turk: Data Scientist’s Best Friend" ( ) JK--Crowdsourcing human-judge tasks 2 feed machn-learn training set

Need a general-purpose emergency-broadcast alarm on the theme: "Them. They're comin' ta getcha!"

Discovered today that my mower's a better rake than my rake. Small epiphanies.

Pool o ancient ocean water discovered deep under Chesapeake Bay. Um, let's be careful not to disrupt modern ecosys w/ long-dormant pathogens

My exercise club has limited range o cable channels, but mostly sports & politics. Fundamentally, I don't get into either. I avert attention

Civil War. Living south of the Mason-Dixon Line means finding more people obsess over it than I recall growing up in the Great Lakes states.

Political scientist LSabato sez "most everyone" alive at time of JFK assassin8n remembers where were when heard news. I was 5. Don't recall

This past year: I didn't hear the threatened cicadas, nor smell the dreaded stinkbugs. By so tweeting, have I jinxed us?

Digital heat. A new thing for the Kobielus household. I can tan my hide with pinpoint precision.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Not a Young Man Anymore by Dean & Britta from the album 13 Most Beautiful: Songs For Andy Warhol's Screen Tests

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's More Fun to Compute by Kraftwerk from Computer World JK---I believed this long before I had a vested interest.

#IBMDataMag jk full article: "Recommendations Galore" p1:  p2: 

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Recommendations Galore – Part 2" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Ballad of El Goodo by Big Star from #1 Record/Radio City JK--1972. Very nice. Like the best of the Byrds.

Only 11% of Americans tweet. What exactly is the matter with the rest of you people? Oh, wait, you're not seeing this. Not yet. Get with it.

3D printing. I remember KMart had vending machines when I was kid dishing out fresh-pressed hotwax Gemini space capsules. But I date myself

Heat has been restored in the Kobielus household. Nice new heat pump, air handler, & thermostat. Fine digital controls.

Saturday of chores. Mostly outside the home. It's overcast. Don't feel like I need to groove with the Great Outdoors. At least it's warming.

Sky Cries Mary "Shipwrecked" ( ) JK--Seattle WA trance-rock group that got confused by nonlisteners with grunge

The Jimi Hendrix Experience "The Wind Cries Mary" ( ) JK--Seattle WA crooner who also played guitar.