Saturday, January 18, 2014

Aweekstweets January 11-18 2014: the week I turned 50…plus 5 years and 2 months

Last surviving cast members from "Gilligan's Island" are Ginger & Mary Ann. Many male viewers would have rescued them, abandoned the rest.

Dave Madden played Reuben Kincaid. During those years, Bill Cosby was Chet Kincaid. The two characters weren't related. But you knew that.

People who've never actually seen me work tell me I can write blogs in my sleep. Hardly. If I did, they'd all be business-inappropriate.

Watched "Iron Man 3" on DVD. Pretty good for a comicbook tentpole movie. Could sort of follow plot. Special FX not egregiously distracting

OK, Michelle Obama, so you're 50. Big whoop. Hey girl, as an old man well on the other side, I want you to know it's all downhill from here.

RIP Dave Madden. Comic actor best known as rumpled manager o "The Partridge Family." Responsible for at least 75 percent of the show's laffs

RIP Hiroo Onoda. Held one job from his early 20s to his early 50s. Kept working on same project long after it was canceled. Driven but rigid

"Mathematical Model for Murder" ( ) JK--Stat model showing in "extremely cautious way that more guns make things worse"

Whew! Glad we weren't all sucked into the Polar Vortex! Though I'm still worried about the Bermuda Triangle. Transatlantic flights too...

Big Science? Overreliance on #bigdata can stunt devel o scientfc rigor p1: ( ) p2: ( ) Fri #IBM qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp When I Was Young by Nada Surf frm Th Stars R Indifferent 2 Astronomy JK--2012. Mentions "Professor & Mary Ann" RIP RJ

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kissing the Lipless by The Shins from Chutes Too Narrow JK--2003. Geez. 11 years ago. Now a golden oldie. Still fresh

I'd like 2 see a Super Bowl commercial that shows marketng director worrying about th $ they're blowing on this stupid Super Bowl commercial

It's a good day when I have enough pretext to tweet twice about "Gilligan's Island." And this makes three.

RIP Russell Johnson. Who as Professor was smart enough 2 build radio from coconuts but not enuff 2 build boat to get off "Gilligan's Island"

WSJ article on good airport eateries. At SFO, I always breakfast at Perry's. They do the best omelets.

Drafted all 5 quick-hits for next week. Multiplexing my head between those & lots of other chores. I'm fried for today. Whew!

"This group just created address bk 4 internet o things" ( ) JK--The Wireless Registry. DNS-like. Register device SSIDs

"What’s the “killer app” for wearables? Think context" ( ) JK--Think...confusion. Industry & consumers still don't know

"Why People Aren’t Wearing Wearables" ( ) JK--New, limited, expensive, personal tech adornment fickle to fashion

Whoa! I've been asked to keynote an IEEE event. Apparently, I've duped smart people into thinking I have something to say.

"Happy Birthday to You" once covered under copyright ( )? Ultimate party pooper was whoever came to collect royalties

A picture is worth a thousand words only if the words being superseded are worth something.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Next best expert: Collaboration of people and machines on #bigdata and analytics" ( )

The new name for #IBM's #BigData & #Analytics Platform is "#Watson Foundations." Cornerstone of our big data go-to-market going forward.

#IBM Fellow Jeff Jonas on entity resolution systems ( )

Data-scientist skillsets? Learning how to squeeze the wrong out of the right ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

"How new tech can help lawyers rethink their jobs in the #bigdata age" ( ) JK--Automate, analyze, discover.

"Businesses Honing Specialized Strategies for the Internet of Things #CES2014" ( ) JK--Discusses #IBM IoT initiatives

"The Baloney Detection Kit: Carl Sagan’s Rules for Bullshit-Busting & Critical Thinking" ( ) JK--Practical, sensible

"Solid-State Storage: On The Road To Datacenter Domination" ( ) JK--Good market survey and tech overview.

Started following a lot of news services on Facebook. Cuz I'm all burned out on other people's vacations and birthdays.

"Analytics 4 Biosphere" ( ) JK--Excerpt from "Global Opzn: Gaia Revisited," my final Forr blog ( )

"#IBM Intros X6 Arch, Optimizes x86-Bsd Svrs 4 Cloud, Analytics" ( ) JK--6th gen ent X-Arch 4 Sys x & #PureSystems svrs

At the start of a new day, it's good to check the calendar to confirm that, yes indeed, it is a new day. Days blur. Especially mornings.

A Ferris wheel and casino coming to the Potomac. National Harbor, Oxon Hill MD. Used to be, all the fun & games were up on Capitol Hill.

Our US congressman Jim Moran stepping down after quarter century. Early on, seemed far too quick-tempered. But settled down into a good rep

Move to legalize pot in US has rapidly gained popular support in this decade. Now a 2:1 majority in Washington DC supports it.

"Scientists glue sensors to 5,000 bees in bid 2 better undrstand them" ( …) JK--Buzz continues 2 build 4 Internet o...

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp After the Gold Rush by Neil Young JK--Luv NY's orig, but Prelude's terrific 1973 cover was my 1st hearing. FM airplay

"The future of shopping: When psychology and emotion meet analytics" ( ) JK--A lot of forays into video analytics

A8: #bigdatamgmt The 2020 shopper will love your brick&mortar outlets, but not necessarily 4 shopping." Brand engage/entertain emporiums.

A8: #bigdatamgmt I sort of want to say "drones." But I'm not sure if that will be a serious delivery option in 2020.

A8: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers should recognize that deliberate "shopping" going away. In 2020, people will just buy stuff ad-hoc/hither&yon

A8: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers should focus on Internet o Things. Shop transparently from connectd appliances (e.g, autoreplenish refrigerator)

A7: #bigdatamgmt Mega-retailers (eg Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc) drive. Sheer scale, scope, & speed o modern retailing powers #bigdata.adoption

@TheRetailDoctor @IBMbigdata Beyond coupons, #bigdatamgmt delivers retail churn, upsell, & influence analysis. Drive mktg/promo campaigns

A7: #bigdatamgmt Retailers have iimplemented #bigdata #analytics for years. Today new 3 Vs challenge: multichannel digital engagement

A6: #bigdatamgmt Retailers should prioritize customer data sources (social, POS, loyalty, etc) by importance in engagement. Not equal.

A6: #BigDataMgmt include customer in dynamic conversation 2 identify trend, expectation, experience (ex.) @WarbyParker
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Q6: #Bigdatamgmt @quirky crowdsourcing for product development! Engagement, transparency, FUN, compensation!
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A6: #bigdatamgmt Retailers should treat social as new engage channel. But first biz decision must be "which social chan(s) to invest in?"

A5: #bigdatamgmt Fifth step in personalization is use identity-linked customer data to drive 1:1 interactions across all channels

A5: #bigdatamgmt Third step in personalization is consolidate customer data in #BigData repos. Fourth step is build 360-deg profiles

A5: #bigdatamgmt First step in personalization is capture customer unique identifiers. Second step is link other customer data to that

A4: #bigdatamgmt At every step of #retailing purchase cycle, people say what's on their minds. Capture that. Use text/sentiment analysis

A4: @URBN @needleit = personal stylist & trendforecast, “friend”, brand amb frm user community capture #bigdata for #bigdatamgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt Continually tune purchase-decision "journey" models by segment from fresh #retailing transaction/interaction data

A4: #bigdatamgmt Understanding customer demands comprehensive, regular satisfaction surveys. Empower all touchpoints 2 collect

A4: #bigdatamgmt Understand customers throughout retail purchase cycle demands 360-deg hist view from customer #BigData repository.

A3: #bigdatamgmt Customer segmentation--demog, behav, attitude,etc--always fundamental to engagement. Revisit those models regularly

A3: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers should use analytic propensity models for pro-active satisfaction, not just defensive churn mitigation

A3: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers need to tune analytic-driven couponing to each shopper's personal passions. Steady delight = return trips

A2:provide locat aware mob apps for shopprs by which y can gather some-ids,intends,habits,netwrk&provide special offers #bigdatamgmt
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#IBMResearch is working w/ biz 2 use cognitive computing to merge physical shopping w/ intel of #online shopping #bigdatamgmt #retail
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A2: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers should beef up geo/social experience of online shopping to add "community" feel assoc w/ brik&mortr stores

A2: #bigdatamgmt #Retailers should use augmented reality on smartphone apps to interactively guide in-store shoppers to deals.

A1: #bigdatamgmt Tech has made notion of preset "shopping list" less relevant. We respond to in-the-moment/in-store mobile offers

A1: #bigdatamgmt People don't want to go to traditional "stores" to buy everything. Tech has made retailing an "anywhere" experience

A1: #bigdatamgmt Customers expect retailers to truly know their personal needs. #BigData enables personalized engagement.

A1: #bigdatamgmt Customer demands 4 convenience, speed, lo price, & variety have x-formd #retailing. IT enables retailers 2 deliver

@IBMbigdata @thomasdeutsch Howdy, hi, and gee gosh I'm pleased as punch to be on today's #bigdatamgmt chat.

"NoSQL Databases Compared: Differences, Strengths, and Examples" ( ) JK--Rich with DB-specific links to click thru to.

"Why Boring Data Will Outlast Sexy New Tech" ( ) JK--And boring data gets sexier with age: feeds hist/pred analysis

15 min to #bigdatamgmt chat on #Retailing in the Era of Analytics. See guests & questions here 

I heard Christie scandal refd as "Bridgeghazi." Don't. Scandal re Benghazi has been shameful GOP political exploitation of terrorist tragedy

Join me et al on #bigdatamgmt chat today 12ET: "Retailing in the era of analytics" #retail #NRF14 

Join me et al on #bigdatamgmt chat today 12ET: "Retailing in the era of analytics"  #retail #NRF14

Cognitive computing? Cloud cognition incorporates semantic technologies ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

In high tech, the year doesn't really begin until the predictions for the year finally end. Let's get into it!

Saw "Labor Day." Excellent drama written & directed by Jason Reitman. Josh Brolin & Kate Winslet shine. Stockholm Syndrome, sadness, romance

Whenever I hear about "exponential growth", I wonder "what exponent?" Is it fractional? Is it on oblivion's doorstep?

"Where 2 Wear Your Tech? Torso to Toe" ( ) JK--Beware when demonstrated on hot models. May not look as hot on U or me

Curious which o today's hot "wearables" will be in "terrible wearables" hall o shame in 2020. What'll B associated with early-adopter dorks?

"#Hadoop & #NoSQL: Friends, not frenemies" ( ) JK--Misleadingly implies NoSQL primarily supports systems of engagement

Strange oddly banal origin of the grisly phrase "there are many ways to skin a cat" ( )

"#IBM Study: Consumers Willing 2 Share Personal Details, Expect Value in Return" ( ) JK--Surveyed >30K cnsmrs worldwide

New #IBM jk #ITKE column: "Log data is pivotal to analytics on Internet of Things" ( )

IBM received 6,809 patents in 2013, exceeding Amazon, Google, EMC, HP, Intel, Oracle/SUN & Symantec combined. 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Sunken Lands by Rosanne Cash from The River & The Thread JK--2014. Lovely and moving.

Internet of Things? Logs are the most fundamental storage abstraction for IoT ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths JK--"10-ton truck"? Isn't he English? How about "10-story lorry"?

RT @rjsnowvr: I don't pretend to understand ins and outs of cognitive computing but the outcomes are truly innovative …

RT @NealSchaffer: How IBM runs its Influencer program. A Lesson for all brands.  via @dinodogan

I love my tablet best when I'm flat on my back on my sofa and it's propped up on my belly. You might say we're intimate.

RT @sbellelauren: when is bono gonna finally come out of the closet and tell us he's blind

I suspect that a lot of these self-described "change agents" feel they qualify cuz they stand ready to give you a 10 and two 5s for your 20.

Target CEO said something about "I won't sleep" till problem fixed. No, please sleep. Sleep deprivation will only exacerbate.

RT @JimMarous: Customer Experience Innovation in Banking Recap of Today's #CXO Tweet Chat  @Natasha_D_G @jameskobielus

RT @mathewi: Your Google+ contacts will be able to raise and lower your thermostat remotely, but it's an opt out

"Open Data 500 Pre-Launch" ( ) JK--Comprehnsiv study of US companies using open govt data 2 gen new biz & dev new prods

"The US cult of overwork" ( ) JK--Delicious phrase. I think of it as the cult of inefficient life-sacrificing chumps

"5 Methods 4 Visualzng Unstruct Data" ( ) JK--Word clouds, assn trees, cubism horizongraphs, self-org maps, ntwk graphs

New Data Science Association. Rich trove of downloadables: 

Facebook's "people you may know." Hugh Jackman? Are you kidding? You think I may know Hugh Jackman? Who do I look like? Russell Crowe?

Drafted next #IBM #InfoWorld blog: "Cognitive Computing Can Take Semantic Web to the Next Level"

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Log Data is Pivotal to Analytics on Internet of Things"

A8: #CXO Mastering "Customer 3.0" of 2020? Banks must accept that best #CX will B "behind scenes"---less customer interaction the better

A8: #CXO The customer of 2020 doesn't even have a concept of "bank." All they know are sites, accounts, funds, & transactions.

A8: #CXO The typical #bank customer of 2020 will be a Millennial who has never set foot in a physical bank branch.

A8: #CXO My flip answer is "help them manage bitcoins." My serious answer: eliminate physical branches.

A7: #CXO Banks need to leverage smartphone imaging to speed functions like "attach voided check" & authenticate user.

A7: #CXO FIs need to make use of interactive visuals to help consumers quickly assess account performance. Mine don't--yet

A6: #CXO There's point beyond which consumer trust begins 2 fray if bank innov8s TOO MUCH (eg video). FI value in its stability

A6: #CXO Talking to human is valuable. Looking at that human adds nothing--and it's distraction when trying to focus on my accounts

A6: #CXO Quite frankly, I don't care what bank personnel look like--not even at local branch. I relate to/trust the institution.

A6: #CXO Banks SHOULD NOT offer instant mobile video interactions. Video adds no value to FI B2C relationship mgt.

A5: #CXO "Empowered" consumer uses all available channels to voice banking requirements. Gr8 idea source. Engage/incentivize them.

A5: #CXO #Banks need to tap customer data to profile/respond to life-milestone financial needs (eg retirement) well in advance.

A4: #CXO Banks need to incorporate customer survey data into their #CX strategy--e.g., prompt agents & tellers to solicit/record it.

@JamesMarland @IBMbigdata #CXO Really? U can tolerate the risk? We check every one of our statements the moment it arrives. Our $ at stake

A4: #CXO For starters, #banks should asses which #CX relevant data they lack (e.g. self-svc portal clicks, social, call-ctr log)

A3: #CXO If #banks simply innovate re improve customer ease of checking month-end e-statements, that would be most valuable.

A3: #CXO Within reg/compl constraints, banks innovate through access (eg e-/mobile chann) & targeted productzn (eg svc bundles)

A2: #CXO The automated anti-fraud double-checks/callbacks are key to e-banking peace of mind (e.g, "did U buy that in Timbuktu?")

A2: #CXO The "click-to-talk-to-human" button must remain very prominent in all e-banking #UX. Our money/solvency at stake.

A2: #CXO For e-banking, contextual prompts/reminders key to #CX. Consumers want no nasty surprises (eg, overdrafts, svc charges).

A2: #CXO FIs can improve #CX in switch to #digital channels by fine-tuning mobile app #UX to be intuitive, simple, reliable.

A1: #CXO Self-service e-banking is the predom chan 4 asset mgt, ecommerce, & billpaying. Must be fast, convenient, trustwthy

A1: #CXO Customers are less inclined to keep their financial assets in traditional banks if e-banking easier elsewhere.

A1: #CXO Customers expect online commerce--facilitated by e-banking--to become core of all transactions.

#CXO Hi, howdy, & pleased to be on today's tweetchat.

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RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Quick One, While He's Away by The Who frm Live at Leeds JK--I agree w/ @loserboy. I saw them in 1974. Awesome live!

Drafted this week's #IBM jk blog: "Next Best Expert: Collaboration of People and Machines on #BigData Analytics"

"Scientists losing data at rapid rate" ( ) JK--Disappearance of research data sets makes impossible to vet findings l8r

"List of 25+ Natural Language Processing APIs" ( ) JK--Another 4 devs to add to their list of #bigdata relevant lists

"Gordon Moore Giving Big to #BigData Scientists" ( ) JK--Grants for advancement of computational sciences.

@GrandpaRobot Not true. Any decision agent can be party in collaboration. Some may be human. Some may be systems (acting on human behalf).

Meaningless to ask what #bigdata "looks like." Merely a lens/frame/scope on realit(ies) & possibilit(ies). What does existence "look like"?

@GrandpaRobot It's not a metaphysical issue. Mutual reciprocal learning (data scientists & machine learning). Ultimately, serving humans

"Why Web 3.0, the Semantic Web, Will Be Even More Disruptive than Web 1.0" ( ) JK--Relates SemWeb to graph analysis.

"How Machine Learning Could Result In Great Applications 4 Your Business" ( ) JK--Discusses 4 key mchn lrng techniques

@GrandpaRobot Read the piece first, then ask a specific question about it. Thanks.

When many say #bigdata, they say Sullivan sense. His "really big shews" were always same size as others. Actually, all his were "really big"

Crowdsourcing #BigData creativity? Humans and machines collaborate co-dependently ( ). Monday #IBM jk q-h. First o 2014

"Internet of Things: 'Basket of Remotes' Problem" by @gassee ( ) JK--Good discussion of home automation usability...

Don't you love when the aroma of a delicious cooked meal permeates the house? Don't you not love when you're still smelling it 2 days later?

Reading "Vanity Fair" back issues from 2013. Refresh my memory: what was this "Gangnam Style" hoop-de-doo?

WSJ on how monkeys migr8d from Africa 2 South America 40M yrs ago My hunch is tsunami uprooted & drifted their forest home intercontinentlly

The older I get, the more often I notice the birth & death years of historical figures, do the subtraction, & compare diff to my current age

Listening to Rita Braver interview ex-DoD Sec'y Robert Gates on "CBS Sunday Morning." The issue of comparative C-in-C style: Bush v Obama.

The cosmos is the ultimate Rorschach blot. Anybody can find any image their wishful imagination wishes to conjure written in the galaxies.

Top 9 Commercial Uses for IBM Watson: Beyond 'Jeopardy!' - ABC News  (via @ABC)

Gates says Hillary is "tough-minded" & would make good POTUS. The commentariat will chatter about that this week.

Listening to Rita Braver interview ex-DoD Sec'y Robert Gates on "CBS Sunday Morning." The issue of comparative C-o-C style: Bush v Obama.

"Setting Rules for the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--But avoid over-regulating nascent innovative market.

New Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (D) once wrestled an alligator? He'll need those skills to tangle with GOP-dominated state legislature