Saturday, January 11, 2014

Aweekstweets January 3-11 2014: the week my car became self-aware

Sitting at my computer is my daily opportunity to collect my thoughts. It's also my opportunity to scatter my thoughts to the wind.

The bridge scandal shows Christie's office took Nixonian glee in dirty tricks. Tricky Dick would be so proud of Crafty Chris.

I see there will be a new theatre complex at rebuilt Springfield Mall. Good. Just in time as streaming demolishes brick&mortar cinema.

"What Is A/B Testing And Why It Is Essential For Your Online Campaigns" ( ) JK--Rapid trial&error refinement.

WashPost article about privacy issues surrounding in-store tracking of smartphones in mobile commerce. Industry best practices sorely needed

Getting a good soaking of January rain. Expected warmup to 60 today. Cold please take your time returning. Don't need the ice.

Being requested to do some #bigdata events in DC later in the month. Always happy to go downtown. But love my suburban existence.

Facebook annoyingly asks you to review every place you've ever mentioned being at. As if we still remember or care.

"Convergence" is a handy catch-all theme in high-tech. It simply calls attention to a point on the horizon toward which all paradigms vanish

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Koby's predictions for the Internet of Things in 2014 and beyond" ( )

#bigdatabytes #IBM chief privacy officer Christina Peters can morph her video on demand to mask how she looks & where she!!!!

"Physics of Neuroscience" ( ) JK--Ephaptic coupling, role of biophotonics in intercellular communication, microtubules

"Top 5 threats 2 IoT devices" ( ) JK--Vulnerabilities in in-car Wifi, mobile med devices, wrbls, retail inv mon, drones

"Comparing machine learning classifiers bsd on hyperplanes or decision boundaries" ( ) JK--Over my head but mesmerizing

"13 Awkward Things Youll Only Understand If U Work In Extremely Quiet Office" ( ) JK--Need neutral ambient office noise

If you believe Christie knew absolutely nothing about this, I'd like to sell you the George Washington Bridge.

Drafted all of next week's quick-hits. Have warmed up my frozen head for new year. No radically new topics. Just deepening of some old ones

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stop Draggin' My Heart Around by Shearwater with Sharon Van Etten JK--This cover better than Nicks/Petty original.

"By 2018, cars will be self-aware" ( ) JK--Wasn't that plot of some Stephen King book? Now I'm scared to turn ignition.

"Th Limits of Phenomenology" ( ) JK--#BigData's limits: "theory is even more essential in understanding complex systems

At World Trade Center in NYC for significant IBM announcements around #watson, #cloud, and #bigdata
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Curious whether there's any correlation between influence & influenza. Are the most social people also most likely to spread and/or catch?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard by Paul Simon from his 1st solo LP JK--Feels like Paul at hootenanny in the Village

"#IBM #Watson Group Unveils Cloud-Delivered ...Svcs to ..." ( ) JK--IBM Watson Discovery Advisor, Analytics, & Explorer

"#IBM Forms New #Watson Group to Meet Growing Demand 4 Cognitive Innovations" ( ) JK--Will invest >$1B to dev apps+svcs

"New Form o Spacecraft Proplsion Proposd 4 Uranus Mission" ( ) JK--Elctrc sail powerd by solar wind protons not photons

"Pinterest, Yahoo, Dropbox & (kind of) quiet content-as-data revolution" ( ) JK--Machine learning on images + text

Species chauvinism. Biologists called our order "primates" & our species "sapiens." Essentially, first among animals + only one with wisdom.

#IEEE Rockshtars o #BigData Presos" ( ) JK--"Information, once made digital, can never B called back." Grady Booch #IBM

"#BigData Shrinks to Grow" ( ) JK--Sez industry retrenchment nigh. But also increasing verticalization & services focus

"The World's Most Unusual Data Centers" ( ) JK--Cool infographic. One of them claims to be "nuke-proof."

"Sustainable brands & #bigdata set to go mainstream in 2014" ( ) JK--"Conscious brands" use BD to monitor global impact

"Neural code-breaker" ( ) JK--Makes case for Turing as pioneering neuroscience use of Bayesian & sequential analysis

CES, happening the first week of January every year, feels like the tail end of the Christmas season. Adults unwrap and admire new toys.

Only good thing re whole sorry "Dennis Rodman in N.Korea" saga is that nobody respected Rodman to start with. Just bigger laughingstock now

Christie's bipartisan bonafides starting to fray. I suspect he'll finesse his way out of this firestorm, though. Test of political bonafides

Polar vortex is a rotating low-pressure system. So's a hurricane. Will we start 2 refer 2 latter as a "subtropical vortex" 2 B consistent?

Early 2014 shows broad signs of economic improvement. But my tweeting this jinxed all that. Disregard those encouraging indicators. So sorry

Bought/downloaded an album from 2001: Neil Halstead "Sleeping on Roads." Wistful warm hushed folkish stylings reminiscent of Nick Drake.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Waiting for the Man by David Bowie from Bowie at the Beeb: Best of BBC Radio Sessions 68-72 JK--Gr8 vsn o VU/Lou

@EmUprichard Ah, yes, grasshopper, using #IBM #SPSS to analyze #birthcohorts, #UnderstandingSociety means that U are indeed a #datascientist

A9: #bigdatamgmt Assumption is that "fancy" = "expensive" + "long learning curve." But viz-intensiv, cost-eff self-svc tools now predominate

A9: #bigdatamgmt Notion of "fancy" power tools is become quaint in the democratized analytic world. More knowledge workers have these tools

A8: #bigdatamgmt #DataScience is about problem solving thru exploratioin of empirical data. Any scientific field with quant = good bakground

A8: #bigdatamgmt There's nothing wrong with getting an advanced degree in stat. But doesn't necessarily mean you're a critical thinker.

A8 PhD degree leads to false positives.Phd's spend yrs focused on small problem,may not be suited to your problems #bigdatamgmt
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A8: How about a PhD in research methodology... how to set up your data, use reliable/valid metrics... #bigdatamgmt
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Q8: I think this question is too generic, Ph.D or no Ph.D, real life experience with data stats and you could be an expert #bigdatamgmt
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A8: #bigdatamgmt Most real-world data scientists combine quant skills with domain expertise. Stat degree doesn't give you the latter.

A8 #datascientist work varies by industry/function, from biz analyst + data mining to real science at Google, research #BigDataMgmt
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A8: #bigdatamgmt If PhD were necessary+ sufficient condition 4 #datascience, #bigdata revolution would grind 2 halt. Few o them 2 go around

A7: #bigdatamgmt To extent that you, as an analyst, have acquired stat analysis/modeling skills & access #bigdata, you're a "data scientist"

#bigdatamgmt A7: #DataScience is key to doing inquiry, discovery, analysis, & understanding. But there are many other requirements
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A7 Working w/BigData >many skills, Data Science just one. #DataScientists too expense to wrangle data,tune clusters #BigDataMgmt
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A7: #bigdatamgmt Any user of #IBM #Watson is "working with #bigdata," but the complexities tucked away behind sophisticated/simple interface

A7: #bigdatamgmt Any developer, analyst, or user--not just data scientists--can work with #bigdata, as long as you have suitable tools.

A6 Today Hadoop #MapReduce is batch, but #YARN giving some workload management to Hadoop elements #BigDataMgmt
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A6: #bigdatamgmt Bear in mind that in #Hadoop's unstruct/ETL role, batch is usually sufficient. Real-time handled downstream via in-mem etc

A6: #bigdatamgmt Hadoop's core modeling abstraction, #MapReduce, runs over real-time stream computng plats such as #IBM InfoSphere Streams.

#bigdatamgmt A6: #Hadoop is batch-oriented, but becoming more interactive with new SQL-on-Hadoop tools & technologies (eg, @Cloudera Impala)
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A6: #bigdatamgmt If by #Hadoop U mean #MapReduce over #HDFS, yes, primarily 4 batch. But #MapReduce over R-Ts (Hbase Cassandra etc) too

A5: #bigdatamgmt #Hadoop itself evolving in ways that blur distinctions btwn it & other #bigdata platforms. #YARN makes it more genl purpose

A5: #bigdatamgmt #Hadoop's key/growing role in the #bigdata universe can't be denied. It's the core unstructured data/analysis platform

A5: #bigdatamgmt #BigData refers to the growing range of data plats that scale along any/all of the "3 Vs." Hybrid deploys becoming common

A5: #bigdatamgmt Only most shortsighted #Hadoop pure-play vendors/devels believe that. MPP/RDBMS, stream cmptg, #NoSQL, in-mem also #bigdata

A4: #bigdatamgmt If you look at other hot #bigdata analytic apps (e.g geospatial, mobile, #CXO, IoT), many are customer/user focused.

A4 Funnel Conversion,Cust Seg,Behavioral,Churn,etc.get lots of press,but prpmise of Bigdata (hopefully) is a better world #BigDataMgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt #BigData (aka VLDB, stat/pred model), even pre-#Hadoop, often focused on cust data/analysis (eg NPS). Sentiment = mktg gold

A4 Misconception/oversimplification that #BigData is only about customers and selling things. #BigDataMgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt Not primary, but hot. Current #bigdata boom triggered in part by CMOs flocking to new ways 2 unlock social-media sentiment

A3: #bigdatamgmt In popular mind, #bigdata =t unstructured, cuz that's bulk o wot's "out there." But that ignores fact structured often core

A3: No. Ultimately it's all structured data. Unstructured data is transformed to structured data to make sense of it. #bigdatamgmt
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A3: #bigdatamgmt Fact is #bigdata is about advanced analytics on ANY data at ANY scale. Nothing sacrosanct, value-wise, about unstructured

A2: #bigdatamgmt Whole notion of any scale of data "trumping" any other is misguided. Decis support (ie endgame) needs choice data, not all

A2: #bigdatamgmt Sandbox data,4 exploration, usually smaller than operatnl data. But sandbox where data sci finds patterns (ie core value)

A2: #bigdatamgmt See this article by me for thoughts on big+small data joined at hip: 

#bigdatamgmt A2: #BigData allows for whole-population #analytics! See @jameskobielus comments at: 
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A2 Data doesn’t always speak for itself.Detail can be noisy/dirty.OTOH, aggr'd data can lead to Simpson's Paradox #BigDataMgmt
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A2 BigData and small data are relative terms.But both are needed for #analytics #BigDataMgmt
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A2: #bigdatamgmt #BigData is about seeing diff value from analytics as you ramp up "3Vs." But much analytic app value (eg BI) @ lower scale

#bigdatamgmt A1: I now promote my new definition of #BigData = "Everything, quantified & tracked", which encompasses all domains
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A1: #bigdatamgmt In point of fact, most #bigdata deploys start at lower scales (eg., 10s of TBs), with no rush to go "massive" for own sake

A1: #bigdatamgmt Popular fixation on "massive volume" distracts from fact that #bigdata is all about headroom to grow from when need arises

A1: #bigdatamgmt My working definition of #bigdata is "advanced analytics on trustworthy data at all scales." That's a value-focused POV

A1: #bigdatamgmt Well U have th whole "3 Vs" thing, only 1 o which is "volume." Points 2 fact that #bigdata = analytics @ scale speed scope

@IBMbigdata Muchas gracias. Me gusta etweetar en esta tweetchat. Data grande is muy delicioso, pero hay muchos mitologios sobre lo!

My inner Youngman: Guy sez: "speak of the devil..." Other guy: "leave my wife out of this."

#Bigdatamgmt chat starts in 34 mins! Debunking #BigData Myths w/ @kirkdborne & @neilraden et moi 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Golden Years by David Bowie from Station to Station JK--Fun fact: Bowie didnt stay w/Angela into their golden years

Somehow, ideologically driven individuals have managed to demonize one of the most neutral/boring/ancient terms in IT lexicon: metadata.

"NoSQL, Part 1: Coming o Age" ( ) JK--And bursting its britches: ~ 150 NoSQL databases listed at 

"Big brains small minds: Troubling vision o SilVal elites" ( ) JK--Hm. Something tells me Cringely'll B flamed severely

"SemWeb Business: Going Nowhere Slowly" ( ) JK--Hmm. In one o nxt wk's q-hs, I outline its potential in cognitive cmptg

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somebody To Love by Queen frm Day @ Th Races JK--LP also had "My Best Friend." Shoulda calld LP "Surrealistic Pillow"

"Sexy Data Science is Team Sport" ( ) JK--It's not an orgy. Get your minds out of the gutter. Stay professional, folks!

Before long, BYOD (bring yr own device) will morph into BYOT (bring yr own thing). It's yr thing do whatcha wanna do I cant tellUwho2sockit2

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Change Is Gonna Come by The Gits from Enter: The Conquering Chicken JK--Rock vsn o Sam Cooke classic. Etheridge-ish

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walk Right Back by The Everly Brothers JK--Every tight vocal harmony in rock echoes these siblings' pioneering sound

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Take Pills by Panda Bear from Person Pitch JK--2007. I like this EP's atmospherics--i.e, blatant use o space & reverb

Get-rich-quick commercials where they fan out cashwad as if were playing cards. Reminds of magician. As if saying "it's a trick--no $ 4 U"

"Still More R and Python" ( ) JK--Steve Miller seems to be pointing to convergence between the languages over time.

"IoT Wildly Insecure And Often Unpatchable" ( ) JK--Provocative opinion from Schneier. See mine: 

BTW, low in WashDC on 1-20-85 was -4F ( ). Hell didnt freez over. Tho w/Reagan starting 2nd term, it sure felt that way

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's Not Really Funny by Eels frm Souljacker JK--2001. Righteously manic mix. Feels like inmates partying in asylum

Drafted my latest #IBM jk blog: "Koby's Predictions for Internet of Things in 2014 and Beyond"

5 degrees. Feels like -10, my app tells me. Because we've braced for it, it doesn't actually feel that cold. It simply feels like January.

Polar vortex. Superstorm. Snowmaggeddon. What's with the mania for inventing new weather hype words? God's just dishing out the usual drama

If you want a 60s US band that was jangly proto power-pop a la Big Star, give a listen to SF's Beau Brummels ( )

New #IBM jk podcast: "Foretelling 2014 Trends in #BigData, #Hadoop, Data Science & More" ( ). Yeah, that's my voice.

"Davenport: #bigdata too imprtnt 2 B left 2 'quants'" ( ) JK--Proposes "narrative" aproch 4 communic8 analytics results

"#Hadoop Interview Questions" ( ) JK--Good luck getting Hadoop to sit still for an interview. Elephants are squirmy.

A9: #CXO Boost loyalty + control costs by consolidate cust data into high-perf #bigdata platform w/in-db analytics & solution accelerators

A8: #CXO Empower employees with ability to use judgment to addr each situational cust-interaction instance--& log their actions in #bigdata

A8: #CXO Empower employees with #CEM churn mitigation & #nextbestaction apps powered by best customer data & best-fit propensity models.

A8: #CXO Empower empls with access to complete customer profile, history, & interactions, contextualized for task (mktg, svc, etc) at hand

#Loyalty can be measured only when it is tested. #cxo
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RT @businessgp: #cxo A7 You can't measure loyalty in real time, you only measure actions & interactions. Loyalty is time dependant.
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A7: #CXO Assessing customer loyalty in real-time is a bit like measuring whether marriage will endure based on how loudly they argue.

A7: #CXO In real-time, you don't "gauge" customer loyalty. Rather, you measure whether stream of interactions is consistent with loyalty

A7: #CXO There's no loyalty to be measured in real-time. All you can measure in real-time is mercurial: attention, intention, & intensity.

A6: #CXO Potential customers who ask the most questions, then sign up, are often building downstream case for staying with you.

A6: #CXO Prospective customers who've invested time listening to pitch are more likely to sign up. If continue to spend time, likely to stay

A6: #CXO Customers whose friends, families, and coworkers all use your products are less likely to churn. No one wants to be an outlier.

A6: #CXO The ones that have made the deepest investment in your products are likely to stay. Cut-and-run is wrenching/costly for them

A5: #CXO Customers growing disloyal are more likely to mention competitors favorably in same breath in which they're complaining about you

A5: #CXO Customers whose loyalty is fraying are often those who call cust svc with the same complaint over and over. You're not listening

A5: #CXO Customers whose loyalty is waning are less likely to log into your customer portal, purchase anything, respond to direct mail, etc

A4: #CXO #BigData is a barrier to loyalty when you develop a data fetish and imagine that volume, velocity, & variety = value to customer

A4. when you think all data has meaning and you ask the wrong questions...remember correlation doesn't mean causality #CXO
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RT @Hoovers: A4: Big Data can become a barrier to building customer loyalty when data collection is perceived as violating privacy. #CXO
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#cxo A4: When you get hyperfocused on the data collection & forget to build the data science around it.
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A4: #CXO #BigData becomes barrier to loyalty when keep it in non-oper systems--e.g, archives & sandboxes--but don't leverage it in channels

A4: #CXO #BigData becomes a barrier to loyalty when you faii to mine it for customer segmentation, personalization, & experiential patterns

A4: #CXO #BigData becomes barrier to building #loyalty when you focus on it to exclusion of simple human interactions in channels

A3: #CXO #BigData analytics drive next-best action apps that your channels use to inform satisfaction-enhancing interaction w/customers

A3: #CXO #BigData is repository of historical data for building predictive models of customer loyalty/churn. Helps you assess path forward

A3: #CXO #BigData 360-view depicts how well--or poorly--you've served your customers. Mine it to find where you've succeeded vs. screwed up

A2: #CXO Customer happiness is key to loyalty/profitability: far more expensive to win back a churned customer than to delight a kept one

A2: #CXO Just as important as listening, you should constantly offer customer unique, personalized value based on what you're hearing

A2: #CXO First step is to always be listening to your customer thru every channel. If they know you're tuned in, loyalty often follows

A1. when your customer becomes your salesforce (referrals) #CXO
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A1: #CXO Customer loyalty metric is when they come to you first & often with their new requirements. They know you're best suited to respond

A1: #CXO Customer loyalty tested when attractive alternatives emerge but customer remains. You offer some unique value, perhaps experience

A1: #CXO Best measures of customer loyalty include repeat purchases, steady renewals, recommendations to friends, & high satisfaction scores

@IBMbigdata Pleasure to be on this #CXO chat. The first of the new year!

@IBMbigdata Cracking my knuckles, getting ready for #CEM #CXO chat in one minute. #voc #nps #custserv

Join #CXO chat at 12noon (EST) today. "The Matter of Loyalty" ( ) #ux #cx #nps. I'll be on it w/ @maldyj et al

Headline says former FCC Chair Julius Genachowski has joined Th Carlyle Group. Ex-govt officials joining DC-based Carlyle has become cliche

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Ho A Hand by Famy JK--2014. French group living in Britain. Great one. I loved this song from the very first note.

"#BigData Analytix Can Delivr US Energy Independnce" ( ) JK--Geo analytics + fracking. Shock absorbers from geopolitics

"Data Mining Techniques" ( ) JK--Regression, clustering, & classification analysis; outlier detection; assoc rule lrnng

"Graph Approach for Data Mining in BI Applications" ( ) JK--Good overview of graph analysis with visualizations.

#Data scientists: IT's new rockshtars" ( ) JK--Other IT pros want to rock, roll, & reboot careers around data science.

"What to expect of Internet of Things in 2014" ( ) JK--"Most consumers don't know IoT exists." Embedded, pervasive.

We're OK in NoVa right now, but temp expected to drop 40 degrees today into the overnight. Just happy that cold alone doesn't need shoveling

Glad we had warmer temps & rain today. Loosened the ice so I could scrape it from driveway. Deeper freeze coming. Don't want that freezing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 1880 or So by Television JK--1992. Soulful highlight from Tom Verlaine & crew's brief return to recording.

I like to pronounce "rockstar" as "rockshtar" and do it in an accent that implies I'm from Texarkana. No reason.

When I tweet a reference to a specific theme, article, author, & pub, that's ample fodder for those who wish to Google for the URL.

Serena Altschul interviewing James Carville on "CBS Sunday Morning." In Oct 2012 I sat next to him on Delta Shuttle. Gangly, gaunt, skeletal

Good WashPost article by Scott Adams on need to substitute knowledge for willpower and need for systems of knowledge to guide right action.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You Are My Sunshine / Open Up Your Heart by Anne Murray from There's a Hippo In My Tub JK--1977. Gr8 version.

No matter how deeply it dips below zero, I retain sense memory of having survived winter after winter of this in the Midwest. People adapt.

Watched 1st episode of "Mad Men." Some good dialogue amid the smoking & drinking & workplace sexual harassment. Hard 2 feel nostalgic 4 1962

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett JK--2013. She brilliantly calls her act "Courtney Barnett & the Courtney Barnetts"

Today been below freezing all day. But doesnt feel uncomfortbly cold. I'm acclimated. Now all I need is 2 hibernate w/some pic-a-nic baskets

Country-western & Stetsons. Only musical genre with mandatory headwear for men. What is this: the NFL?

I'm only 6 paragraphs into Billy Crystal's memoir and I've not stopped laughing. Perfect weekend reading on the sofa.

Got a great business idea: drive-in theatre that only shows short Hollywood promo films. Call it "Trailer Park." You in?

RIP Phil Everly. One half of the one of the purest sibling vocal harmony duos in pop music history. And a fine guitarist.

Getting addicted to "Louie." Now into season 3. Louis C.K. seems like a tired old man. But he's 9 years my junior. That fact gives me pause.