Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aweekstweets June 7-14 2014: the week that ended in deep dark inner Brooklyn

That NBC Experience store at 30 Rockefeller is pathetic. Trinkets about ancient hit comedies (e.g., "Friends" "Seinfeld"). Nothing recent?

Shocked I was able to write 5 solid qhs this past week while running btwn Manhattan events, 2 of which I presented at. Antidote to overthink

Impressed bassist in the blues-rock combo at the BBQ place last night when I observed that his hometown Calgary is for Canadian cowboys.

Grabbed late dinner last night at crowded hopping bluesrocking BBQ place in Brooklyn last night. I was older than most patrons by ~30 years

Cab driver to LaGuardia yesterday was impressed when I guessed he was from Tajikistan. His name, accent, & face. Process of elimination

Flight cancellations held me over another night in NYC area. Booked myself into Holiday Inn in inner Brooklyn. No vacancies near LaGuardia.

Did my preso at Big Data & Enterprise Architecture conf, NYC. LinkedIn guy up now. Very interesting drilldown into their DW architecture.

Thinking of prefacing my discussion of new #bigdata approaches with catchphrase: "OK, so without further #Hadoop, here's..." Whatcha think?

"Silicone Valley"? That's in Vegas, right?

A fairly dreary rainy day here in NYC. Nice enough big conference room here atop the Hotel Pennsylvania, though. High picture windows.

Catch me today 2-3pm speaking on #IBM #Watson at Big Data & EA Conference ( ). Hotel Penna. Across from Mad Sq Garden

#Hadoop uber-alles? Implementing an extensible library of statistical algos & models to .... ( ) Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Wrote extraordinarily long quick-hit late in the afternoon at the 590 Madison office almost as an afterthought. The thought acquired nuance

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Scientists beginning to tap the research potential of the quantified self" ( )

"Tell Your Kids to be Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Thanks, but "telling" kids 2 B something assures they WON'T become that

"IoT's Security Nightmare: Unpatched Devices that Never Die" ( ) JK--Need autom8d "thing" provision, config, patching

"Social Physics and the Human Face of #BigData" ( ) JK--Aka aka social influence, incentives, pressures, & dynamics

"openFDA launches open data platform for consumer protection" ( ) JK--Will add APIs for product recalls & labels soon

"Predictive data, the real workhorse behind Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Umm..predictive ANALYTICS, not the data itself

"Data Science Stack Exchange...Q&A site 4 data sci pros, ML specialists... 100% free, no regis required" ( ) JK--Hmmmm

"Data science vs hunch: What happens when figures contradict gut instinct?" ( ) JK--Politics. Boss' gut outranks yours

If you trust your "gut," that means you trust your intestinal microbiome. But, honestly, those little buggers don't always agree with me.

"The Lure of In-Memory Computing" ( ) JK--I think Deloitte means "allure." Term "lure" refers 2 "bait" (aka trick2hook)

Curious if Bill Murray has ever tried crashing movie sets & doing unannouncd unpaid unwelcome cameos just before studio security bounces him

"Inherent biases warp #BigData" ( ) JK--I disagree with this so-called "theory of Big Data" in the very first sentence.

Catch me et al. this p.m.3-4pm EDT #DMRadio "Four Pillars of the Future: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud" ( )

Well, this is blowing my mind: turns out #IBM-er Sarita Torres, whom I've known for years, is also a Livonia Stevenson grad ('72 vs. me '76)

Information economics? Shifting econ role of official govt stats in th era of social listening ( ) Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Had gr8 NY strip steak & scotch up on 9th Ave. Rain's cleared away & the temps reasonably balmy tonight in Manhattan. Back in room. Tuckered

"The Slits - Peel Session 1977" ( ) JK--Yes, they started out punk. Did a wicked "Sister Ray." Not on the Peel Session

Got great response to my preso at IoT Expo today. Securing IoT w/ #bigdata. Much better than at SF's RSA Security Conf in Feb. Not sure why

Walked w/ heavy backpack all th way from Javits Ctr (11th Ave & W. 40th St) to Wyndham Chelsea (5th Ave & W. 24th). NYC taxis nowhere. F'em!

Actually, getting to Jakarta airport is piece of cake once you're on east-west toll road that parallels coast. Intra-city is street hassle

Fred Balboni #cloud4data mentions jams getting 2 Sao Paulo airport. Last night, Michael Palin PBS showd Brazilians using helicopters 4 that

"Continuously curate information" - ok, now my mind is a'spinnin - lots of implications for investment, client engagement, cash #cloud4data

RT @hyounpark: IBM speaks abt constant curation, key theme @ @thedatahive whether based on trusted curation or machine learning #cloud4data

@FredBalboni focusing on transformation horizon through analytics - we are all friends now he says :) #Cloud4Data

RT @Claudia_Imhoff: Too many C’s - not enough worker B’s..JK--I'm going to quote you on that, Claudia. Brilliant!
#cloud4data IBM talks of "data refinery"; nicer than my image of "information sausage factory" :)
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@IBM Investment: 1. redefine experience 2. deepen business relevance 3. curate information 4. transform adoption w/ cloud #cloud4data
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#cloud4data at IBM big data analyst briefing in NYC. IBM investing heavily: $7b organic; $17b acquisitions.
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#cloud4data IBM portfolio: huge! Starts with skills (100k trained). Strong supporting architecture.
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Real-time actionable insight: context-aware, predictive & rules-driven, continuous real-time at massive scale. #cloud4data
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Broad data infrastructure, predictive #analytics and #decisionmgt for deployment. Good architecture at #cloud4data
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MyPOV: Data is the heart of every #digitalbiz. If you don't move fr data to decisions, you are at a disadvantage #cloud4data #federalsummit
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IBM's Beth Smith: "'Making sense' of data seems simple." But it is hugely important in contextualizing information. #cloud4data
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#IBM sees differentiator as #cognitive #cloud4data. Other innovations are infrastructure like BLU and flash, and SPEED
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Watson Foundations brings together the 10 core capabilities of big data & analytics and fuels cognitive computing of the future #Cloud4Data
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IBM says its in-memory tech 100x faster than rivals, 20% cheaper price/performance (on Power chips) #cloud4data
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#cloud4data @IBM is delivering sophisticated #Watson #Foundations - to prepare for cognitive applications.
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#cloud4data @ibm - lots of innovation on premises (note the “s”) and in the cloud:
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Data & analytics expands from the select few to the empowered many @bethtsmith #Cloud4Data
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#cloud4data IBM db2 blu acceleration with Power8 processor -100x faster than columnar in-memory competitors. Will cover more this summer.
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The goal is to continuously curate information in the enterprise. How do we refine #data to do that? #cloud4data
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#cloud4data #BBBT @IBM drivers of transformation:
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@IBMBigData is all about 3 thing: #Data (quantification of everything), #Cloud and #Engagement (people-centric) #cloud4data #bigdata
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#data everywhere means many more roles are enabled for #analytics and our focus is to enable everyone in the business #cloud4data

#IBM wants to enable shifting #analytics roles including #bizanalysts and #IT. #TDWI sees this as a huge trend. #cloud4data

Quantified self? ( ) Wednesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

When Facebook asks what books I've read, I'm thinking of replying "FaceBOOK...hardy har har."

Future smart cars will be indistinguishable from people. Especially on long trips. To keep U company, they'll need to pass the Touring Test.

Catch me on this Thurs on DM Radio: "4 Pillars of Future: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud." Thurs 6-12, 3pm EDT ( )

" #InfoSphere TechTalk: What Is #Hadoop & How Secured?" ( ) JK--Deep dive 7-17 1130am EDT. Reg: 

"Building Smart Fraud Prevention" ( ) JK--Vid: Ernst & Young applies innovative analytics to fighting fraud #IBMDataMag

"5 Rings 4 Renewable Energy" ( ) JK--Case study vid: ESB Networks applies 5-point model 4 energy grid intel #IBMDataMag

"Turning Up Heat on Open Data" ( ) JK-- #IBM team mashes up public domain data to analyze NYC heating probs #IBMDataMag

"Enabling the Impossible?" ( ) JK--Next-gen in-mem computing in #DB2 w/#BLU Accel enables realtime analytcs #IBMDataMag

"Advancing Internet o Things Opp'y" ( ) JK-- #Informix binds NoSQL & SQL 4 efficient real-time IoT analytcs #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Firecracker by Frazey Ford from Obadiah JK--2010. Odd tremulous voice, like Buffy Sainte Marie with case o th jitters

" #IBM Launches Direct Link Cloud Service on SoftLayer" ( ) JK--For orgs to implement hybrid private-public clouds.

" #IBM Drives Integ o Open Techs 2 Foster Cloud Adopt" ( ) JK--Working on open integ model w/Docker OSS comm 4 open gov

" #IBM Ships POWER8 Power Sys Svrs....Open Plat 4 #BigData" ( ) JK--Avail 4 licens & open 4 dev thru OpenPOWER Found'n

"How 2 spot 1st stories on Twtr using Storm" ( ) JK--Real-time analytics for identifying who scooped whom where & when

"Bandits 4 Recomm Systems" ( ) JK--Algorithms for deciding what content to display based on "multi-armed bandit" models

Checked into the Chelsea Hotel. Where are all those bohemians I've heard about? Correction: a hotel in Chelsea. A nice one. Not a Nico one.

"Finding perfect house using open data" ( ) JK--Portland OR. Didja read the open data? I did? Did you read....? I did!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 11 O'Clock Friday Night by Hamilton Leithauser from Black Hours JK--2014. Good one. Dont confuse w/Edison Lighthouse

"What #BigData Needs 2 Do 2 Grow Up" ( ) JK--Doesn't use term but basically arguing 4 big-data svc-orientd architecture

#BigData's optimal deployment model? The niche role for graph databases in hybrid architectures ( ) Tues #IBMDataMag qh

Flying to LaGuardia--or, as I feel it should be pronounced, "lag-yoo-AH-dee-uh."

I'd like to see "10 habits of extremely sedentary people." As in sit, eat, surf web, watch TV, gab on phone, & then just sit sit sit sit sit

Vinyl LPs. Still don't buy into the notion that they provide better audio than digital media. I remember them all too well for that.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp New Light by Woods frm With Light and With Love JK--2014. Reminds me of The Association "Everything That Touches You"

"Sir Paul McCartney postpones US tour dates." I'm going 2 propose we also make celebrities' academic degrees (MA PhD etc) part o their names

Modern medical pros don't need just "bedside manner." They need a thorough indoctrination in proactive patient engagement & customer service

"Why we’re all so obsessed with deep learning" ( ) JK--By "we're all," author seems to be referring to Silicon Valley

" #BigData Learns To Write" ( ) JK--Automated content harvesting, composition, delivery, & targeting to niche audiences

"3 Ways #BigData, Supercomputing Change Weather Forecasting" ( ) JK--Increasd model resolution 4 more accurat/predictiv

"Build basic recom engine using R" ( ) JK--Nice overview that's not specific to implementation in this specific lang

"Curse o Dimensionality" ( ) JK--Adding dims after optimum pt doesnt improv classif perf if dont also add training sets

"Vodafone Publishes Global Data on Government Wiretapping" ( ) JK--Downloadable report is here: 

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: Scientists beginning to tap the research potential of the quantified self

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lavender by Ray Lamontagne from Supernova JK--2014. Awesome. He seems to have radically changed styles with this LP

Nice to know my USPS "forever" stamps are good for all eternity. Longer than USPS itself.

An audience is an addictive thing. A group of people whose collective attentions are focused on a performance. You don't trifle with that.

I feel "data hub" a far better term than "data warehouse" or "data lake." Right to the point about being shared resource. No hokey metaphor

"Open data? The promise and privacy implications of open access to energy data" (  ) Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

"Y need 2 stop freakin out bout NSA & get on w/biz" ( ) JK--IBM LCrosby sez all shud focus on secur data from everyone

RT @IBMAnalytics Vid: Missed @jameskobielus @acoliver on last #bigdatabytes "#Hadoop, whither goest thou?" Playback: 

"Andreessen on Snowden, acts o treason.." ( ) JK--My feeling is this controversy shows post-9/11 era is ancient history

"Stat Language Wars: The Infograph" ( ) JK--Not really "wars" if many "combatants" deploy several langs like plowshares

"4 Interview Qs 4 Newcomers 2 #Hadoop" ( ) JK--These "what you should say" tips sound like coaching to BS convincingly

"Data Lakes vs Data Warehouses" ( ) Jk--Useless distinction. Both metaphors refer to analytic data hubs/repositories.

" #Hadoop 's Holy Moment" ( ) JK--Read this article 2x & still don't see any reference to anything "holy," even in jest

"Does Data Discriminate?" ( ) JK--No. "Discrimination" implies human judgment based on unfair distinction. People do it

"Making Computers Smarter w/Cognitiv Analytcs" ( ) JK--Deloitte: "for orgs that want 2 improve ability 2 sense+respond"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jerkin Back 'n' Forth by Devo from New Traditionalists JK--1981. Good song. Best on album was "Beautiful World," tho

"9 Counter-Args 2 Frequentism" ( ) JK--Stat-speak 4 event probs calc'd as limit o relativ freq in large number o trials

" #Hadoop Hits the Big Time" ( ) JK--I agree but Davenport is telling us old news here. Been big time. Remains big time

"Tour of Machine Learning Algorithms" ( ) JK--A very good comprehensive classification & discussion for data scientists

"Using #bigdata to understand users' privacy concerns" ( ) JK--Fascin8ng analysis o Quora chats re privacy-sensitivties

"Face it: Your face is #BigData" ( ) JK--Facial recognition tech driving personalized target marketng & cust experience

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Making Time by The Creation from Our Music Is Red w/Purple Flashes JK--1966. British band. Sounded a lot like The Who

"# IBM Lance Crosby: To glimpse the future of cloud, check out th banking industry" ( ) JK--CEO & GM of SoftLayer group

"Facebook unveils Hydrabase, a next-gen HBase" ( ) JK--Open source. Designed 4 gr8r reliabilty ( )

My NYC events this wk: #BigData IoT Expo (Javits), Le Book (530 5th), BigData & Ent Arch (Hotel Penna)

" #IBM Predictive Customer Intel" JK--Predictive recoms in all contact points

Having been grown-up since well before Millennium's turn, I have to remind self that this wk was special as a child: school's out 4 summer!

Like working out @ club as summer approaches. Empty. Others either on vacation, get theirs outdoors or have given up on New Year resolutions

Packed week awaits in NYC. Presentations at 2 conferences & appearances at 2 others. Got my walking shoes.

California Chrome fails to win Triple Crown. I don't care who wins races unless I have money riding on them. Which I never do.

"4 DARPA Projex..." ( ) JK--Satellite-less GPS, wearable metamaterial sensors, IoT antivirus, rapid pathogen profiling

"Univ of Mich Builds Fake City For Driverless Car Testing" ( ) JK--Or just drive 'em around the ghost town called...

‘The Character of Physical Law’: Richard Feynman’s legendary lecture series - Cornell, 1964 … TY @openculture

RT @BreakingNews: Actor Tracy Morgan in intensiv care follwng limo bus crash along NJ Tnpk ( ) JK--He needs our prayers

UK-based multinational cell carrier Vodafone says many nations mandate government access to calling records. US NSA is typical. No surprise.