Saturday, June 28, 2014

Aweekstweets June 22-28 2014: the week I missed a deer by th-a-a-t much on Valley View Drive

Almost hit a deer with my car the other morning. His butt was mostly into the woods before I noticed him bounding across Valley View Drive.

RIP Bobby Womack. Here's his Valentinos' "It's All Over Now" (1963) ( ). Stones' cover 1964 ( )

Th harder Russia tries, th more thoroughly they lose influence ovr hearts & minds o people they consider their rightful "sphere o influence"

I am utterly shockd that Hillary Clinton accepts money for speaking to groups o people. Same business model as stand-up comics. Beneath her!

Whenever we get free 24-point car inspection by the dealer, they issue 24-point recommendation of all the expensive service we must do NOW!

RT @cparente: @jameskobielus - "got it. You're reporting, not opining." JK--No. I'm repining. If you want to read my POV into it, go ahead.

Nice Saturday morning. Full slate of shopping chores to do. Actually, depending on sort of shopping, not a "chore" so much as it is "fun."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Sat By The Ocean by Queens of th Stone Age from ..Like Clockwork JK--2013. Sounds like classic 80s rock. A good one

"Internet Of Things: New Architecture Needed" ( ) JK--"Need novel programming, content delivery & ntwk mgmt approaches"

"Wipe slate clean when data scientists stuck on problem" ( ) JK--"Quant block": dev bottlenek when team struggl 2 solve

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blank Generation by R.Hell & Voidoids JK--Late guitarist Robert Quine was cousin o Black Keys' Daniel Quine Auerbach.

"New Study: Neuroscience Resrch Gets “F” for Reliability" ( ) JK--Statistically weak findings due to small sample sizes

"NASA opens earth science data, cloud computing to the public as part of new contest" ( ) JK--A global cloud resource.

"Tire Changes, Fresh Air, & Yellow Flags: Challenges in Predictive Analytics for Pro Racing " ( ) JK--Pitcrew analytics

"TV Audience Measrmt w/ #BigData" ( ) JK--Good historcl o-vu. My '80 UMich econ sr honors thesis touched on TV aud meas

"3 fundamental Google rules detected thanks to data science" ( ) JK--Data scientists still searching 4 "don't be evil."

"How to Measure Employee Engagement w/Data Analytics" ( ) JK--Can you use it to measure if employees just going steady?

"Predicting World Cup w/ #BigData" ( ) JK--If you do, issue spoiler alert. Bookies of th world: don't take their money

#IBM #Hadoop Dev site is live: . Ample IBM Hadoop technical content. Includes new Q&A forum: 

Data journalism? Using real-time analytics to ID who scooped whom p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Back in the Tall Grass by Future Islands from Singles JK--2014. One of the standout musical artists of this year.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wait For A Minute by tUnE-yArDs from Nikki Nack JK--2014. Merrill Garbus continues to show awesome vocal dexterity

New #IBM jk blog: "IBM #Watson and the power of conversation in the cognitive fabric" ( )

Good to see #IBM #SmartCloud ads playing on YouTube when I share links to songs+stuff on that site. Definitely better than th usual crap ads

A7: #bigdatamgmt Here's blog I published last week on IoT for "quantified self" apps in "Big Science." Biz apps too: 

A7: #IoT means that your TV notifies you that soccer match is about to start #bigdatamgmt
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 Jun 26
A7: #bigdatamgmt W/ #IoT growing fast, an org's ability to send, receive, gather, analyze & respond to events fm any dev needs to increase
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A7: #bigdatamgmt More CRM strategies hinge on mobile/social/geo analysis of smartphone customer interXions. That's IoT "breadcrumb" analysis

A7: #bigdatamgmt Blog I published earlier this year with my predictions for Internet of Things: 

A7: #bigdatamgmt #SmarterPlanet rides on #InternetofThings & constant connectivity. Continuous ubiquitous sensor-drvn process optimization

A6: #bigdatamgmt Real time #analytics and faster BI made possible with #IBMBLU and #congos on #powersystems
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A6: Another source: read how #IBMBLU Acceleration and #IBMPowerSystems Offer 82X Fast Analytics  #bigdatamgmt
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A6: #IBM SVP Bob Picciano explains How #POWER8 with #IBMBLU Are Key to Handing #BigData  #bigdatamgmt
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A6: #bigdatamgmt Many users who are not yet taking advantage of in-memory tech are evaluating it closely. Clearly a next-gen #BI priority

A6: #bigdatamgmt Users needing speed-of-thought queyr response (against data marts, OLTP apps, etc.) are adopting in-memory tech (eg #BLU)

A4: #bigdatamgmt Tech like #IBMBLU delivers instant gratification on analytics projects. Speed to deploy, speed to insight.
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A5: #CokeCCBCC is seeing over 10x storage savings with #IBMBLU on #IBMPowerSystems #bigdatamgmt
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A5: #bigdatamgmt Consider your workloads - type of workload, processing power needed, #queries, etc - then optimize systems accordingly
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A5: #bigdatamgmt Most performance issues i've seen result from trying to use a data infrastructure in ways it was not intended
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A5: #bigdatamgmt Transactional proc may bog down if compete 4 DB platform resources w/analytics. Move the latter wklds 2 #bigdata platforms

A5: #bigdatamgmt Queries may bog down if too much disk-to-RAM data-swapping. In-memory architectures (e.g, BLU) address that issue

A5: #bigdatamgmt Users suffer OLTP/analytic DB performance issues if haven't selected right #bigdata platform and/or optimized 4 workloads

A4: More time for innovation & driving bus value. Less time tuning. #IBMBLU #bigdatamgmt
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Q4: Making the #business more #agile - so we can spend less time on running the #technology, and more time on #innovation! #bigdatamgmt
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A4- less admin means you can free up valuable resources to focus on new services & offerings to grow the business #bigdatamgmt
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A4: #bigdatamgmt Too many niche solutions for niche problems adds to complexity - use a next generation database that can do it all
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A4: #bigdatamgmt Simpler infrastructure - IT improves their productivity, focuses more on important business-impact projects
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A4: #bigdatamgmt If #analytics developers can reuse in-DB or in- #Hadoop algo/model libraries, can accel projects & run tighter IT shops

A4: #bigdatamgmt If IT department can reuse #bigdata apps, platforms, & tools in new projects, faster value & more efficient operations

A3- #data will not only help a business make better decisions but also see patterns they could not see before #bigdatamgmt
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@IBM_DB2: Q3: Time to Decision still a critical success factor. Embedding Predictive #Analytics in Front Line apps is example #bigdatamgmt
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A3: Act based on original, first-hand insight into market realities -- instead of buying second-hand news. #bigdatamgmt
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A3: #bigdatamgmt Increasing marketing responses creates more leads, more pipeline, higher sales
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A3: #bigdatamgmt If can analyze data faster, you can more quickly trigger alerts,workflows, & collabs needed for effective action

A3: #bigdatamgmt Getting a jump on competition demands both faster real-time analysis + predictive.. Identify next best action. Take it!

A3: #bigdatamgmt Biz can respond more rapidly to new opportunities (and fend off new threats) if analysis in real-time on streaming feeds

A2: In the UK, we're seeing businesses use #data to help achieve an outcome not previously possible #bigdatamgmt
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A2: #bigdatamgmt Essentially, #bigdata is most large enterprises' shorthand now for data consolidation--aka EDW, hub, "data lake" etc

A2: #bigdatamgmt From what we've been seeing, many users would love if #bigdata were their focus point for all biz analytics, OLTP, ECM

A2: #bigdatamgmt Most users want, above all else, #bigdata to deliver biz insights that were previously inaccessible at smaller DB scales

A1: #bigdatamgmt Yet another factor preventing achieving goals via #bigdata is having insufficient analytic app devel skills.

A1: #bigdatamgmt Another factor preventing achieving #bigdata-enabled biz goals is having DB that won't scale to requisite "Vs".

A1: #bigdatamgmt Clear #bigdata goals must be defined by business imperatives (eg, boost customer loyalty, reduce operational costs, etc)

A1: #bigdatamgmt The first thing stopping any user from achieving goals with #bigdata or any other IT investment is lack of clear goals.

Rcm engines? Fancy math 2 illumin8... p1:  p2:  p3:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qhs

"In-Memory DB vs. In-Memory Data Grid" ( ) JK--Latter is "massively distributed in-mem storage/procssing btwn DB & app"

Hard 2 believ there'll ever B single "cure4cancer," anymore than we'll "cure," say, all cardiovascular issues. Too entwined in our biofabric

Ah summer! Season when outside of iced-tea glass drips w/condensation. Desktop gets good drenching. Drops trace the lifted path to my mouth

Moviegoers should have predictive sentimentality-analysis apps to help identify the most treacly tearjerking formulaic crap to avoid.

"Analytics Help Patients Follow Doctors' Orders" ( ) JK--Pinpoint populations likely to NOT be taking prescribed meds

Fitness tracking. There's the danger of focusing so intently on your numbers that you forget to pay attention to how you actually feel.

In th biz world, there are "artists" & "creatives." Former do PowerPoint graphics. Latter design the marketing campaigns the PPTs illustrate

WSJ article on "men's cologne problems." I think the fact that men wear cologne at all is the problem. Deodorant necessary. Odorant? Not!

Diane Sawyer steps down as ABC News anchor. I never thought she was right for the job. She always looks a bit pained.

Eli Wallach's wife Anne Jackson said their long marriage worked because he did the ironing. That actually sounds plausible.

"A certain je ne sais quoi." If you don't know what, it's the opposite of certain. Is this quantum rhetoric? Schrodinger's What?

Wife & I did our power walk around Lake Kingstowne. Practicing so we can graduate to one of the lesser Great Lakes. Lake Eerie? Lake Urine?

Wow, my connection has endorsed me? Thanks, LinkedIn! Now my life's complete--or will be when he or she does something more than click on me

Whoever this Jim Kobielus guy is, I wish he'd just shut up & let me get on with what I'm doing. Can somebody tell him to stop interrupting?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp E-Pro by Beck from Guero JK--2005. One o my fave o Beck: phat fuzzy e-guitar line backed by "nah nah nah nah" vocal

Computerworld publishes its last print issue. I get more tech pubs than ever. I have watched the postal-delivered issues steadily dwindle.

Announcing #IBM InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0 featuring SQL-on- #Hadoop without compromise. Read the whitepaper  #bigsql

RIP Eli Wallach. Accomplished stage, film, & TV actor. Skilled "Method" character actor. Was "The Ugly" in spaghetti western's title trinity

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pusher Man by Curtis Mayfield from Superfly JK-Great song straddling delicate balance o glorification v. condemnation

To prepare for Thursday's tweetchat "Is Your Database Really Ready for BigData?", read this blog:   #bigdatamgmt

I hope you can join this tweetchat on Thursday: "Is Your Database Really Ready for BigData?":   #bigdatamgmt

I'm taking part in the "Is Your Database Really Ready for BigData?" tweetchat on Thursday:   #bigdatamgmt

" #DataWarehouse Vendors Moving to Contain the #Hadoop Threat" ( ) JK--It's not a threat. Addresses different use cases

"Curly Fries & #BigData: Appetizing Path Fwd 4 Rspnsbl Data Use" ( ) JK--Vague appeal 4 user "transparency" & "control"

"Health Tech Revolution Will Turn All Of Us Into #BigData Wonks" ( ) JK--Wearabls transmit real-time health data 2 docs

Open data? The front line of grass-roots consumer protection p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Cosmic background radiation is microwave. Universe is closed. Galaxies spin on their axes. So, basically, are we living in a microwave oven?

In IT, it's best to take "revolutions" in stride. We delight in convincing each othr that revolutions are spinning all around us all th time

I can sense in the first 3 seconds of a phone call if the caller knows me. If they call me "James" and mispronounce my last name, they don't

Whew! Finished that write-up, completed the thought. Also, upgraded my mail client. Mind is respecting from both ordeals. Successes.

Brain's kind of rusty right now. Been spinning mental wheels on the same paragraph for an hour now. Arghhhh!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lucifer Sam by Pink Floyd from Th Piper at th Gates o Dawn JK--1967. Recorded down the hall from Beatles "Sgt Pepper"

Pondering if should do sequel to " #Hadoop: whither goest thou?" web panel. Perhaps " #NoSQL: what insight through yonder dashboard breaks?"

" #Bigdata role in food safety" ( ) JK--Food industry using sensor-based analytics 4 supply-chain visibility. FDA mand8

"In the Zone" ( ) JK--Vid: #IBM RClements on DW consol & next-gen #bigdata #IBMDataMag

"Accelerating Access 2 Insight" ( ) JK--Vid: enhance economics of #bigdata w/ #IBM software-defined storage #IBMDataMag

Girls and I walked around the lake in Kingstowne last night. Great colony of turtles under the bridge. Had half a mind to grab one. Didn't

"Blazing Data Access" ( ) JK--Great infographic on software-defined storage for rapid #bigdata insights #IBMDataMag

"Extending Enterprise Content Mgt Experience" ( ) JK--IBM Navigator on Cloud 4 cld-bsd ECM prodctvty/collab #IBMDataMag

"Delivering Subscription-Based #Cloud Computing" ( ) JK-- #IBM intros customizable cloud business solutions #IBMDataMag

"Link into #IBM Data Mag" ( ) JK--LCherian on why YOU should join #IBMDataMag LinkedIn group ( )

"Why a Build-It-Yourself Approach Doesn’t Cut It" ( ) JK--S.Hanna on benchmarking #IBM InfoSphere Streams #IBMDataMag

"On-The-Go Collaborat'n 4 Rapid Decisions" ( ) JK--Chad Peruba on #IBM #Concert 4 collab/data-drvn perf mgt #IBMDataMag

"The Emergence of the Analytics Architect" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah on a key integrative role #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Woke Up This Morning (With My Mind on Jesus) by Doug Martsch JK--2002. Gr8 guitar-burner from Built to Spill headman

No truth to the myth that the Norman Conquest was orchestrated by a randy fratboy named Norman Hastings.

"Is data science a sin against the norms of statisticians?" ( ) JK--They have "norms"? Not just normal distributions?

Will catch the Cognitive Computing Forum, Aug 20-21, San Jose CA ( ). Not speaking there. Simply listening & engaging

Just noticed that July 4 (which is next week!) is essentially a 3-day holiday this year. It's on a Friday. Thank you calendar!

Quantified self? The social physics of a quantified society p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Everybody wants to rule the world--or, at the very least, discover the fundamental rules that rule the world.

Word "jungle" a bit archaic, but endures in English usage because it's fun to say. No one bungles in a rain forest. No one I know, at least

Bill Inmon, 'father of the DW," has joined the ranks of #IBMDataMag contributors. Expect 2 columns by him to post soon.

Just a matter of time before drones start getting sucked into airliner jet engines & take them down. Geese can be excused. People, not

Glass containers denser than plastic, hence consume more energy to transport. Molten silicon: less or more green than cracked hydrocarbons?

Reading my physical morning newspapers while toggling over to my digital continuous news. Inkstained fingers sully my mouse and keyboard.

Join the #IBMDataMag LinkedIn discussion group ( ). Engage with thought leaders, industry professionals, and peers.

Good not to be too particular when scouting 4 ideas 4 new blogs & columns. My personal practice is to occupy th entire range within my reach

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Xanadu by The Ghost of a Saber-Tooth Tiger from Midnight Sun JK--2014. Duo is Sean Ono Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl.

Drafted next #IBM blog: "IBM #Watson and the Power of Conversation in the Cognitive Fabric."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If It's Monday Morning by Lee Hazlewood from LHI Years: Singles, Nudes, & Backsides JK--Makes you feel his desolation

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Data De-Duplication Should Be the Heart of all #BigData Strategies" ( )

Drafted next #IBMDataMag column: " #BigData can power behavioral fingerprinting for anti-fraud protection"

Big Media? The narrative power of video content analytics p1:  p2:  Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

"USENIX researchers get a grip on #Hadoop performance" ( ) JK--Hard to predict non-deterministic workloads in advance

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "What's machine learning? It depends on who you ask" ( )

"Make tribal knowldg yr data science team secret weapon" ( ) JK--Why use faux anthropology term when "shared" suffices?

The Police "Every Breath You Take" ( ) JK--Honestly, Sting should have had privacy-sensitivity training long ago.

Now that Washington football club has lost federal trademark protection, others will dare commercialze its offensive name. This is progress?

"Can U build meaningful relationshp w/analysts even if dont pay them?" ( ) JK--Yes if U info source NOT expertise mooch

Thinking of outsourcing my thought leadership. But no way I'd ever outsource another core competency: taking credit for leading thoughts

Bio indicates real-life Peter Sellers often used deft impersonations for selfish gain. Could have been Clouseau-befuddling master criminal.

"Arabic numerals originlly designed so number o angles on symbol equals th number" JK--Wow! Transformd how I see them

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Knockin on Heaven's Door by Dylan frm Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid JK--1973. Standout from Bob's early-70s fallow time

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen from Nebraska JK--1982. Oddly, the Boss has few NJ-themed songs. This is a gem.

No scientific study has ever shown "organic" food is better for you. What you're doing when U consume it is essentially ingesting your faith

Pope excommunicates mafiosi. It was probably the 10 millionth vendetta killing that tipped them over the edge into Satan's camp.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton bb Mountain Goats JK--2002. Best ever folk song with chorus "hail Satan!"

RT @TheMickyDolenz1: In memory of Gerry Goffin-RIP … Monkees "Pleasant Valley Sunday." Goffin/King composition

Day after summer solstice. Days getting shorter. Just a long day's journey into night from here on out. Might as well just pack it in. Sigh!

This just in: William+Kate's son growing up--JUST LIKE A REAL KID! We'll keep you updated on the "isn't George the most darling thing" news

When will drones evolve into single-person helicopters?