Sunday, June 01, 2014

Aweekstweets May 24 to June 1 2014: the week that, among other things, Melissa Etheridge remarried

When a celeb who'd been out of th news for a while suddenly starts "trending," I suspect they may have died. I click out of morbid curiosity

Of course, our educational sys must be engineered to favor "genius." History prooves they've solved all the world's problems. Will do again

How are we going to prevent autonomous vehicles and drones from being used as terrorists' preferred explosive-delivery platforms?

I miss the Far Eastern Economic Review. First started reading it in grad school. When it fold, we lost best newsweekly on the Asian economy

I don't ruminate on work ideas on my off hours like I used to. Somehow, ideas flow better, and are better, when developed during work hours.

Feds have an eye peeled for rogue asteroids & such. But have they budgeted anything at all to fend off a zombie apocalypse? I'm concerned.

Sitting here backing up all my downloadable music purchases from th past year. Having my whole collection on one hard drive makes me nervous

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pick Up The Pieces by The Royals from Pick Up The Pieces JK--1977. Sweet honeyed soul-reggae groove.

Got my girls their pho. Good soup is definitely comfortable food when you're under the weather...or whenever.

Was a good afternoon. I was left alone to develop my preso for June 18 CSCC cloud symposium in Boston. Deliverable of working group I chaird

Social media. Where total and utter strangers routinely come out of nowhere to ask favors, for nothing in return. The Mooch-o-Sphere.

Drafted all 5 of next week's quick-hits. Now, to every other pressing task on my desk. Many many many.

Patented IBM invention uses #counterfraud technique that can help stop fraudulent charges w/analytics  #ibmsecurity

Allen bought the Portland Trailblazers & now Ballmer's buying the LA Clippers. Hope Gates keeps his wealth out of NBA & 100% in philanthropy

Starting Monday, I'll post all #IBM quick-hits to the #IBMDataMag LinkedIn discussion group:  . Please tune in there.

Mach Lrng? Deep learng 2 filter text 4 known unknown & unknowable unknowns p1:  p2:  Fri #IBM qh

"Data Modeling in Graph Databases" ( ) JK--One approach is the "labeled property graph." Good interview.

" #BigData does conception: Ovuline's curious sex map" ( ) JK--Says US conservatives "getting it on more" than liberals

"GGL taps ML 2 zap data ctr elctr costs" ( ) JK--I'm stopped cold by phrase "dev'd by its self proclaimed 'Boy Genius'"

"Quantified Self: Disruption..BigData Science..Bio Discovery" ( ) JK--Quantified self-experimentation? Sounds onanistic

"Data Mining and Official Statistics: Past, Present & Future" ( ) JK--I like this article for the precise definitions

I'm moderating #IBM #BigDataBytes videochat Fri 6-6 2pm EDT " #Hadoop: Whither Goest Thou?" Join me @acoliver et al ( )

"Enjoy ML w/Mahout on #Hadoop" ( ) JK-- @acoliver is panelist on Fri June 6 #IBM #BigDataBytes ( )

Most refs to a "great leap forward" seem oblivious 2 fact said event was devast8ng Mao-orchstr8d mass-famine campaign 

It decided to get cold again. I wish it would not make these decisions without first consulting me on the matter.

New #IBM jk blog: "Evolving the binocular vision and opposable thumbs of cognitive computing" ( )

Jeannie and I keep up the process of recruiting new contributors to #IBMDataMag. Landed another one today. A good one. We have many.

I wish th online surveys that say "we value your opinion" would come right out and say "we monetize your opinion to our advantage not yours"

Actress Stacey Dash, best known 4 movie "Clueless," hired as FoxNews commentator, based on her exemplifying title o that 90s ValleyGirl flik

#BigData 's optimal deployment model? Deeply embedded in the cloud ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

"Educating th ' #bigdata' generation" JK-- Big Data-relevant degrees popping up everywhere

"Google Quantum Computing Playground" ( ) JK--Brwsr-bsd access 2 GPU-accel qtm cmptr w/IDE, scriptng lang, visualiztion

As w/famous "plastics" career advice in "The Graduate," I can never get this early recomm outa my head: "there's plenty o' bucks in T-1 mux"

"What's Left of NoSQL?" ( ) JK--Argument would be stronger if author discussed at least one specific NoSQL DBMS.

" #Hadoop & cloud computing: Collision course or happy symbiosis?" ( ) JK--Forrester mistakenly eq8s "cloud" w/"public"

Social media. For we in the snarkosphere, it's like a never-ending marathon of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000."

"Are Millennials th Answr 2 Yr Company's Data Analytics Prblm?" ( ) JK--Sure. Hire my 20-sumthng college-educ offspring

"Modernizing M2M Analytics Strategies 4 Internet o Things" ( ) JK--Calls 4 "investigative analytics" 4 realtime respons

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Twin Steps by Woods from With Light and With Love JK--2014. Love the squirrelly electric guitar on this rocker

"SAP & #IBM Collaborate to Serve Transportation & Logistics Industry" ( ) JK--Tailored biz apps & consulting services

"No steering wheel. No pedals. Google gets serious about selfdriving cars" ( ) JK--I look forward 2 being spam in a can

Being invited to "like" stuff. How about inviting me to experience it first, without presumption that I'll care one way or another?

RT @kexpplaylist @kexp Far Away Eyes by Rolling Stones from Some Girls JK--1978. Mick laid on fake accent thick, like McC on "Rocky Raccoon"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bargain Store by Dolly Parton from Bargain Store JK--1975. Parton's a very captivating singer-songwriter.

RT @kexpplaylist: Okolona River Bottom Band by Bobbie Gentry from The Delta Sweete JK--1968. Very sexy southern voice (and lady).

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho) by Dusty Springfield from Dusty in Memphis JK--1969. English lady nailed Dixie vibe.

RIP Maya Angelou. I love how the poet characterized Bill Clinton surviving political slings & arrows: "Arkansas mule rising up on hind legs"

In popular mind, "data mining" is the black art of wonk-sorcerers swirling a bubbling "big data" cauldron w/magic wands called "algorithms"

" #IBM Unleashes New Tools 2 Accel Data-Drvn Cities" ( ) JK--+ New digital plat 4 citzn engage: People 4 Smarter Cities

It's way easier to manage my LinkedIn account from their smartphone Android app than from their pathetic browser UX. Fix the latter please

My bud @thesocialpitt showed me th ropes o running a Google+ Hangout livestream panel. The ropes hav wrapped around me boa constrictor style

If I hear another commercial that boasts "bringing sexy back," I'll scream. Tell their "sexy" to go back, all right--to the nearest closet

New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia column: "Whipping Web Analytics into Shape to Glimpse True Customer Experience" ( )

ATTN IBMers & BPs: Apply for the #PureSystems #PureData @IBMRedbooks social media residency taking place in July 2014 

If great minds truly thought alike, they'd award Nobel Prizes to drones who have no new ideas of any sort but imitate Einstein flawlessly

Big Data is Becoming Increasingly Important for the Biomedical Industry – Video 

Using data to fight cervical cancer in Kenya

Open data? The democratization of standardized data in civic governance ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

" #IBM Partners w/ 28 Biz Schools... to Help Train Tomorrow's Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Many #bigdata jobs being created

RT @IBM_DB2: Jim @jameskobielus Look forward 2 hearing yr opinions on our #bigdatamgmt chat today  #SAP #db2 #ibmblu

" #Hadoop, #bigdata, & th elephant in th room" ( ) JK--Wha...? "Primitive undifferentiated tech"? It's not a stone tool

"Beware ‘Big Data’ Hype, Reports Warn" ( ) JK--Curious whethr Forrester issuing warnings re every other tech trend hype

"Brokers use ‘billions’ of data points to profile Americans" ( ) JK--Printed in th Washington Post's "Gee, Duh" section

"DARPA: #BigData needs Big search, Big analytics" ( ) JK--"Memex"? Named project for Vannevar Bush 1945 proposal? Why?

" #BigData Debate: Do Analytics Trump Intuition?" ( ) JK--A tiresome never-ending pointless debate in this industry

"Planetary-Scale Cloud OS Could Reshape Internet as Know It" ( ) JK--Rehash of "federated." Global trust web infeasible

Hey GOP, you still investigating who offed Vince Foster & orchestrated Whitewater? I'll bet they know the truth about Benghazi!

At some point, no city anywhere will bid for any Olympics. Bad ROI. Then Jeff Bezos will buy it all out & host on leaky barge in Puget Sound

Worked today. Will work out now. Working off stress of particularly stressful day. I've kept all informed. Thanks Sonya for the onsite w/Mom

Get the entire set of 7 papers about BI & Analytics by @Claudia_Imhoff   #ibmblu #tdwi #BI #analytics

Me et al on #IBM tweetchat: 5-28, 12-1 ET Building a no-compromise big data mgt platform on #SAP  #ibmblu #bigdatamgmt

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Evolving the binocular vision and opposable thumbs of cognitive computing"

Let's see. How many more concurrent interrruptions can I absorb before I totally lose my focus and/or my mind? Let's see.

How a sufficient #audittrail helps computational scientists ensure discoveries are reproducible  by James Kobielus

Post-holiday junk mail arrives. Or as I like to think of it, more stuff to chuck. Chuck chuck chuck chuck chuck!!!!!!!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fight Test by Th Flaming Lips JK--2003. Wayne Coyne's quavery voice works beautifully on this. Neil Young's would too

"10 Algorithms That Dominate Our World" ( ) JK--"Dominate"? LOL. Some of these not even algos, just general approaches

"MIT tackled Earth atmosphere to give Moon broadband" ( ) JK--Just in time. Their zero residents screaming for NetFlix

" #IBM Content 2014" ( ). Educational event series. Reg for next near you. Formerly called ECM UserNet. #IBMDataMag

" #IBM #Informix Tech Talk: High-Volume Data Mgt w/ NoSQL Sharding" ( ). Today 11:30am EDT. Reg: 

"Making a Perfect Match" ( ) JK--Video: eHarmony CTO on how they use machine-data anlytcs. Mira: 

"2014 #IBM Champions for Information Management" ( ) JK--Congrats to the champs! #IBMDataMag

"Podcast: real-time analytics as cloud-based service" ( ) #IBM KMadia Escucha:  #IBMDataMag

" #IBM ebook, “Optimize Ops: Improv Oper Effic w/ #BigData Analytics” ( ) Download:  #IBMDataMag

"Video: see how text mining etc help ID fraudulent activity" ( ) JK-- #IBM #InfoSphere #BigInsights #Hadoop #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Insight 2014 Registration Now Open" ( ) JK--Oct 26–30, Las Vegas. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"How to Have a Happy Conversion Mode Day" ( ) JK--JStuhler on prepping for #IBM #DB2 11 for z/OS conversion #IBMDataMag

"When Is #BigData Worth Keeping & Governing?" ( ) JK--V.McBurney on policy-based apprch to big data quality #IBMDataMag

" #BigData & banana prices: correlation is not knowledge" ( ) JK--But knowledge of correl8n may B path 2 deeper knwldg

Correlation: the natural process responsible for the Great Barrier Reef.

"Magical Machines: Will In-Memory Change the Way We Work? ( ) JK--Good stats on the improving economics of RAM.

"#Hadoop’s new components go mainstream" ( ) JK--Spark & Tez?? That statement's a bit premature, Mr. Brust.

"Forget 'the Cloud,' Computing's Future in 'the Fog'" ( ) JK--Geez. Enough metaphors in play. Stop raining on my Cloud

"Know this right now about #Hadoop" ( ) JK--Well, not exactly "right now." Grab a cuppa joe first. It's heavy material.

""Zone Architecture" model explains how big data fits into IT strategy" JK-- #IBM RClements explains 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Protection by Massive Attack from Protection JK--Always good to have at least one Tracey Thorn vocal in rotation.

"LEVAN: Learning EVerything about ANything" ( ) JK--My elem school was on Levan Rd in Livonia. Coincidence? I think not

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mistakes of My Youth by Eels from Th Cautionary Tales o Mark Oliver Everett JK--2014. His best scratchyvoice delivery

I'm curious if the Milli Vanilli guys are invoking "right 2 B forgotten" to have Google delink their bit o infamy from the historical record

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Silver Lining by First Aid Kit from Stay Gold JK--2014. Nice new one from the Swedish country-folk sister duo

So sad. Most people don't get into Twitter. Most also dont get into all o my musical tastes. Guess I gotta abandon all. Th people hav spoken

Big-data discovery? The power of Bayesian search ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

New jk #IBMDataMag article: "In Data Science, Take Nothing on Faith" ( )

Sonya and I had the Science Channel on during the day. A "How It's Made" marathon. I was in geek heaven. So that's how they burnish badges!

Sonya had the TV on while I was ironing my dress shirts tonight. "The Bachelorette." I couldn't stop snarking. Phony staged hottie sentiment

"TED founder thinks #bigdata needs big makeover" ( ) JK--He needs to understand subject & eschew obscenity-laced...

Something inside me now wants to listen to deep silence.

Operators are always standing by. Standing by what? The water cooler? Get back to those cubicles! Strap on those headsets! No lollygagging!

Hung out in Old Town Alexandria with my girl. Attended Mass at St. Mary's. Several subtle wording changes in liturgy since last time I went.

I appreciated spam notifying me every single day that every single online account of mine is being suspended unless I take immediate action.

I have a scientific approach for deciding who to follow on LinkedIn. If someone's name brightens my day, they're in. Eg. "Pepper Roney."

RIP Prince Rupert Louis Ferdinand Frederick Constantine Lofredo Leopold Herbert Maximilian etc etc. Managed the Stones' financial affairs.

Sitting here Starbucksing myself silly, reading "5 myths about caffeine" in Sunday WashPost. US coffee consumption actually peaked in 1949.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mind Your Own Business by Delta 5 frm Singles & Sessions 1979-81 JK--Recent rerelease. Gr8 postpunk Rough Trade indie

I occasionally get John Maynard Keynes mixed up with Maynard G. Krebs. Must be the facial hair.

Casually browsing the current range of media obsessions & pop-culture controversies to determine which ones I give a crap about. None so far