Friday, July 25, 2014

Aweekstweets July 20-25 2014: the week I decided not to regress to meanness

Tired o people lobbing huge overstuffed questions at me expecting prompt response. I prefer 2 lob them @ myself & respond in my own sweetime

Always try to connect to the worry-free zone inside every situation. Sometimes it takes work. Sometimes it refuses to show itself.

Subianto in Indonesia is a seriously bad loser, claiming the country will fail because they didn't elect him. Makan berak, idiot.

RT @marcusborba: Neglected machine learning ideas via @tonyojeda3  #DataScience #BigData

"The mind is everything. What you think you become." Buddha

Singletasked my rear end off today. Zoned out & zoomed in to each task one at a time. My nerves need to settle into each groove calmly.

WMATA's Metro Silver Line opens tomorrow. Being extended to Dulles Airport. I suggest their marketing slogan be: "Hi-yo Silver & away!!!"

"A deep dive into NoSQL: A complete list of NoSQL databases" ( ) JK--Excellent compendium.

" #BigData's Effect on Organ Transplant Waitlists" ( ) JK--Assess compatibility/risk of don8d organs 2 potential recips

"Apache Sw Fdn Announces Apache Tez as Top-Level Project" ( ) JK--Opn-src fw for programmatic YARN/Hadoop access

"Mobile, #BigData Development Moves to Cloud" ( ) JK--Introduces unwieldy acronym MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

"Banned on Google: How 2 fight EU Censorship?" ( ) JK--New site republishing EU-supprssd "right 2 B forgottn" GGL links

Another article about what optimum number of sleep hours might be. I'll bet more people lose sleep worrying about this than any other issue.

Finished next week's quick-hits. Only realized what I wanted to say when I started to feel my fingers moving across the keyboard.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Johnny Ryall by Beastie Boys from Paul's Boutique JK--1989. Hiphop with brilliant echoes of rockabillly & 70s rock

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Can a machine detect sarcasm? Yeah, right" ( )

Webinar I was on this past Tues: "Understand New World o Cognitive Computg". Slides:  Playback: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Last Night You Were a Dream by Lord Huron JK--Beck distrib'd song only on sheet music. Many artists hav interpretd it

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp World Peace Is None of Your Business by Morrissey from the album of the same name JK--2014. Good. Sounds like Smiths

Advanced analytics? p1:  p2:  Friday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Conjoined couples. That's my phrase for couples that never post a Facebook photo that doesn't have them standing together in exact same pose

Ran out of Sriracha. Dang. Sriracha is the ketchup of hot sauces. Cholula is a pretty good substitute. Tangy and light. Not bad.

Watching Anthony Bourdain wolf down a taco at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican dive on the streets of LA. Looks damn good!

Drinking Virginia hard apple cider. Actually, not all that "hard." I get hammered harder by an ordinary Budweiser. But it tastes good.

Fun discussion about data standards. By "fun," I mean its opposite.

Hmm. More "big data is BS" commentary. I call this "sour grapes" opinionation. Cant evaluate something fairly if you yourself don't grasp it

"Cloud Standards Customer Council 2 Host Webinar on Deploy #BigData Analytics to Cloud" ( ) JK--Me, next Thurs 11am ET

"Still confused about quantum cmptg?" ( ) JK--Optmzd sol'n emerge from superposd all-path calc vs. trad'l one-path calc

Squashing together disparate ideas to see if they scream in pain or squeal with delight. Not sure what that sound is. Something high-pitched

New #IBM jk blog: "Real-time healthcare compliance analytics can keep patients alive & well" ( )

Whenever tech analyst, journalist, or blogger bsd in Silicon Valley, they tend NOT 2 mention non-SV-bsd vendors. So I step in & mention #IBM

"The New Weapon Against Disease-Spreading Insects Is #BigData" ( ) JK--Geolocation/habitat-driven eradication targeting

"Rise of data & death o politics" ( ) JK--"Algorithmic regulation": BD-driven rule mining & next best enforcemnt action

Ah yes, there's a Type-A Personality, in all his royal A-ness!

"Internet of (Passive) Things" ( ) JK--Refers to barcodes & other things that are pure data w/ no smarts/connectivity

"Data Visualiz'n: Day in Life of NYC Taxi" ( ) JK--Very cool/dynamic. Based on taxi DB pickup/dropoff records, not GPS

"Location Analytics + Maps: 10 Eureka Moments" ( ) JK--Good map-illustrated discussion.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Panic by The Smiths from Rank JK--Hey Scotland Yard, here's your person of interest on any unsolved 1980s DJ-hangings

Monetizing. I'm seeing this word everywhere now. Before long, we'll refer to getting a job as "monetizing your time."

Security of #bigdata? The self-protecting big-data honeypot ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Plowing through one magazine after another showing people enjoying "the good life." For me, "the good life" is not needing to show it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Entitlement by Jack White from Lazaretto JK--2014. Way too downhome for a good Catholic boy from Detroit's east side.

Time has passed in most surreal way today. I've been into disparate "moments" that feel barely connected to each other or to the clock

" #IBM Expands HPC Capabilities in Cloud" ( ) JK--New option: lo-latency InfiniBand 2 connect SoftLayer bare-metal svrs

Mobile, Cloud and Data Lead Next Era of Business Transformation.  #IBMMobile

I think we've entered the "MoMo" era. As in "Mo' Mo' (More More). As in MObile everything, MOre data everywhere. In-MOtion never-ending.

Night sky is dark only because we can't see the dense clusters of unblinking lights that surround us on all sides. It's blindingly bright!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp West Coast by Lana Del Rey frm Ultrviolenc JK--2014. Reverse o normal career sequence: heard 1st on SNL, then on KEXP

All in memory? Transitional patterns on the road to the "all-and-only-in-memory cloud" ( ) Wed #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Goodbye Weekend by Mac DeMarco from Salad Days JK--2014. Cool spidery guitar sound. How he do dat?

"10 types of regressions. Which one 2 use?" ( ) JK--If you're a true stat geek, you'll click on this. Otherwise, beware

Dead-exhausted people who say they need more coffee are like dead-broke people who say they need 1 more $ to wager on a so-called sure thing

RIP Johnny Winter. Here's a clip of this blues guitar virtuoso doing "Mean Town Blues" at Woodstock in 1969 ( ).

I deliberately bought a home laptop larger than conveniently mobile. Essentially desktop with big screen and powerful speaker. Media machine

Looking forward to the #Dataversity Cognitive Computing Forum next month in San Jose. Today's webinar I particip8d in was quite enlightening

Sitting quietly at home reading the voluminous press & blog commentary on the #IBM #Apple partnership. Dozens of articles. Hmmmmmm.

Congratulations to Indonesia's official president-elect Joko Widodo! On our recent vacation, I witnessed 1st-hand Jokowi's populist support.

Great @Dataversity webinar earlier, "Understanding New World of #CognitiveComputing." @sardire @ajbowles @n2semantics 

Thanks @sardire @jameskobielus & @n2semantics for a great session on #cognitivecomputing for @dataversity. We could have used another hour

How can orgs gain extra edge in today's data-driven marketplace?Help find out w/#ibvanalytics: 

Tired of people throwing adjective "digital" in front of everything, signifying nothing. It's as facile a ploy as calling something "modern"

"We're all data scientists now" ( ) JK--Whopping exaggeration. Just say we all need to think critically about #bigdata.

"Spark and Tez, out o phase" ( ) JK--Former stealing thunder o latter, which is stealing thunder of MR. Whither Hadoop?

"Intelligent Classific8n o Heartbeats 4 Autom8d Real-Time ECG Monitoring" ( ) JK--Streaming analytics detects arrythmia

"Meet Data 4 Good, th Hacker News 4 show off world-changing data science" ( ) JK--Porway's DataKind has "competition."

"Will It Fit? Algorithm Takes Guesswork Out Of Online Shopping" ( ) JK--"Proprietary fit data from >1,000 brand prtnrs"

"BloomSky wants to put personal weather station in your backyard" ( ) JK--Tethered to cloud for hyperlocal forecasting

"Airbnb Is Quietly Building Smartest Travel Agent of All Time" ( ) JK--Recommendation engine, #bigdata, text analytics

"How Machine Learning Can Teach Your iPhone To 'See'" ( ) JK--Deep learning 4 mobiles. Still in infancy. Great promise

"How Data & Analytics Can Help the Developing World" ( ) JK--Very good roundup of projects around the world.

#BigData ethics? part 1:  part 2:  Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Wife got seasick watching "All is Lost" on DVD this evening, so I ejected it before it could make her eject the delicious salmon we dined on

Fall's approaching. How do I know? All the speaking requests suddenly coming my way. I accepted three of them today.

"Bluemix Open Cloud Architecture & Foundry" ( ) JK--Embeddable reporting among advanced svcs now available #IBMDataMag

"Data Transmission for Dynamic Databases" ( ) JK--Tom Beebe and Lester Knutsen on JSON/NoSQL data formats #IBMDataMag

"DB Backups 4 Peace o Mind: Part 2" ( ) JK--Isaac Yassin with the continuation on #IBM DB2 backup/recovery #IBMDataMag

"#BigData Relationships" ( ) JK--Bob Hayes on managing relationships both statistical & collaborative #IBMDataMag

Drafted next week's #IBM jk blog: "Empowering Athletes with Real-Time Data-Driven Decision Support"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All Apologies by Nirvana from MTV Unplugged in New York JK--Geez. Singer sounds suicidal. What became of him?

Drafted this week's #IBM jk blog: "Real-time healthcare compliance analytics can keep patients alive & well"

New #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Big algorithm libraries breathe life into #bigdata" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gloria by Patti Smith JK--1975. Agile-POV wizardry: Smith, straight woman, convincingly inhabits POV of straight dude

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "The Larger Stakes Behind #BigData Ethics"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp White Daisy Passing by Rocky Votolato frm Makers JK--2006. If I ever learn acoustic guitar, I want to start with this

Want a sneak peek at #ibminsight curriculum? Session Preview tool is now live! Have at it.  #bigdata #analytics #ecm

Good @FederalTimes piece by @SnowdonJane on how to use cloud with data that cannot be moved  #ibmfederal #ibmcloud

Recom engines? Predicting exquisitely nonlinear shifts o cust taste p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Recent Spark Summit. Agenda with links to downloadable preso slides ( ). Worth perusing.

"Mrktg analytics to drive superior growth" ( ) JK--Mktg-mix modeling. Reach/cost/quality modeling. Attribution modeling

"Engineering" vs. "reverse engineering" in data science? I prefer "modeling" vs. "mining"--i.e., construction vs. extraction of stat models

"TV is Finally Embracing Digital Ad Technologies" ( ) JK--Addressable, programmable, audience-based, driven by #bigdata

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” --W. Edwards Deming

"Understanding Random Forests: From Theory to Practice" ( ) JK--Thesis dissecting key data-science algorithms.

"Data-Drvn Appr 2 Reverse Enginrng Cust Engmt Models" ( ) JK--Learning model aposteriori from data, not scoring apriori

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ain't Necessarily So by Bronski Beat from The Age of Consent JK--1984. How'd I miss this great group back in day?

When somebody doesn't "get" a joke, it's better to stare & walk away than explain "'twas a joke." Better to let the latent laugh hang there

Millennials: The Driving Force Behind Making Mobile Payments Pervasive  #IBMMobile @russwilson

Welcome to the new Mobile Enterprise. #IBM and #Apple team on enterprise apps built from the ground up.