Sunday, July 06, 2014

Aweekstweets June 29 to July 6 2014: the week I wasted my life analyzing the deep meaning of infomercials

Heard neighborhood fox scream in wee small hours last night. You've never heard such an otherworldly wail. Took me a few hours to doze again

Reading Graham Nash's gr8 memoir "Wild Tales." Describes two 3-pt harmonies responsibl 4 his success: Crosby Stills Nash & Clarke Hicks Nash

Watching infomercial for product "not available in any store." Um, not really. Online or tollfree number is tantamount to a "store" now.

People who swear they'll never use Twitter. I'm thinking "What? Why? Typing and reading short sentences is too difficult?"

Browsing recent news stories. Anybody getting morally outraged over anything that I care to join in the umbrage over? No? Good.

"Songwriters at the End of the World" ( ) JK--WashPost Chris Richards deserves Pulitzer for these brilliant interviews

Thank you God for this glorious morning! It's like winter's dream of a summer day.

Rare 4 th WashPost 2 take one side in another country's election. Here's today's op/ed against Indonesia's Subianto ( )

WashPost feature on massive "Tysons Central" project going up at Leesburg PIke & Chain Bridge Rd, along new Silver Line. NoVa's skyscrapers!

Acronym alert: "STEM" (science tech engineering math). WashPost sez DC area "brimming with hard-to-fill STEM jobs." That is true. Tech hub.

"Psych 'shrooms put brain in waking dream, study finds" ( ) JK--How do rsrchrs know theyre not dreaming those findings?

"Gigantic insect lands on James Rodriguez shortly after scoring for Colombia" ( ) JK--Bad omen? What's point of story?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp LIving Proof by Cat Power from The Greatest JK--Wherein the moody chanteuse sounds positively glory-be ecstatic.

Michael McDonald's voice. Always sounds like he's straining his vocal cords to the max. Painful to listen to. Impossible to sing along with

Airborne explosives remind me of what's great about this country. Always have.

Hey, when did they change the lyric? I thought it was "Glory glory hallelujah, teacher hit me with the rulah?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Almost Independence Day by Van Morrison from Saint Dominic's Preview JK--Cool. DJ played my request.

Watching "Walking Dead" with our 14-year-old houseguest. I don't get into zombie stuff. It's generational. Aging feels like zombification.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 4th of July by Aimee Mann from Whatever JK--Nice. She always puts her whole heart into her singing.

RT @KirkDBorne: Nice! Open book > Probabilistic Models of Cognition:  #DataScience #Statistics => Cognitive #Analytics

Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca ( ). That his real surname? Who names self "Head of Cow"? Historical joke?

What I cant stand about FB "trending" is being notified for any amount of time that "Dave Coulier's wedding turns into 'Full House' reunion"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp U.S.A. by The Beat from The Beat JK--1979. LA-based New Wavers best known for NOT being The (better, English) Beat.

For me, sharing out something on Facebook is like bookmarking in my browser: a placeholder to which I might return for further examination

Every weekend I quickly glance at what I published that week. It's amazing how quickly I forget about them. I just move on to the next batch

What? Ike & Tina are in the World Cup? How is that possible? Ohhhh...Argentina. Never mind.

Cold front wasted no time in pushing thru! In the 10 minutes it took to drive from home to club, temp dropped from 88 to 77. A mighty wind!

Thank U LinkedIn for "finding 695 jobs." At times, my job feels like I'm doing that much. But no thanks. Mine's fine. Weekends welcome, tho

"Yahoo releases massive Flickr dataset & supercomputer steps up 2 analyze" ( ) JK--Deep-learning feed frenzy in making?

"7 things U need to know about Facebook's mood experiment" ( ) JK--#8 should be you're a sap if you worry about this

"What does Whale Vomit hav in Common w/ #BigData Analytics?" ( ) JK--Let's stick to non-gross-out "Vs," s'il vous plait

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tangled Heart by Luluc from Passerby JK--2014. Slow, pretty, quiet, poignant, simple, spare.

"Data Science: What the Facebook Controversy is Really About" ( ) JK--Examines what society means by "data science."

"10 things I miss about old technology" ( ) JK--Yeah...and buggy whips were good for shutting up brats in the back seat

"Healthcare Data Analytics Gone Wrong" ( ) JK--Discusses risk o target-mrktg unnecessary prescreenings 2 vulnerabl pops

"Case 4 Text Mining in Payment Integrity" ( ) JK--Healthcare insur claims with identical phrases may indicate collusion

" #IBM expands #Hadoop commitment w/support for #Spark " ( ) JK--"Joining forces w/ Databricks, Cloudera, Intel & MapR"

"Embedding Advanced Analytics" ( ) JK--Analytic algorithms driving automated processes & systems, per @fhalper

"How #bigdata may protect us from NSA spying" ( ) JK--Oblique "protection": their human analysts are overwhelmed by it.

" #BigData security analytics mantra: Collect & analyze everything" ( ) JK--Discusses the ramifications of "everything"

"Data Scientist Role: How Will It Evolve?" ( ) JK--"Greater responsib 4 driving product dev, tech adoption, architctur"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprize by Devo JK--"Surprize"? "Accident"? Why left & wont look @ him? Disfigurd SpudBoy?

"#BigData makes research more difficult say data scientists" ( ) JK--But none say they're scaling back their analyses

Ah yes the Facebook contro will spur some to sensationalize "real-world experiment" as they've done to "data mining" "metadata" & "big data"

Responded to emailed Qs from reporter Mónica Cordero Sancho of El Financiero (San José Costa Rica). I speak there on #bigdata on Wed July 16

Wrappd my mind around th 5 q-h topics 4 nxt wk. More like shrink-wrapped. Conformed my thoughts to & pressed shape into the contours of each

This workweek features two N.American country-founding observances: Tues (Canada Day) & Fri (US Independence Day). Email volumes WAY down

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Goat Shepard by Mirah from Changing Light JK--2014. Good one. She's rocking harder on this than she has in the past.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp On Fire by Sebadoh from Harmacy JK--1996. Great burning yearning classic indie-rock groove on this one.

Maybe I'm a curmudgeon but being nagged by a post-visit satisfaction survey often tips me over th edge into dissatisfaction. Leave me alone!

Engag customr as individ? Parrying double-edge o customer sarcasm p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Enjoying "The Most of Nora Ephron." Collected writings of wickedly smart/funny late journalist-screenwriter-novelist-director-blogger-wit

Damn, what a busy day. Still has a few hours of work left in it. Wondering if I have the energy left in me to pour into what awaits.

"Bezos's Law" ( ) JK--Coined by someone else, not Jeff Bezos. Unit o cloud computing power price drops ~50% every 3 yrs

#IBM deepens engagement & expands collaboration beyond organizational boundaries with new #socbiz software 

#Bigdata "lakes." If become magnets for never-ending data-science exploratory "fishing expeditions," there's a "boil the lake" risk.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Righteous One by The Orwells from Disgraceland JK--2014. Great arena-grade guitar-rock shouter!
" #IBM Delivers New #BigData Capabs on IBM Cloud Marketplace" ( ) JK--IBM Navigator on the Cloud. Ent content mgt

#BigData service on #IBMCloud marketplace makes content more interactive and secure  @cloudcomputing-news

New #IBMBigData addition to #IBMCloud marketplace; 15+ #BigData services now available via the #cloud  @eWeek

" #IBM Delivers New #BigData Capabilities on IBM Cloud Marketplace" ( ) JK--Enterprise content management in the cloud

Ambient analytics? Advent of big-data wearables & "unaware-ables" p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qhs

Wearable devices. Essentially, these will be a membrane between your brain and the universal brain in the cloud.

"7 Millennials Who Are Too Busy Changing The World To Take Selfies" ( ) JK--Condescension-intensive HuffPost headline.

Tabloid cover shows Faye Dunaway resembling a cadaver. Google Image search shows a still-beautiful woman in her 70s.

Is notion of "viewership" too limiting in era of interactive social-media TV? "Interactorship"? "Engagership"? Nah...too stilted.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Odessa by Caribou frm Swim JK--Caution: multilayered bellringing electronic mix might induce virtual tintinnabulation

Healthcare analytics? #BigData as factr in life-or-death decisions p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"Jake Porway wants to turn his ntwk of scientists into league o information champions" ( ) JK--Quants Sans Frontières?

· Jul 1
"Does Deep Learning Have Deep Flaws?" ( ) JK--Discusses studies pinpointing weaknesses of deep neural networks.

"#BigData as a Service: next big thing?" ( ) JK--Yep. Follow my tweets earlier this morning to #IBM Bluemix BDaaS svcs

"New Beginnings in Facial Recognition" ( ) JK--Highlights Facebook deep-learning project called DeepFace.

"Visualizing Algorithms" ( ) JK--Wow! This is a highly visual, captivating, and technically deep discussion/preso.

"Jumping on the bandwagon." What an archaic phrase! The last band that hauled their gear in one of those was REO Speedwagon.

OK, more tedious #bigdata "myths." If Joseph Campbell were still among us, he'd point out that none of these were mentioned in Bhagavad Gita

"Google: 100,000 lives a year lost through fear of data-mining" ( ) JK--Huh? Healthcare orgs do plenty of data mining

"FDA baks off reg med device data sys" ( ) JK--But still regs sys that do active monitoring, delivery, patient-data mod

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Modern Man by Arcade Fire from The Suburbs JK--2010. Great song from Montreal group's Grammy-winning album.

"Rare genetic disorders diagnosd by computer analysis of photos" ( ) JK--Image analytics, machine lrnng, autoclustering
RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Transmission by Hot Chip from War Child - Heroes: The Ultimate Covers Album JK--Excellent electro Joy Division cover.

"Medicare: Predictive analytics working to fight fraud" ( ) JK--Recovered/prevented > $210M improper paymts in 2nd year

Slightly unnerved by fact that Facebook has notified me of 2 friends' birthdays today--both of whom R deceased. Gauche to unfriend the dead?

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: Time Series Database: 

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: IBM Analytics for Hadoop (beta): 

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: Geospatial Analytics (beta): 

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: Analytics Warehouse:  . Formerly known as "IBM BLU for Cloud." Out of beta now.

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: SQL Database: 

#IBM Bluemix data analytics service: #Cloudant NoSQL DB: 

" #IBM Bluemix General Availability!" ( ) JK--Further details. Service catalog here: 

"#IBM Bluemix Now GA: Signif Momentum Since Open Beta" ( ) JK--Includes > 50 svcs for build secure cloud-based biz apps

"BLU Acceleration & Analytics in a Single DB ( ) JK--Redbook: “Architecting & Deploying #IBM DB2 w/ BLU...” #IBMDataMag

"Enhanced Web & Mobile Application Developmt" ( ) JK--Redbook: "IBM Cloudant: The Do-More NoSQL Data Layer" #IBMDataMag

"Making It Big with #BigData" ( ) JK--#IBM ebook, “Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Dummies” #IBMDataMag

"A Well-Suited Database for #BigData" ( ) JK--#IBM ebook: “DB2 11 for z/OS: Database 4 Big Data Analytics" #IBMDataMag

Happy Canada Day 2 our friends north of th border--or east if you're Alaskan, west if Buffalonian, or south if Detroiter considering Windsor

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken by Camera Obscura JK--2006. Response to Lloyd Cole "Are You Ready 2 B Heartbroken"

"Executing on Vision" ( ) JK--Gartner Magic Quadrant: structured data archiving and application retirement #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Not Talking by A.C. Newman from Shut Down The Streets JK--2012. Great solo release by New Pornographers principal

"Delivering Minimum Viable Analytics" ( ) JK--M.Cavaretta on iterative analytics development @mjcavaretta #IBMDataMag

"The Joy of Continuous Models for Streaming Data" ( ) JK--D. Birmingham on #IBM PureData in streaming apps #IBMDataMag

"Trading the Currency of Relevance" ( ) JK--G. Noseworthy on analytics in media/entertainment @graemeknows #IBMDataMag

"Is "Data Scientist" nothing more than euphemism 4 "Data Analyst"?" ( ) JK--U mean "synonym." Euphemism masks nastiness

Internet Of Things? The next big Thing? Or the next big Internet? Or the next big Of? Discuss amongst yourselves.

Facebook birthday reminders. Possible to specify just family reminders? Wait...I don't need reminding on those. How about none at all?

Catch me speaking on "#IBM #Watson: Core of the Cognitive Revolution" at IBM Insight 2014 ( ). Oct 26-30. Las Vegas.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen frm Im Yr Man JK--"People U have 2 meet without yr clothes"? Not in my line of work!

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Streaming media and narrative power of video content analytics"

WSJ article says people get depressed by Facebook posts o friends' seemingly wonderful lives. Ever think they're NOT POSTING their problems?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Goodbye Sweet Dreams by Roky Erickson With Okkervil River JK--2010. Has fought mental illness, stays productive.

Money is root of all evil? If that's so, did the snake stash a cashwad inside that apple in Garden of Eden? Or did he swallow it all whole?

My daughter raised good objection to film "Her" concept: no gadget maker would build an AI-OS that you'd want to dump in a hurt-feeling snit

The #CRM industry needs to grapple with issue: when does "customer experience management" become "mood manipulation"? And does it matter?

"Hadoop Summit: Where is th value? Where are th apps?" ( ) JK--Good summary. Essentially, #Hadoop market not yet mature

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cherry Blossom Girl by Air from Talkie Walkie JK--2004. Pretty electronica with a (real or synthesized?) flute sound

"What Is #Hadoop….Now?" ( ) JK-- #Gartner @merv points up persistent lack of industry consensus on this question.

"4 reasons why Spark could jolt #Hadoop into hyperdrive" ( ) JK--Fast, flexible, "easy (relatvly spekng)," "plays nice"

" #Hadoop: the Third Wave Breaks" ( ) JK--BDevlin says it's new emphasis on higher-layer DBMSs above HDFS, plus tools

Good preso on building a #Hadoop-based application for clickstream analysis ( )

"#IBM InfoSphere BigInsights V3.0 delivers advancd Big SQL component & integr8n w/Apache Solr srch engine" ( ) #Hadoop

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain by Willie Nelson from The Essential Willie Nelson JK--Beautiful simple melody.

IoT? Potential 4 sensor-driven hyperlocalized weather forecasting p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Harry Hippie by Bobby Womack JK--"I'd like 2 help a man when he's down but how can I when he's sleeping on th ground"

Facebook mood-alteration experiment. Would it've been OK if they'd tried 2 sway user feelings only about FB rather than feelings generally?

Facebook controversy highlights ethics of customer experience management within real-world experiments powered by big-data analytics.

Facebook's mood-altering real-world experiment. Would it have been less controversial if they'd only tried to make people happier?

Saw "Her" on DVD. It's fine. What I didn't get was biz model of writing personal letters for others. People don't care about those anymore

Gluten-free Rice Krispies. Tastes like stale Rice Krispies. The worst to you each morning.

RT @SocialTrep: "The IPO is dying. Marc Andreessen explains why" ( ) JK--Lays the blame on Sarbanes-Oxley.

RT @merv: London’s deputy Mayor want to “take Oracle down.” Strong words. Interesting read at 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp St. James Infirmary by Bobby "Blue" Bland from Two Steps From the Blues & Here's The Man JK--My fave rendition o this

Yes, guys, the louder you grunt the harder you're working those muscles. So just go at it like a pack of wild boars in rutabeggy heaven.

"Debunking conventional wisdom about conventions" ( ) JK--Convention centers: the big-empty-space race among US cities

Willie Nelson "Mr. Record Man" ( ) JK--On 1st LP in 1962. Failed to sell it in 1958. One of 1st songs he shopped around

I'd estimate that ~50% of people I knew growing up are inaccessible via social media. Either they have no accounts, or have but don't check

Found something didnt realize I had: 10 year highschool reunion book from '86. Our class was ~70% married off by age 28. ~90% college grads