Saturday, October 11, 2014

Aweekstweets October 5-11 2014: the week I pulled your chain

Jacket and sweater weather. Good. I love Fall.

Saturday. Fall. The mall. The community’s here. All.

No, it’s not standard in high-tech to tie pay raises to whether the employee has good “karma.”

Jay Leno. Glad he’s getting Mark Twain Prize. He was consistently funny on the Tonight Show. In spite of th nastiness critics lobbed his way

"Cognitive Computing to Transform Travel—All Over Again" ( ) JK--Discusses WayBlazer's use of #IBM #Watson

Online culture leaves you with th constant feeling that every day in every way somebody or something everywhere is trying to pull your chain

"Scientists in Sweden Hide Bob Dylan Lyrics in Their Papers" ( ) JK--Stuff lab denizens do to ward off the arctic blues

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Garden of Serenity by Ramones from Loud, Fast Ramones JK--Good hard rocker outside their signature punk sound

Stevie Wonder "As" ( ) JK--1976. From "Songs in the Key of Life." My fave from this LP. Oddly underplayed on radio

Drafted latest #IBM #Dataversity column: " #BigData is Not the Death Knell of ETL."

I'd like to suggest that airlines rebrand their frequent-flyer programs as credit-card-solicitation services on wings.

"Netflix spends $150M on content recomms per yr" ( ) JK--French want 2 check their algos 4 US bias? Where's Hollywood?

"On the Computational Complexity of MapReduce" ( ) JK--Sounds interesting, but the mathematics are beyond me.

"All Models of Learning have Flaws" ( ) JK--Interesting tabular comparison o algorithmic approaches to machine learning

#BigData discovery? Shining analytical light deeply into dark data p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Hear former Discovery Channel MythBusters host @grantimahara explain at #IBMInsight how data dispels urban legends 

"Unlocking #BigData: Lessons Learnd From God Particle" ( ) JK--Music composed from Higgs particle collision measuremnts

"Manager-machine: analytics, AI, and uncertain future of mgmt" ( ) JK--Good historical longview on recent rebirth of AI

"Value o Accuracy in Predictive Analytics" ( ) JK--Can you predict whether "projectile" will actually hit its "target"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ambling Alp by Yeasayer from Odd Blood JK--2010. Late prizefighter Max Schmeling makes a cameo.

Dreams and themes. Dreams get more annoying as U age. Same banal themes as in childhood. It's as if HR Puf'n'Stuf replays nitely in yr head

"LinkedIn's Data Science Secret: Yr Hidden Org Chart" ( ) JK--Builds social graphs of job titles vs skills vs interXns

"Neglected Machine Learning Ideas" ( ) JK--Really good discussion. Worth further perusal.

"Making Sense of Public Data: Wrangling Jeopardy" ( ) JK--Profiling game show's knowldge base from open historical data

"Interpretable vs Powerful Predictive Models : Why Need Both" ( ) JK--Deep analysis is useless is you can't explain it

I construe the phrase "Hadoop alternative" in the same way I regard a lifestyle as "alternative." Not necessarily better. Just alternative.

"IoT & Wisdom o Things" ( ) JK--Collective info from sensors, measrmnt devs & humans can be aggreg 2 extract gr8r value

New #IBM jk blog: "Distributing data science brainpower more equitably among the haves and have-nots" ( )

Talent analytics? part 1:  part 2:  #IBMDataMag Thursday quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I've Waited For So Long by The Juan MacLean from In A Dream JK--2014. One of my fave new club/dance songs of year

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp U Know by Prince from Art Official Age JK--2014. Nice new smooth sexy soul number from this veteran popstar.

This is going to sound reductively dumb but it's true: One sinew of good writing is to always thread the pronoun-antecedent needle carefully

Catch me at Ignite dev@Insight, Mandalay Bay, LV, Sun Oct 26 4:30pm-5:15pm: "Data science is not a magic wand for diagnosing global warming"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rent I Pay by Spoon from They Want My Soul JK--2014. Excellent album. Probably their best. I'm going to get this one.

New #IBM jk blog: "Governance, Stewardship, & Quality of Temporal Data in a #DataWarehousing Context" ( )

Reading, writing, thinking. A steady diet of brain-nourishing activity. Do it daily. Wards off the blues. Keeps you productive, internally

Cool. On same day, library got 2 books I’ve been meaning to read: DF Wallace “Infinite Jest” & Patti Smith “Just Kids.” Checked em both out

"The future of artificial intelligence: Will computers take your job?" ( ) JK--Fearmongering. Shades of Ned Ludd.

" #BigData burnout looms as data scientists hit by work-related stress" ( ) JK--How is this a new trend? Same old grind

"The Ultimate Wearable? It's 'Invisible'" ( ) JK--Not if your intention is to flaunt some serious bling-bling things

"Google wants 2 turn urbanites into beta testers o ‘Physical Web’" ( ) JK--Internet of Things without need for Internet

"The Internet of Things Needs Open Source" ( ) JK--There are more of these projects than I realized.

IBM Insight @ibminsight is the place to be to attend the best sessions focused on Internet of Things.  #IoT #Informix

Learn about IBM solution stack for #IoT & market drivers shaping biz models @ibminsight  #IoTDeepDive. Register now: 

#Informix is the only commercially available #database on HP’s new #ARM –based datacenter servers. 

Register for the #IoTWebcast to learn how to address the challenge of #IoT data with #Informix intelligent #database 

#Hadoop uber-alles? Th challenge of staying current on an ever-shifting technology landscape  Wednesday #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drive by R.E.M. from Automatic for the People JK--1992. Love the subtle ref to David Essex "Rock On" (and Bill Haley)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco from Mermaid Avenue Vol 2 JK--WGuthrie lyric. He once resided in Echo Park

" #IBM Unveils New Startups & Ecosys Partners Delivring Watson-Powered Apps in Cloud" ( ) JK--Detail re partners & apps

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Riders on the Storm by The Doors from LA Woman JK--1971. "Takay longali de"? Literally mean "let your children play"?

" #IBM #Watson Accelerates Global Expansion" ( ) JK--New customers, new partners, new HQ, etc.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ça plane pour moi by Plastic Bertrand JK--What? Huh? "I am the king of the divan & Guy de Maupassant"? That's not it

#IBM #PureData for #Analytics N3001 Offers Expanded Product Line: Read more here  @ibmdatawh blog by @rhughes134

#IBM #PureData for #Analytics N3001: #BigData and Business Intelligence #BI Ready  @ibmdatawh blog by @rhughes134

#IBM announced the next generation of the original #datawarehouse appliance, the N3001 family powered by #Netezza 

#IBM announces the next generation of the original #datawarehouse appliance, the N3001 family powered by #Netezza 

Going out to get my flu shot this pm. I also take my vitamins. Watch my diet. Exercise. Work intensely hard. And relax. 360-degree wellness

"Data science shows surveys may assess language more than attitudes" ( ) JK--Parallel option-phrasing biases responses

"Want #bigdata sales programs to work? Get emotional" ( ) JK--McKinsey says appeal to salesperson gut to drive adoption

Just saw odd new phrase: "enterprise wearable strategy." What's that? Is it sufficient to stipulate that all personnel be wearing clothes?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Desire by Interpol from El Pintor JK--2014. Good one. Majestic sweep in those guitars. LP name anagram of bandname

Machine data analytics? Man & machine data becoming indistnguishbl p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

" #IBM Sees Sw-Defind Storage as .." ( ) JK--Deliv models: 1) Storage as Software, 2) Integ sw & hw solutions, 3) cloud

" #IBM & Wharton School Launch 1st-of-A-Kind Prog" ( ) JK--Help CMO use #bigdata & analytics to deepen cust engagement

" #IBM Delivs New Analytics Offerngs 4 Mainfrme" ( ) JK--BigInsights 4 Linux, DB2 Anlytcs Accel, Elastc Stor, Cloud Mgr

" #IBM Webcast: Intelligent Database for IoT" ( ) JK--Oct 16 10:30am EDT Register:  #IBMDataMag

"An Informix Database–Fortified ARM Ecosystem" ( ) JK--See how #IBM Informix powers ent-clss ARM-based svrs #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fearless by Pink Floyd JK--"You say th hill's too steep to climb." Song's signatur musical phrase is climbing pattern

"Database Technology for Today’s Enterprise Needs" ( ) JK--Video: Learn about DB2 11 for z/OS #IBMDataMag

"Blending Cognitive & Pred Experiences" ( ) JK--Vid: #IBM #Watson Analytics nat lang-bsd freemium cloud svc #IBMDataMag

"Target Behav in Real Time 4 Effectiv Outcomes: Pt1" ( ) JK--Sathi, Thomas, Sathi & Vora discuss use cases #IBMDataMag

"Exploring Public Open Data Project: Pt1" ( ) JK--Jennifer Shin on openFDA & opportunties 4 data scientists #IBMDataMag

"Delivering #BigData to Business" ( ) JK--Mandy Chessell on data reservoirs for self-svc access toinsights #IBMDataMag

RIP Paul Revere. In spite of campy Revolutionary War outfits, th Raiders were one great rock ‘n roll band. Kicks keep getting harder to find

"16 cartoonists who changed the world" good read 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Silver Timothy by Damien Jurado from Brothers & Sistrs o Eternal Son JK--2014. Artist who transcends his vocal limits

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Distributing Data-Science Brainpower More Equitably Among The Haves and Have-Nots"

"The Internet of Things: A time series data challenge" ( ) JK--Kiran Challapalli discusses #IBM Informix TimeSeries

Quantified self? Healthy self-monitrng vs narcissistic self-obsession p1  p2  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

OMG and the Industrial Internet of Things. They're doing a lot of important standards work: 

IBMblr. Come check out #IBM Tumblr: 

"The Future of Analytics, It’s in Our Emotions!" ( ) JK--Summary of Erick Brethenoux talk at TED @ #IBM

"Analyzing Ebola – Is it spreading at exponential rate?" ( ) JK--Latest data from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone

"Dimensionality Reduction" ( ) JK--Good overview of core best practice that's part of Data Science 101.

"Does Marketing Even Need Humans Any More?" ( ) JK--Duh. Who designs & directs campaigns? Who buys & uses products?

Using Netflix to check out TV series I have or had never watched. Starting with pilots. "The West Wing"? Good. "New Girl." Not.

"List of 50+ Face Detection/Recognition APIs, libraries, & software" ( ) JK--List is over a year old, but comprehensive

"Data Scientists: The Definition of Sexy" ( ) JK--Huh? I think it still has something to do with physical attraction

"The Demise of the Data Scientist: Heresy or Fact?" ( ) JK--Title is classic rhetorical device called "false choice."

"Apache Storm 0.9 Training Deck and Tutorial" ( ) JK--Really good resource for practitioners aiming to familiarize.

"Smartphone App Can Figure Out When College Studnts Are Stressed" ( ) JK--I can figure it out from own experience: 24x7

"Google's 'Physical Web' project looks to inject Internet of Things with more search" ( ) JK--Enabler for post-app era?

"MIT launches Laboratory for Social Machines" ( ) JK--Dev new techs to analyze semantic & social patterns across media

"Using #bigdata 2 map deforestation" ( ) JK--Online platfrm uses satellite images, crowdsourcing, & near-real time data

"Using data to hunt down online hoaxes" ( ) JK--Tool shows social media tend to broadcast them rather than debunk.

"Data is the Key to th Factory of the Future" ( ) JK--This post has good synopsis of some hot manufacturing initiatives

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Venus by Television frm Marquee Moon JK--1977. This song features a beautifully expressive electric-guitar groove

"How #IBM Got Brainlike Efficiency From th TrueNorth Chip" ( ) JK--1M programmable neurons & 256M programmable synapses

" #IBM Provides Superior Alternativ to x86-Bsd Commodity Svrs" ( ) JK--IBM Power S824L servers w NVIDIA GPU accelerator

The Past, Present and Future of the Internet of Things 

IBM Webcast: The Intelligent Database for the Internet of Things 

How Big Data Helps Bar Owners Sell More Beer 

New #IBM jk #ITKnowledgeExchange #TechTarget column: "Converging in-motion and in-memory analytics" ( )

Monday morning tastes palatable on strong coffee. That's because you don't want to taste Monday's morning's natural flavor: bedhead mouth.

The Association at Monterey Pop Festival '67 ( ) JK--More rocking, edgy, & postmodern than you'd think. A tad Devo.