Friday, October 24, 2014

Aweekstweets October 18-24 2014: the week my life got even more insightful

"Curse of Dimensionality" ( ) JK--Exponentially increasing difficulty finding patterns or global optima in hi-dim data

"Containing Disease by Spreading Data" ( ) JK--Excellent piece from #IBM Center for Applied Insights.

"Researchers use silicon to push quantum computing toward reality" ( ) JK--Silicon as a protectant shell around qubits

#Hadoop – redesigning how you handle your #data (petabytes at a time):  #IBM #bigdata

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Far From Any Road by The Handsome Family from Singing Bones JK--2003. Nice. Sounds like lost Hazlewood-Sinatra track

The next wave of mobile apps will put loyalty front and center  #IBMMobile @sltrunzo

The Trick to Harnessing Big Green Data 

How Analytics Are Aiding in Elder Care 

San Francisco’s Bluemix Garage Opens 

Creating a ‘Brand’ New Experience Through Mobile 

The Role of Big Data Analytics in Caring for the Most Vulnerable 

Machine learning? An evolving grab-bag of magic tricks that still lacks a unifying framework ( ) Friday #IBMDataMag qh

HMO sends info about Ebola. Also reminds us to get flu shots. Remember Spanish Flu? Wonder if in future people will get annual Ebola shots.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Psycho Killer by Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense JK--Doesn't sound like he's run-run-running away. Fa fa fa fa.

"Fake traffic un-detected by Google Analytics" ( ) JK--Undetected, this bogus traffic distorts website rankings.

"Researchrs developing algos 2 detect fake reviews" ( ) JK--ML models look at rating distortion, sentiment, timing, etc

#Cloudant users, not only will you sleep more, but know you will know more! Hot news coming ... stay tuned at #KnowMOREinaDASH next week!

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Soon, #Cloudant & #Bluemix users can #KnowMOREinaDASH! The future is here and we can't wait to tell you next week from #IBMInsight

First time going to #ibminsight? #IBMChampion @ember_crooks walks you through the basics 

One of the many great offerings next week at #IBMInsight 2014 – DB2 HADR with pureScale in SAP Systems. 

Learn about IBM solution stack for #IoT & market drivers shaping biz models @ibminsight  #IoTDeepDive. Register now: 

IBM Insight @ibminsight is the place to be to attend the best sessions focused on Internet of Things.  #IoT #Informix

Busting the “No Access to Refined Data” Myth at #IBMInsight.  via @ibmdatamag

Learn How to Accelerate #SocialMedia Analytics at #IBMInsight 2014 - 

You won't want to miss these sessions! RT @IBM_DB2: Roger Sanders previews next weeks #db2 sessions at #ibminsight - 

Even if you're not going to #ibminsight, you can follow along at home with #InsightGo: 

Join us and gain first-hand knowledge of best practices for #DB2 10.5 for SAP applications  #IBMInsight

Keep on top of all the book signings and giveaways at #IBMinsights with this handy guide: … #bigdata #ibmblu

Learn how IBM #DB2 has delivered performance gains and cost savings for Pepsico  #ibminsight #ibmblu

Why #UofT Loves #IBMBLU: Faster, Smaller, & Simpler in Only a Few Hours - Tue Oct 28, 10- 11 am at #IBMInsights 

Adoption Guidelines & Lessons Learned at Coca-Cola Bottling Company: Mon Oct 27, 3:30-4:30 pm at #IBMInsights  #ibmblu

Kelly Schlamb shares the DB2 pureScale sessions he's most interested in:  #IBMInsight #DB2 @KSchlamb

Join @samlightstone to learn tips & insights into the latest DB2 "Cancun Release" enhancements  #IBMInsight

Find out the latest and greatest about IBM #DB2 with BLU Acceleration from the team  #ibminsight #ibmblu

Hear from the experts on how to tune & enhance #DB2 10.5 for an SAP Environment  #SAP #IBMBLU #IBMInsight

New #IBM jk blog: "What's keeping data science from playing a more central role in public policy?" ( )

Talent analytics? Non-obvious patterns o who knows what, does what p1  p2  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Big things come in small packages  via @IBMDATAWH

Self-Service Analytics, Data Warehousing, and Information Management in the Cloud  via @IBMDATAWH

Advanced Security in an Insecure Data World  via @IBMDATAWH

Why did #IBM add a #mini appliance to the family? Read @wlucas001 Blog  @IBMDataWH @IBMPureSystems #datawarehouse

The @IBMPureSystems #N3001 is again changing the game for #datawarehouse appliances  @rhughes134 Blog for @IBMDataWH

#Watson Analytics’ built-in capabilities for advanced #datamanagement ensures, #data is accessible rapidly  @IBMDataWH

Self-Service #Analytics #Data Warehousing & #Information Management in the #Cloud : @IBMDataWH Blog by @jameskobielus 

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#Cloudant users soon you can #KnowMOREinaDASH! What does this mean? Watch this space from IBM Insight next week!

#KnowMOREinaDASH What does it mean? Can't wait to tell you from #IBMInsight. Watch this space next week!

Need #analytics in a pinch? Provision #datawarehousing in a dash! IBM thinks you can #KnowMOREinaDASH More next week from #IBMInsight

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nothing Can Change This Love by Sam Cooke from The Best of Sam Cooke JK--1963. The man could certainly sing.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Madman by Sean Rowe from Madman JK--2014. Good throaty roadhouse voice.

The phrase "end user" still drives me bananas. Are they using "ends"? Or is an "end" user to be contrasted with an "intermediate" user?

What if you can #KnowMOREinaDASH in #Bluemix?  Starting next week you can!  What does it all mean? Learn more next week.

#Cloudant users soon you can #KnowMOREinaDASH! What does this mean? Watch this space from IBM Insight next week!

#KnowMOREinaDASH What does it mean? Can't wait to tell you from #IBMInsight. Watch this space next week!

Need #analytics in a pinch? Provision #datawarehousing in a dash! IBM thinks you can #KnowMOREinaDASH More next week from #IBMInsight

" #IBM & MSFT 2 Offer Greater Choice in Hybrid Cloud" ( ) JK--Key solutions 2 B available on each other's public clouds

A7: #makedatawork Streamlining access to data-driven insights needs a cognitive-computing fabric to guide your explorations--e.g., #Watson

A7: #makedatawork Streamlining access to clean/relevant data also involves giving users access to powerful data-discovery tools.

A7: #makedatawork Streamlining access to refined/relevant data should involve convergence onto a strategic cloud #datarefinery platform.

A6: #makedatawork IT focuses on setting policies around data sourcing, security. governance, and access in self-svc cloud-analytics era

A6: #makedatawork IT's role shifts toward providing ctr of excellence to help business analysts collab with data scientists on biz problems

A6: #makedatawork In era of self-svc data access, analytics, DW, & refinement, IT's role becomes implement/admin foundation cloud platform

A5 application integration too - need to plug refinery services into apps and biz processes #makedatawork
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A5 We've focused on access to the data. Now it needs to be governed--quality controls, privacy, etc. #makedatawork

A5 machine learning - refineries should learn and get smarter as biz people use data #makedatawork
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A5: #makedatawork Data cant be clean if stewardship absent. #Datarefinery must enforce cleansing/enhance policies defined by data stewards

A5: #makedatawork Data can't be accessible to all if #datarefinery layer doesn't delivery it downstream. Landing/staging must be transient

A5: #makedatawork Data not relevant without context. Hence, metadata needs to be refined for downstream delivery & contextual insights
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A4: #makedatawork Agile #datarefinery also needs to orchestrate complex workflows between/among sources and downstream data apps/platforms

A4: #makedatawork #Datarefinery for #bigdata needs connectors into structured & unstruct sources + support for batch & real-time latencies

A4: #makedatawork #Datarefinery core capabilities include integration with sources, archives, data warehouses, & downstream analytic apps

A4: #makedatawork Critical capabs for #datarefinery: acquire, extract, aggregate, profile,transform, match, merge, cleanse, enhance, load

A3 important 2 think about refinery from pov of biz user - it's about getting data & automatic refinement #makedatawork

A3: #makedatawork Refining is process that happens every step o way 2 insight/action. #Datarefinery is where it happens 1st & in high-volume

A3 and on development PaaS so developers build data-ready apps - stop the problem at the source #makedatawork
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Q3 Data refinery sits by the lake/makes the data in the lake accessible to other parts of infrastructure #makedatawork

A3 plugged into every business application as the easy button to get data #makedatawork
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A3 bolted on to a Hadoop data lake as the @rwang0 brita filter to clean data before wide usage #makedatawork
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A3: #makedatawork #BigData pipeline (data -> insight) tiers: source -> #Datarefinery -> DW -> mart/access -> end user.

A3: #makedatawork #DataRefinery fits into enteprise data architecture in data acquisition, landing, staging, preprocessing, cleaning tier

RT @DCorrigan: A2: A refinery definitely adds value - relevant data in biz users hands. #makedatawork

RT @rwang0: A2 MyPOV: think of #datarefinery as the Brita Filter for your #datalake #makedatawork

A2: #makedatawork Data refinement is no gimmick: it's the core of every data integration/cleansing tool/job. Acquire, land, stage, transform

A2: #makedatawork Many terms in big-data lexicon metaphors: warehouse, mart, etc. "Refinery" alludes to distill of value from data reservoir

A1 I think it's about augmenting systems with new additions like a data lake to land and understand all data #makedatawork
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MyPOV: on Q1 the big issues is to make sure your #datalake does not turn into a #dataswamp #makedatawork
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A1 new "paradigms" still require key foundational data constructs #makedatawork
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A1 those new systems like a data lake create new needs - like taking raw data & refining it b4 sharing with existing systems #makedatawork
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A1: #makedatawork If you associate reservoir w/ specific optimized platforms, eg Hadoop, then it's clear that they're not for all use cases

A1: #makedatawork IMHO, metaphor "reservoir" makes more sense than "lake." Big data is resource to be held in reserve and tapped when needed

A1: #makedatawork A data lake/reservoir is primarily for data explore and/or refinement. Trad'l platforms play other roles (hub, mart, etc.)

A1: #makedatawork Paradigms don't replace plaforms. Only better platforms can. Data "lake"/"reservoir" platforms supplement, don't replace
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#Datarefinery chat beging in 10 mins. Get ready! #makedatawork
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Water main break nearby has been fixed. The liquid is coursing thru our pipes once again. We'll bring in the pails we left out to catch rain

@craigmullins #datarefinery tweetchat at 1 pm ET today -  Use #makedatawork tag to participate.

Catch me at 10:00 am PT for a twitter jam on Data Refinement. Follow the hashtag #makedatawork
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" #IBM: Hard Look At R&D" ( ) JK--"Long-term potential created by ongoing investmnt in R&D not being recognized in mkt"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cayucos by Cayucas from Cayucos JK--2012. The "o-ay-o-ay-o" in this reminds me of "Walk Like an Egyptian."

Join me et al for #datarefinery tweetchat 1hr 45 minutes from now  Use #makedatawork tag to participate.

New #IBM #DW #IBMInsight jk blog: "Self-Service Analytics, Data Warehousing, & Information Management in the Cloud" ( )

Paul Zikopoulos #IBM Interview -- Strata + #Hadoop 2014 ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Waiting for th Man by The Velvet Underground JK--1967. "Until tomorrow"? I mis-hear "eat too tomorrow" (post-fix)

Business process optzn? Limits of disintermediation in cognitive era p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fool by Perfume Genius from Too Bright JK--2014. Interesting new artist. The songs have dramatic depth.

RIP Ben Bradlee. Built Washington Post into a superb newspaper. Still solidly in his template long after he retired.

Organizers o IoT World 2014 Santa Clara say demand to hear me speak on "Big Data 2 Secure IoT" is great. Can't wait ( )

"How to detect a pattern? Problem and solution" ( ) JK--Good illustration of th power o visualization + math/stat tools

"Is Data th Best Preparation Against Natural Disasters?" ( ) JK--Terabytes of preparedness could save lives & property

"Which GPUs to Get for Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Hot hardware topic in cognitive computing.

" #BigData & The Death of Passion" ( ) JK--Melodramatic overstatement about data-driven risk-averse biz strategies.

"Hooray For Captain Spaulding" ( ) JK--"African explorer"? Bad casting. Groucho didn't look African.

"Crowdsrcd Suprcomput Proj Seeks Better Understand o DNA, Improved Qual o Life" ( ) JK-- #IBM World Community Grid proj

"What if Watson and not Wilson would have been on an island with Tom Hanks?" ( ) JK--Funniest #Watson reference ever.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? by The Ramones JK--Oddly starts by referencing Rock 'n' Roll TV shows, not radio

"‘Mindful’ commutrs say deep breaths, clear mind keep them calm under stress" (  ) JK--Be most mindful o muscle tensing

Machine learning? Decision tree 4 data sci choose among ML stat fws p1  p2  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Little Lover by The Barr Brothers JK--Very nice. Americana folkish sound a la Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver.

"CSFs in deploying #Hadoop across industries" ( ) JK--Download the #IBM ebook:  #IBMDataMag

"Informix Tech Talk: Live from #IBMInsight 2014" ( ) JK--IBM POV on IoT Oct 30 11:30am EDT #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Between the Bars by Elliott Smith from either/or JK--1997. For some reason, guitar on this reminds of "Rocky Raccoon"

"Twitter Chat: Demystifying the Data Refinery" ( ) JK--Join me & others tomorrow 1pm EDT #makedatawork #IBMDataMag

"Changing the World Bit by Byte" ( ) JK--Submissions to #BigData for Social Good Challenge start Nov 15 #IBMDataMag

" #BigData for Social Good Challenge" ( ) JK--Apply #Hadoop to application development for social causes #IBMDataMag

"Tapping Data Potential" ( ) JK--Cloud-bsd data access/refine. Download solu'n brief  #IBMDataMag

"From Raw Data to Actionable Information" ( ) JK--#IBM's new Data Refinery website:  #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Sad Captains by Elbow from The Take Off & Landing o Everything JK--2014. Love this one. Like classic Peter Gabriel

"Unimpeded Advanced Analytics" ( ) JK--Download executive whitepaper:  #IBMDataMag

" #IBMInsight 2014 Sponsors" ( ) JK--Stop by their booths next week at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas #IBMDataMag

"Busting the “No Access to Refined Data” Myth" ( ) JK--Register for #IBMInsight:  #IBMDataMag

"Ensembles to Boost Machine Learning Effectiveness" ( ) JK--Bespectacled boffin on ensemble-bsd crowdsrcing #IBMDataMag

"Exploring a Public Open Data Project: Pt 3" ( ) JK--Jennifer Shin with 3rd of her 4-part series on openFDA #IBMDataMag

"What’s th Big Deal About Query Optimization? Pt 1" ( ) JK--Suresh Sane on challenges w/complex SQL queries #IBMDataMag

This medicinal tea isn't half bad. What I mean by that is: on the badness spectrum, it's somewhere between 0 & 100 percent, but not 50 %

"Ntwk Theory Reveals Hiddn Link Btwn Trade+Military Alliances That Leads 2 Conflict-Free Stabilty" ( ) JK--Provocative!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp River by Akron Family from Set Em Wild Set Em Free JK--I love the playground sing-song-ish swing of this melody.

Lots of things are called "research" that aren't research. If it's already common knowledge or if you could figure it out yourself, it's not

"Top 12 Brain-Inspired AI Projects" ( ) JK--Good roll-up. Includes #IBM Blue Brain.

Browsing's an obstacle course o clicking thru page after page o links, closing pop-ups & magnifying typefaces 2 get 2 stuff you want to read

"Researchers are using deep learning to predict how we pose" ( ) JK--Improved gesture recognition & computer animation

Workload-optimized systems? Pushing MapReduce's efficiency envelope p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

All of the quick-hits I've prewritten for this week are on technical topics for which I've had to stretch my head. Hope I pull them off well

The Importance of Tracking Big Data Emotions 

"IBM 3Q 2014 Reslts" ( ) JK--"Again performd well in stratgc growth areas: cloud data analytics security social mobile"

"GLOBALFOUNDRIES 2 Acq #IBM Microelectr Biz" ( ) JK--Exclsv srvr procsr tech prvdr for 22/14/10nm semicon for 10 years

I think I’ll not attempt to read DF Wallace’s “Infinite Jest.” Infinite number o chapters called “Year of the Depend Adult Undergarment”