Friday, November 07, 2014

Aweekstweets November 1-7 2014: the week I just gave gist

Eating leftover Halloween candy. It's getting tougher to chew. At a certain point, going need to save it 4 Christmas. Hang it from the tree

Has it become unfashionable to note that Obama killed bin Laden? Or at least that his administration orchestrated the project successfully?

Yeah, well, I’m the man who claims not to care who’s the man who killed bin Laden. How do you like them apples?

Veterans Day. Almost here. I prefer to think of it as My Birthday Eve Eve.

"Generation D leads with data and analytics" ( ) JK-- #IBM Center for Applied Insights study: 

"Challenge of the week: Finding similar images and graphs" ( ) JK--Obama v. Jokowi? That's Widodo on the right? Right?

"Social Influence Analysis" ( ) JK--Very interesting complex nuanced discussion of data scientific modeling principles

" #BigData Problem: Could Fake Reviews Kill Amazon?" ( ) JK--Somehow I think reviews irrelevant to e-commerce purchases

"The canary in the data mine is dead" ( ) JK--Provocative @acoliver viewpoint on social-network bullying/harassment

"DrivenData: Data Science Compet 4 Social Good" ( ) JK--Also check out #BigData 4 Soc Good Chall 

"Spotify’s Secret Weapon" ( ) JK--Machine learning on #bigdata to drive real-time music recommendations.

"Netflix's Transform: Big Data v Big Sociology" ( ) JK--Deeper into @kevinspacey space per actor's #IBMInsight address

"84% Of Ents See #BigData Analytics Change Industries' Competitive Landscapes In Next Year" ( ) JK--Good Forbes article

"NSF Promotes Data Science with $31M Award" ( ) JK--Data Infrastructure Building Blocks program

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lightning Bolt by Pearl Jam from Lightning Bolt JK--2013. Seriously great return to form for grunge standard bearers

"'Hadooponomics' to spur #Hadoop entrps adopt in '15" ( ) JK--"Hdp simply cheaper queries"

"Analysis: #Watson Analytics Advances New Paradigm of User Assistance" ( ) JK--Good interview with #IBM @nancykoppdw

"Inside the Apple- #IBM deal: How will it work, and what to expect" ( ) JK--Good overview.

"Facebook will be mostly video in 5 years, Zuckerberg says" ( ) JK--Everything will be. The Big Media age has begun.

Santa Cruz. Had to pinch myself at various points to make sure I wasn't simply dreaming a "Portlandia" episode.

Interesting to hear #kexp DJ Kevin Cole & #npr Bob Boilen on th same broadcast. From Reykjavik. Been listening to them separately for years

All of next week's quick-hits are my perspectives on the business context & value of last week's chief #IBMInsight announcements.

Siri apps I use most on my iPhone: auto-dialing, auto voice-to-texting, & auto-location-search. Has totally changed my smartphone experience

Peta-governance? The potential of graph analytics in MDM p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Not sure whose traffic annoys me more: southern or northern California.

Someone asked me if I was a "technologist." Well, I can certainly lay a lot of "technolo" on you, but I prefer to give you the gist.

Nice non-sarcastic good night's sleep last night. Good to stumble in dark in middle of night on way to toilet & bang knee on one's own stuff

Guess which is the only commercially available #database running on HP’s new ARM Servers? IBM #Informix!  #ARM

Learn about #Informix support for REST API for driverless access to JSON, Relational & Spatial data at #mactechconf 

Register for the #IoTWebcast to learn how to address the challenge of #IoT data with #Informix intelligent #database 

Why use next gen #in-memory processing? What makes #ibmBLU next gen? Read Amit Patel to find out. @amit505 

On-premises or cloud - which is the best #in-memory strategy for SAP clients? Read @nancykoppdw 

How does #ibmblu fit into your data architecture? Download the free electonic eBook from IBM experts & find out. 

#DWaaS is here for hybrid ground to cloud data warehousing. Get started on #Bluemix or #Cloudant.

Dash on over to better analytics! Get started with #datawarehouse in an instant. 

What is #dashDB? #Analytics power at your fingertips! Learn more in the slideshare: 

New #IBM jk blog: "Cognitive computing as a wearable prosthetic" ( )

Got a good night's sleep in prep for my flight back home. By "good night's sleep," I mean whatever jetlag-foreshortened slumber somehow came

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Destiny by Zero 7 from Simple Things JK--2001. Very much one of my personal tranquilizer songs. Mellows me instantly

Missed #ibminsight 2014? Ask our experts Qs using #IBMPureChat and they will answer live at noon ET on 11/6 here: 

#IBMPureChat 11/6: A group of experts will discuss top insights from #ibminsight & share what they learned here: 

Big conference. Big announcements. Big data. Catch everything you missed at #ibminsight at #IBMPureChat on 11/6. 

" #IBM Unveils Industry's First Intellignt Cloud Security Portfolio 4 Global Businesses" ( ) JK--Dynamic Cloud Security

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar by Jonathan Richman from Surrender to Jonathan! JK--1996. Alone, apparently.

Internet of Things? Behavioral analytics in the era of wearables ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Every Other Freckle by alt-J from This Is All Yours JK--2014. Odd/cool mash of Chinese-oid/Russian-oid stylings.

I dig Santa Cruz.

Aging. People often treat it as something heavy. But the actual experience is closer to weightlessness.

"@JamesKobielus: Good day at @ThingsExpo. My talk was well-attended" #CloudExpo #IoT #M2M BigData #InternetOfThings

"Treasure in the defects" ( ) JK--Good crisp discussion of circumstances for legitimately suppressing some data points

Annoying to see #bigdata and related topics swept up in never-ending definition wars. As if progress requires consensus among lexicographers

Most gratifying feedback from any preso I do is always the person in the back who exclaims "wow! great presentation!" as I exit the room

"A physician-programmer experiments with AI and machine learning in ER" ( ) JK--Distilling patient's "chief complaint"

"We're all data scientists now" ( ) JK--That's a stretch. That's like claiming everyone who can add is a mathematician

I think we need a new industry consensus: never use the term "buzzword" if what you're referring to is in fact a phrase of two or more words

Cognitive computing? Programming the artificial mind ( ) Wednesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

The "mythology of big data"? How come there was no prior "mythology of very large databases"? Sprung fully formed from Zeus' head in 2010?

Levi's Stadium. A bit of a disappointment. I thought they'd hired Christo to wrap the whole thing in denim.  far worse than LinkedIn in suggesting people I might know. From much smaller population: my highschool gradu8ng class

Good day at @ThingsExpo. My talk was well-attended. Speaker right after me agreed that security a burning enterprise #IoT issue.

Harnessing Connected Lifestyles to Improve the Campus Experience  #IBMMobile

Here in Santa Clara today for the @ThingsExpo , at which I speak at 1055am (pacific). "#BigData Potential in Securing Internet of Things"

Geospatial analytics? Predictive risk mitigation and retrofitting for disaster preparedness ( ) Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"Raising the Bar for Relational Databases" ( ) JK--White paper: Why is DB2 for z/OS the go-to database? #IBMDataMag

"Improvng Practice o Analysis" ( ) JK--Solution brief: enrich data access revolutionize biz analyst exprnc #IBMDataMag

"Accelerating Business Insights" ( ) JK--IBM white paper: IMS transactional data to accel business insight #IBMDataMag

"Enhancing Database Migrations" ( ) JK--Download whitepaper: DB2 for z/OS tools simplify DB2 for z/OS migr #IBMDataMag

"Highly Effective DB Tools & Utilities" ( ) JK--Download whitepaper: successful outcomes DB2 11 for z/OS #IBMDataMag

"Moments of Insight" ( ) JK--Terrence O'Donnell recaps #IBMInsight #IBMDataMag

"Data Privacy: Protecting the #BigData Fabric" ( ) JK--Paula Wiles Sigmon on securing sensitive info #IBMDataMag

"Cognitive Computing: The New Frontier in Machine Intelligence" ( ) JK--Yours truly talking Turing beyond #IBMDataMag

Just heard a classic malapropism: “Try not to have premarital sex until after the wedding.”

Hanging with Egidia in super lazy mode. Watching “Family Feud.” Twice.

Drafted new #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "The Ethics of #BigData for Targeted Segmentation"

Drafted yet another new #IBM jk blog: "Cognitive Computing: Programming the Artificial Mind"

Drafted another new #IBM jk blog: "Cognitive Computing as a Wearable Prosthetic"

Drafted new #IBM jk blog: "Chief Data Officer: My Mixed and Nuanced Musings on the Need for One"

Data monetization? Nabbing counterfeiters behind fake online reviews p1  p2  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

Best part of my #IBMInsight preso was being able to say “as one of this morning’s speakers, Kevin Spacey, said..” Almost said “our man”

I will be joined by my lovely wife on this trip. Business for me. Leisure for her.

Catch me speaking this week at the Internet of Things Expo in Santa Clara CA.

I think tie pins would make the perfect wearable for men who want to record video and audio and the environment around them continuously.

Wearables to monitor heart rate is like 1980s PC spreadsheets to balance your checking account and manage recipes. Unnecessary use cases.

Wearables to measure heart rate and blood pressure? I don’t need that. Not hard to sense when that stuff spikes. Cool and control it all.

I liked how last night’s Chris Rock/Prince SNL had enough African-American performers for all-black sketches. Wish the writing were better

#IBMInsight was a big spread-out show, like always. Amazing how many people I didn’t see, though we were all there.

Winds are blowing. Living amid tall trees, I worry.

It was a week of intense retweeting, far outstripping the original stuff I jammed out there. My original stuff was in other channels.