Saturday, November 01, 2014

Aweekstweets October 24 to November 1 2014: the week Kevin Spacey f-bombed, photo-bombed, but didn’t bomb at Insight

New #IBM jk #WIRED article "Five Ways to Move Your Big Data Projects Into the Cloud" ( …)

Going to attend to all my deferred leaf-removal responsibilities today, in th brief period btwn business trips. Power mower better than rake

“People over 45 basically die in terms of new ideas.”--Vinod Khosla. Utter nonsense. My idea output since turning 50 is my best yet.

Home. I am so utterly drained by this solid week plus weekend of work. My voice is so weak that my iPhone barely recognizes me.

"Drones Taking Pictures That Could Demystify Malaria Surge" ( ) JK--Close range remote-sensing as early-warning system?

"Vatican Library Making 4,000 Ancient Manuscripts Available Online For Free [Photos]" ( ) JK--Totally cool to browse.

Apple CEO declares he’s gay, which was widely known. I hope society gets to th point where people dont feel they need 2 declare. Simply 2 be

What’s most radical about Francis is that he’s voicing opinions consistent with what most mainstream Catholics everywhere actually believe

This year’s #IBMInsight was the best ever. Substantial announcements, sessions, events, engagement, and entertainment. Scarcely a hiccup.

In thirty three seconds, you will be fearless in business! You'll #KnowMOREinaDASH, #analytics at your fingertips. …

Be fearless in business when you #KnowMOREinaDASH! #datawarehousing that lets you win! Video: …

Look! Up in the sky! Its your #analytics on the #cloud! With #dashDB insights, your biz opps will be sky high too. 

Zero, zilch, nada, no cost to get started with dashDB #freemium. Learn the facts of  #analytics at your fingertips. 

#Cloudant users see #dashDB in action in your management interface in this tutorial. Then #KnowMOREinaDASH 

Modernize a #datawarehouse with #cloud technologies like the hot new #dashDB! James Kobielus explains. 

Nancy Hensley tells how #dashDB is the next disruption changing #datawarehousing for the better on cloud 

Need #Bluemix OR #Cloudant analytics? Introducing #dashDB data warehousing analytics at your fingertips! Start now. 

Analytics in an instant? Data warehouse in new #dashDB! Analytics at your fingertips in minutes on the #cloud. 

It is here! dashDB changes everything! Analytics powerhouse, cloud-easy at your fingertips.   #KnowMOREinaDASH

Chief Data Officer? p1:  P2:  Friday #IBMDataMag quick-hit in advance. Why not?

Quantified self? The delicious demon of self-awareness ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag q-h in advance. Travel day tomorrow

RT @marciamarcia: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 grossed a billion dollars in 16 days. Avatar took 19 days 2 make that much. Wow.#IBMInsight

#IBMInsight Kevin Spacey thinks videogames going to be a big part of transforming the entertainment industry.

Watson continues IBM's mission to put information in the hands of everyone whenever they want or need it.-Kevin Spacey #Watson #IBMInsight
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Kevin spacey explain social TV, Big Data and Second Screen at @netflix. But, before seizing the moment at #ibminsight
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Don't be afraid to seize this moment, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone @KevinSpacey #IBMInsight

Kevin Spacey at #ibminsight #houseofcards #netflix #lasvegas #kevinspacey shows developed based on data at 
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For my take on the "trust the creatives" theme that @KevinSpacey just asserted at #IBMInsight, see this from 2013: 

For my analysis of the same stuff @KevinSpacey is talking about now at #IBMInsight, check out yesterday's quick-hit: 

Kevin Spacey on data changing the TV industry & honing his photo-bombing skills since the Emmys #IBMInsight

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Now that @KevinSpacey has broken the ice at #IBMInsight, I'm going to start dropping F-bombs in all my #bigdata blogs. Cuz I f-ing want to!

A snatch of Kevin Spacey's keynote performance here at #IBMInsight 

Kevin spacey seizing the moment at #ibminsight
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#KevinSpacey is killing it at #ibminsight! We are rolling with laughter.
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Kevin Spacey not 1st keynoter I've ever encountered at an IBM event who said "fuck." Now-Senator Al Franken had the distinction 14 years ago

Kevin Spacey. Isn't this a bit fucking early? He is soo right #IBMInsight
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#KevinSpacey having fun at #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Kevin Spacey: "Isn't this is little f***ing early?"
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#IBMInsight Sprawling low-lying Jakarta viewed from a big high-rise mall in the Pluit district, near the waterfront

#IBMInsight Mentioning real-time Twitter social intelligence in Jakarta during the flood season to facilitate evacuation of low-lying areas.

#IBMandTwitter partnership is an amazing addition to the repertoire IBMers have #IBMInsight
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#ibmandtwitter partner to offer up the pulse of the world for business #ibminsight
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" #Twitter & #IBM Form Global Prtnrshp 2 Transform Enterprise Decisions" ( ) JK--Announced @ #IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter

How many are tweeting now in hopes of seeing their tweet on the big screen? #IBMandTwitter #IBMInsight
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"@IBMSmrtrCmptng: " Twitter is the clearest representation of what's happening in the world in real-time #IBMandTwitter #IBMInsight so true
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Twitter integration in IBM analytics, 10K specialized #IBMandTwitter consultants #IBMInsight
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@GinniRometty "Business decisions will never be the same..." #IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter #partnership #announcement
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Marketing & Customer Service moves to the next level IBM and Twitter announce joint solutions. #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight My tweeting fingers are chirping up a storm over the #IBMandTwitter partnership. This + Apple partnership are game-changers
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#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter #Twitter Costolo says IBM will integrate Twitters data into #Watson

#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter #Twitter CEO Dick Costolo speaks via video. "IBM brings unique ability to integrate complex systems and data"

#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter #IBM CEO Ginni Rommety speaks via video. Dick Costolo & she worked on this partnership

#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter Partnership: 3) specialized enterprise consulting

#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter Partnership: 2) new data intensive capabilities for the enterprise

#IBMInsight #IBMandTwitter Partnership: 1) Twitter data integrated with IBM analytics services on the cloud,....

#IBMInsight Rennie/Moody announcing #IBM #Twitter partnership.

Twitter, a billion items every 2 days, and not just created by wealthy white men (like most libraries). @chrismoodycom #IBMInsight

@chrismoodycom explains that Twitter knows what the world thinks on any subject at any point of time #IBMInsight
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Chris Moody VP of Data Strategy stated that every major business decision in the future will be backed with Twitter data #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Alistair Rennie welcomes Chris Moody, VP of Data Strategy at Twitter.

#IBMInsight: Phillips told Hanks that if he were to play him the actor would need to put on weight and get a little better looking.

Promise of tech is it can move at or faster than threat Bob Griffin, GM, i2 #IBMInsight #bigdata
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@ibminsight: IBM software helped identify the players within the adversary group. #ibminsight
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The Navy Seals that rescued Captain Phillips leveraged i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis  #ibminsight
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Bon Griffin tells us how @IBM analytics software was used to help rescue @CaptainPhillips at #IBMInsight
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RT @wlucas001: @nancykoppdw discussing modern data warehouses extending to cloud #dashdb #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Here's a video with sounds so you can hear a snatch of Capt. Phillips' speaking voice: 
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All Captain Phillips had to defend the ship was water canons, it only took 20 minutes to board from the time he spotted them #IBMInsight
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Hearing @CaptainPhillips live I have even more respect for @tomhanks as his accent & speech patterns were spot on in the movie! #IBMInsight
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“We said this is the perfect piracy day and 15 minutes later we saw the vessel” @CaptainPhillips #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Capt. Richard Phillips interviewed on-stage. On right is a still from the major Hollywood motion picture.

#IBMInsight Interestingly, Capt. Richard Phillips speaks a little bit like Tom Hanks.

Amid carnage in West Africa, a glimmer of hope. History's worst Ebola outbreak may be slowing 
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Singapore Tech's uses G2 to stop piracy thru maritime domain awareness. #IBMInsight G2 is built off of IBM big data and analytics solutions
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#IBMInsight Mark Jeffries introduces Captain Richard Phillips. Survived piracy ordeal. Spoiler alert: looks nothing like Tom Hanks.
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#G2 brings selective items of interest in the forms of alerts that helped identify illegal happenings #IBMInsight
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#IBM Chief Scientist Jeff Jonas announces exciting new #analytics with #G2 #Sensemaking. #IBMInsight
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Contextual processing? Possible in the fertile grounds of data, Analytics, and IoT! #ibmecm #ibminsight @IBM_ECM
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Jeff Jonas and David Tan sharing amazing story about optimizing Singapore’s maritime resources. Crowd loves it! #IBMInsight #awesomeclient
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RT @data_nerd: Packed house for last session at #ibminsight #Analytics and #data ROCKED Vegas! : JK--Me at my laptop

Packed house for the last session at #ibminsight #Analytics and #data ROCKED Vegas!
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.@JeffJonas G2 Sensemaking on Stream w/ Privacy by Design applied to Singapore maritime domain awareness #IBMInsight
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Stadium size keynote at #IBMInsight
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Singapore making sense of of the 1/3 of global trade flowing through the Malacca Straits using #g2 #IBMInsight
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Which boat is unusual? Singapore is asking that very question of the largest shipping hub in the world. #IBMInsight
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The power of G2 #IBMInsight @JeffJonas to curb illegal oil trafficking in Singapore
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Fantasy #analytics vs widening observation spaces @JeffJonas talks about #spatialdata and space time boxes #IBMInsight
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Eastern chunk of Malaysia is on Borneo,, adjacent to Indonesia's Kalimantan. My wife & kids in Kalimantan, 1994

RIP Elizabeth Norment. We all loved her and she leaves a void in all of us here at HoC's.
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#IBMInsight Hey @kevinspacey, speaking of "House of Cards," data, & Hollywood success, see my blog from yesterday: 

Back down here in the Social VIP bloggers row at #IBMInsight. Day 3 general session. I'm feeling a bit spacey right now. How could that be?

Data-scientist skillsets? Getting up to speed on machine learning p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

Okay back in my room my ancient eardrums used to like this experience why?

First concert I ever attended that had rear screen projection was The Who at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1974

Concertgoing in 2014 is a different experience from 1979. I didn’t have smartphone at Bookies in Detroit to check Wikipedia on Richard Hell

It’s weird when somebody of my kids generation tells me their primary love is music of my generation. I’m sick of music on my generation

Glad I got all my drinking done. Numbs the nuisance of waiting for No Doubt to take the stage at #ibminsight . Come out, already!

New generation of email: IBM #MailNext - Mail Reimagined for the Future of Work. @mariawinans #IBMInsight
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.@MariaWinans Earn customers' trust by engaging at the right time -- esp if it’s bad news. #IBMInsight v @danielkdtwt
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Can’t wait for the concert tonight at #IBMInsight. I like No Doubt and Gwen Stefani’s solo work.

For every app submitted on the big data challenge, a tree will be planted. #IBMInsight
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" #IBM Cloud Launches New #OpenStack Services" ( ) JK--Also introducing Object Storage as a service on #Bluemix

"IBM Further Expands Global Cloud Ctr Net; Launches OpenStack Svcs" ( ) JK--Cloud OpenStack Svcs via IBM Cloud mktplace

"IBM Unveils Cognitive Exploration to Drive Better Business Outcomes" ( ) JK--Announced availability of Watson Explorer

@MichaelKarasick VP Innovations & Chief Nerd of @IBMWatson at #IBMInsight shows real demo of cloud & cognitive
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The most chic geek ever? #IBMInsight

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Me and Lillian Pierson, aka @bigdatagal at #IBMInsight

Me and Jake Porway at #IBMInsight

Me and Judith Hurwitz at #IBMInsight

RT @IBMAnalytics: "Most orgs only use 12% of their data, the rest is #DarkData". It lacks context and relationship relevance #ibminsight

Research Strategist at IBM X-Force @chrispoulin talks #IoT Security on the Cube! Streaming live on #InsightGo #IBMInsight

"Disposable BI: Momentary value over permanence" ( ) JK--Good one from @williammcknight @MidmarketIBM #analytics #BI

Want to meet No Doubt? Share a pic dancing w/ Pat PureSystems using #PureMoves14 #ibminsight. 

.@MichelleRUnger describes the framework for cognitive exploration: -explore -analyze -interpret #IBMInsight
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Most orgs only use 12% of their data, rest lacks context & relationship relevance, IBM VP Michele Unger #IBMInsight

RT @GetdashDB @jameskobielus explains: Modernize a #datawarehouse with #cloud technologies like the hot new #dashDB! 

Michelle Unger talks about "Cognitive Exploration” … I wish there was an app for that. For everybody. #IBMinsight #WatsonAnalytics
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Have seen lots of location-based tracking demos of customer movements at retailers. Must be careful not to border on creepy #IBMinsight
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Taking Over Tech with IBM Insight 2014 #IBMInsight #BigData 
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Internet of things... Car detecting you fall asleep, detecting a driver from his call Phone #IBMInsight
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.@MikeCurr55 & @BethTSmith show us how to tap into the power of the #IoT with #IBMBlueMix at #IBMInsight 

#IBM's Beth Smith just entered the danger zone! #ibminsight
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The connected car gathers and synthesizes data; Jaguar Land Rover lets you virtually experience #ibminsight
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.@IBM #bluemix is enabling #IoT #ibminsight
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Bluemix uses Cloudant, Dashdb and IoT NodeRed to protect lives via increased vehicle #safety. #ibminsight
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Bravo to IBM, its takes some testacular vicissitude to do live Blue Mix IoT demo. #IBMInsight
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here we go: #IoT live demo time! mobile sensor data driven app using iBeacon tech using IBM Internet of Things foundation. #ibminsight
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#Ibm #bluemix provides essential #iot tools. #IBMInsight #IBM_Informix TimeSeriesService
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#IBMInsight IoT demo with Cloudant, #dashDB, & Internet of Things Foundation.

IoT insight transforming industries. #ibminsight talks about the tech. Its about new data business models that we don't understand yet.
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#IBMInsight: Smith: IBM Bluemix provides essential Internet of Things tools.

Up now is Beth Smith @IBM sharing where #IoT has changed peoples lives like Bionik Laboratories #IBMInsight
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Beth Smith GM IBM Info Mgmt giving personal testimonial on how sensors have helped spouse walk properly again #IBMinsight IoT keynote

"The Internet of Things is about the instrumentation of everything." -- @BethTSmith #IoT is everywhere! #IBMInsight
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Think you have big data now? How quaint. Wait until you see #IoT data! -Jake Porway #ibminsight
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.@BethTSmith giving great real-world examples of #IoT uses and applications #IBMInsight
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@cdesens @jakeporway Shameless plug for a non-profit Air Quality Monitoring Project I'm CTO for -  #iot #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight. Beth's discussion of smart prosthetics reminds me of this post I put on my Facebook last night: .

#IBMInsight Beth Smith: discussing her husband's experience with smart prosthetic for his leg. "Device fits the way he wants to walk"

#IBMInsight Jake Porway discussing the potential of Intenet of Things sensors for good, and drones for fun and so on.

#IBMInsight #Watson HQ 51 Astor Pl, New York, NY 10003: 

To work as intended Watson needs to be taught and trained. Content curation is key to expanding Watson to new domains. #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight doing a live demo of Watson's crime-fighting capabilities using Jesse Pinkman, Heisenberg, & blue meth as a case study. Amazing.
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2200 cognitive apps in production on #bluemix since launch of @IBMWatson services. Get started now! #IBMInsight
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MT @iSocialFanz: Excited to learn from @KevinSpacey at #IBMinsight "Storytelling using Social "
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#IBMInsight Rhodin: announcing "Powered by Watson" apps, including IBM Kenexa, IBM i2, IBM Connections. More soon.
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#IBMInsight Rhodin: announcing Watson Engagement Advisor 2.0 with cognitive conversational sevices for more natural nuances interactions

@MikeRhodin on Watson #cognitivecomputing: Its's all about APIs #IBMInsight
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MyPOV - @IBM has created massive traction for the @IBMWatson ecosystem.... #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Rhodin discussing #Watson University Partners. By next year, will be over 100 globally.
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Okay kiddies, the phrase of the day is "Hedonic psychophysics." There's apparently an app for that thanks to @IBMWatson #IBMInsight
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"Patterns of Information Management" - Meet authors Mandy Chessell & Harald Smith at the #IBMInsight bookstore 10/28 @ 2:45pm
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Cognitive Cooking with #IBMWatsonCulinary Impressive and for those that have food allergies WOW!!! #IBMInsight
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New #IBM jk blog "Bringing cloud-bsd moderniztion to data warehousng & analytics" ( ) #IBMInsight #makedatawork #dashdb

#IBMInsight #IBMWatson extended to include discovery advisory and innovation via knowledge-base of industries, professions and expertise.
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#ibmwatson discovery advisor “unveils hidden connections” it even understands puns! #ibminsight what will you discover with Watson?
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Mark Mergerian shows us a fascinating demo from #WatsonOncology at the #IBMInsight General Session 
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#IBMInsight Personally, I’d like to see the clip from Jeopardy where Watson said, “Alex, I’ll take Chicks Dig Me for 400."

RT @marksmithvr: Not sure on power of @IBMWatson Cognitive Computing Platform? Research perspective to explain …...
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Key for me from @MikeRhodin at #IBMInsight is the use of Watson to democratize expertise [not merely data].
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#IBMWatson can help doctors make the best treatment decisions #ibminsight
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IBM Unveils Cognitive Exploration to Drive Better Business Outcomes #IBM 
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Cognitive computing enhances and scales the human cognitive framework #watsonanalytics #IBMInsight
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Mike Rhodin announces new Watson applications at #IBMInsight #IBMInsight #WatsonAnalytics #cognitivecomputing

#IBMWatson for Wealth Management. Let Watson help with that decision. #IBMInsight
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#IBMWatson reads 30,000 new documents per day. Can you read that fast? #IBMInsight
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#IBMWatson Watson for Oncology, Wealth Management and Chef Watson are 3 new apps announced today @ #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Rhodin: Watson apps 3 ingredients: content tailored to use case; APIs; pre-integrated around specific use case, industry, users

#IBMInsight Rhodin announcing new portfolio of #Watson apps: oncology, wealth mgmt, cooking, ....

#IBMInsight Rhodin: "Watson's been learning the language of professions."

#IBMInsight Rhodin: " #Watson not bound by by volume, memory, or format."

#IBMInsight Rhodin: What makes #Watson cognitive? Uses natural language, evidence-based, advanced analytics, machine learning, #bigdata

#IBMInsight BTW, catch my preso tomorrow: "IBM #Watson: Core of the Cognitive Revolution."

#IBMInsight Rhodin: "Cognitive computing can help scale human expertise."

#ibminsight day 2 general session main stage stream is live on InsightGO this morning 
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Mr @MikeRhodin shares that we need a way to turn #bigdata into information and knowledge. This is #IBMInsight !
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#IBMInsight day two general session. Keynote: Mike Rhodin. #Watson. New global HQ, NYC, "Silicon Alley."

Wonderful. First time I've typed my surname into a search engine and the first hit wasn't me. My son: 

"Inside Crowdsourced Map Project That Is Helping Contain Ebola Epidemic" ( ) JK--Important app of geospatial analytics

Videos of the keynotes from the recent Strata + #Hadoop World: 

"Math Model Is Predicting the Ebola Outbreak with Incredible Accuracy" ( ) JK--Deep into statistical epidemiology.

Marketing campaign optimization? Continuous campaigning for... p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"Music That Matters, Vol. 105 Comedy Edition, Vol. 1" ( ) JK--Gr8 all-comedy podcast hosted by funny DJ @thetroynelson

" #KEXP Music That Matters, Vol. 431 - Mike Birbiglia" ( ) JK--Great all-music podcast guest-hosted by comedian + wife

"IBM Intros New Ent Intel Analytx 2 Fight Cybercrime @ Hi Speeds & Massiv Scale" ( ) JK--i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

"IBM Intros New Gen Cloud-Bsd Data Svcs 2 Help Orgs Know Mor Fastr" ( ) JK--dashDB, DataWorks, Cloudant, Watson Curator

"IBM Brings...#BigData Analytics Capabilities to IBM Cloud Marketplace" ( ) JK--Including Cognos SPSS #WatsonAnalytics

"Will Quantum Computing Break Bitcoin?" ( ) JK--Or will tech that hardly exists annihilate a phantom pseudo-currency?

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column “ #BigData Not Death Knell o ETL” ( ) JK--Sweet Shannon tells me this column super hot

"Internet of Things Empowerment" ( ) JK--Recent resources for getting deep on IoT & its apps #IBMDataMag

"Exploring a Public Open Data Project: Part 4" ( ) JK--Jennifer Shin's concluding installment #IBMDataMag

"Optimize Yields 4 Semiconductor Manufacturing" ( ) JK--McGaughy+Joshi discuss predictive failure analysis #IBMDataMag

"What’s the Big Deal About Query Optimization? Part 2" ( ) JK--Suresh Sane concludes his two-part article #IBMDataMag

Me on the Cube @ #IBMInsight - streaming live on #InsightGO (). I'm also here in the Social VIP Lounge. Let's meet!

#IBMInsight #makedatawork John Choi announces InfoSphere Streams Open Beta and InfoSphere Streams on Cloud

Follow @GetdashDB . Get deep on #IBM new in-memory cloud warehousing service.

"Build an Android app using the #IBM Mobile Data for #Bluemix cloud service" ( )

"Create a natural language question answering system with #IBM #Watson and #Bluemix Services" ( )

Fred Balboni discusses intersection of data & mobility w/innovations from Apple & IBM partnership. #ibminsight 

#IBMInsight "Hide and seek is a great game for kids, but as an analyst to I really want to search the data lake?” Rob Thomas
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RT @IBM_Informix: "We need something else for the everyday user, not just Data Scientists" Rob Thomas #makedatawork #ibminsight

@robdthomas at #ibminsight - making available good data is fundamental right of knowledge workers

RT First 4 of 150 industry apps to come from IBM+Apple include StoreAssociate & FirstResponder apps #ibminsight
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#IBMInsight #makedatawork Thomas: #DataWorks data refinery spans app integration, data integration, and third-party apps

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Thomas: announcing entity-matching master data management capabs now available in #Hadoop.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Rob Thomas: "clean data a basic right to every worker in the organization."

@IBMbigdata: Work smarter, not harder. #makedatawork #IBMInsight ” la gente fuma cosas raras!
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Access to data for everyone! #IBMInsight #makedatawork
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7 foot Lego ball exploded like a 'river of data' @grantimahara shown at #makedatawork at #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight #makedatawork Rob Thomas: #IBM #DataWorks data refinery cloud svc. Available on #Bluemix. Integr w/ #dashDB and #Watson Analytics

New release of DB2 Cancun, we bust myth that’ doing analytics in transactional system is always bad idea:  #ibminsight
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#IBMInsight #makedatawork InfoSphere #BigInsights for System Z. Announcing new connector. Point/click #Hadoop on Sys Z mainframes.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Discussing #DB2 #Cancun release: transact analyze innovate in next-gen DB. Faster queries w/no impact on OLTP perf

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Demo of #BigSheets #Hadoop on iPad. Multi-terabyte. Built-in text analytics. #BigSQL.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Demo of #dashDB with #Cloudant JSON. Self-service #datawarehouse in-memory. In Cloudant & Bluemix

#IBMInsight #makedatawork #Cloud + #NoSQL. #Cloudant. Fully managed NoSQL DB as a service.

dashDB is here!! #ibminsight
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#IBMInsight #makedatawork Gunnar discussing #IBM #dashDB for agile cloud in-memory columnar #datawarehousing

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Ritika Gunnar discusses IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001 "Mako."

Grant Imahara and former colleagues at Industrial Light & Magic. He worked on R2D2 in "Star Wars" films.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Beth Smith: data and insights must be fluid throughout the business, flow as the business adapts.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Beth Smith: IBM embraces new IM techs, integrates IM capabilities, innovates IM portfolio.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Beth Smith: cloud, infrastructure, mobile, social. Everyone, apply everywhere, massive scale.

Grant Imahara at #IBMInsight

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Grant Imahara: says the "bull in a china shop" myth is demonstrable bull.

#IBMInsight #makedatawork Beth Smith introduces Grant Imahara, formerly of "MythBusters," still pulverizing urban legends with data.

Cognitive Computing Deep Dive 

IBM Webcast: The Analytics Speed Advantage 

IBM Insight Internet of Things Adventurer’s Challenge Weekend 

Live from IBM Insight 2014: Busting Myths and Unlocking Potential 

Be Part of the IBM Insight 2014 Action 

SiliconANGLE #theCUBE live from #IBMInsight: …. Watch the streaming feed. I'm on at 1:30pm (pacific).

"How Big Data Can Help Beat Ebola" ( ) JK--Steve Hamm on #IBM Africa Open Data initiative.

'Nationwide app had 5 million users that could impulse savers.' #ibminsight
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Bridget Van Kralingen shows us how to engage & immerse your customers with visualizations & analytics #IBMInsight 
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dashDB keeps #datawarehouse infrastructure out if the way when u need to go really fast & who doesn't ?  #IBMInsight
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The Engagement Center is open for business at #ibminsight @SethMBM @mdenning8 @Beth_McElroy
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Big data + Social Data + Mobile App = Consumerization of business ∞ case @Nationwide … Apple + IBM at #IBMInsight
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.@ibm empowering you to make #data work on #bluemix. #IBMInsight
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My two favorite companies. #IBMInsight

RT @holgermu: van Kralingen has arrived at @IBM & @Apple partnership-apps pointed to industry & job role. #IBMinsight

#IBMInsight van Kralingen discusses partnership with Apple. new mobile/industry apps to be launched in 2015.

dashDB is Here, and This Changes Everything for Data Warehousing on the Cloud  via @IBMDATAWH
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Announced at ##IBMInsight! dashDB, on #cloud. #KnowMOREinaDASH. Get started in a few clicks! 
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@bevelson @jhurwitz #IBMInsight I think we’re seeing (smart) pull-based curation and underlying knowledgebases in there too.
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Great looking #watsonanalytics dashboard shown. Everyone around me sits up, leans in. #IBMInsight via @marciamarcia
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See it! Try it! Buy it! IBM Navigator. Visit booth 733 at #ibminsight @ibm_ecm @ibm_ecmpartners
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Gotta love the live band at #ibminsight
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Cool - RT @iSocialFanz: Data is the what! Cloud is the how! Engagement is the why! @bobpicciano #IBMinsight
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Get started with dashDB, on #cloud in a few clicks!  #KnowMOREinaDASH #IBMInsight
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For breaking news, announcements, and key conversations from #ibminsight, register for free: InsightGO - 
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#IBMInsight Bridget van Kralingen discusses engagement. "Arrival of long-awaited market of one."

#IBMInsight Picciano: IBM Navigator is enterprise collaborative file sharing in the cloud

"#BIGDATA probabilistic for your lake or resevoir? BASEs covered! Go #SFGiants @merv @rwang0 #ibminsight
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RT @ibminsight: Heard first at #IBMInsight! New #dashDB, datawarehousing at your fingertips in an instant, on cloud: 
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New Announcements from @Inhicho introducing IBM Data Works, new additions to Watson Analytics & BlueMix #IBMInsight
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it's amazing how #businessintelligence #analytics use cases, objectives have not changed in the last 30 years. Technology did #IBMInsight
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Watson Curator, DataWorks etc part of trend to make data prep self svc b/c when you're exploring, ther's no time to wait for IT #IBMInsight

#IBMInsight Picciano intros Ian Story to demo #IBM Navigator.

#IBMInsight DataWorks to match customer data. Using Big Match, can match customer data from big data in data reservoir/lake/repository

#IBMInsight DataWorks – development services

#IBMInsight dashDB – agile DW for analytics. Available to try RIGHT NOW

#IBMInsight Cloudant-dashDB connector – analyze mobile app data

#IBMInsight Cloudant Local – extends to local data centers.

#IBMInsight Suh announces #IBM #Watson Curator, for self-service data curation in cloud #makedataworks

#IBMInsight Suh announces Cloudant Local (fluid hybrid data clouds), dashDB (agile in-mem coud DW), and DataWorks (data refinement cloud).

#IBMInsight Suh announces #IBM #DataWorks #makedatawork for data refinement in the cloud.

#IBMInsight Picciano introduces Inhi Cho Suh, who presents "A Day in the Life of ABC Co." scenario for #WatsonAnalytics in the cloud.

" #IBM Launches Humanitarian Initiatives 2 Contain Ebola in Africa" ( ) JK--Help nations improve disease-outbreak comms

#Watson analytics transforms marketing @ #IBMInsight
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IBM showing Watson Analytics Average Quality Score for uploaded data at #IBMInsight with data quality scores by field
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Watson Analytics does data prep that fills in missing fields & makes #geospatialData the "superfood" to get business insight #IBMInsight
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@ibmwatson analytics is helping prepare data for analysis and insight - and provides #ibminsight into data quality

#IBMInsight Hearne/Picciano demo #Watson Analytics.

#IBMInsight Picciano introduces Marcus Hearne. Asks "what's your passion?" He responds using analytics, time to insight, actionable insights

#IBMInsight: Picciano: "Cybersecurity is a #bigdata problem."

#IBMInsight Picciano talking about cloud. "Keys to success: integration, data, security, expertise."

RT @merv: #IBMInsight Jeff Porway is on ministage out in the crowd doing an interview. No runway, though - he doesn’t move like Jagger

“Realtime predictive analytics make world smarter and safer” @Bobpicciano at the #IBMInsight General Session

Ibm bringing together data technologies into reference architecture including structured and unstructured data and governance. #IBMInsight
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Picciano brings Larry Volz to the stage. Volz is VP of Pratt & Whitney, which manufactures large commercial engines. #IBMInsight
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Volz of @prattandwhitney talking about years of innovation #IBMInsight
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@nancykoppdw re: Where's @rwang0? #IBMInsight annual game of where's Waldo at general session > And I'll have him on theCUBE with @Wikibon!

Nice summary of issues and differences between #NoSQL #Hadoop and RDBMS #datamodeling by @jameskobielus …

Here's my photo of the #IBMInsight general session from the stage view

#IBMInsight Picciano: in this cognitive era, value created from the many new unstructured sources that exist outside your firewall

#IBMInsight Picciano: systems of engagement, systems of record, systems of insight.

#IBMInsight Picciano: "Data is fueling the insight economy. All data, new analytics, more people, new development styles."

#IBMInsight Picciano: "Generation D": orgs that use data to drive insight/analytics-fueled transformations.

#IBMInsight Picciano re transformations: "Data is the what, cloud is the how, and engagement is the why"

#IBMInsight Picciano: data, cloud, & systems of engagement driving transformations worldwide.

#IBMInsight #IBM SVP Bob Picciano emerges. "What does YOUR future hold?" "Emergence o entirely new value creation cycle...based on insight."

#IBMInsight Porway promises we'll get a deep dive on Internet of Thiings. BTW, I speak at the IoT World conf in San Jose next week.

MyPOV - Always good to start with #asteroids. #IBMInsight
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#IBMInsight Jonas leaves the stage, Porway remains. Welcomes us all Good to have him back. He did a terrific job at this last year.

#IBMInsight Jeff Jonas says geospatial data is "analytic superfood."

#IBMInsight Jonas lives in Las Vegas. For him, Insight is just another commute. For most of us here today, a journey through airports

#IBMInsight Porway and Jonas emerge! The conference has REALLY begun!

#IBMInsight Jeff Jonas of #IBM in same sports-oriented data-science #bigdata video as Jake Porway

RT @shaundakin: Apple and Amazon Have a Problem: People Don't Want to Buy Stuff Anymore | WIRED  ^sd

#IBMInsight Day One General Session commences. Jake Porway on big-screen video. Soon to emerge live, in the flesh, to emcee the festivities

New #IBM jk #Dataversity column: " #BigData Is Not the Death Knell of ETL" ( )

#IBMInsight 2014 – The #BigData World Series (or something like that)  with @jakeporway @jameskobielus @BigDataGal
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#BigData on the move? The evolving data fabric of the travel experience ( ) Monday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

RT @ibminsight: Don’t miss #devinsight Ignite Talks by @angeldiaz & @jameskobielus

Catch me et al 430-630pm (pacific) today speaking at dev@Insight ( ). South Conv Ctr, 2nd floor, Shorelines A.

That same quick-hit will also quote Elon Musk's bit about AI "summoning the demon"--aka invoking the cognitive-computing daemon

Just realized that one of my q-hs for next week on cognitive computing is going to need to embed one of my poems, in its entirety. "Pixel."

Heading on down to #Enzee Universe at #IBMInsight. Day's worth o great #datawarehousing discussions. South Conv Ctr, 3rd floor, South Seas F

Geez, enough with the "data scientists are sexy" theme. Contrary to myth, that doesn't mean they're necessarily good in the sack.

Bayside A? Bayside B? Bayside bicky-bye. Bayside boo. Bicky-bye bo bo boo boo. Bicky-bye boo boo. #ibminsight #threestooges

RT @merv MT @jameskobielus: RIP Jack Bruce. Principal songwriter singer bassist of Cream. > Extraordinary post-Cream composer & jazz player

"Elon Musk: ‘With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.’" ( ) JK--Here's your zen moment of melodrama.

Walked the far southern end of Las Vegas Blvd tonight. Just wanted to see the airport from the south. No reason. Good workout.

I'm in Vegas for #IBMinsight 2014! I'll be delivering the keynote on Monday morning.

They apparently renamed THEhotel "Delano." We here at the adjacent Mandalay Bay Hotel were given leftover THEhotel shampoo. THEnerveofthem!

RIP Jack Bruce. Principal songwriter, singer, and bassist of Cream. Pioneering blues-rock power trio. Master of gruff soulful vocalization

Enjoying the blissful lack of distraction on this cross-country journey. Have written two blogs aloft. Airplanes are too noisy for music.

Elon Musk. Sounds made-up, a la Art Vandelay. Who's behind this: Jerry or George? Is Tesla a front for a latex import/export business?

Heading out to #IBMInsight in Las Vegas. This will be my 9th straight year at the event, my 3rd as an #IBMer. I've loved it every year.

Watching Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga duet in concert. Not bad, actually. Her outfit is tasteful. He seems illuminated from within.

Amazon hurting & trad’l retailers see soft sales. Aint nobody buying nuthin from nobody no more? Can’t B right. Ungrammatical, for starters