Saturday, November 29, 2014

Aweekstweets November 22-29 2014: the week of thinks and thanks

Does anybody have a clue what Jimmy Fallon & Bradley Cooper were laughing about last night on the Tonight Show? Or were they simply stoned?

Just glanced at a Twitter analytics breakdown of engagement rates of each of my tweets over the past month. Amazingly useless intelligence.

Just as the day after Xmas is Boxing Day, the day after Thanksgiving is Unboxing Day. It's the day we moved into this house, 23 years ago.

Database of every operational satellite orbiting Earth at this time ( )

Relistening to my copy of my favorite LP of 2014: Ty Segall "Manipulator." 17 songs, and all of them are dynamite rock 'n' roll.

Alan Turing's biography was readymade for heroic retellings. John von Neumann a bit trickier, but doable: …

Dear Pro Masseuses: If you want a good tip, refrain from introducing phrase "I hope you leave a good tip" into the shake...I mean rub...down

Bloomberg TV show says robots have 2 parts: sensors & actuators. Actually, so do “things.” Internet of robots?

I am not interested in new gadgets for Xmas. Socks, ties, dress shoes, and a nice business suit sound fine. I’m old & boring.

For a quick glance at the buzz of the moment, I still come back to Twitter. No other medium serves this purpose quite as well.

Charm offensive. If it’s truly charming, it’s not offensive in the slightest. Disarms defenses.

Black Friday. Actually, it’s daytime and there’s a little sun & blue in the cracks of the clouds. Avoiding the crowds. Going to the masseuse

Fall is officially over. By that I mean all the leaves have fallen from the trees in our yard. Winter is here in all its arboreal nakedness

3D printing. It will transform sculpture much the way CGI revolutionized the art of cinema.

RT @EconUS: #OPEC no longer rules supreme. America now produces more oil than Saudi Arabia 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kill The Fun by Haley Bonar from Last War JK--2014. Very nice. Minneapolis-based artist. Sounds Bangles-influenced.

We all know that Santa does not have a workshop at the North Pole. But I suspect elves are hard at work in Superman's Fortress of Solitude

3-D printing. I'd like a "Superman logo" font that literally pops words out of the page as if from another dimension: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Summer Long Since Passed by Virginia Astley frm From Gardens Where We Feel Secure JK--1983. A hushed ambient beauty

Thanksgiving. Odd that the US has a holiday that, among its meanings, represents the starting gun in prep for another holiday a month later

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Second largest source of helium in our solar system after the Sun. You can look it up (at this tweet).

Thanksgiving. A holiday set aside for watching America's team: the Detroit Lions. Or at least I told myself growing up in Motown's 'burbs.

RT @rpasschier: A well made wearable is one you don’t remember wearing most of the time  #iot #wearabletech

RT @GJ7300: Twitter Experimenting With Embedded Analytics 

I don’t believe in “troughs of disillusionment.” I do believe in cycles of startups & shakeouts. Follow the capital.

Economy’s improving. WashPost Thanksgiving edition has thicker ad wad than in recent years. Actual newspaper remains undelivered. Wha....?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Germs Burn by Thurston Moore from The Best Day JK--2014. Love the pounding, grinding, ringing electric guitar on this

Facebook introducing "Privacy Basics" as of Jan 1. I'm assuming that the first "basic" is "stay off Facebook."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gold Digger by Yusuf from Tell 'Em I'm Gone JK--2014. Good one from cat-like artist formerly known as Steven Georgiou

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Street by Big Star from #1 Record / Radio City JK--1972. Aka "The 'That 70s Show' Theme."

" #BigData, Th Cloud & Wearable Technology" ( ) JK--Points to a Parkinson's research project funded by MJFox Foundation

Successful Cities Break Down Silos, Embrace Big Data 

Sensors, Big Data Analytics Propel Environmental Monitoring 

How Crowdsourcing is Helping Connect the Internet of Things 

5 Steps to Smarter Food on your Fork 

A Balanced Approach to Combating Deforestation in the Amazon 

IBM Insight 2014 - keynote 

Finished all my quick-hits for next week. I'll rattle off 2 more weeks' worth next week to fill out th year. Another breather around Xmas

Fairly quiet day, work-wise. I usually save all the routine office straightening for such days. Decluttering makes a lighter load.

"NSA partners with Apache to release open-source data traffic program" ( ) JK--Nifi automates heterogeneous data flows

"Want to make money in machine learning? Find your users first" ( ) JK--Emphasize apps over general-purpose tools

"Statistics Are Dead - Long Live Data Science…" ( ) JK--Rhetorical nonsense ammunition in professional turf war.

"Machine-Learnng Algo Ranks World's Most Notable Authors" ( ) JK--Who have works in public domain that can be digitized

It’s not well-known that sponsors forced Art Linkletter to tone down his show title. Was originally “Kids Say the Goshdurndest Things.”

"Cognitive computing leads to the next level of #bigdata queries" ( ) JK--Need associational predictive query logic

"SQL, NoSQL? What's th diff these days?" ( ) JK--Same as always. Here's my Forr blog from 2010: 

Andrew Bird's 2010 talk/performance at TED: …

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Shins by Flake Music frm When U Land Here Its Time 2 Return JK--1997. Mercer/Crandall pre-Shins Albuquerque group

"New #IBM Mobile Services Tap Analytics and Cloud to ..." ( ) JK--IBM Mobile Infrastructure Analytics Services

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ride by TV On The Radio from Seeds JK--2014. Another good one from the new one. Already my favorite TVOTR LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Signs of Love by Moby from 18 JK--2002. Feels like supersonic flight. Though I've never gone supersonic.

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Data privacy and Dynamic Data Masking" ( ) JK--Wed Dec 11, 11:30am EST #IBMDataMag

"Information Mgmt Web Seminar: Achieve an Extended View of the Customer" ( ) JK--Wed Dec 3 12 PM EST #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Insight: Recent Past; Immedi8 Future" ( ) JK--InsightGO to relive '14 highlights, get ready for '15 #IBMDataMag

"Apply BLU Accel for Quick Business Decisions" ( ) JK-- #IBM Redbooks: Architect+deploy DB2 w/BLU Accel #IBMDataMag

"Leveraging #IBM Database Mgmt Portfolio" ( ) JK--Redbook Video series: IBM solutions for data lifecycle #IBMDataMag

"Accelerating High-Performance Analytics" ( ) JK--IBM Redbook: DB2 Analytics Accelerator Version 4.1 #IBMDataMag

"Meeting Fast-Growing Chinese Database Demand" ( ) JK-- #IBM #Informix & GBASE creating locally innov8d DB #IBMDataMag

" #BigData in a Minute Playlist" ( ) JK--Now available in single YouTube playlist #IBMDataMag ( )

"Textual Analysis of Big Data: Pt 2" ( ) JK--Krish Krishnan concludes his series on textual disambiguation #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp O' Be Joyful by Shovels & Rope from O' Be Joyful JK--2012. Really great piece of stomping country-rock-boogie

"Taking Data Analytics to the Hoop" ( ) JK--Cool one by Rich Hughes on "optical data analytics" in the NBA #IBMDataMag

"Thank You, 2014 #IBMDataMag Contributors" ( ) JK--Jeannie, Terry, & I appreciate your thought-provoking articles

"How small & medium sized businesses can tap into #BigData Analytics" ( ) JK--Good #PureData blog by #IBM Rahul Agarwal

Pop cultural TV experiences that I never experienced. "Twin Peaks," for example. References to it bounce off me. "Roots," for another.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Ambassador by The Hold Steady JK--Indie group that sounds 70s-ish, like Tom Petty fronting the E Street Band.

Always slightly odd when people call me out of the blue nervous saying they've been a fan of my stuff for years. Then they ask for a favor

Get real-time online shopping analytics all week long from #IBM at  #SmarterCommerce #BlackFriday #CyberMonday

Shoppers goose mobile sales by 24% last weekend ahead of Thanksgiving #IBM  #SmarterCommerce #BlackFriday

Online retailers pre-heat their Thanksgiving sales ovens with 18.7% gains last weekend says #IBM  #SmarterCommerce

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Time by Jane's Addiction from Jane's Addiction (Live) JK--1987. Great use of harmonica as sonic layering.

" #IBM, Fluor, Univ o SC Team 2 Create Innov Ctr" ( ) JK--Collab on tailored IT curricula & adv anlytx 4 persnlzd learn

" #IBM Brings Speed/Simpl to Building Engaging Consumer Experiences for B2B Orgs" ( ) JK--IBM B2B Commerce avail Nov 26

"CERN releases first datasets from Large Hadron Collider experiments" ( ) JK--Public domain, free for sharing and reuse

"Activists Wield Search Data to Challenge+Change Policy" ( ) JK--Cops searched black motorists 2x as often as whites

"IoT Helps Buffalo, Other Cities w/Snow Removal" ( ) JK--GPS sensors attached to snowplow fleets for thorough removal

"SAMOA: Scalable Advanced Massive Online Analysis" ( ) JK--New open-sourced platform for mining #bigdata streams

"Building a complete Tweet index" ( ) JK--"Twitter now indexes every public Tweet since 2006." My head hurts.

"Network security needs #bigdata" ( ) JK--Says "zero-trust model" will generate enormous volumes of real-time data

"The Search for Exceptional Genomes" ( ) JK--People's whose DNA may reveal insights about onset/prevention of disease

"Which Data Scientists Earn The Most Money?" ( ) JK-- #Hadoop-using Californians with doctorates.

" #BigData: Putting Heat on the Hate" ( ) JK--Discusses initiatives such as hate-speech detector on Twitter.

"Data Science Can Predict if Controversial Ad'll Backfire" ( ) JK--Violence, race, religion, politics, sexuality, duh!

This morning. A humid warming. Was an overnight dripping, not a storming. To be followed by a gradual chilling. A drying. A stilling.

"Researchers Announce Advance in Image-Recognition Software" ( ) JK--Pushes into "scene recognition" in video.

"Remarkable rise o #bigdata economics" ( ) JK--Refers to professional economists who use #bigdata. Not econ OF big data

"Molecular flash memory could store massive amounts of data" ( ) JK--Polyoxometalate (POM). Retain electrical charge.

Reimagining Email: Putting People and Relationships at the Center 

Reading the chronology of Marion Barry’s life in today’s Washington Post. Sorry litany. Reminds what an embarrassment he was to DC.

CBS “60 Minutes” still uses that ticking mechanical stopwatch. I’d also like to suggest chalkboards & flipcharts in lieu o computer graphics

Me and my girls are each on our computers, in separate rooms. No need to fight over what's on & to what we turn the dial. It's all "on."

"Naked man crashes through ceiling at Boston's Logan Airport" ( ) JK--At least he wasn't concealing a weapon.

Common traits of all successful people: 1) all are people, 2) all are successful, 3) all can credit various factors for #2, Mom+Dad for #1

Uber etc. I rarely have trouble hailing a cab. Still don’t get it.

Marion Barry. Best I can say is that he kept DC local politics entertaining for the past several decades.