Saturday, March 21, 2015

Aweekstweets March 14-21 2015: the week I was never leaner

Reasonably nice early Spring day. Washed both cars inside&out. Winter slathered them both in nasty gunk. Now all draining to Chesapeake Bay

People misuse term "poster child." Not "shining example." Origin was pledge-bait MD-afflicted kids used in Jerry Lewis TV telethon campaigns

"The Mathematics of Data: Graph Analytics as a Service" ( ) JK--This will drive fog-computing cloud optimization in IoT

"Turning PhDs into industrial data scientists & data engineers" (  ) JK--"Finishing school"? Are they that raw?

Doctorates should be called "Elite Learning Masters of Exquisite Renown." So that people who have them must designate selves as "ELMER PhD"

"Why Are Geospatial Databases So Hard To Build?" ( ) JK--Scaling of non-scalar data types with topological computations

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "The all-consuming future of cloud analytics" ( )

In a 24x7 online social world, when you're in th virtual presence of everything & everyone, it can be challenge to maintain presence of mind

Stream computing? Complex event proc & splitting the definitional difference p1  p2  Fri #IBM qh

Big data: Not just for big business 

Why only one of the 5 Vs of big data really matters 

"Why you should use LinkedIn Pulse to self-publish" ( ) JK--You better believe it. My posts there have huge readership

RIP Andy Fraser. Wrote classic-rock gem "All Right Now" as bassist for British blues-rockers Free ( ).

New #IBM jk #Dataversity blog: "Framing the Data-Science Narrative through Spatial Composition" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Young Man Blues by The Who from Live at Leeds JK--1970. Good blues-rock. Sounds More Cream than Who.

"5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Data Science" ( …) JK--Article quotes me in a call-out.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Frameworks Taking Precedence Over Stacks in Big Data" ( )

Few things are as life-affirming as a really good chocolate chip cookie.

New #IBM jk blog: "The evolving shape of distributed databases in the Internet of Things" ( )

Have never understood why they call the ramp where models show their stuff a "catwalk." Real cats don't line up & walk in sync. Catfights?

I notice WSJ editorialists are referring to Net Neutrality as "Obamanet." What's the deal w/ giving him credit? Initiative long predates him

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "The Coming Constellation Of Remote-Sensing Things" ( )

Geospatial analytics? Placemaking, urban design, anecdotal assessments... p1  p2  Thurs #IBM qh

Nice to be home. When I’m speaking at a conference, before long I tire of hearing my own voice. I enjoy shutting up.

Still thinking about the dolphins of Savannah. How far inland do they swim upstream into North America?

Early years of browser wars saw Microsoft Internet Explorer blow Netscape away. Then Netscape Navigator morphed into Firefox. IE languished.

"What is closer to the ground than cloud?" The Fog (  ) JK--Good summary of fog-computing use cases in Industrial IoT

Advanced visualzn? Framing data-science narrative thru spatial composition p1:  p2:  Wed #IBM qh

I tend NOT to watch TV in hotel rooms. Why? You press channel up/down on remote & it may take, say, 5-10 seconds for the channel to change.

I've pondered philosophical implications of "failure is not an option." That mean failure is mandatory? If so, can't opt to succeed either

When asked if I know [some random name] who works at IBM, I take a deep breath. Like asking if I know some random resident of Fairfax County

"IBM Delivers First Cloud Data Svcs w/Twitter Built-In 4 Biz Pros&Devs" ( ) JK-- #IBM Insights for Twtr svc on #Bluemix

What do you call a revolution that backfires on itself (eg, “Arab Spring”)? A convolution.

#TDWI case study using obviously incorrect Wikipedia data. National Lampoon actually founded by Doug Kenney, Henry Beard, & Robert Hoffman.

Carnegie Mellon could save $2M with IBM partnership 

Surprising Insights From the IBM/Twitter Alliance 

"Big Data and Analytics for the Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Developer Day event Tues Mar 24 830am Troy MI #IBMDataMag

"IBM Webcast: Optimizing the Customer Experience" ( ) JK--Tomorrow. 11am eastern. #IBMDataMag

"Fueling Modern Data Warehouses" ( ) JK--Video: integration & governance can modernize a DW with good data #IBMDataMag

"Analyzing for Dollars" ( ) JK--Case study video: Take a customer-

"Driving Data Governance But Keeping It a Secret" ( ) JK--Paula W. Sigmon on overcoming cultural resistance #IBMDataMag

"Data Visualization Playbook: Revisiting the Basics" ( ) JK--Jennifer Shin on fundamental principles #IBMDataMag

"Injecting Open Data into the Fight Against Ebola" ( ) JK--Steven Adler on multinational efforts #IBMDataMag

Every recorded meteorite impact on Earth over the past ~ 4500 years, geo-visualized: 

"We (Almost) Have Tech to Predict Potholes" ( ) JK--Scan predictively identifies "raveling": road surface deterioration

"New sensor array changes th data collection game" ( ) JK--Should open-source this tech 4 environmental IoT monitoring

"Why businesses should focus on wide data, not big data" ( ) JK--Translation: "focus on variety, not just volume."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp On The Banks Of The Old Kishwaukee by Ryley Walker from Primrose Green JK--2015. Country-folk-Americana artist.

Internet of Things? The risk of sensor-driven overnotification ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Oracle-r joke-protested my "blue" whale analogy re "Big Media." I retorted: "The ocean is blue. Th sky is blue. You're surrounded. Give up."

Twice tonight people told me i should be a professor. As if I'm not professing further and wider already in my chosen field. This is enough.

It seems like the people who post comments on YouTube skew toward those with borderline personality disorders. Something definitely askew.

Just saw ad for St. Patrick’s Day cards. I’ve never given or received one. Wouldn’t a green barf bag be more appropriate?

Drafted latest #IBM #InformationWeek jk blog: "Frameworks Taking Precedence Over Stacks in Big Data"

Drafted latest #IBM #Dataversity jk blog: "Framing The Data-Science Narrative Through Spatial Composition"

Smartwatches. Sort of like smartphones is the sense that almost nobody will check time on the former, or does phone calling on the latter.

"Spark Release 1.3.0" ( ) JK--Out this past Friday. Several significant feature enhancements.

"8 Reasons Apache Spark is So Hot" ( ) JK--Good summary.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Green Rocky Road by Fred Neil from Th Many Sides o F Neil JK--Greenwich Village folksinger w/ searching soulful voice

Building a Low Cost, Low Power Internet of Things 

"Further ado." I've never heard anyone spell out the circumstances in which we can't do without it. So it's best to always be avoiding ado.

RT @mbucherl: Sponsor Panel for @bigdata business outcomes @jameskobielus @GokulaMishra @johnschitka @TDWI #tdwisav

There was a dolphin in the Savannah River this evening. We all saw its dorsal fin break surface & go back down. Tried to photo it. No avail.

The Norwegians have pioneered "slow TV" that shows next to nothing happening over many hours. I propose a Paint Drying Channel.

The packed Zumba class just before our yoga was sweating up a storm. We spent our hour in a virtual Bikram of their perspiration mist. Ewww!

Catch #IBM in force at TDWI Savannah this week. We have 2 speakers, one of whom is me (keynote & 2 panels).

This morning I weighed myself on an old-fashioned physical stand-up scale with fulcrums. I trust those. 145. I've never been leaner.