Saturday, March 07, 2015

Aweekstweets March 2-7 2015: the week I did Cleveland

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Don't Wanna Fight by Alabama Shakes from Sound & Color JK--2015. Brand new. That is SO GOOD. Crunchy R&B!!!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heart of Glass by Blondie from Parallel Lines JK--Live, Debbie would turn, showing her behind on "love's gone behind"

Snowmelt Saturday in NoVA. Parking lots are crowded because people need to get out but many spaces still occupied by ginormous dirty piles

Post-winter storm parking lots. Obstacle course for pedestrian. Not just snow piles but grime that covers every car U might brush up against

Not sure what’s worse this year: winter weather or winter whiners.

My LinkedIn Pulse blog today on IoT data modeling is proving to be a smash hit. Go figure. I thought its geekiness limited its appeal.

Calling all #PureData clients, which tools are important? Give us input so we can prioritize cert efforts. #enzee 

Learn from your peers about #Informix & #IoT by attending the @IIUG 2015 event! 

Improve reporting speed for thousands of users. See how Knorr-Bremse used #ibmblu to do just that:  #manufacturing

Knorr-Bremse uses #ibmblu! 4 TB data/day, thousands of users, 60 #SAP systems with reports in 30 seconds! Listen: 

Get smart about data science 

You Shared, We Voted, and the First Watson Analytics Marketoon was Born 

"10 types of regressions. Which one to use?" ( ) JK--Vincent Granville crisply discusses an otherwise confusing topic.

"Introducing Flink Streaming" ( ) jK--New real-time stream processing feature in nouveau #bigdata analytics exec frmewk

"The Architecture of a Data Visualization" ( ) JK--"Multilayered Storytelling through Info-spatial Compositions"

"Comparing supervised learning algorithms" ( ) JK--Hey data scientists take note of that very useful comparison table

"Future of Public Space Analytics" ( ) JK--Exceptionally great discussion directly relevant to civic Internet of Things

"Why Women Make Great Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Please no gender generalizations. Every person has strengths/weaknesses

"Elemental Path Announces CogniToys" ( ) JK--1st toys powered by #IBM #Watson, offering interactive, personalized play

"Dark Web: anarchy, law, freedom & anonymity" ( ) JK--Good discussion of big-data analytics on it for risk mitigation

"How enterprises can use artificial intelligence" ( ) JK--Article nicely discusses how some ARE USING it now.

"Can #Hadoop Replace My ETL Tool?" ( ) JK--Good analysis by TDWI's Philip Russom.

"The Conscious Web" ( ) JK--"Teilhard called it the 'nooshphere'"? No. That's simply how he pronounced it when drunk.

Gimme a break re "end o civilization as we know it." Civilization as we know it is always ending. There's always a new page we dont yet know

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Carolyn's Fingers by Cocteau Twins from Blue Bell Knoll JK--1988. A true Cocteaus fan actually knows the song names.

"No, AI Won’t Kill Us All" ( ) JK--Oh, that's right. Elon Musk is also warning us while he's undoubtedly wielding it

Dear Billionaires Who Earned It Primarily from Tech: Please spare us the later-in-life apocalyptic freak-outs about techno-armageddon.

"CMU & IBM Launch First Cloud-Based Analytics Partnership 4 Smarter Buildings" ( ) JK--Using new #IBM Building Mgt Ctr

"Recent performance improvemts in Apache Spark" ( ) JK--Article has interesting overview o programmng languages 4 Spark

"Near real-time queries produce more credible results for #bigdata users" ( ) JK--A pause makes user doubt response

"Gartner Advanced Analytics Quadrant 2015: Gainers, Losers" ( ) JK-- #IBM remains among the industry leaders.

New #IBM jk LinkedIn Pulse blog: "Defining the Unified Data Model for the Internet of Things" ( )

Decision scientists? Sensor-driven wearable data in cust-engagmt loop p1  p2  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

"Too much human faeces on Mount Everest, sez Nepal" ( ) JK--So it's official. The world's highest point is full of sh*t

Glad it snowed throughout the work day, so I could at least get post-work shoveling exercise in lieu of club exercise I didn't dare drive to

"Exhibit devotd 2 all things Bjork is too much" ( ) JK--Gr8 opening sentence: "If Bjork isnt pretentious, then who is?"

"NKorea Calls Knife Attack on US Ambassador 'Punishment'" ( ) JK--State-sponsord violent assault on ambssdr? Act of war

A day of hoisting heavy loads overhead. My head is back to normal. For me, normal is listening to music, not straining to concentrate.

Scaling back the quick-hits to 4 a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Need to keep this manageable re my workloads.

"IBM Acquires AlchemyAPI, Enhancing Watson’s Deep Learning Capabs" ( ) JK--40,000 develprs have innovated on AlchemyAPI

"SoftLayer to Offer OpenPOWER Servers to Help Clients Better Manage Workloads in Cloud" ( ) JK--"Bare metal" as a svc

The Race to Probe the Twittersphere 

Machine learning? GPU-powered deep-learning algorithmic accel p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Waiting for 4-8 inches snow to start piling up, per overnight forecast. Just hunkering down, working, expecting post-work work of shoveling

What's with th "it is a great honor to request your presence at..."? Anybody can try to grab a piece of my time. You'd B honored if I accept
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Oh gosh, that's right. I am totally behind on wishing every single one of my Facebook friends happy birthdays. What is the matter with me?

Storage optimization? Analytic-driven intel in hybrid storage fabric p1  p2  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

Level-setting #bigdata concepts apples-to-apples means I'm often concurrently juggling concentric apples, oranges, pomegranates & coconuts

Having grown up outside Detroit gives me a perfect reference frame for sizing up Cleveland. They and Buffalo are cousin cities. Erie-strewn.

Absolutely no chance of the Cuyahoga catching fire on this soggy winter day. The Cavs, however, burned th Celts like an industrial blowtorch

Cleveland's got a good downtown stadium/arena district. The Cavs know how to orchestrate a sporting event for maximum entertainment value.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: " #Hadoop is probably as mature as it's going to get" ( )

What do Led Zeppelin and your baby have in common? 

You Shared, We Voted, and the First Watson Analytics Marketoon was Born 

"CeBIT Global Conference" ( ) JK--March 16–20 in Hanover, Germany Register  #IBMDataMag

"DB2 Symposium: Advancing DB2 for Linux, UNIX, & Windows Skills" ( ) JK--9-unit, webinar-format this month #IBMDataMag

"The #BigData Revolution" ( ) JK--Storytelling approach to gain inspiration for big data revolution #IBMDataMag

"Enhancing #Hadoop with Powerful Enterprise-Grade Capabilities" ( ) JK--Whitepaper: BigInsights Linux Sys z #IBMDataMag

"Automating Distributed Computing Resources" ( ) JK--Whitepaper: Apply autonomics to modernize DB2 for z/OS #IBMDataMag

" #BigData Projects and Return on Investment" ( ) JK--Wikibon Project analysis report #IBMDataMag

"Putting the Action into Actionable Insights" ( ) JK--Download Wikibon analysis report #IBMDataMag

"How to Game the Turing Test" ( ) JK--Me. I got game. #IBMDataMag

"What Is a Data Warehouse After All?" ( ) JK--David Birmingham on adaptive DW architectures #IBMDataMag

"Living in the Mobile Moment" ( ) JK--Erik Burckart on mobility & contextual data for rich experience #IBMDataMag

#Hadoop uber-alles? Open source Hadoop has found its commercial sweet spot ( ) Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

Is Victoria's Secret using cryptography to keep it that way? Regardless, she's not making much of an attempt at cloaking it.

How catchphrases, keywords can be engineered to trick humans into thinking they’re engaging with a  by James Kobielus

Why gaming a #Turingtest is challenging considering #intelligence is gained through experience  by James Kobielus

A #Turingtest may mimic #humanintelligence, but #intelligence is acquired through life experiences  by James Kobielus

How to Game the #TuringTest  by James Kobielus

New #ITKnowledgeExchange #IBM jk column: "Spark and its growing pains" ( )

New #IBMDataMag jk column: "How to Game the Turing Test" ( )

Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Defining the Unified Data Model for the Internet of Things"

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange column: "Spark and Its Growing Pains"

Drafted latest #Infoworld column: "The All-Consuming Future Of Cloud Analytics"

"AVG unveils invisibility glasses to defend against facial recognition" ( ) JK--And imply wearer is "up to something"

Catch my #Dataversity Smart Data webinar: "Cognitive Computing in the Mobile App Economy" Thurs Mar 12 2pm EST. Reg: 

" #IBM Delivers Record Performance to Cloud, Mobile and Web App Developers" ( ) JK--SPECjEnterprise2010 benchmarks

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bored In the USA by Father John Misty from I Love You, Honeybear JK--2015. Spliced-in laughtrack/audience are spooky

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Perfect Day by Lou Reed from Transformer JK--1972. Perfect example of placid aggression in fairly creepy lyric/vibe.

#BigData vision? Something singular may or may not this way come p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh