Saturday, March 14, 2015

Aweekstweets March 8-14 2015: a week of seriously supercilious Silly Putty

Cool. Trader Joe has Indonesian sambal. They refer to it as Indonesian salsa. Same difference. Made in Indonesia. Give it a try.

“Ex-pat.” Term seems to indicate an Irish emigrant. Happy St Pat’s Day (Tuesday) from this quarter-Pat Eire-diaspora descendant!

Jimmy Kimmel is consistently funnier than Jimmy Fallon. Judge them by their respective monologue styles. Do the 11:30 toggle.

Saw “Whiplash” on DVD. Superb film about an utterly driven student jazz drummer & his brutal taskmaster teacher. Gave me carpal tunnel.

"AI Researchers Propose Machine Vision Turing Test" ( ) JK--A kind o Rorschach in which machines squint @ image meaning

"Smartphones Will Soon Learn to Recognize Faces and More" ( ) JK--Machine learning in a smartphone-embeddable chip.

When someone says something will be th "[this-or-that] of the future," I smile. Unless it's been pulverized, the past too will be the future

Weird how utterly essential the skills honed in my many years of being an industry analyst are to my work as solution marketing professional

Friday the 13th. Not sure if I should be superstitious, supercilious, or super serious. Yes, I do think your rabbit's foot is effective

"How Deep Learning, Voice Recognition Will Change the Internet" ( ) JK--More efficient searches for media/image objects

"Artificial Intelligence May Transition Decision Support to Actual Decision-Making" ( ) JK--Great one from Mike Schiff

"Why Graph Databases are Perfect for IoT" ( ) JK--Efficient traversal/analysis of complex behavioral graphs

"...DCG/Constellation Alliance" ( ) JK--Considering I once workd with both people mentioned, curious how that will work

"Apple ResearchKit: Big Data Meets Medical Research on iOS" ( ) JK--Early apps track asthma, cancer, Parkinson's, etc

"Will Apple Watch Become Global, Big Data Sensor Network?" ( ) JK--Whoa! Hold your horses! Let's see if any1 buys them

I'm going to propose that Francis Ford Coppola call Marlon Brando back for a sequel: "Zombie Apocalypse Now."

Machine learning? Pick an algorithm, but not just any algorithm ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) by Pixies JK--TV news: do NOT play this when reporting on shark attacks. Don't get cute

Still puzzling over how to slip the term "heteroscedasticity" into casual conversation. That's a toughie ( )

How the Internet of Things is shaping modern business 

Building a Business with the Watson Ecosystem 

Friday the 13ths in 2 consecutive months. Is that double bad luck? Or is it like multiplying 2 negative numbers together to get a positive?

"Is the Data Warehouse Dead? Is #Hadoop trying to kill it?" ( ) JK-- #IBM DW opinion from Dennis Duckworth.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive by Death Cab for Cutie from Kintsugi JK--2015. Another good 1 from their upcoming new 1

New #IBM jk blog: "Visualizing big science like never before" ( )

See the #PureAppMagic of creating a pattern in this tutorial. 

Create & deploy a pattern w/ #PureApp in this tutorial.  #PureAppMagic

It doesn’t take a 4-leaf clover to get the #hybridcloud you want.  #PureAppMagic 

See it. Try it. Love it. Sign up for our 30 day hybrid cloud trial.  #PureAppMagic 

You won’t have to go over the rainbow to find #PureAppMagic with hybrid cloud. 

It’s not luck, it’s the power of hybrid cloud w/ #PureApp.  #PureAppMagic 

3 key shifts to digital business using advanced analytics 

How One Company Uses Big Data To Build Skis 

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "The Evolving Shape of Distributed Databases In the Internet of Things"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 100,000 Fireflies by Th Magnetic Fields from Th Wayward Bus JK--1992. Cover artwork by brilliant Wendy Smith Walters

Catch "Understanding th New World of Cognitive Computing" w/ me @sardire et al, Wed Apr 1, Enterprise Data World, DC: 

#Hadoop uber-alles? Framewrks growing more importnt than staks in #bigdata p1  p2  Thurs #IBM qh

I don’t understand that stupid verdict. “Blurred Lines” sounds nothing like “Got To Give It Up.”

US presidential politics. Like the 17-year cicada, but every 4 years. The annoying screech builds & builds till U just want to swat them all

Nice to see I'm still influential even when not particularly inspired. Maybe just run on the fumes of my residual influence. Yeah, that's it

My challenge this week has been squeezing coherent contemplations (i.e., the blogs I'm writing) amid all the other work tasks. Typical.

RT @tonyshaw: This Thursday: @Daversity #webinar on #CognitiveComputing & the mobile app economy w/ @jameskobielus 

Equities analysts. I'm curious what algorithm determines, on any given day, if their hearts are bullish or bearish.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sweet Jane by Velvet Underground frm Loaded JK--1970. 10 yrs l8r, Reed was himself an "evil mother," recording "Dirt"

Cognitive computing? The seeing-eye duck of artificial intelligence (  ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

LinkedIn's metrics on who we're connected to thru whom. I'd also like it to automatically compute our degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon

Now we are moving into that brief period when snow moaning subsides but pollen moaning hasn’t yet begun to swell.

Interesting that business-standard practice o "bring your own device" becomes issue in the presidential campaign, re govt-official practice

Only Tuesday & it feels like the week's been going on for years. A lot of feverish activity to prep way for IBM's new, improved Big Data Hub

I see that GigaOm has ceased operations ( ). That's sad. I read their content avidly.

Love in the time of streaming data 

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Encrypting Sensitive At-Rest Data" ( ) JK--Tues April 7 11:30 AM Eastern #IBMDataMag

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Recent Guardium Enhancements" ( ) JK--Tues March 24 11:30 AM Eastern #IBMDataMag

"DB2 Tech Talk: Get Acquainted with Data Server Manager" ( ) JK--Thurs March 26 12:30 PM Eastern #IBMDataMag

"Accelerating Workload Exploration on Bluemix Platform" ( ) JK--IBM Redbooks solution guide #IBMDataMag

"Fast & Seamless Integration" ( ) JK--IBM Redbooks solution guide: Integrate mainframe source/destin8n data #IBMDataMag

"Voices From the Cloud" ( ) JK--IBM Redbook: Discover how to simplify cloud computing #IBMDataMag

"Applying Innov8v Analytics 2 Energy Grid Protection" ( ) JK--IBM Redguide: Assessing smartgrid cyberhealth #IBMDataMag

"Making Complex Systems Management a Snap" ( ) JK--Management Console for IMS and DB2 for z/OS #IBMDataMag

"Rapid Analysis of Real-Time Streaming Data" ( ) JK--Kimberly Madia on InfoSphere Streams Version 4.0 #IBMDataMag

"Enterprise-Scale Infrastructure for Digital Era Analytics" ( ) JK--Cuneyt Goksu on z13 for in-memory apps #IBMDataMag

"Big Data Initiatives in Developing Nations" ( ) JK--Ajay Ohri on big data enhancing lives o underprivilegd #iBMDataMag

IoT? The eventual orbital constellation of remote-sensing things p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty shares #IBM’s bold agenda in her letter to investors.  #IBM2014AR

Interesting blog re DB evolving from "mutable global state" to distributed always-growing log of "immutable facts" ( )

"Why Chief Data Scientist in White House is Big Deal for Healthcare" ( ) JK--But U wonder if they'll have policy input

"The Future of Information: Revealed' ( ) JK--Ubiquitous monitoring & IoT analytics

"IoT's dark side: Hundreds o unsecured devices open 2 attack" ( ) JK--Hundreds? How quaint. Brace yourself for millions

"Save Me From Overbearing IoT Analytics" ( ) JK--Refers to consumption items with IoT endpoints that monitor & nag us

Monday is trash day in my neighborhood. Or, as I like to think of it, we've open-sourced our household discards to community landfill.

Grant-Lee Phillips "Spring Released" ( ) JK--Spring's not released yet. Jumped the gun on the springing. Wait ~ 2 weeks

Glanced at rack of Fitbits at checkout lane in Kohl's yesterday. Still don't see need to be reminded of my heart rate. Nor do I weigh myself

How everyone can become a data scientist 

Does Spark Streaming qualify as stream computing? 

IBM Invests $1B to Redefine Storage Economics #softwaredefined #IBMStorage 

The beauty of big data: the L’OrĂ©al and IBM story 

Analytics Antics: Life before Watson Analytics 

Morning. Daily work ritual of getting my head back in gear. Especially hard after weekends. I do it by bootstrapping a patterned self-dialog

"Analysts say 'Any industry can be disrupted”'… really?" ( ) JK--IT analyst dissects this re his own space.

When what I say is misattributed to others, I'm of 2 minds: I want credit, but I also want my ideas to circulate unencumbered by my ego.

Hey @syvylyze see "Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap" ( ), 8th paragraph @jameskobielus #quote #correctionplease

Now that I'm running IBM Analytics' technical-marketing social content-engagement strategy, I'm taking a breath & pondering what next.

"The First Computer Programmer was a Data Analyst" ( ) JK--Article doesn't substantiate that claim for Ada Lovelace.

Ada Lovelace. History's first programmer. Hardware, not software. But not hardcore. That's where distant descendant Linda enters the picture

Standard Time ended last night. Now we're on Non-Standard Time. That means we can do whatever the hell we want for next 8 months. Right?

YouTube now displays ad for "how to get a girlfriend." From what I recall in my long-ago dating days, the primary technique: meet women.

Browsed physical media section at Barnes & Noble. Beatles "Revolver" vinyl for $22? All the lonely people who miss this format will pay that

Serious snowmelt underway. I can hear the basement sump pump from upstairs here. Music to a homeowner's ears.

Mother Jones. Surprised there’s no rightwing mag called Father Smith.

Seems like I’m morphing into an Internet of Things evangelist. So be it.

A redundant phrase is “action plan.” A non-action plan is no plan.