Sunday, February 07, 2010

Kommentary on Media 4


I absolutely turned off an ABC News Now commentator who advised us to, among other things, stop buying CDs and stop subscribing to hardcopy newspapers. Bad advice.

Re CDs, I love them, but also love my Zune. I invest in artists, focusing on albums, not individual songs. They’re my music backup-and-recovery medium in case my computer crashes and I need either to replace or format the hard drive (the latter has happened once in recent memory). And I listen to each new album acquisition more avidly than if I simply downloaded all the tracks to my hard drive (where I tend to forget what’s there).

Re newspapers, they’re easier on the nerves than a laptop, e-reader, or other device. My newspapers are my morning blanket, after having emerged from my overnight blankets. They ease me comfortably and warmly into my day.