Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stuff that kept me informed these past few weeks February 16-25 2010

Twitter-esque Blippy asks, `What are you buying?'

ESJ.COM: IDC Predicts Strong Growth for Cloud-Based Analytics

Virsto Tackles Storage Virtualization

InfoWorld review: Databases primed for social networks

Time to Rethink Web-Based SOA?

EPIC Takes Buzz Privacy Battle to FTC

EMC Upgrades Atmos Cloud Storage

10 Cloud Computing Trends That Are Rapidly Catching on

Informatica Pushes Database Archiving into the Cloud

Google Did Not Anticipate Buzz Privacy Backlash

RIM Saves Bandwidth For Future Generations

Oracle set to merge Java virtual machines

BriefingsDirect analyst panelists peer into crystal balls for latest IT growth and impact trends

EPIC files privacy complaint against Google Buzz

Goodbye, Google Buzz

Google Buzz: Then and Now

Web 3.0: The Dawn of Semantic Search

OpenLaszlo: Rapidly Build and Deploy Rich Internet Applications


SaaS takes on business intelligence

The ROI of High-Quality Decision -- Driving Gut Feel

A round of musical chairs in the identity arena

Why Google Buzz confirmed our two worst fears about Google

Future of data analysis is in tools for humans

DataFlux Launches Single Platform for Enterprise Data Management

Context Optional Launches Social Marketing Suite

Gartner lists 3 challenges for rebounding Teradata

Global CIO: Oracle Needs More Than Ellison's Talk To Beat IBM's Systems

Upstarts Keep Data Warehousing Competitive

Netezza Intros Entry Level Data Warehouse Appliance

Taser Builds Cisco-Based Data Warehouse

Cisco And HP Split: A Timeline To Divorce

Aster Blossoms

BriefingsDirect analyst panelists peer into crystal balls for latest IT growth and impact trends

The Informatica Event

Sentiment Metrics Launches an Industry First in Social Media Engagement Capabilities

Jaspersoft's Open Source Community Drives BI Innovation, Represents the World's Largest BI Ecosystem

Vertica Broadens Reach of its Industry Leading Analytic Database with Version 4.0

Oracle's Ellison Reaffirms Rapid Profitability For Sun

Microsoft Continues to Spread

Open-Source Love

Aster Data 4.5

Analysis: What Oracle-Sun Means for BI and DW

Informatica Ups the MDM Stakes

Q&A: Closing the Customer Feedback Loop

IBM Scientists Use Analytics to Break Traffic Gridlock With Personalized Trip Information

Attensity Group Launches New Social Media Customer Intelligence Solution, Attensity Analyze for VoC Community Advantage

SAP Integrates Its On-Demand BI Solutions

David Intersimone: The end of SQL and relational databases? (part 3 of 3)

SaaS takes on business intelligence

Twitter users send 50 million tweets a day

Social CRM: Walk Before You Run


ParAccel Database Update to Focus on Analytics, Performance

11 Answers to "Why Isn't My BI Application Useful?"

Best in BI? Ask the Crowd

Onwards and Upwards

Is ERP as we know it dying?

Ten of the World's Strangest Social Networks

Do we need a social media 'operating system'?

SAP Rolls out SaaS BI for 'casual Users'

Yahoo Competes for Social Web with Twitter Tabthan

Teradata Extreme Data Appliance Dramatically Impacts How Companies Analyze Archival Data

SAP Unveils On-Demand

Business Intelligence Toolset

DataFlux Data Management Platform

Netezza Advanced Analytics

Upstarts Keep Data Warehousing Competitive


Location-Aware Social Nets: Lights On, Nobody Home

IBM scientists use analytics to break gridlock

SAS and IBM on BA and BI

Goodnight on BI and Analytics

Is Google the new Microsoft?

'Business architecture' helps leaders decide on and execute changes at the new speed of business

IBM Releases Cognos Analytics Upgrades

Who Meters the Cloud?

James Taylor: Article on Decisioning and Process Management

Joe McKendrick: SOA Roundup: App Stores, Cloud Knowledge, Service Centicity, Events

Janne J. Korhonen: Paradigm Shift in IT: Implications of Service-Dominant Logic

Scott Cleveland: Performance Management & BPM

David Linthicum: Making Data Integration a Priority

Phil Wainewright: Putting Collaboration in Context

Brenda Michelson: + Visual Process Manager = Vanilla Layer Cake Theory

Mike Pascucci: Twitter for Business

Nari Kannan: The True Secrets of Agile Development

Andre Yee: Why Google Buzz Will Succeed (Or Why Google Wave Didn't)

John Goodson: Good Things Are Usually Expensive: MDM Case In Point

IBM Acquires Intelliden

Web Data Services in the Real World

Data Quality for Operational BI

IDC: Data Warehouse Shakeup

SGI offers supercomputing as a service

DBMS Vendors Likely to Get Scrappy in 2010


How Do We Define a "BI Vendor"

Information Management and Integration

The ROI of High-Quality Decision Management Practices

Greenplum Software and BeyeNETWORK Release MAD Skills Analytics Survey Results

Microsoft Outlook Becomes Social Hub

Microsoft - still relevant, but no longer dominant (redux)

Oracle making new push into social services software

On Gartner's Data Warehousing Quadrant

What's the Deal with Private Clouds?

Open Source Choices

ROI Calculations Are a Joke

Can Microsoft Catch Up by Giving Away Azure?

QlikTech Launches 'Change Their World' Program Offering Free

QlikView Analytics Software to Organizations in Need

ESJ.COM: IDC Predicts Strong Growth for Cloud-Based Analytics

Java Scalability Provider Terracotta Partners with Eucalyptus Cloud Platform