Friday, February 05, 2010

Stuff I feel guilty for not having gotten around to reading this week

White House killing NASA's moon mission, reports say

Informatica Buys Siperian, Reports Strong Earnings

SAS and IBM/SPSS rise to the open source R opportunity

Oracle's big bear hug for Java bodes really well

Oracle-Sun Merger Could Benefit Small Business

iPad: Who Wants it, Anyway?

Data warehousing vendors squabble over best way forward with flash memory

Sybase Reports Record Earnings, Updates Adaptive Server

Run: A Big Year for "Socialytic" Applications?

Oracle Outlines Plans To Tie Sun Hardware To Oracle Software

Oracle hails Java but kills Sun Cloud

SaaS BI will be big in 2010

Windows Azure Graduates Into the Commercial World

Windows 7 Launch Sends Microsoft Profits Skyward

How to Make the Case for a BI Center of Excellence

The Kantara Initiative for Online Identity: A One-Year Progress Report

The New IBM? Oracle-Sun Still Shy A Few Key Parts

Competitors Weigh in on Oracle's Single-Stack Plan

SAP Comments on 2009 Drop, Prospects for 2010

Expert Analysis: The New Masters of Master Data

DataJoe Launches National Marketplace Data Portal

SAP Releases Public Beta Version of Cloud-Based Project 12sprints, Becomes Research Partner for The 2.0 Adoption Council

Oracle's Ellison: We'll Grab Share By Going Direct

Oracle-Sun High-Performance Computing: Still Committed?
SSD Is Not Disruptive

David Intersimone: The end of SQL and relational databases? (part 1 of 3)

James Taylor: A Decision-centric Platform Supports Collaboration

Oracle's Cloudy Plans to Make Sun Shine

IBM Defends DB2 Against Ellison's 'Ignorant' Remarks

Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor Provided Analytical Data Model in Your BI Implementation

Microsoft delivers beta of 'Xdrive' tool for moving Windows apps to the Azure cloud

Columns aren't enough anymore

Appliances Are Getting Cheaper

Calpont finally comes to market

How Sparse should Sparse columns be?

SAS® Real-Time Decision Manager receives 2009 Product of the Year award from Customer Interaction Solutions magazine

BriefingsDirect Analysts Discuss Ramifications of Google-China Dust-Up over Corporate Cyber Attacks

A Peek into the Future: The Next Wave of Data Warehousing

IDC Predicts Strong Growth for Cloud-Based Analytics

Q&A: Ten Tips for Maximizing Data Virtualization

The Necessity of Data Profiling: A How-to Guide to Getting Started and Driving Value

Q&A: How to Improve Performance from Cloud Computing

Sybase Positions itself as a Clear Market Leader in CEP and Strengthens its Real-Time Analytics Platform with Acquisition of Aleri Assets

SAP Questions Gartner BI Magic Quadrant Ranking

Information Builders Upgrades RStat Analytics Module

Teradata Introduces Utilities Logical Data Model

Teradata Accelerate for Credit and Collections for Utilities Helps Manage Credit Risk

IBM Delivers New Software and Services for Information Governance

SAP's enterprise collaboration tool entering public beta

Facebook sees need for Terabit Ethernet

IBM to debut info management software

IBM buying MDM vendor Initiate Systems

CIOs See Big Cloud Computing Shifts In 2010

Rashid N Khan: Gartner's Pattern-Based Strategies and BPM

Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond

The Cloud Is Not a Place


Oracle Gets to Bask in Satisfaction of Sun Buyout Finally

Database Thought Leaders Divided on Oracle MySQL

Big Brother For Hire

Pros and Cons of Using a Vendor Provided Analytical Data Model in Your BI Implementation

A New Decade and Technology Charter for Business and IT Starts in 2010

Visualize Balance, Visualize Change

Informatica Starts 2010 with a Bang

MicroStrategy Says It's Time for Mobile BI

Database Snooping Threatens Liberty -- And We're Making Matters Worse
Technology, process and people must combine smoothly to achieve strategic virtualization benefits

Is Twitter losing its luster?

Google shows off concept Chrome OS tablet

Start-up offers a kick in the cloud with management technology

Pushing to Bring TV to the Internet

Jaspersoft's New Software Community Release Delivers Broad Suite of Business Intelligence Capabilities unveils business process tools

Oracle unplugs Sun's virtual world

Vovici Presents Multinational Customer Feedback Best Practices at Technology Services Europe

Patricia Seybold Group Identifies RichRelevance as a Leader in Personalized Recommendations

Gartner Announces Business Intelligence Summit 2010

Google Enlists NSA To Defend Its Data

Microsoft, NSF Offer Scientists Azure Access

Global CIO: Microsoft's Suicidal Infighting: An Insider's Story Sun CEO Announces Resignation On Twitter


Gladinet Maps Google Cloud Storage To The Desktop

Sun CEO Schwartz tweets poetic lament on last day

Seth Weintraub: Will my child learn to read on an iPad?

Microsoft defends itself against op-ed by former VP

EPIC files FOIA request over reported Google, NSA partnership

Why SOA Principles May be Overrated

'SOA 2.0' Means Best PracticesOn the Death of Design-Time Service Governance

Sybase Acquires Aleri, Complex Event Processing Tools VendorSOAP for Soap? Amway Embraces Oracle SOA Platform for Back Office Apps

SAP's 12Sprints Platform Could Challenge Google Wave

Facebook, Twitter Trigger Enterprise Social Software Use

Is Agile Enterprise Data Modeling an Oxymoron?

MDM Achieving Maturity in Enterprises

Will the Oracle-Sun merger prove a threat to VMware?

IBM Ships 2 Information Governance Products

VARs Cheer As Oracle Hires Former Sun Channel Chief

Global CIO: Will Informatica's Surging Success Trigger A Takeover?

Global CIO: IBM Calls Out Oracle's Ellison On Database Claims

Global CIO: IBM Data Strategy Is Flawed, Say Kalido And Informatica

Global CIO: IBM Calls Out Oracle's Ellison On Database Claims

Ode to Initiate Systems