Monday, February 15, 2010

Stuff in the press that entered my awareness feb 8-12 2010

BriefingsDirect analyst panelists peer into crystal balls for latest IT growth and impact trends

BriefingsDirect Analyst Panelists Peer into Crystal Balls for Latest IT Growth and Impact Trends

The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics And Data Mining Solutions, Q1 2010
By James G. Kobielus

Sybase To Acquire CEP Firm Aleri

PGP Enters Identity Management Space with Acquisition

Real-Time Analytics Makes for Happy, Loyal Customers

Die, desktop, die: Desktop virtualization looms

Advancing understanding of cloud-use benefits for enterprises

Solid state storage fixes data center bottlenecks -- for a price

KXEN Named a Leader in Predictive Analytics and Data Mining by Independent Research Firm

Zoho slows frantic growth, works on integrating Web apps instead

The Engine That Powers BI


The Data Mining Renaissance

IBM Unveils New POWER7 Systems to Manage Increasingly Data-Intensive Services

IBM Rolls Out Power7 As Rivals Converge

Oracle To Buy AmberPoint

How Microsoft Went Wrong

IBM launches eight-core Power7 processor, servers

Amazon Web Services: Quietly Staking Out the Cloud

37 Enterprise Mashups - The Challenge

'SOA 2.0' Means Best Practices

Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2010 and Beyond

How will Oracle shape its hardware strategy?

Oracle's data warehouse strategy unclear after Sun acquisition,289142,sid91_gci1380808,00.html?track=NL-338&ad=748289&asrc=EM_USC_10830323&uid=2433922

Is 'cloud computing' hurting cloud computing?

Google to Add Social Feature to Gmail

Government Technologist: What's the ROI Of Open Government?

Amazon's SimpleDB Not Your Typical Database

Sybase Acquires Event Processing Vendor Aleri

IBM Acquires MDM Vendor Initiate Systems

Information Builders Upgrades RStat Analytics Module

BI's Next Frontier: Geospatial Cloud Computing

The Rise of the Stealth Cloud

If Google Wave Is The Future, Google Buzz Is The Present

Social Networking Landing In Your Gmail Inbox

SAS Record Revenue Of $2.3B

Google Buzz: More Social Nonsense

Social Networking Goes Vocal: Bubble Motion Launches 'Bubbly' - A Voice-Blogging Service for Mobile Phones

Business Intelligence and Analytics, Big Time

Terracotta, Eucalyptus Team For Turnkey Private Clouds

Amazon's SimpleDB Not Your Typical Database

Google's Buzz Skips webOS?

CERN's evolution toward cloud computing

Enterprise Business Modelling Revisited

Google's 'Social' Gmail: Could It Really Work?

Google Eyes Social Net Role for Gmail

IBM Launches Academic Cloud to Speed Delivery of Technology Skills to College Students

Solid-state storage fixes data center bottlenecks -- for a price

Google Buzz: A visual tour

Oracle launches worldwide cloud-computing tour

The ROI of High-Quality Decision Support Infrastructure

Forrester Research Reports Fourth-Quarter And Full-Year Financial Results

Tableau Launches Free Software to Make Data Social

Oracle Continues Acquisition Spree

Can Google's Buzz Top Facebook, Twitter?

Google Plans Ultrafast Internet Broadband

10 Past Microsoft Acquisitions And What They Mean Now

Real-time web data services in action at Deutsche Borse

David Intersimone: The end of SQL and relational databases? (part 2 of 3)

Is Gartner's Quadrant the Problem, or Is It How It's Used?

5 Opportunities and 3 Threats for Oracle

Can Microsoft Catch Up by Giving Away Azure?

Quick Thoughts on Sybase/Aleri

Clarabridge Asks, Are You Customer Experienced?

DataFlux Achieves 30% Revenue Growth in 2009 as Organizations Invest in Data Management

Cordys is Leading a Set of Emerging Vendors in Cloud Orchestration

Teradata Announces 2009 Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Results

Microsoft takes last step toward release of Visual Studio 2010

Oracle buying Convergin and its telecom tech

IBM announces massive NAS array for the cloud

Google Buzz: Intrusive social networking?

Google Buzz criticized for disclosing Gmail contacts

Federal CIO Launches 'TechStat'

Google Buys Aardvark

IBM Brings Business-Grade Social Software to iPhone, Macs

Oracle Beefs Up SOA with AmberPoint Deal

Joe McKendrick: CEP Enables "Process Monitoring on Steroids"

Michael Poulin: Technical SOA: The Hat Leads the Head, Again

Joe McKendrick: SOA Fuels the Digital Self-Care Revolution

37 Enterprise Mashups: The Challenge

Google Buzz Socializes Gmail, Challenging Facebook, Twitter

Tableau Aims To Socialcast Data Visualization

New definition of enterprise architecture emphasizes 'fit for purpose' across IT undertakings

Salesforce Puts Process Development in the Cloud

Forget mashups: Tableau Software wants data junkies to do the 'viz'

Is Google moving too far (from search) too fast?

How identity governance solves the compliance

Identity wish list includes stronger authentication

Aardvark Gives Google Valuable Business Tool

Google's New Buzz: Not Exactly Light Years Ahead