Sunday, May 05, 2013

Aweekstweets April 27 to May 5 2013: the week I ate a burrito in Boston

Cooler, cloudier morning. You can tell the rain is on way. Glad I laid down the fertilizer. But our soil not optimal for green. Let's see.

When you find an auto mechanic who's good, honest, cheap, and nearby, you hold onto him. Not physically.

Tonight I horizontally read the pile of papers that arose in my absence. I also watched Doc Martin overcome his hemophobia. Ate a cookie.

A day of chores. Most involving internal combustion engines. The minivan and the lawnmower. Also used muscle power to spread some fertilizer

Tom Wheeler is good choice 4 FCC chair. I remember his CTIA days. Wireless is where telecoms live now. Wheeler balances OVs: consumer v. biz

Before long I expect we'll have a new generation of street crazies cursing at imaginary tormentors via imaginary Bluetooth headsets.

He knows the last digit of pi.
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So and so eating so and so's lunch? If the first so and so is so successful, why can't they buy their own damn lunch?

In Boston this week, I learned from his erstwhile colleague that Mike Stonebraker would never be confused with Mike Codecutter.

Why do I think there something fishy about @miafarrow retweeting @newtgingrich promo 4 fastfood joint? Left & right wing agree on junk food?

Nice to be home with my honey on a Saturday morning. Looking into vacation packages. Considering Turkish adventure.

Jamestown cannibalism. They lived on a river & had forest nearby. Could they not have made fishing poles? Fish or human flesh? Easy choice.

Every tablet computer should ship with pack o sanitary wet wipes. My peanutbuttery finger smears don't add 2 the touch interface experience.

Was good week. Both events, in San Diego & Boston, were fun. Did yoga in San Diego. Ate burrito in Boston. Doesnt take much to make me happy

Go social! Go mobile! Go geospatial! Go cloud! Be a human who communicates, moves around, inhabits Earth, & occasionally rides in airplanes!

New #IBM jk blog: "Crowdsourced Surveillance: Next Big App of Big Media" ( )

Business etiquette conundrum: when a conference keynoter casually drops an F-bomb, does that make it OK for other speakers to do the same?

"Top 10 #BigData Rules" ( ) JK--Very stimulating. Why are there no links to most of the rules? Need more explanation

"The requirements of a security analytics platform" ( ) JK--#Bigdata central event DB w/stream computing & predictive

"This Guy's Data Startup Helping Scientists Find Space Aliens" ( ) JK--"Space aliens"? Whatzis? A 1950s sci-fi flick?

"Vertical vs. Horizontal Data Scientists" ( ) JK--Aka "subject-domain specialsts" vs. "statistical/predictive modelers"

Here's what I consider to be concrete enough "highly effective" personal habits: check messages 1st every morning; respond, respond, respond

"Seven Habits of Highly effective Data Scientist" ( ) JK--Too vaguely expressed to be effective personal habits.

"Om Malik's Data Darwinism & New Physics Of Info" ( ) JK--Bizarrre overstatement. Simply draconian performance metrics

When influencers get in the same room, it's sort of like a drinking game. They all aim to influence each other under the table.

"It is not enough that we succeed. Others must fail." --Gore Vidal

Cambridge MA. Stayed here quite a lot during my Forrester years. Usually at the Hotel Marlowe across the street near the river. Like it.

A bright chilly Boston morning. I'm overlooking the Charles from here at the Royal Sonesta. The wounds are quite in evidence on local news

"Mountain Dew" online commercials pulled for being ostensibly "racist" ( ). IMHO, just bizarre, creepy, & stupid.

Experience optimization? Shopping happiness is bursts of spontaneity within the routine ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Experience optimization? Shopping happiness is bursts of spontaneity within the routine: 

When my parents' generation referred to "good old days," they mean the period including th bloodiest war & worst depression in human history

In the past 72 hours, I've written 8 blogs, essentially. And I've been on the road, speaking and traveling while doing so. How'd I do that?

Totally diggin' Don Slack's all-George Jones 3-hour "Swingin' Doors" on #KEXP. Jones' entire career. One excellent tune after another.

I'm not really into "The Big Bang Theory" but watchd whole episode 2 see th gr8 Bob Newhart. He's ancient but his comic timing remains sharp

"Google Glass Isnt A Segway, It’s Gordon Gekko Cell Phone" ( ) JK--Only if too big like embarassing specs I used 2 wear

"Graphic Design in Data Science" ( ) JK--Key skill 4 storytelling w/data science models, visualizations, & infographics

"Men and women in the office: Are compliments taboo?" ( ) JK--It's OK 2 tell each other U like the "cut of your jib."

@Drake_Reinhardt Pushing back against "political correctness" is a lame excuse for letting long injustices stand & continue to do damage.

West coast to east coast. San Diego to Boston. Most noteworthy was when we flew north of Detroit. I opened shade & saw all southern Ontario

Drafted new #IBM AnalyzingMedia article: "Shopping Happiness is Bursts of Spontaneity Within The Routine"

If movies hav taught me anything, it's that all importnt biz decisions R made by tense suits speaking clippd dialog in glassy corner offices

I put my earbuds in when some fool in a public place starts whistling to the PA music overhead. No, you don't harmonize well with Coldplay.

Barbershop quartets. Did oldtime barbers engage in tight vocal harmonies while clipping? Did customers pay extra for the service?

"What's Really Different about Big Data Analytics?" ( ) JK--Can be programmatic, hypothesis-free, & attribute-rich.

Mnemonics don't need 2 B as mnemonic as they used 2 B. Need 2 B mnemonic enough so I can Google what I recall & thereby rediscover the rest

"Overcoming the data governance and security implications of BYOD" ( ) JK--Discusses impact o wearables on compliance

World Wide Web. Web Wide World. Wide Web World. World Web Wide. Web World Wide. Wide World Web. Whew! I've explored every possible config.

Hey friends on socials: what HAVE you done for me lately? I need a full accounting from each and every one of you.

Thinking o changing my location designator on LinkedIn 2 "Greater Earth Area." Where I'm actually located is unimportant. I can fly wherever

I love those "are they still relevant?" discussions. They stack cards against their target & imply some vague criterion impossible to refute

"10 Breakthrough DARPA Technologies" ( ) JK--Cool, but not clear how any of these might breakthru into commercial apps.

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Trad'l mkt rsrch harnessing #bigdata ( ) Thurs #IBM q-h in advance

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Traditional market researchers harnessing big data to stay...: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Charm / A Blade by Phosphorescent frm Muchacho JK-Sign I'm diggin an artist: I check online playlist when they play

Tonight's an exceptionally mellow SoCal evening on San Diego Bay. Milder calmer & clearer than last night, which felt a tad Seattle.

Great cocktail hour. We all agreed that #bigdata is omnipotent. Film at 11.

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Measuring the Business Value of #BigData"

Camera Obscura "Do It Again" ( ) JK--From new LP out on June 3. I am definitely getting it. I have all of theirs.

Whew! That earbudded block of Paul Simon got me over the hump. Finished all 5 of next week's quick-hits in isolation. "Boy in the Bubble."

Crazy, madcap day for me here at #EDW2013. In the best of ways, of course. One cool conversation after another. None of them expected.

@alecsharp If by "mediocrity" you mean "adequate, unimaginative performance doing stuff that isn't expected to differentiate," I say "OK"

Listening 2 ex-Forrester analyst Rob Karel evangelize on behalf o vendr who now pays his salary. Same description applies 2 next speaker: me

#bigdata isnt about "big," isnt about "data," isnt about "isnt," and isnt about "about." Discuss. Almost forgot: isnt about "discuss" either

Trick of maintaining sanity in hi-tech is 2 sustain stable POV in spite of U & everybody around U being constantly distracted & distractible

"Grosse Pointe Blank" theme this morning on #KEXP. Good movie, but I forgot the soundtrack. I know the Grosse Pointes fairly well, though.

Finished 3 of next wk's 5 quick-hits. Time-slicing my head between those & #EDW13. Several things I've heard so far are good thoughtfodder.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Israelites by Desmond Dekker and the Aces JK--1968. Reggae/ska song made US popcharts. The perfect summer earworm.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp King of the Rodeo by Kings of Leon from Aha Shake Heartbreak JK--Chorus is "good time to roll on." Not "Taco Rollo."

"#BigData Use-Cases in Healthcare: Provider, Payer & Care Managemt" ( ) JK--Good detailed discussion o apps in life-sci

Yoga doesn't preclude U from anticipating, predicting, & making plans for future. But it enables U 2 live more deeply in the present as U do

"Predictive Analytics - Yoga For Your Business" ( ) JK--It's definitely NOT. Yoga is about living in the present moment

"IBM Research Makes World’s Smallest Movie Using Atoms" ( ) JK--Stop-motion animation. 10,000 atoms. 242 frames.

Hey person who starts every tweet with "please retweet." That's an invitation to do the exact opposite.

Crazy to think #bigdata will end job interviews. Cross-examination is essential to vet & establish candidate bonafides. Trust depends on it

#EDW13 speaker asked whether people can work with music playing. I can. But I don't prefer it. Also, I must control it. Must be to my taste

How many people have named their pet "Peeve"? And do they take their frustrations out on it? And have the ASPCA been notified?

"Google Glass: Let the evil commence" ( ) JK--Glass hacked. Controls wearer's mind. Makes them scream "I'm a dweeb!"

"Councilman David Grosso wants Redskins to change name to Redtails" ( ) JK--That's stupid. Just shorten it to "Skins."

May Day. Are babies born today more likely to be in distress, in labor unions, or dance around a striped pole with flowers in their hair?

Context accumulation? Data-driven insights demand context of valid statistical model ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

My Speaker Spotlight Column 4 today #EDW13 preso: “Data Scientists: Grow & Sustain #BigData Center o Excellence" ( )

Here's my #IBM video stream: "Big Data - The Hadoop Data Warehouse - Part 2" ( )

Guy on expo floor at #EDW13 approaches me loudly "I WORK WITH YOUR BROTHER!!!!" I have 3 brothers. Pretty damn sure he meant Tom. He did.

@jane_f_reed Yes. My "proper blog" for all things #bigdata is . My "improper blog" wouldn't be proper.
"Why Data Scientist Storytelling Needs A Good Editor" ( ) JK--"Data scientist edits with experiments.."

"No Quick Death for Statistical Practices" ( ) JK--Contrasts traditionl hypothsis-driven modeling vs. interactv explore

"Internet of Things? IBM Has Appliance for That" ( ) JK--Can support 1M concurrent sensors & scale up to 13M msgs/sec

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Pale Green Ghosts by John Grant from Pale Green Ghosts JK--2013. Terrific. Sounds like supercool James Bond theme.

Gratuitous displays o erudition R all fine & dandy. But when they gratuitously drag for half-hour before U get 2 th point, I reach 4 th hook

Rock and roll did NOT grow out of jazz. It grew out of R&B, electrified blues, & country~western.

Plainsong. Only example on modern popcharts was Buckinghams: "Hey baby theyre plain our song, th 1 they used 2 play whn we used 2 get along"

Confused. #EDW13 folding agenda lists today as May 1. But it's still Eliot's cruel month, I believe.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Letter From an Occupant by The New Pornographers from Mass Romantic JK--Neko Case voice sounds slightly processed

Healthcare analytics? Public cloud data security often tighter than private (URL: ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Socials coming out o my ears. Socials I belong to that I long ago forgot about. They want me back. I want them to justify selves in my life

Shouting technology in a noisy room gets old. I tend to remain silent in those settings if I can help it. I can indeed help it. Voice intact

Fairly relaxing sleep. Whisky hit the spot over dinner last night. Cool air. Outside rest the pleasure craft at moor in San Diego Harbor.

Jewel "Hands" ( ) JK--Got her start in San Diego. Wrote this song here. Told full story at concert a few months ago

"The Rise of #Big Data" ( ) JK--Detailed discussion in Foreign Affairs. Also brings "open data" into analysis.

"Shark machine learning library" ( ) JK--Open source, C++, developed at UC-Berkeley.

"To Work with Data, You Need a Lab and a Factory" ( ) JK--Data science center of excellence. My talk on Wed at #EDW13

"When data flows faster than it can be processed" ( ) JK--Detailed discussion of best practices, options, pros & cons

"Military Uses #BigData As Spy Tech" ( ) JK--Machine-learning & semantic analysis to crunch massive vols of intel

"Analytic Outsourcng Faces Healthy Growth, War 4 Talent" ( ) JK--IDC forcsts mkt gro frm $47B this year to $71B by 2016

"#BigData Goes to Washington" ( ) JK--#IBM's McQueeney calls for govt-lab focus R&D on bigdata modeling/simul8n/analytx

"#IBM Crunches Internet Of Things Data" ( ) JK--MessageSight. Worklight 6.0. BPM on SmartCloud. API Mgt solution.

"#IBM Drives Enterprise Adoption o #BigData, Cloud Mobile & Social Biz Techs" ( ) JK--Many mobile-enabling solution enh

"#IBM Unveils New Tech 2 Connect SmrtrPl" ( ) JK--IBM MessageSight (MQTT appliance), new MobileFirst analyt, cld, devel

"Internet o Things gets protocol: MQTT" ( ) JK--Message Queueing Telemetry Transport. Pub/sub 4 lo-powr-comput/lean-net

"WIRED 2 publish crowdsourced issue" ( ) JK--Revealed theme 2+ hrs ago; submissions by Sat; vet edit, & publish by Sun

Chatted w/ analysts Jason Bloomberg & Neil Raden in the speaker lounge @ #EDW13. Brought them up to speed on what life is like on other side

Someone please post Danny Thomas' greatest spit-takes to YouTube. Huge gap in our cultural heritage. Future generations must see the master

Didn't realize till I read it in NYTimes. Hooters category of restaurant industry: "breastaurant." I almost did spit-take when I read that

This end of LAX has pitiful few dining options. McDonald's, basically, which I hesitate to refer to as "dining."

Catch me on Wednesday at Enterprise Data World in San Diego speaking on best practices for data science centers of excellence.

There's a candidate running in South Carolina by the name of Stephen Colbert's Sister. Did I get that right? Or is she Stephanie C. Sister?

Not being omniscient how tech industry will evolve, it's best to stay agile enough to pivot in any direction without too much strain.

Finished 5 newspapers on plane before powered on laptop: USA Today, WSJ, NYTimes, WashPost, Financial Times.All inky-fingered but informed

Flying coach class puts my yoga training to the test. Learn how to relax every micromuscle in cramped quarters. Breathe, calm, unclench.

Ambient analytics? Finding insights in data debris & digital breadcrumbs ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit (from 30K feet up)

Don't trust actions or words. Illusionists are skilled at dissembling both. Trust transparency with vetting, auditing, & cross-examination.

Billions of exoplanets of staggering diversity. Billions o real-world experiments to produce th staggering diversity called life. It's there

Thinking o starting a Facebook chain-like 2 th effect of "'Like' if you dislike being asked to 'like' stuff on Facebook." Just 2 be contrary

Saw "Life of Pi." I liked the allegorical nature of the story within story. Wife didn't.

Started watching "Les Miserables." Gave it a half hour. The all-sung dialogue made it impossible to follow story. Ejected it.

En route to San Diego on this rainy morning in DC. Glad I mowed the lawn. When I return later in the week, it'll have gruesome.

Hunkering down in th home office doing the month-end expense rpts & other administrivia. Numbers. What's missing? Oh, yes, a numb-er. Wine

You often hear about "headphone albums" but nevr about "earbud albums." Distracted ambient-leaky onesie-trak listening's overtaken pop music

GWBush presidential library launched. Reading room rumord 2 have Bush personal crayon-annotatd copy o "The Pet Goat" behind buletproof glass

The Jetsons. Series cancelled before they could resolve the major plot point of whether Jane ever stopped this crazy thing.

Central Virginia is one of the most relaxing drives on the east coast. Hard to believe it was the heart of an especially bloody civil war.

Are fewer people "checking into" places on social? Or have we simply tuned them into our social blind spot?

Rugged version of smartphone? I envision one that I can roll into my T-shirt sleeve, like pack of Marlboro, like cybermacho Stanley Kowalski

Success. Is it just failing to fail? Discuss amongst.

I've finished my library books. I read them fast. Usually, I rapidly flip thru pages to pinpoint the stuff I don't know

Wash state resident Rick Steves led campaign 2 legalize pot there. His European journal never shows you Rick's Amsterdam

"History Of Programming Languages" ( ) JK--Huh? Ada Lovelace died in 1852, hence couldnt have invented language in 1883

Spam says my Facebook photo's been "rated." All I can is it's about time "sexiest man alive" went 2 deserving recipient.

The huge tree overlooking my backyard dropped hundreds o seeds, some o which sprouted infant trees. I mowed em all down

Nothing nicer than lying horizontal with my tablet propped on my legs. I take that back. Just thought of something nicer

RIP Lawson Deming aka Sir Graves Ghastly. Detroit area ghoul host of Saturday afternoon horror monster movie TV show. Bwa-ha-ha!

DC area's WRQX-FM (Mix 107.3) replacing big-voiced/genial DJ Jack Diamond after 24 years. Last oldstyle radio pipes on local airwaves.

It's amazing how productive George Jones was over such a long period during which his personal life was extraordinarily turbulent. Driven.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Don't Blame You by Cat Power from You Are Free JK--Singer has one of the saddest voices in contemporary music.

Ltr 2 WashPost editor: "Every pro writer/editor in Anglophone world has copy o King James Bible on bookshelf." No. Ridiculous generalization

"Dog-eat-dog world"? When does a hypercompetitive environment degenerate into a bizarro world of carnivores resorting to cannibalism?

This week's bold prediction: everything as we know it coming to an end. That's because the way we know it changes as we learn new stuff. Duh

Cable news feature last night on whether terrorists using Twitter as tool. I'd like to see story on whether they're using telephone as tool.