Saturday, May 18, 2013

Aweekstweets May 10-18 2013: the week we had finally put both kids through college

Spam must think me an ingrate. It constantly tells me about all the special prizes I've earned. I just don't respond with a bank transfer

"With #BigData, what’s better–qualities or quantities?" ( ) JK--Roughly maps 2 explore-driven vs. model-driven data-sci

"Big Data Finds 'Zombie Stores'" ( ) JK--Disappointed. Thought this was retailers serving walking-dead demographic

"Is it possible to describe #BigData in 1 sentence (not getting too cute)"? ( ) JK--How cute is "too"? Baby elephant?

Philosophy of data? It's philosophies o science, empiricism & epistemology. What can we truly know thru rigorous investigation o factuality?

Shins "Turn on Me" ( ) JK--Was playing overhead in Centerline Digital men's room. Almost made me loiter there

You can tell th quality of a digital agency by music they pipe overhead in common areas. Iron & Wine "Flightless Bird" definitely mellows me

They slicked down my unruly fine hair strands today in video shoot to avoid the dreaded "Alfalfa Cowlick." This greasy kid stuff creeps me

@graemeknows Cool. As you can see, I use fairly simple tools for #bigdata ideation: Word, socials, browser, & email.

"The Need for Data Philosophers" ( ) JK--Good one from @ocdqblog. It's philosophy of science, knowledge, and empiricism

This morning I showed @graemeknows how I organize my desktop/day 2 sustain flow of fresh thought leadership posts. I mill my mind constantly

RT @graemeknows We're getting all "kobitized" in studio! Nice work, @jameskobielus! JK--Thanks Graeme! Glad it's done

Composing myself 4 the #IBM video shoot with @graemeknows at Centerline Digital in Raleigh. I am seriously ready 4 my close-up, Mr. DeMille!

IT e-journalists should write "Top 10 tips for rendering 'Top 10 tips' lists as 10 time-wasting browser pages 2 B viewed in strict sequence"

"MapReduce, Parallel Processing, & Pipelining" ( ) JK--Good historical overview of adoption in ent analytic DB industry

Watched final episode of "The Office." Good summing-up. Tied up loose plot-ends. Hit all the right sentimental notes. Made me laugh

RT @graemeknows: It's on! @jameskobielus in the house at @CenterLine! JK--Hey Graeme: cool facility!

"M2M is dead: long live IoT" ( ) JK--What? CDPD wasn't M2M-focused! I know. I was LCC's CDPD drivetest tool product mgr

"Predictive Analytics, the Data Effect & Jed Clampett" ( ) JK--Equating "small data" with nowhere's-ville Bugtussle AR?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Walker by Fitz & The Tantrums frm More Than Just a Dream JK--2013. 2nd potntial megahit I've heard frm ths so far

#BigData has grown so massive that it now has its own gravitational pull on the tides. A virtual moon.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Was All Talk by Kurt Vile frm Wakin on a Pretty Daze JK--Strong track on stellar LP. This rolls like fastmoving train

"Stephan Shakespeare review o public data needs 2 make meaningfl" ( ) JK--3rd graf has clever allusions 2 famous Shakey

How authentically common an English surname is "Shakespeare"? In other words, people who didnt change it to obliquely share in Bard's glory?

At yesterday's convocation o George Mason Univ College of Science, noticed lotta doctoral dissertations on bio-informatics. Super hot field!

Man, I luv me that ZPizza. Glad there was one right across street from my hotel in Raleigh. Got a small Santa Fe. Absolutely hit the spot!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hang On To Your Ego by The Beach Boys from Pet Sounds JK--I'm torn: this or "I Know There's an Answer"? Both gr8

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientist: Bias, Backlash and Brutal Self-Criticism" ( )

New #InfoWorld #IBM jk blog: "There's no shortage of data science smarts" ( )

We are two-thirds thru Spring. Temps now feel Summer-ish. More vacationers milling about at the airport.

Flying down to Raleigh for an #IBM marketing video shoot with @graemeknows. Packed wardrobe options at director's request.

A fine post-graduation dim sum with Sonya & Dylan at Mark's Duck House in Seven Corners. The girl sashayed into the place in cap & gown.

Hey TV comercial producers: displaying "dont attempt" when showing kids doing something dangerous is stupid. Simply don't show kids doing it

Baz Luhrman overdoes "Great Gatsby"? He obnoxiously overdid "Moulin Rouge." Just as Ken Russell murdered "Tommy" with malice aforethought

Contemplating plastic surgery so that someday, hopefully, I'll be good-looking enough to shop at Abercrombie & Fitch.

WSJ article on computer games keeping brain nimble. My favorite "game" is simply to express myself on the computer. Keeps me nimble as hell.

Before long, both the US & Israel may become oil exporters. Rich irony 4 those of us old enough 2 have lived thru the 1970s OPEC oil embargo

I absolutely love every song on Kurt Vile's new LP "Wakin on a Pretty Daze." Burning druggy majesty pervades the work from start to finish.

RIP Dr. Joyce Brothers. Had memorable encounter with Roseanne Rosannadanna.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "The Rise of the Data Scientist: Recap of IBM Twitterchat" (  )

M2M becomes IoT. In the same way that VLDB became #BigData. And so the tech world turns in the great circle of life. Hakuna matata!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Seattle by Public Image Ltd. JK--Fact: John Lydon now resides in Marina Del Rey CA. Rotten weather doesn't become him

"The Rhyme of the Data Steward" ( ) JK--Data is dirty. Data is big. Governance shoddy. Not fit for a pig.

RT @mikeensormedia: "I am POSITIVE!".. "Ok. What about it?".. "uhhhh... Top 10 ways how to stay positive!!!".... "Wat...?" RT @jameskobielus

Actually, #bigdata DOES speak for itself. I checked. One of its hidden Vs is Vocal cords. Right there behind its tonsils. Look for yourself

Seems like half of everybody who wants me to follow them on Twitter are all-inspirational all the time. No thanks. Inspiration fatigue.

Bill Nye, th science guy ( ). Bill Nighy, th actor guy ( ). Same guy? You decide! The time is nigh

Whew! Finished all 5 of next week's quick-hits in record time. Not too shabby. Now, cup of coffee and next bunch of stuff to do.

Meaty metadata? Rich context is everything in security analytics ( ) Friday #IBM quicikhit in advance. Business travel

Meaty metadata? Rich context is everything in security analytics: 

Decision scientists? #BigData as evidence in building a business case ( ) Thurs #IBM qh in adv. Biz travel

Decision scientists? Big data as evidence in building a business case: 

Sexy statistics? Moneyball, quantified sport & analytical overkill ( ) Wed #IBM qh in advance. Personal day off tomorow

Sexy statistics? Moneyball, quantified sport, & analytical overkill: 

Experience optimization? Imaging analytics for behavioral targeting ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Experience optimization? Imaging analytics for behavioral targeting: 

Just bought and downloaded Kurt Vile's fine new LP, "Wakin on a Pretty Daze." Strong slightly languid rock songs a la Joseph Arthur

Writing next week's quick-hits earlier in the week than I normally do. I have a personal day off on Wednesday. Traveling Thurs-Fri

Have created an "unfollow pending" folder in my personal email. Moving e-newsletters I no longer or never read to it. Zap that crap in batch

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girl Called Alex by Kurt Vile from Wakin on a Pretty Daze JK--Note to self. Buy this LP tonight. Artist is superb.

As of this week, we'll hav successflly put both o our children thru college. That's not necesarily guarantee o success. But it's a milestone

Drafted new #IBM Dataversity blog: "#BigData Supports Development of a Visual Business Case."

"#BigData Needs Big Theory" ( ) JK--Huh? This isn't a "big data" issue. It's complexity theory ( )

"Flex-display smartphones just a 'novelty' 4 now" ( ) JK--Need all-flex componentry unless connect pieces via Bluetooth

Please stop referring 2 ordinary IT confs as "summits." They're the pinnacle of nothing. Nobody awaiting their communiques w/bated breath

I share out YouTubes of songs on FB for a personal productivity reason: I re-listen to my selections while I work. Keeps me in the zone.

"What if ‘mass media’ era just accidnt o history?" ( ) JK--Huh? Mass media = mass distribution not massive institutions

Surest way 2 get me 2 resist something spreading on Internet is 2 refer 2 it as "viral." Prefer 2 keep my consciousness clean from contagion

Yogi Berra's collection of quotes is a rich trove of logical fallacies & conceptual incongruities ( ). Funny too.

Mocking other people's voices is a tactic 4 objectifying those voices as emanating from outside yr head. Keeping them there. At a distance.

Hearing other people's voices in your head isn't necessarily a sign of insanity. First and always, it's a sign of society.
#BigData single version of the truth? Data-scientist bias may be unconscious (  ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

In the beginning (May 16 of last year), I produced short quick-hits. Fairly quickly, I expanded them to blog length. Full thoughts.

Coming up on 1st anniversary of quick-hits. Other than vacations I've delivered on every single working day. I pride myself on dependability

Listening to Welsh postpunk group Reptile Ranch from late 70s ( ). Members included Spike. Inspired by Scritti Politti

Listening to several from Spike (3 with Alison I'd heard before, two instrumentals I hadn't):  . Gorgeous Welsh folk

Listening to Bomb & Dagger ( ), politically-orientd UK jazz group that included members o Young Marble Giants & Weekend

Listening to "pirate" recording o Weekend '83 show at London's Ronnie Scott's ( ). Excellent. Better than "official" EP

Listening 2 Alison Statton & Spike live @ London's Jazz Cafe ( ). I have all these on "Tidal Blues" & "Maple Snow"

Happiness is turning stuff off and hiding other stuff in Facebook. I can breathe again. Don't have to slog thru page after page of crap.

"Efficient storage of billions of photos in Facebook" ( ) JK--Detailed layered IT discussion. Fascinating #bigdata

I've begun to enjoy Google+ quite a lot. Rich with fresh content. Nobody posts family stuff. Every social has a sweet spot. Different people

Rightwing wants 2 impeach Obama 4 Benghazi? Not only idiotic on facts. Political suicide. Say goodbye 2 any hope o getting blacks 2 vote GOP

One of my fellow yogis startld me th other day by touchin middle of my bak while was handsfree on eliptical. Felt like I might fall backward

Jewel had gr8 comment in recent interview about aging, to the effect that young wood grows fast but weak, mature wood grows slow but strong.

Dirty little secret: I love to sing along to Belinda Carlisle's solo hits: "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" & "Mad About You."

Benghazi. You can tell John Bolton is aroused when his 'stache gets extra-bristly.

Corny as it may sound, there should be a "Family Day" holiday when we celebrate whatever we find special about households we grew up in.

"Today" female on-air personalities crow about good-looking guy singer-dancers. If Matt Lauer commentd on hot chicks, holy hell'd break lose

Good WashPost piece on misconceptions re US child disappearances. Incidence dropping, finding them faster, miniscule ratio involve strangers

I can go longer periods without checking email and not worry about missing anything important.

Prince Harry appears to be a nice, well-adjusted individual. Surely he must be hiding some dirty secret. OK tabloids: have at him!

Did Leadbelly realize you shouldn't try to digest the element lead, that it's toxic? What? His real name was Ledbetter? Never mind.

I can't help but read social streams with a mental ledger of who hasn't yet responded to my direct questions. Loop closing means everything.

I'm literally turning off the TV rather than see a comedy sketch where some guy is bleeding profusely from acupuncture.

Watching Vampire Weekend do "Diane Young" on SNL. Ezra Koenig has the vocoder on his voice here too. Funny light show too--a rarity on SNL.

"Fox: New Evidence Hillary Killed Lincoln" ( )

Been playing with Google+. It truly comes alive in Android smartphone app. Best social network app I've ever seen. Damn sight better'n FB's

Games I've never seen anyone play in real life: tiddlywinks, jacks, hopscotch, marbles, kick the bucket, blind man's bluff, spin the bottle.

Dear Complete Stranger Getting Suspiciously Chatty-Social w/ Me Right Off the Bat on LinkedIn As Transparent Ploy to Sell Me Something: No!

"Banned 3D printed gun files will never truly vanish from the Web" ( ) JK--Or from people's heads. Not an obscure craft

"Indonesia 2 Keep Alive Forest Ban" ( ) JK--Article repeats outdated "like many Indonesians he goes by 1 name" nonsense

Q//Quadratic equations/represent extremely/compacted universes.

Benghazi. For the right, it's the new Whitewater. Or white whale.

Moist and green around our neighborhood. "Not just green," say the azaleas. 

Parade's Walter Scott Personality Parade asking Jennifer Garner how balance motherhood & stardom. No 1 thinks 2 ask Dad equiv question. Ben?