Friday, May 10, 2013

Aweekstweets May 5-10 2013: the week I switched to HootSuite

Busy week. Mostly switched 2 HootSuite, which I found doesnt do instant updates. Problematic on tweetchats, 4 which will still use TweetDeck

Under law IRS may deny tax-exempt status 2 any org whose purpose political--ie, influence outcome of elections. That's T-Party sole purpose

Anybody done comparative EEG study of musician brain pattern performing something vs. listening to recording of that specific performance?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Trick Pony by Charlotte Gainsbourg from Live on KEXP JK--Cool slimmed version of phat groove she & Beck did on "IRM"

RT @ibmcloud Storify recap o yesterday #cloudchat  cc @hmason @jameskobielus @ajbowles JK--My blog recap out very soon

"30 Most Influential Data Scientists on Twitter" (  ) JK--Made sure I'm following them all.

"Pundits: Stop Sounding Ignorant About Data" ( ) JK--Cites lame assumptions underpinning many casual commentators' POVs

Wish to thank Sonya L. Kobielus for midday snack o carry-out duck in gooey sweet sauce from Magic Wok. Her dear old dad is quacking with joy

"SOA and RESTful interfaces: When, why they should be combined" ( ) JK--Very good and detailed technical discussion

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet from Girlfriend JK--Nice piece of straight-ahead mid-90s indie-rock-n-indie-roll.

"Videodoop" ( ) JK--Cntnt-bsd vid srch #Hadoop #Xuggler ( ) Elasticsearch ( )

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Recap of IBM Twitterchat: The Rise of the Data Scientist"

"Using #BigData Intelligently: Four Types of Discovery Technology" ( ) JK--Good discussion by @marksmithvr

"A Very Short History o #BigData" ( ) JK--Interesting but not short or focused on db scaling. Just info explosion/glut

"Unlock creativity of your security team w/ #bigdata" ( ) JK--Good discussion o log analysis on large machine-data sets

"Facebook to design an open source switch" ( ) JK--Surprised they havent spawned open-source data science marketplace

"The Very First Website Returns to Web" ( ) JK--CERN reposted it. All textual. Historic. Drab ( )

No. #BigData does not make your butt look big. Please stop asking.

Now that #IBM created 1st stop-motion atomic-level animation (  ), I think sequel should be him dancing on head of pin

Information glut? Wearable sensors, analytics, & displays will open the floodgates: ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Information glut? Wearable sensors, analytics, & displays will open the floodgates: 

A test photo sent from Seesmic on my smartphone

First tweet sent from Seesmic on my Android smartphone.

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A9: Every important data-sci decision--what data,what variables, what affinities, what questions etc--is intution-based

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A9: All good scientists frame hypotheses frm educated hunches/intution grounded in, but not chained 2, past observation

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A8: A data journalist & data scientist R fundamentally same: build interpretive model (aka "story") based on facts/data

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A8: Nonfictional storytelling--aka "narrative" building--is essential in business 4 framing problem approach & outcomes

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A8: "Newspaper"? What's that? Digital journalists increasingly beefing up skillsets 4 statistical/visual storytelling

@ajbowles @cahaikes #cloudchat A7: Tomorrow's data scientists will pool expertise in opensource on-demand mkts bidding on competitive prizes

@ajbowles @cahaikes #cloudchat A7: Tomorrow's data scientists will have powerful collaboration environments enabling powerful co-modeling

@ajbowles @cahaikes #cloudchat A7: Closer to today, tomorrow's data sci will "factory" automate most data prep model govnance & deploy tasks

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A7: Tomorrow (e.g., 22nd century) data-sci'll have zettabyte-scale memory grids & quantm computng 4 awesome horsepower

@tinagroves @IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: Speaking of "data-driven journalism" & relevance to dat-sci, see my recent blog: 

@ChrisTheAnalyst @IBMcloud #cloudchat A5: Right. Basic stat & probability learned in college is fundamental, though not sufficient skill.

@hfryman #cloudchat A6: Yes. "richer sources of data" is the same as "all relevant data."

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A6: Up&coming data-sci needs MapReduce & R skills. Also couldn't hurt 2 NOT forget core SQL skills: the lingua franca

@ideasattjw #cloudchat A4: No. Simply need right data & right stat modling approch 2 do effective analysis. Dont always need big honkin data

@ibmcloud #cloudchat A4: 1) no specific cred perfectly suited 2 all data-sci scenarios 2) creds may B unnecessary if have core aptitudes

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: No "best" path. There are many valid paths: credentialed or uncredentialed, quantitative or analyst background

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A4: I addressed issue of data-sci credentials here ( ) & curriculum here ( )

@NeilRaden @tinagroves #cloudchat: A3: Yes. You don't need "big" data to do data science. Just need data, analytics, skills, tools, smarts

@hmason @NeilRaden #cloudchat A3: And for good reason: "quants" are just stat analysts. A good physicist is quant+ (physics) domain expert

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: Best data scientists should have both the stat/predictive analysis skills and subject-matter domain expertise.

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: Cloud understanding not directly relevant to data science. Clouds are simply data platforms. Not exploration tools

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A3: Basic skills of data scientists are discussed in my blog: 

@NeilRaden @tinagroves A2: Mathematicians are curious about patterns within number systems. Not necessarily in patterns within empirical sys

@tinagroves @NeilRaden A2: Mathematical or statistical skills alone aren't data science. Not unless used to find patterns in empirical data

@NeilRaden #cloudchat A2: Wall Street "quants" are applied data scientists: statistical & predictive analysts who build+test empirical modls

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A2: Many social-scientific fields (e..g, econometrics, epidemiology) are built data scientific (stat anal) methods

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A2: Data scientists key to confirming many "pure" science discoveries (e.g, Higgs Boson) that demand adv data analytics

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A2: Business-oriented data scientists find variables driving customer behavior, supply chain interactions, etc

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: Data scientist is scientist: building & testing models through (statistically) controlled observation of empir data

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: "Data scientist" is nouveau term encompassing diverse functions: stat analysis, predictive modl, data mining, etc

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: A "number cruncher of the past" is any1 doing stat analysis (e.g., in spreadsheet) where patterns may be on surface

@IBMcloud #cloudchat A1: A data scientist uses statistical analysis to uncover non-obvious patterns in data sets.

@ibmcloud #cloudchat Happy to be "here." Fire away with the questions: rise of the data scientist

"The Missing V’s in #BigData: Viability & Value" ( ) JK--Missing 4 good reason: in th V-word witness protection program

Gonna whip out my Oxford English Dictionary & see if I can find a #bigdata connection to every V-word coined since them old Saxon days.

Archaeolinguists have inferred core "ultraconserved" ancestral words. Ancestral "spit" sounds a lot like "ptui" ( )

"#BigData+ Microseismc Imgng Acceler8 Smrt Drillng Oil+Gas Revolutn" ( ) JK--What data mining uncovers fracking unlocks

"In a #BigData World, Don't Forget Experimentation" ( ) JK--Dont forget 2 read my blog on this ( )

"California may outlaw 3-D printed guns" ( ) JK--Good luck, but that's going to be nearly impossible to enforce.

"25 Definitions of #BigData" ( ) JK--All of them are too wordy. Big data is advanced analytics at extreme scale.

"Predictive Analytics in Campaign Management" ( ) JK--Nice crisp overview. Good graphic.

"More data isn't always better, says Nate Silver" ( ) JK--More namedropping this guy isnt always better. Enough already

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It Starts & Ends With U by The London Suede JK--One o best UK bands since Th Manchester Smiths & Th Liverpool Beatles

"10 Coolest Office Spaces" ( ) JK--Maybe I'm oldschool but I prefer beautiful outdoor view 2 juvenilia-clutterd indoors

"Flash analysis: smart watches" (  ) JK--Quantified self & biometric-sensing apps topped the consumer want list.

"Google Timelapse Shows How Earth Has Changed in 28 Yrs" ( ) JK--Powerful! See how Vegas growth impacted Lk Mead level

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girl Called Alex by Kurt Vile from Wakin on a Pretty Daze JK--Love the druggy burning emo quality of this one.

Last-ditch move o embattled despot is cut off Internet. Why not switch off food, water, & electricity while you're at it? See how goes over.

Wonderful. Finished all 5 quick-hits for next week. Each a meaty-enough blog in its own right.

Angers me when someone unilaterally takes away channels I've come to rely on. TweetDeck re Facebook. FIOS re several news channels.

Yes. It cross-posted to all of them from HootSuite. Adios,Twitter-only TweetDeck!

Testing whether this cross-posts from HootSuite to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

New #IBM jk blog: "Measuring the Business Value of #BigData" ( )

Big identity? Social graphs enable behavioral fingerprinting ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit.

Big identity? Social graphs enable behavioral fingerprinting: 

RT @IBMcloud: Today at 4pm ET: Join @hmason @jameskobielus @ajbowles for #cloudchat on The Rise of the Data Scientist 

Have written 4 of my 5 quick-hits for next week. Now shutting down the computer.

Charles Hardin "Bud(dy)" Holl(e)y ( )

Larry "Bud" Melman ( )

William W.D. "Bud" Prize ( )

Somebody who died a few months ago is "sharing" something on a social. What am I to make of that?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Business Time by Flight of the Concords frm Flt of th Concrds JK--W'hen I'm down to just one sock, it's LAUNDRY TIME!

Schaden Freud. Little-known brother who took special delight in seeing the high&mighty Sigmund ridiculed for that Oedipus Complex nonsense.

"CIA analyst predicts groovy #BigData world o future in 1962" ( ) JK--Put-on? CIA? 1962? "Far-out"? Orrin Clotworthy?

"Putting a price on information: The nascent field of infonomics" ( ) JK--Interesting thoughts from Gartner & Forrester

"66 job interview questions for data scientists" ( ) JK--If they fail 2 notice there R actually 77 questions, no offer

Quick! Think of even one invention that originated in a socialist nation during Soviet period that improved life on earth? Can't, can you?

"Fighting Words Against #BigData" ( ) JK--Warmed-over Marxist class-struggl hoohah 4 cyber age. Dialectical virtualism?

"What Type of Data Scientist are You?" ( ) JK--Deep role typology discussion. What's with the cats?

"Has #BigData Made Anonymity Impossible?" ( ) JK--Even if could control data, cant cntrl accurate inference from skimpy

"Anthrosegmentation: .." ( ) JK--Proposes term to refer to microsegmentation at individ customer level 4 deep engagemnt

In terms of "wearables," I don't need a watch. I'd like a fingerless "smart glove" with a flexible display embedded in the palm fabric.

"What should a data evangelist's tattoo slogan say?" ( ) JK--Would say "I'm an idiot for tattooing anything on my body"

New #IBM #SmarterPlanet jk blog: "The Rise of the Data Scientist in Smarter Planet" ( ) #cloudchat tomorrow 4-5pm ET

I'm suspicious when everybody around U crows constantly about how happy they are. People who feel need 2 declare happiness R hiding somethng

Forbes ranks world's happiest countries? ( ). Also among whitest nations on Earth. Somthng suspicious about this metric

Drafted new #IBM blog: "Data Scientist: Bias, Backlash, and Brutal Self-Criticism"

Drafted new InfoWorld article: "There is No Shortage of Business Data-Science Smarts"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's Who I Am by Neko Case from Ghost Brothers of Darkland County JK--When she returns to country, Neko shines

New #IBM jk #ITKE article: "#BigData trustworthiness needs independent vetting" ( )

Engaging customer as individual? The predictive power of modeling customer journeys: ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Engaging customer as individual? The predictive power of modeling customer journeys: 

RIP Ray Harryhausen. Coolest special-effects artist in Hollywood til Industrial Light & Magic (aka the "Star Wars" people) revolutionized it

Just started following uber-humorist @geneweingarten. Damn! Shouldn't have tweeted that. He might seek a restraining order.

Somebody you've never heard of is following you on some social you forgot you ever joined. Now that's influence!

New #IBM jk blog "Data scientists need a cloud sandbox" ( ) #cloudchat

RT @IBMcloud: Our panel for this Thursday's #cloudchat is pretty exciting (@hmason @jameskobielus @ajbowles):

The physical act of tearing an article out of a paper biz/tech publication and putting it in a pile helps me remember the subject matter.

Forgetting can be forgiving. The process of recalling the forgotten assigns a fresh emotional value to it. Hopefully one that's less barbed.

"Gray hair cure? Scientists find root cause of discoloration" ( ) JK--Topical treatment? Wish it could grow hair back

Drafted new #ITKE blog: "New blog: "#BigData Trustworthiness Needs Independent Vetting"

New #IBM #SmarterAnalytics jk blog: "Ambient Analytics: Will Wearable Gadgets Open the Floodgates to Glut?" ( )

@MikeEnsorMedia Hitchens was famous 4 being able 2 "hold" his copious liquor intake while writing lucid prose with total recall at top speed

"How #BigData can help in meeting big energy needs" ( ) JK--Crisp overview of role from exploration to consumption

Muscular tension in the face, head, neck, & shoulders dilutes mental concentration. That's why I practice conscious relaxation. I zone2think

Saw story about "face yoga," with people contorting expressions 2 fend off wrinkles. My blank expressions R simply me relaxing those muscles

I enjoyed the late Christopher Hitchens' book "Mortality," soberly, non-sentimentally, & analytically contemplating his own impending demise

Bob Zurek, moderator of my panel at #TieCON last week, joked there's petabyte-scale big-data cluster somewhere full of #bigdata definitions

What if one of the 7 habits of highly effective professionals is to avoid reading about the 7 habits of highly effective professionals?

Onion Twitter Password Changed To OnionMan77 ( ) via @TheOnion JK--Also thanks to @graemeknows

"The Onion Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army" ( ) JK--Curious how real @TheOnion will self-satirize this

"Steve Jobs orderd Apple ads off Fox News" ( ) JK--Misunderstanding. Mktg spend on "insanely gr8" channels not "insane"

Analysts who cover high-tech as just vendor jockeying in horserace overlook fact that most horses remain on the track & settle down to mate

"I personally think we developed language because of our deep need to complain." - Lily Tomlin

"How to nab a data scientist job" ( ) JK--How do you "nab" a job? Especially a highly skllled one like this? Nab-otism?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Spark by Fitz and the Tantrums from More Than Just A Dream JK--2013. Has feel of a major radio hit. Will it happen?

Big BI? Measuring the business value of #bigdata ( ) Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big BI? Measuring the business value of big data: 

Sir Lord Comic "The Great Wuga Wuga" ( ) JK--Cool ska shuffle from mid-60s Jamaica. Equal parts rap, R&B, reggae, DJ.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Waking Dream by Bleeding Rainbow from Yeah Right JK--2013. New band. Cool Lush-like rock sound.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hypocrite by Lush from Split JK--1994. The 90s were the golden age of great women's rock bands.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Just a Creep by Dum Dum Girls from Only in Dreams JK--Another great rocker from these girls.

RT @IBMcloud IBM's @jameskobielus & analyst @ajbowles will B joining #cloudchat 2 discuss "Rise of th Data Scientist" 

Spoke to a regional business journalist about #bigdata. General stuff. She was under crazy deadline. Hope what I said helped her.

I'd like to see a garage band with big dreams have the gonads to name the band "Tomorrow's Supergroup."

@BrianG_Jasper Currently, yes. I was tweeting a proposal how they or others might design a better product.

Google Glass would be cooler & less conspicuous if it they were mirror shades that projected the images on the inward lens faces.

RT @Dineshdesilva: Concentration is at the root of mental mastery #Twitterportance JK--What? Huh? Could you repeat that? I was distracted.

Oreo cookies. Childhood comfort snack memory. Didnt intend for this 2 B a commercial endorsement. Not being compensated. Bought the cookies

Google Glass and Apple iWatch. For those ancient comic-reading geeks who still aspire to be the new Clark Kent or super-improved Dick Tracy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Samhljomur by Asgeir Trausti from the album Dyrd i daudapogn JK--Sounds like Bon Iver singing in Sigur Ros tongues

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp GMF (Greatest Living Creature) by John Grant from Pale Green Ghosts JK--Radio-clean version. Dirty version has 'MF"

Cellphone is 40 years old. In 1985, I wrote that it'd doom payphone industry. My telecom trade assn employer wouldnt publish that prediction

Hybrid #bigdata architectures: What’s next in big data  by @jameskobielus

"Careful: Your #bigdata analytics may be polluted by data scientist bias" ( ) JK--All of this is true. None is news

"The Happiest People Pursue the Most Difficult Problems" ( ) JK--Sustained inner joy makes burdens lighter. Spirit.

"Classifying ubiquitious images into emotion for targeted ad campaign" ( ) JK--Pupil-widening video sentiment analytics

I'm going to hold off on adopting Google Glass till they embed it in a contact lens.

"How will we measure the internet of things?" ( ) JK--How 2 scope market in order to measure IoT solution/svc revenues?

"Fast DB Emerges frm MIT Class GPUs & Student Invention" ( ) JK--MapD. Quotes Sam Madden, was on panel with me last wk

"Bringing ‘#BigData’ to Horse Racing" ( ) JK--"Psst--I got 5 petabytes riding on a little filly in the 6th at Hialeah."

"The Value of #BigData Isn't the Data" ( ) JK--Human insight at machine scale 2 auto-generate narrative o data insights

"Data Analysis Should Be a Social Event" ( ) JK--"Co-creative" data exploration

"Lacking NoSQL standards more dangerous than proprietary vendor lock-in?" ( ) JK--Same thing: proprietary = lock-in

Offered marketing advice for startups at #TiECon last week. Engaging with influencers. Focusing message.Respect them. Don't become "frenemy"

What if happiness is something that depends on eluding measurement? Targeting me with stuff that ostensibly makes me happy makes me nervous

Catching up after a week away from the office. I just print out all the new stuff first. Sort it all. Catch my breath. Make a cup of tea.

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "The Next Big “H” in #BigData: Hybrid Architectures" ( )

New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia post: "Shopping Happiness is Bursts of Spontaneity Within The Routine" ( )

#Hadoop uber-alles? Beyond SQL over Hadoop ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Hadoop uber-alles? Beyond SQL over Hadoop: 

TweetDeck soon won't support Facebook. And I won't support TweetDeck. Looking for alternative that allows me to cross-post tweets to FB.

Last night's "Doc Martin" had straggly hair-eating oldguy character with name "Ted Nugent." That detail droppd matter-of-factly into plot.

Habits R usually pleasures. Ridding oneself of a habit oftn involves settling into new pleasures that distract U from th old, lessening grip

Toxins. Everybody keeps talking about some bad thing called "toxins" in our bodies that we need 2 rid ourselves of. Not specific enough 4 me

It's actually very important to engage people in face2face small talk that's not rushed. Otherwise, you have no clue what they are feeling.

Wife& l'll vacation in Turkey l8 in yr. Will become fluent & assimil8d in Turkish so in our week there no one'll think us "foreign tourists"

Celebrity culture is a weird parallel universe. Humans who live factual lives out in public pursuing careers that revolve around fiction.

The pace of new entrants to the #Hadoop vendor market seems to have slowed. Sure sign of a maturing niche.

Quantified self. To the extent you use metrics to tune self-biofeedback, all for the better. If for pure narcissism, less so.