Saturday, July 20, 2013

Aweekstweets July 13-20 2013: the week I reminisced about my AFSCME days

The pace of new follows on Facebook is very slow. The pace on LinkedIn faster. On Twitter: faster still. Far more promiscuous a social.

Wife mixed tall Long Island Iced Tea that we're both sharing here at home. Tall cup. We alternate on same straw. Two-straw'd b more romantic

Did a Whole Foods run today over in Springfield. The samples were good & the sample-slingers really got into it. One lady romanced a...

Hugh Jackman. Waiting for the day he lets himself go. So we can call him Huge Assman.

Tabloidosphere has oversaturated Kate/William baby coverage to the point it seems like she's already delivered. FYI, she hasn't yet.

On sofa listening to today's hits. Like (in descending order): Macklemore, Jay-Z, Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez.

Supermodels. At what point did this master race of emaciated runway-dominatrices exterminate the indigenous lesser models?

I've come to the conclusion that people use the f-word far more often in the movies than in real life. In practically every sentence in some

New #IBM jk blog: "How Can We Measure the Risks of #BigData?" ( )

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. Actually, El Gordo looks good in loose all-white. Demassifies his profile. Blinding!

@Viktor_MS discussing "dictatorship of data" on #BigDataBytes ( ). See my June blog on that ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Paper Planes by MIA from Kala JK--I consider her the Sarah Silverman of hiphop. Cute little-girl voice dripping acid.

Countdown 2 #BigDataBytes videochat w/ @Viktor_MS on #BigData revolution. Join in 25 minutes! 

Drafted latest #Dataversity blog: "Social Data Quality Will Take Back Seat to Data Relevance"

"Detroit’s demise was decades in the making" ( ) JK--Good to see Detroit-native Keith Richburg POV. I knew him at UMich

Finished all 5 quick-hits for next week. Pushed my head further into fundamental computer science, from exascale all-in-memory big-data POV

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Girlfriend in a Coma by The Smiths from Strangeways, Here We Come JK--Morrissey's most classic acid kiss-off song.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash from Live @ Folsom Prison JK--Wow! Confesses 2 shooting man in Reno & watching die

"Businesses moving to cloud storage despite significant reservations" ( ) JK--Security concerns persist.

"Datafication of business." At first, the term "datafication" made me gag. But actually rolls off the tongue as succinct expression of trend

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A New England by Kirsty MacColl from The One and Only JK--Billy Bragg song. Her covers were better than the originals

One of my #IBM colleagues recently, as music-festival volunteer in Ottawa, chauffeured Zooey Deschanel (She & Him). Up close, fame vanishes

Subscribe online 2 IT pubs. Pulldowns. Careful not click country as "United Arab Emirates" or "Uganda." United States of America is between

Thinking of changing my name to "There." So much faux-intimate spam addresses me as "Hi There!" Apparently, I look like a "There." So be it

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Liars Beware by Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Spurts: The Richard Hell Story JK--Surprisingly light on punky feet!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ngiculela Es Una Historia I Am Singing by Stevie Wonder from Songs in Key o Life JK--Gr8 one. Thanks Larry Mizell Jr

Big Media? Storage optimization even more critical at this scale ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Big Media? Storage optimization even more critical at this scale: 

Jack Handey's bewilderment at former SNL writer colleague Al Franken becoming a senator: "It's like hearing Mark Twain had become a florist"

Detroit's bankruptcy filing. Long overdue. Place needs to be radically restructured at all levels. I know it too well to harbor illusions.

Richard Hell writes in WSJ about his East Village "tenement apartment." Been in same rent-controlled (ie landlord-neglected) dump since 1975

At this point Virginia Gov. McDonnell should simply resign. He+wife have accepted so many questionable "gifts" that his credibility is kaput

Majority of Americans supports fortifying Mexican border. Absurd insult to a neighbor nation that has never once waged war against the USA.

I luv spam that addresses me as "my dearest." I always dreamt my soulmate would be an artificial contrivance with no actual soul.

Northern Ireland Bureau. Represents interests of that devolved UK realm in North America. The lady explained well. I grabbed an info folder

Twice today I switched between Metrorail cars mid journey. AC nonoperational in some. Swelterin!

Good roundtable on #bigdata applicability to dementia research. Supersmart highly influential participants. I learned a lot.

Have written 4 of next week's 5 quick-hits. One on vehicular IoT apps for driver experience. Calling them "fahrvergn├╝gen optimization"

"Belly dancing math" ( ) JK--Non-boring title o followup 2 "Structuredness coefficient 2 find patterns & associations"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp While You Were Sleeping by Elvis Perkins from Ash Wednesday JK--"They hung young Cain from the Adam tree."

Speaking this PM on panel w/ Sir Mark Walport (chf UK sci advsr) at N.Ireland Bureau WashDC ( ) on #bigdata & dementia

Probably just summer deep in its doldrums. But most of today's commentary on the socials feels like reruns. Everybody's head's in a hammock

Every day. Somebody I've never heard of emails me a request to help them. Doesn't tell me what's in it for me. Delete.

Meaty metadata? SPARQL deserves a second look for big-data query standard ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Meaty metadata? SPARQL deserves a second look for big-data query standard: 

Nice again to have my bare feet back on the cool floor of my basement office. For me at work, physically, it's home plate. Pitch it!

"'Superman' crystals could store 360TB of data forever" ( ) JK--Perfect for multitemperature storage mgt (yuk yuk).

On Delta flights with entertainment, I frequently space on LPs--notably Zero 7's greatest collection: "Record." Perfect mellow atmospherics!

Met fellow #IBM-er and ex- #Forrester analyst Brian Hill at Silicon Valley Lab. Didn't realize he was with us. Great to reconnect.

"Analysts see room 4 growth on #Hadoop, other '#bigdata' technologies" ( ) JK--Article's 2 years old. Cites prior me

"How to use a graph database to solve #BigData problems" ( ) JK--Cool discussion of graph data structure in nature.

Karma. It's a predictive model on the supernatural plane.

""What’s Yr Social-Media Genotype?" ( ) JK--Fixed set o personal interests describes/predicts behavior on social nets

"The hot new technology in #BigData is decades old: SQL" ( ) JK--Good market overview includes #IBM BigSQL

"Why #BigData will never beat business intuition" ( ) JK--Interesting POV. And John Henry was a steel-drivin' man!

"Social media analytics: are we nearly there yet?" ( ) JK--Discusses challenges assessing quality of this intelligence

"IoT may drive U nuts before it makes things better" ( ) JK--Dont make us reboot our fridge as often as Windows

"Bill Gates on future of...just about everything" ( ) JK--Sez climate change models fit historical, not very predictive

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Google search shows ALincoln, FNietzche, PDrucker, AKay, & SJobs all coined this

"Big Brother." It's essentially the paranoiac mindset that sees nothing but censors and sensors everywhere.

"Data Sci & Semmelweis Reflex" ( ) JK--Nothing like Heimlich Maneuver. Reject new data cuz conflicts w/received wisdom

@kfalconspb What Louis CK didn't mention is that your "chariot in the sky" is no fun if you're squished like cargo w/no view of Earth.

Delta is good! They just gave me 500 bonus miles plus free drink coupon to apologize for yesterday's middle-seat discomfort. Thanks Delta!

People comment how ridiculous it was that Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees. But he was there for simple reason: Micky dug Hendrix.

Political rhetoric. Why is calling for simple majority vote "nuclear" (ie, extremist)? And what gives GOP the nerve to lecture on extremism?

Security o #bigdata? Implementing trustwrthy MpReduce infrastructur fundamental ( ) Wed #IBM qh in adv. Travel tomorrow

Security of big data? Implementing trustworthy MapReduce infrastructure is fundamental: 

Santa Cruz CA. That winding highway through the mountains up from San Jose is one of the scariest busy roads I've ever driven.
Social sentiment as valuable market intel? It's easy to squander it through naive interpretations ( ) Tuesday #IBM q-h

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? It's easy to squander it through naive interpretations: 

When's that drink cart coming? I need something to dull the pain of Mr. Nexttomecontinualpenclicking.

Having tons of fun in the middle seat in coach in a cross-country flight. Tons of it.

@melizeche I just made it public. Thanks

Business travel is an oddly calming experience for me. Even thru all the travel hassles, I stay centered. Mostly on my own.

@melizeche I just did. Anybody can follow my FB ( )

Another approach is to say #bigdata IS advanced analytics at extreme scale, hence IS NOT basic analytics (i.e., BI) at traditional scale

My Facebook post on "what #bigdata is NOT" ( ). Just bullet points. Not a blog or quick-hit.

I've addressed "what big data is NOT" question by adapting some thoughts from my 2012 "big-data mythbusting" blogs. See my FB for details.

Microsoft Bob. IMHO it would have succeeded if they'd asked Bob Newhart to voice the cute little doggy.

Corpse flower at US Botanic Garden. Everyone waiting for it to open and stink. I'm waiting for it to say "feed me Seymour!"

DCA recorded robo-announcements. Repetition accentuates qualities I deem prissy, insincere, and/or patronizing. All in my mind?

Someone asked for a list of everything #bigdata is NOT. Something tells me it's a futile task.

Drafted latest #IBM jk blog: "#BigData: How Can We Measure the Risks?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bagboy by Pixies from single JK--2013. I'm not a Pixies geek, but I like this as much as any of their classic stuff

"Increasing Meaninglessness of Data-Metadata Distinction" ( ) JK--Metadata is data (that describes other data).

"20 Inspiring #BigData Visualization Examples" ( ) JK--Cool and useful, all of them.

"Structuredness coefficient to find patterns..." ( ) JK--Ignore the boring headline. Dig the mesmerizing visualizations

"Kaggle now has 100K data scientists, but what’s a data scientist?" ( ) JK--Lowering bar of skills required to compete?

"Data Cleanup: #BigData Can Pose Big Risk" ( ) JK--Common retention period, filtering criteria, intelligent indexing

"Data, Metadata & the Assumption of Quality" (  ) JK--Alludes to "relevance" rather than accuracy o social intelligence

With the fascination 4 "moneyball" & all that, it's only a matter of time before sportsfans start assembling Fantasy Data Scientist Leagues!

I can't believe people in the whateverosphere still parsing distinctions among data insight intelligence knowledge wisdom. Give it a rest!

Graph analysis? Identifying moving targets demands #bigdata & fancy math ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Graph analysis? Identifying moving targets demands big data & fancy math: 

A good day gallivanting and touristing around DC. Ended it with a little Whole Foods action in Arlington. Places jumps on a Sunday.

Future visions of the past? I suspect they'll re-imagine us as knuckle-dragging morons who imagined that our lame gadgets were "smart."

Flying cars have always been insane dream. Not only would they B incredibly dangerous to "drive," imagine the air traffic control nightmares

Jetsons. Cartoon's tech "vision" was entirely based on advances in avionics + robotics. Not electronics. Not materials. Not life sciences

Why U should care about multicloud ( …) JK--Good Linthicum piece on challenges o bridging myriad public & private clouds

Scientists create liquid metal structures with 3D printer ( …) JK--Lithium-ion batteries the size of grain of sand. Cool

WashPost review of US airline hijackings of 1960s & early 1970s. 9/11 was a tragic anomaly. Tight airport security has made huge difference.

Why is it said outrageous events among the living might cause the departed to "turn over in their graves"? Too ashamed to face coffin lid?

I like lying on the floor with my head and knees slightly elevated. Puts my back muscles at absolute peace.

Rewatching Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino" with my guests. The Asian-Americans are realistic in their portrayal of family dynamics.

Lying here processing my seconds of Vietnamese eggrolls. Socializing with family & friends at home. I'm on the sofa relaxing.

Android on the Samsung smartphone is annoying, hard to find stuff I need.

I think it's important that we romanticize every last square inch of the places where we grew up. They don't make dirt like that anymore.