Friday, July 05, 2013

Aweekstweets June 28 to July 5 2013: the week I paraphrased Shakespeare (

Star magazine. Tabloid displays worst possible photos of beautiful people. Should spinoff "Celebrity Food Poisoning": them puking guts out.

Social media is a hype-free zone. You're free to hype, the hype travels freely, and most of it is free of charge.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield from Curtis JK--1970. Great upbeat funk-soul-pop!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Teenage Rampage by Sweet from The Best of Sweet JK--Semi-forgotten but kinda cool early 70s glam-rock group

"Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden" ( ) JK--Suggests honeymoon in airport smoker lounge

"There’s More Than One Kind of Data Scientist" ( ) JK--This reshuffling/retitling of responsibilities feels out-o-whack

"Cloud Computing Experts Detail #BigData Security & Privacy Risks" ( ) JK--Excellent detailed discussion.

Quantum mechanics. Physicists have determined that dark matter is the WD-40 in the universal mechanism.

"How algorithms rule the world" ( ) JK--Disagree. World not ruled by strict rule sequences. Rules improvised as we go.

"Unanticip8d Consequences o Frictionlss Mobile Experience" ( ) JK--Easier customer feedback from th pent-up disgruntled

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp See It My Way by Mikal Cronin from MCII JK--2013. New rocker I'm starting to groove to.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Gotta Get a Hold of Myself by The Zombies from Singles Collection: A's & B, 1964-69 JK--Gr8 one'd I'd never heard B4

During long summer spells such as this, my dehumidifier is my very bestest buddy here down in the cool dungeon I call my basement office.

Hoping that astronomers will discover the Klingon & Romulan home exoplanets. But must train their telescopes on the visibly evil spectrum

NBCNews reports Gandolfini left most of his estate to his kids. Why exactly is that news you put in a headline? As opposed to 100% expected?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Teardrop by Massive Attack from Collected JK--How many of you, like me, hear the metronome tick as drops dripping?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Might Be Wrong by Radiohead from Amnesiac JK--IMHO, "Amnesiac" is "Kid A Pt 2." Masterpiece split across 2 LPs!

Workload-optimized systems? Supercomputers may or may not be super for big-data workloads ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Workload-optimized systems? Supercomputers may or may not be super for big-data workloads: 

Jose Feliciano "Star-Spangled Banner" ( ) JK--1968. Live. Detroit. Tiger Stadium. World Series G5. Awesome rendition!

Always have my tablet on when reading paper news, mags, & books. Annoys me when authors don't include maps.& photos of all places & people

WSJ on explosion o spliced musical genres: hick-hop, folk metal, Celtic gospel, etc. How incongruous must hybrid B 2 constitute new "genre"?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Rise by Doves from Lost Souls JK--Goose-pimple atmospherics from this UK rock trio. I bought their gr8st collection.

Giant pandas? You call those giant? Where are the truly gigantic pandas, 100'-tall saber-toothed breathing fire? What's China holding back?

Mowed the lawn. A success. By that I mean I wasn't stung. I've had a few memorably nasty incidents in my yard over the years.

Looking forward to having Egidia's sister Euphrosina here. May fly here from Netherlands tomorrow. Contemplating road trip to NYC. Friends.

A pleasant 4th. Totally spacing out on my sofa. My bro Dan called to say he may visit in a few weeks time. We had a good talk about Detroit.

We need a national holiday called "Civil Rights Day." So we can salute what truly makes America great and worth defending.

You wouldn't worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do. ―E Roosevelt

Bought & downloaded Camera Obscura "Desire Lines" LP. My 4th straight from them. It rolls beautifully song to song in their classic style

"Beware o Beauty Overload: Adaptive Eye of Beholder" ( ) JK--Disagree. Yr beauty standard snaps back 2 population mean

RIP Douglas Engelbart. One of the principal developers of computing stuff we now take for granted: GUI, mouse, bitmapped displays, etc.

Honestly, I've never met a single person named John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. What's with all these pretenders?

I love closed-caption garbles on live newscasts. "Gun culture" rendered as "gun cull Cher." Actually, I've long imagined her a gun moll.

News is that Egypt military ousted Morrissey. Apparently, his moping & pouting got on everybody's nerves. Johnny Marr rumored next in line.

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. Fake sign: "Capacidad: 140 personas o Raul de Molina." El Gordo, de veras

"Retired PE Teachr Wears Same Outfit for 40 Years o Yearbook Portrait" ( ) JK--Fun fact: wore continuously for 40 years

"Berkeley Data Analytics Stack" ( ) JK--Integr8s interactive queries, batch, & stream processing. #Spark #Shark #Mesos

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Desire Lines by Deerhunter from Halcyon Digest JK--One of the best relentless pounding rock-n-roll builds of all time

"Why #BigData Will Make Semantics Feasible & Semantix Make BD Worthwhile" ( ) JK--Good discuss o RDF 4 rich BD metadata

"Phone Call That Changed Face of #BigData" ( ) JK--Best thing about article is graphic showing YARN vis-a-vis MapReduce

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fifth In Line to the Throne by Camera Obscura from Desire Lines JK--I got their last 3 LPs. This one too probably

Bear Grylls. The one survival skill he still lacks is grilling a bear. He gets squeamish, mistakingly associating it with cannibalism.

"Can Tesla & Google Glass eventually bring heads-up display to car?" ( ) JK--Dangerous new form of distracted driving?

Hey fellow pundits out in prognosticatorland: stop proclaiming that everything will change everything. Nothing but God can change everything

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco JK--WGuthrie lyric. In 1930s, had LA "hillbilly" radio show. Lived: Echo Park

RIP James Martin. Ex-#IBM-er. Author of an astounding 104 tech books. Longtime IT industry guru. Very influential computer-science visionary

"ML Recom Sys 2 Aid n Product ID 4 Obamacare Mktplaces" ( ) JK--I made similar proposal n Apr (  )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Afraid of Americans by David Bowie from Earthling JK--Must remember not to sneak up on David and scream "BOO!"

"6 Tips for Media Storage in #BigData World" ( ) JK--Media needs uninterrupted access 2 smaller numbers o massive files

"Mainstream Enterprises Dive Into Silicon Valley #BigData Timewarp" ( ) JK--All now "doing what SV doing 5 years ago"

Some say 90% of the world's data was created in the past 2 years. I say 90% of the world's wisdom was created in past 2000 years. Mine it!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp North American Scum by LCD Soundsystem from Sound of Silver JK--James Murphy vocal is mock-ironic-snotty-punk great!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp When a Fire Starts To Burn by Disclosure from Settle JK--Hiphop song's rhythmic repetition of its title induces alarm

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heroes by David Bowie JK--I don't want to swim like dolphins can swim. Nor do I want to perform at SeaWorld like them

Wednesdays rarely feel like Fridays. I'll work Friday so I'm wondering what Friday'll feel like. Probably like Friday. A double-Friday week

Drafted my latest #IBMDataMag article: "#BigData's Potential in Helping To Secure the Internet of Things"

ID management will play a role in the Internet of Things. But please don't reduce it to the acronym "IDIoT." Please.

Van Morrison "Almost Independence Day" ( ) JK--Great Brit-folkie one very "Astral Weeks"-y from "St. Dominic's Preview"

New #Dataversity #IBM jk article: "Internet of Things May Disrupt Predictive Analytics in #BigData Clouds" ( )

Regina, Saskatchewan. Sign as you enter town should say "don't blush--we pronounce it that way--get over it."

Meaty metadata? Bridging quantitative and qualitative analyses ( ) Wednesday #IBM q-h. No q-h tomorrow (4th of July)

Meaty metadata? Bridging quantitative and qualitative analyses: 

Ella F. & Louis A. "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" ( ) JK--Fun fact: in real life they pronounced "potato" th same way

RT @ibmcloud: IBM's @mac_devine on SoftLayer, big data, and open standards in 4.5 minutes [VIDEO] 

"Why is it so wet in Washington DC?" ( ) JK--Fairly rainy June. Grass still green & growing in July. Unusual for us.

Tysons Corner Center. McLean VA. The only enclosed shopping mall in Northern Virginia that I actually enjoy hanging at. Where the stores are

Whoever's programming the overhead music at Panera Tyson's Corner today is good. By "good," I mean consistent with MY tastes (songs I tweet)

Wrote all 5 quick-hits for next week. Brain needs to decompress. Waiting for girls to come back from shopping. Lord & Taylor, or something.

New #IBM jk blog: "Data Scientist: Master the Basics, Avoid The Most Common Mistakes" ( )

"Yoga in public schools is exercise not religion" ( ) JK--Nope. Down dog = prayer to 3-headed dog guarding gate 2 Hades

At 1st glance, I thought email contained word "heteroscedasticity." Was wrong. But made me look up meaning, in case ( )

Land Of The Loops "Multi-Family Garage Sale [Bargain-Bin Mix]" ( ) JK--Oddly disorienting mix.. "Where are we anyway?"

"Eclipse Launches v.4.3 w/ #BigData, #BI, Usability Support" ( ) JK--"Kepler" supports BIRT #Hadoop #MongoDB #Cassandra

"Winklevoss twins will secure bitcoins like gold -- in vaults" ( ) JK--Should change 1st names to Winkledee & Winkledum

A quiet early July morning. Many people on vacation. Or chilling in advance of 4th of July. Me: I'm using the time 2 catch up on lotsa stuff

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (Keep Feeling) Fascination (extended version) by The Human League JK--Luv the deliberately cheesy light synth on this

I never follow a tweeter who appears to have an emoticon in their handle or profile. Either purely bogus or insufferably precious.

Stream computing? In-motion analytics are core of the Internet of Things revolution ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Stream computing? In-motion analytics are core of the Internet of Things revolution: 

D'ya lie?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All I Want by Joni Mitchell from Blue JK--1971. One of the most influential singer-songwriters of all time.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Firecracker by Frazey Ford from Obadiah JK--2010. Sounds like a nervous Feist channeling Buffy Sainte-Marie.

"#BigData Security Analytics: It Takes a Village" ( ) JK--Good discuss o need 4 canned algos, deep intel, & automation

Happy Canada Day to our friends north of the border. Or, as we think of it in the States, Fourth of July Eve Eve Eve.

"This is not yr father’s database industry" ( ) JK--U dont say. My Dad's career w/ Sperry predated th database industry

Makes me giggle when Seattle issues "heat alert" cuz temp's approaching 90 fahrenheit. Folks, come bake in th original Washington in summer!

@electriceskimo Actually, my advice to skip halfway thru is example of "guided analytics" (I bookmark) not "data governance" (I don't edit)

"#BigData Makes 4 Smarter Risk Mgt" ( ) JK--"Beauty o Big Data analytics is..reveal opportunity cost o not taking risk"

"How Machine Learning Helps People Make Babies" ( ) JK--No, this is not Huxley's "Brave New World." It's data analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Roscoe by Midlake from Trials of Van Occupanther JK--Good song, but how can being named "Roscoe" impact productivity?

"Data Governance and #BigData" ( ) JK--Skip to halfway thru for the meat of the discussion.

Amazing (or disturbing). Everybody that Twitter suggests is "like" some person I'm following is in fact someone I'm already following.

Weird moment when you're informed that somebody whom U know passed away "shares" a pic on SchoolFeed, & you didn't even go to school w/them

Tweeting is like deep breathing exercise 4 thought leadership. Warms the blood & muscles. Preps 4 th strenuous asanas & vinyasas of analysis

Data-scientist skillsets? Robust replication across independent data & scientists: ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Robust replication across independent data & scientists: 

When I hear that something's "jaw-dropping," I wonder whether there'll be an uptick in visits to oral surgeons.

Julian Assange. He looks like a babyfaced but gray and humorless cousin of Bill Maher.

"Citizen scientist." Why is word "citizen" even necessary? It's not a civic responsibility. It engages with a global community & posterity

RT @MeghanMBiro: Is Engagement On Twitter Dead? ( ) JK--Not yet, but marriage on Twitter still not legal in most states

WashPost article sez the older you get the more TV sucks away your time. For me, it's been the opposite trend. I look at listings & yawn.

A huge ugly bloody splotch sprawls across the southwestern US & northwestern Mexico in WashPost weather map. Code Red indeed!

RT @NatGeo: Image of two galaxies resembles a penguin guarding its egg ( ) JK--Apparently, the universe is our...

My response to robocalls is a robo-flipoff followed by a robo-hangup.

@peteswabey What's driving the move 2 more data-driven analytics in ad placement optimization? The power to finetune messages for max impact

RT @laughbook: Screw love... I'd rather fall in chocolate.

I've resolved to learn every last feature of every last app on every one of my computers & gadgets. Otherwise, I'm a total loser in life.

Wife and I are finding that the chilled hard cider, made from Virginia apples, is a perfect summer evening drink. It has that kick!

Steve Miller Band "Take the Money & Run." Billy Mack "makes his living off other people's taxes." What? Texas cops don't pay taxes?

Civil War re-enactments. Notice that those pretendng 2 B Confederates arent reenacting th abominable institution they were fighting 2 defend

Note 2 self: take real-world social net graph, opaque identities & relationships, concoct fictional overlay, write up as novel. Or epic myth

Week free trial at a gym other than our usual. They keep music on Sirius XM classic rock channel. Such a good mix I ease into my routine.

RT @StevenLevy Yahoo shutting down Alta Vista Like getting invitation 2 funeral o some1 U thought died 10 years ago …

Life is a string of mornings. Each one's a reboot of previous day. Often, there's a process that terminated abruptly, left threads hanging

Grass-fed burgers? Don't give me that nonsense. Burgers don't eat grass. They're strictly cannibalistic. They only eat other burgers.

"Remarkable Properties o Mythological Social Nets" ( ) JK--Stat modl shows Iliad&Beowulf probably bsd on real societies

I assign myself each week's quick-hit topics with just a dim idea of what I'll say. I develop each point of view rapidly. So it'll smoke.

But looking back through Dylan's massive discography, of the many songs I've heard, it's hard to find a true stinker. He's amazing.

Rolling Stone asks "what's Dylan's worst song?" & gets flamed by zealots. I'm total Dylan fan but've never dug "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"