Friday, July 26, 2013

Aweekstweets July 20-26 2013: the week of living Carlos Dangerously

Drafted my next #IBMDataMag article: "How Will Supercomputing Evolve in the Era of #BigData?"

Robocall said "please stay on the line for an important call from Newt Gingrich." Talk about excellent reasons 2 hang up with extreme force!

Saw "Django Unchained" last night on DVD. Tarantino's the American Hitchcock. Genre unto himself. Accessible/commercial but boundary-pushing

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things" ( )

All in memory? Exascale #bigdata in-memory platforms will demand new programming paradigms ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

All in memory? Exascale big-data in-memory platforms will demand new programming paradigms: 

RIP Virginia Johnson. Female half of Masters & Johnson scientific research team that starting in 1950s began 2 dissect human sexual response

Fox News' background remains deep blue. Odd for them. Subliminal attempt to influence those states? Not working.

VH-1 should do 1-job-wonder retrospect on all no-name LA-area singr-actor-comedian commentators on its retros + genuine hasbeen Mark McGrath

If I could B any Beatle which would it B? One of the surviving. Ringo's my height but th other's richer knighted southpaw James. No contest.

Drafted 4 o nxt wk's 5 quick-hits. Most involve me getting head around fresh scientific research. Stretching it. Sweating I dont misconstrue

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp GMF by John Grant JK--Suspense = wondering if DJ put on "gr8st living creature" or career-ending "gr8st m*f*" version

Google Glass. It's essentially a single-lens bifocal. I don't like bifocals. Especially not ones that unbalance my field of view.

Spirit is like an electromagnetic field emanating from the soul. It arranges the iron filings in the bloodstream of the world around you.

""At Netflix, #bigdata can affect even littlest things" ( ) JK--Hints how thoroughly BD revolutionizing TV experience

"A Reference Model for Systems of Engagement and Systems of Record" ( ) JK--Good framework, taxonomy, & definitions.

"Evolution of Enterprise Data Warehouse, Starring #Hadoop" ( ) JK--Good trends overview. Interviews #IBM @nancykoppdw

"New #IBM Sw...Exceptional Digital Experiences" ( ) JK--Mobile, analytix & opt'zn, omnichan media create, social IntrXn

Feds raid medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state, where it's legal. Curious if "states rights" zealots'll address this absurdity

In mathematical sense, the # of tasks awaiting me right now = finite positive integer. But set feels infinite cuz upper-side unbounded

Internet of Things? Vehicular analytics will deliver "fahrvergn├╝gen optimization": 

"Carlos Danger" is a good nom-de-porn, but not as good as the Mark Wahlberg character in "Boogie Nights": "Dirk Diggler."

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld article: "Graph analysis will make #bigdata even bigger" ( )

Spam promises result more alarming than hypertension: "weird food killed my dad's high blood pressure."

DC United to build soccer stadium at wonderfully named Buzzard Point adjacent to Ft. McNair. I've long felt the point is ripe 4 development

Introducing my daughter to "Fawlty Towers." No need to explain. Any episode is a good introduction. Start laughing. Don't stop laughing.

I was right (though I had no money riding on it). I told my wife yesterday that they'd name the baby "George." She wasn't listening.

Drafted the first 2 of next week's quick-hits. Ten zillion distractions today. Challenging material. Needed to focus. Going out of my mind.

Hey #kexp @loserboy, it's "centaur," not "minotaur." Part man Part horse Ask Rachel Ratner.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everybody Needs Somebody To Love by The Blues Brothers JK--Belushi was a so-so R&B singer. But the band was smokin'

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fools Gold 4.15 by The Stone Roses from What the World Is Waiting For JK--1989. Song name harmonizes w/my latest blog

New #IBM jk AnalyzingMedia blog: "Please Don’t Alchemize Social Sentiment into Fool’s Gold" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar from good kid, m.A.A.d city JK--Rare to hear a good hiphop love song. This is one.

"#IBM & Pivotal 2 Accel Open Cloud Innov w/Cloud Foundry" ( ) JK--Collab on devel of interop PaaS fw & open source proj

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Creep In A T-Shirt by Portugal The Man from Evil Friends JK--This one needs major radio airplay.

#BigData optimal deployment model? Multi-cloud biz envs'll ramp all challenges 2 new difficulty ( ) Wed #IBM quick-hit

Big Data's optimal deployment model? Multi-cloud business environments will ramp all challenges to new difficulty...: 

Best Xmas present I ever got was a few years ago: Beatles CD boxset. Not a day goes by I don't immerse my head in it. Always in Beatles mood

"Self-driving cars could create 1GB data a second" ( ) JK--The Internet of Things will be driven by #BigData on wheels

@wwdada Thanks for the "profound." Slippery-slope is data "relevance" is akin to "truthiness" if you let it drift too far from "true."

Can't be spam. "Yusuf Mustafa" stated right there in "his" subject line: "My name is Yusuf Mustafa." Real person. "He" vouches for "himself"

HootSuite has lost Twitter connectivity. Let's see if my TweetDeck backup still has it.

"Weiner apologizes for texts after he left Congress" ( ) Jk--My sense is that he gets kicks from humiliating himself.

Americans divide into two factions: some call it "WI-sconsin," some "WE-sconsin." Bluesman Robert Johnson was in the latter camp.

@curtmonash That would be true if in fact they stood for "just kidding." But they don't. They stand for "James Kobielus."

@curtmonash So, Curt, are you implying that the curse words are the most essential dialogue?

In my 3 years in Wisconsin, I dont recall ever being badgered by anybody over anything. I dont know why people call them that. Oh. Nevermind

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tomorrow Tomorrow by Eleanor Friedberger from Personal Record JK--Another brilliant American singer-songwriter.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fall o th Star High School Running Back by Mountain Goats frm All Hail West Texas JK--Cant NOT hang on his every word

Just saw somebody resurrect term "mashup" in #bigdata context. Please don't. It's a tired lame hipness retread from the Millennium Decade.

"The Internet Of Things Gold Rush" ( ) JK--That's a serious exaggeration. I'm not sensing any get-rich-quick IoT mania

I'm a shoeshine boy of the technocratic elite. I'm also a drum major for truth, justice, and the American way of doing #bigdata analytics.

"Data ingestion." I just saw the phrase somewhere. Just say "data ingest." "Data ingestion" sounds too much like "indigestion." Urp!

Camera Obscura "Fifth in Line to the Throne" ( ) JK--Dedicated to Anne, who's now 5th. Her elder bro's grandson is 3rd

Hype. It's excessive attention and/or praise for something. You can't truly assess what's excessive vs. sufficient till you immerse yourself

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Nude as the News by Cat Power from What Would the Community Think? JK--Some communities would think nude news is OK.

"An Overview Of The Security Concerns In Enterprise Cloud Computing" ( ) JK--Good still-relevant from 2011. Cites me

How relying on #bigdata–powered SIEM involves implementing single #repository for log data  by James Kobielus

Why Internet of Things #security is going to escalate in the IT industry’s agenda going forward  by James Kobielus

Apply #security incident and event management approaches to Internet of Things security  by James Kobielus

Big Data’s Potential in Helping to Secure the Internet of Things  by James Kobielus

RT @hillaryclinton: Congrats from across the pond 2 th Duke and Duchess! Wishing U best of luck & bit of advice: It Takes a (Royal) Village!

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "#BigData’s Potential in Helping to Secure the Internet of Things" ( )

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Data quality will take back seat to data relevance ( ) Tues #IBM q-h

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Monkberry Moon Delight by Paul McCartney from Ram JK--One of many great McCartney solo recordings.

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Data quality will take back seat to data relevance: 

WashPost bit re SF rock 3some Weekend, "not 2 B confused with" Balto rock duo Weekends, Canadians Weeknd & th Weekend, or Brit band Weekend

Bollywood goes to Switzerland for majestic mountain scenes? These are people from India, right? The folks who have Himalayas next door?

Internet of Things. Essentially, the next big thing is every thing.

Congrats to Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on birth of son. Didn't realize they were expecting. Well-kept secret.

Drafted next #IBM AnalyzingMedia blog: "Don't Alchemize Social Sentiment into Fool's Gold"

"The universe is permeated with the odor of kerosene" ( )

Drafted this week's #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Analytics Will Permeate the Internet of Things"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It's a Shame About Ray by The Lemonheads JK--Evan Dando not too good with names? Then how'd he know it's Ray's shame?

So begins my weekly cycle of selecting next week's quick-hit topics. I task myself with developing the last 5 interesting things I tweeted

"Bring Da Noise: Embrace Randomness Key to Scale Up ML Algos" ( ) JK--Feature hash degrades DQ but improves predictive

"Lessons Oscar Taught Us: Data Sci & Media/Ent" ( ) JK--When algorithms get agents & entourages, it's showtime, folks!

"3 Reasons Why Life Cyc Mgt Matters Mor w/ #BigData" ( ) JK--1) grows fast, 2) most ephemeral, 3) quality probs skew BI

"Pitfalls of Using Online & Social Data in #BigData Analysis" ( ) JK--Is Twitter data is the fruit fly of data science?

New #IBM jk #Dataversity blog: "Social Data Quality Will Take Back Seat to Data Relevance" ( )

"Why We Can't Use Social Media To Predict Riots" ( ) JK--Predict collective behavior from social sentiment? Pipedream.

"9 Facts About Quantum Computing That'll Melt Yr Mind" ( ) JK--Or freeze it: must B kept extremely cold 2 run properly.

"Self-driving cars R th next $240 billion market, analyst sez" ( ) JK--Cool. Get me list o all $240B markets heretofore

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blue Skies by Willie Nelson from The Very Best of Willie Nelson JK--Excellent cover of this standard.

Data-scientist skillsets? The common denominator needs to come down ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? The common denominator needs to come down: 

Cool. Spam informs I'm winning lotteries in many countries. Seems I've been boarding planes in my sleep & frequenting foreign Kwik-E-Marts

Glanced at collection of David Foster Wallace essays. Cerebral literary highbrow lowbrow post-ironic footnote footnote yawn yawn yawn.

Glanced at memoir by Hollywood-based Canadian who co-created "Hee Haw." Show introduced many northerners (self included) to country-western

RT @merrywhy: @jameskobielus Great tweets, well done sir. ( ) JK---Thanks. Is this list rank-ordered? By influence?

Stretch limousines? I think of them as claustrophobia buses.

3 Redboxes up, 3 Redboxes down. Not a single worthwhile DVD in any that I haven't already seen. Inning's over. Plan to read a book instead.

Our bodies are organisms, not machines. You can't replace parts with prosthetics & expect harmony with the whole. Mind must manage that

RT @washingtonpost: "Thou shall not wear shorts to church?" ( ) JK--Ridiculous. Jesus would B scolded 4 wearing sandals

RT @MiaFarrow: Fascinating up-to-the-minute statistics about the world right this second 

Saw "The Sunshine Boys" last night on TV, 1st time since '75 theatrical release. Comedically, Richard Benjamin holds own vs. Matthau & Burns

Just saw the best personalized plate for a convertible: "GO TOPLZ."

WashPost article on why new Silver Line to Dulles may have trouble finding riders. Dulles itself was underutilized for its first 30 years.

Twitter. The only place where I can regularly get breaking headlines on the diverse tech-biz specialties that concern me. Indispensable.

Apparently, someone else's auto-correct substituted "frog" for "fridge." Sorry, we've already sold our mini-frog.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Phantom Rider by Daughn Gibson from Me Moan JK--I agree w/ @thetroynelson : this dude has boss basso & awesome lyrics