Saturday, July 13, 2013

Aweekstweets July 5-13 2013: the week I declared I’m totally spoiled (

@redrambles It's absurd. Calling Madagascar "isolated" from Africa is like calling Japan "isolated" re Asia--& it's east o Africa not south

Just saw The Economist describe Madagascar as "isolated island in Indian Ocean near southern tip o Africa." Fire whoever didnt check map 1st

Yoga classes in public parks. I've never seen them. My club isn't terribly friendly 4 yoga. Most days, I have to do it alone in noisy place

Was a busy work week split in two by a brief vacation. Having trouble remembering it all. Feels like fragments of several months. No shape.

This week I learned I'm not the only white dude married to a Chinese-Indonesian lady who MUST have ABBA's greatest hits on while she drives

"PaRSEC: Design sw 4 exascale supercomputer generation" ( ) JK--~1,000x faster than today top Linux-powered petascale

"Anthropology & data sci need each other" ( ) JK--Suggests ethnographic description o data-drivn decis-suppt cultures

"NoSQL Database Deployments: 10 Real-World Examples" ( ) JK--Good delineation of use cases.

Catch me live next Thurs 7-18, Wash DC, on panel w/ Sir Mark Walport, UK Govt's Chief Science Adviser, on #bigdata apps in battling dementia

Have written 4 o next wk's 5 quick-hits. Biggest weekly challenge: don't make the 5th a tired lame thoughtless impatient knock-off. Breathe

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp July, July! by The Decemberists from Castaways & Cutouts JK--I've warmed up to Colin Meloy's adenoidal singing voice.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Is th Drug by Roxy Music frm Siren JK--1975. Cultur'd evolvd 2 suppt explic drug refs in radio-ready song titles

New #IBM jk blogpost: "#Hadoop’s Linux Analogy is Wearing Thin as the Market Evolves" ( )

"Data Scientists Myths & Mathemagical Superpowers" ( ) JK--If U squint at end, gives me due attribution. From last year

"#IBM & Sprint Velocity Drive Connected Car Into the Future" ( ) JK--Vehicular IoT w/ IBM MobileFirst solutions

"ZDeschanel, MWard: Put cellphone cameras down & listen 2 our music!" ( ) JK--Put a sock in it, S&H. B happy 2 hav fans

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Drink Nothing But Champagne by Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing JK--2013. Very funny lyric & great DBowie mimic.

Recommendation engines? Tuning the online ads that keep e-commerce afloat ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

The Internet of Things #BigData Bytes Videochat, Fri July 12, 2pm ET w. @NeilRaden, @jameskobielus, @thomasdeutsch 

Recommendation engines? Tuning the online ads that keep e-commerce afloat: 

"Your Metadata: Here’s What It Can Reveal About You" ( ) JK--Good piece. Fostering new generation of metadata geeks?

"#BigData Analysis Drives Revolution In Travel" ( ) JK--Loyalty plan personalization, among many disruptive apps.

"Q&A: Scrum's Role in Agile BI" ( ) JK--FYI, her's what I said on topic a few years ago ( )

Catch me speaking at #IBM #IOD2013 on "Emergence of Big Media: Evolving and Dwarfing Today's #BigData Platforms." Nov 3-7. Details to come

New #IBM jk podcast: "Shooting Down Myths about Data Scientists" ( )

You know you've been doing #bigdata too intensely if you initiate a MapQuest search by typing www dot mapreduce dot com

I like the fact that John Sculley is everywhere now, seemingly, speaking for himself. Refusing to let Steve Jobs' skewed picture o him stand

Considering broadening my professional focus to evangelizing all things good and proper in this world. But that sounds a bit too messianic

New #ITKE #IBM jk blog: "Stream computing is core of the Internet of Things — and much more" ( )

Back to work after a quick 2 days off. Looks like the rest of world kept working on those days, judging by the crush of emails awaiting me.

#BigData vision? The SMAC stack ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Big data vision? The SMAC stack: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That's Not Really Funny by Eels from Souljacker JK--Song's got one of th gr8st manic electro-splices I've ever heard

"5 Ways #BigData Can Improve Your Car" ( ) JK--Cloud. Human-mach i/f. Biz proc. Personalizd infotainmt. Behav context

When the sister-in-law's here, I revert to more Indonesian for the important matters. "Ada coklat?" (got any chocolate?)

RT @ReillyRick "Best obit ever: Deceased Cleveland Browns fan requstd 6 Browns players B pallbearers 'so they can let me down 1 last time'"

For me, yoga is all about cultivating springiness into all my joints. Enables maximum resilience, agility, balance, & poise.

I'm always happiest when I have a crisp set of to-dos that I task myself with. I coil my head to spring through them all in rapid sequence

Drafted latest #ITKE #IBM jk blog: "Stream Computing Is Core of the Internet of Things--and Much More"

Drafted latest #InfoWorld #IBM blog: "Graph Analysis Will Push #BigData's Scalability Envelope"

""Search theory & #bigdata" ( ) JK--Branch of advanced math supports targeting when location opaque.

"#BigData, bad analytics" ( ) JK--Good article about human failures to apply valid interpretation to data you analyze.

"Why does LinkedIn want to be a media company? It’s all about the data" ( ) JK--Fresh targeted content = social magnet

"Should politics affect whether investigative journo taught @ UW-Madison? ( ) JK--WI legislators are fools @deborahblum

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Elephant Man by Bo Diddley from The Black Gladiator JK--Cool funk-soul from the early 70s. Sam&Dave/Sly Stone-ish

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ever Thought o Coming Back by Kelley Stoltz frm Below th Branches JK--2006. Best Beach Boys song not technicly theirs

Noam Chomsky. I've long felt that Cookie Monster should have been named "Num-Num Chompsky." But that's just me.

Let's see. Sliced bread most important 20th century innovation. Toaster the epitome of appliances. Creamy peanut butter = seamless software?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Sat by the Ocean by Queens of the Stone Age from ...Like Clockwork JK--2013. Sounds like long-lost 70s FM-rock gem

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blog: "High-Quality Data Science Demands Independent Verification" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Chicken Payback by A Band of Bees from Free The Bees JK--2005. Feels like a rockin' beach party in 1963.

Drafted this week's #IBM blog: "#Hadoop's Linux Analogy is Wearing Thin as the Market Evolves"

Unstructured #bigdata? Modeling and measuring its risk factors ( ) Wednesday #IBM q-h in adv. Short vacation

#Hadoop uber-alles? Linux analogy is wearing thin as the market evolves ( ) Tuesday #IBM q-h in advance. Short vacation

#BigData under control? The security challenge from the Internet of Things ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Unstructured big data? Modeling and measuring its risk factors: 

Hadoop uber-alles? Linux analogy is wearing thin as the market evolves: 

Big data under control? The security challenge from the Internet of Things: 

Let's see. Anthony Weiner wants to be NYC mayor, Eliot Spitzer wants to be city comptroller. Weiner-Spitzer sounds double-dirty. Like them.

Douglas Engelbart. Actual inventor of much of the stuff that Jobs & Gates built their billions on. Tweakers and cashers-in.

Proof the Apollo 11 moon-landing was staged hoax: conveniently "lost" th original videotapes. All th other Apollo missions were blooper reel

Charles Osgood. Oldschool calm genteel announcer in bowtie. Perfect Sunday morning reassurance host.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing. ― Socrates" JK--Blessed be the numbskulls?

I didn't realize Douglas Engelbart dabbled in genetic engineering. Says something here about him inventing a mouse.

A good Sunday morning. Family & guests starting to awake. Good host that I am, I didn't devour all the best bagels when I got up.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Surf's Up by Brian Wilson frm SMiLE JK--Beautiful Van Dyke Parks poem w/ Wilson music. Orig on Beach Boys "Surf's Up"

Believe it or not: if Abraham Lincoln were alive today, he would be the oldest person who ever lived.

Waiting for sister-in-law to clear customs & immigration at Dulles. We're at Panera,Tysons Corner Ctr. Will zoom over there when she's ready

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Night Shift by Bob Marley & Wailers frm Rastaman Vibration JK--OK. Interpol8s his "It's Alright" which I like better

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jah Jah the Conqueror by Linval Thompson frm Ride on Dreadlocks JK--U dont hafta B Rasta 2 dig their devotional music

Where there's a will there's a way to prove that the deceased billionaire was not of sound mind when he wrote it & hence it all goes to you