Sunday, August 18, 2013

Aweekstweets August 11-18 2013: the week I wondered when someone will fabricate nanodrone mosquito robots

National Enquirer cover story on celebrities without their make-up. Surprisingly, George Clooney looks pretty much the same.

Spam on LinkedIn discussions is hard to detect. New one, "Get A Flat Belly & 6 Pack Abs!" is bootylicious hot topic in #BigData Integration

LA Fitness Woodbridge is hugely superior to Alexandria. On every level except distance from our home.

WashPost "5 myths about #bigdata" column is a muddled discussion that confuses as much as it clarifies.

WashPost article on personal drones. Sends shivers up my spine. Will obviously be used by terrorists as bomb-delivery platforms.

Them that go down to the sea in ships. Them doing it bass-ackwards. Them go out ON the sea in ships. Down to it on wheels or foot or sumthin

Good day of cleaning the house, rearranging the empty nest to a state comfy to us old birds.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her by Simon & Garfunkel from Live 1969 JK--Garfunkel at his most angel-voiced

GOP wants to put its 2016 presidential debates on fewer networks? Fine with me. The fewer the better.

Economist Paul Krugman quipped if someone said Earth is flat news media would headline "Views differ on shape of planet"

Media should make point of always & only calling it "the Washington football franchise" till they change its racist name.

Day whatever in continuing midsummer cool refreshing spell here on the east coast. Too good to last. The hot humids move back in next week

My POV > #BigData is definitely something new, primarily because its challenges are so off-scale (and getting larger) 
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Being prepared helps me stay calm and confident. That, for me, has always meant being Jimmy-come-early developing stuff far in advance.

Working on my #IBM IOD preso: "Emergence of Big Media: Evolving & Dwarfing Today's #BigData Platforms." Mon Nov 4, 10:15-11:15am. Las Vegas

"Coffee & Your Creativity..." ( ) JK--Stimulates, but can hurt it. Need break from intense concentration. Need sleep.

Join me & others #CXO chat Mon 12 ET! From Transactions 2 Contextual Engagement  w/ @s_v_g #custserv #bigdata

#CXO chat is back, Mon 12 ET! From Transactions 2 Contextual Engagement: Strategy Plz?  w/ @s_v_g #cctr #bigdata

Finished next week's quick-hits. Better than I expected. They didn't suck.

"The MLK memorial is being fixed. What monument should B next?" ( ) JK--Funny/great Rachel Manteuffel WashPost article.

In the #bigdata world, are you controlling your data footprint?  Join yrs truly et al. Weds for #ibmblu chat

Controlling your Data Footprint: Join me & many others at 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat  #bigdata

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division from Closer JK--Again? How'd it tear em apart before? Left fans/self hanging

"Rolling in the dough"? Do the super-rich actually have rumpus rooms full of greenbacks that they frolic in like Chuck E. Cheese ball cages?

Engaging customer as individual? Funnel analytics are the firehose that powers engagement ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Engaging customer as individual? Funnel analytics are the firehose that powers engagement: 

Alternative rock? Alternative to what? An endless loop of 38 Special?

Heard TV commentator say Obama's strategy on Middle East "risk averse." Uh, duh. From US standpoint, Middle East is all risk, little reward

Bought & downloading Daughn Gibson's latest LP "Me Moan." Country boogie music from a man with the most righteously odd barroom baritone.

The moon is waxing gibbous. Sounds like phrase out of Lewis Carroll. Did Alice step thru the looking glass out onto the Sea of Tranquility?

"#BigData and Your Body" ( ) JK--Smart toilets as bio data collectors? First U laugh then U realize makes perfect sense

"Facebook’s trillion-edge #Hadoop-based and open source graph-processing engine" ( ) JK--More about their Giraph deploy

"How Bezos could apply news business" ( ) JK--"Deliver customized experience." Gimme funnier comic strips

"Facebook's Graph Search puts Apache Giraph on the map" ( ) JK--Picked Giraph for "speed and immense scalability."

Tech-biz news services should produce slideshow: "10 Reasons Why You Should Painfully Slog Thru 10 Slides in Sequence To See All 10 Reasons"

"NASA Pursues Nanosatellites For Future Missions" ( ) JK--Internet of Things in Orbit?

Telly Savalas "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" ( ) JK--Hey @loserboy, here's the "golden throat" Chris Walla mentioned

#KEXP DJ @loserboy & Death Cab guitarist Chris Walla discussing Anacortes WA live now. Wife & I took ferry from there last summer. Mellow

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld "Extreme Analytics" column: "#BigData means big challenges in lifecycle management" ( )

Quiet morning. Writing next week's quick-hits. The cool clear weather helps me do the same to my head. This stuff makes it easy to overheat

Ambient analytics? Predictively optimizing all the places of our lives ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Ambient analytics? Predictively optimizing all the places of our lives: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Computer Love by Kraftwerk from Computer World JK--1981. Eerily prescient about eventual prevalence of online dating

No, Windows! For the trillionth time, I don't want to download the French, Spanish, Cherokee, or Serbo-Croatian language pack. Buzz off!

60s vids o pop artists performing their hits. Period pieces. Appear 2 B TV variety shows. Elaborate sets. Dancers. Studio audiences. Lipsync

Relistening to Damien Jurado "Maraqopa." Seattle singer-songwriter's LP one of best of this decade so far. Seamlessly shimmering song suite

Will call next week's #IBM blog: "Decision Confidence: Where The Predictive Chickens Come Home To Roost."

New #IBM jk blog: "Right Skills, Right Place, Right Time: Educating the Next-Generation #BigData Professional" ( )

Day of feverish activity. The weather is the opposite of feverish: sunny, cool, low-humidity, refreshing, beautiful. This is August?

Learning analytics technologies, concepts & techniques drive success- soon-to-be grad @NorthwesternU  #THINKskills

IBM announces 14 winners of 2013 Big Data & Analytics Faculty awards to advance #bigdata skills  #thinkskills

What skills do students need to succeed in #BigData & analytics careers? Check out this infographic  #ThinkSkills

"#IBM Narrows #BigData Skills Gap By Partnering With More Than 1,000 Global Universities" ( ) JK--See my blog upcoming

"Can #BigData Avoid The Correlation Trap?" ( ) JK--Weak discussion. What's this "physical link"? No definition offered

"Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models" ( ) JK--Very good, detailed discussion of this.

"IDC: File-Based, Object-Based Storage Growth Far Exceeds Overall Storage Growth" ( ) JK--Huge #bigdata trend.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Becoming the Gunship by Islands from Ski Mask JK--LP cover "scares bejeesus" outa DJ. C4self ( )

#Hadoop uber-alles? Unstructured ETL is its unsung sweet spot ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Hadoop uber-alles? Unstructured ETL is its unsung sweet spot: 

RT @monkchips: What if IBM has a clue: Get Lucky – James Governor's Monkchips 

Ancient Romans only used UPPERCASE. Visigoths invaded because they got sick & tired of being shouted at.

"Predicting Human Behavior" ( ) JK--Identify bullies, prevent suicide, predicting your next friend.

"Can Analytics Predict Fashion Trends?" ( ) JK--Or shape it? Industry needs 2 converge on hemline optimization standard

RT @pisarose: #Metadata quality challenge: social media listening. @jameskobielus post:  #NLP #data

RT @ecapitaladvisor: Join #IBM @jameskobielus on 9/5 for look into #BigData & how to use it to achieve big benefits: 

Best spam subject line of day: "I want to invest $6.7 your country." Thanks for your consideration. Please repatriate all our small change

Whenever I repurpose someone else's preso slides for my own speeches, I rework them thoroughly. Awkward to follow someone else's thinking.

"Here are some hurdles the Hyperloop could face" ( ) JK--And this is more viable than supersonic

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Save It for a Rainy Day by The Jayhawks from Rainy Day Music JK--2003. Great Twin Cities roots-folk-rock band.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Northern Air by Elliott Brood from Days Into Years JK--2011. Nice banjo-flecked Americana. See also: Blitzen Trapper

#BigData maturity? Conceptualizing the big-data "omega" architecture ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data maturity? Conceptualizing the big-data "omega" architecture: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Place in the Sun by Marine Girls from Lazy Ways JK--Early 80s. Tracey Thorn group before Everything But The Girl.

RT @ibmsmrtrcmptng: @jameskobielus debunks 10 myths about data scientists! ( ) JK--Year ago. Golden oldie

Erwin Schrodinger's 126th birthday. Fun fact: he was/is a zombie. No one is sure if he actually died, was ever born, or in fact lived at all

#IBM #CXO #CEM Comes the end of every tweetchat, when the "fried my little brains" condition sets in. Was a good one, like always!

A8: Today Watson is at work across healthcare and in contact centers across industries. To learn more visit  #CXO
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A8: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Businesses should think o #Watson Engagement Advisor as integr8d expert patterns 4 B2C multichann

A8: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Business can put Watson 2 work as engagemt productvty "multiplier/accelerator" 4 existing channs

A7: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Will deliver ondemand customer intimacy to every agent anywhere, internal or outsourced, on day 1

RT @IBMWatson A7: Imagine a world with less time on hold, complete and accurate answers, improved satisfaction -about quality of life. #CXO
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A7: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Will change #CX by deliver full context/content of each "moment o truth" 24x7 to every touchpoint

A6: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM My personal pref is that "GET HUMAN" failsafe must always B front/center in self-service engagemt

A6: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Determining when to handoff depends on customer personal situational preference for auto vs. agent

Q6: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Assessing when best 2 handoff from auto 2 agent-assisted needs Customer Journey engage designer

A5: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Best when seamless handoff btwn auto & human-ized personalizn/convos in Watson-centric engagemt

A5: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Automated personalization complements #Watson--personalized multichann human conversations.

RT @IBMWatson A5: Nature of a cognitive system makes the interaction unique 2 the situation. No rules undermine personalization. #CXO
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A5: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Personalize #CX through deep data on prior customer interactions + propensity models of future

A5: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson Can personalize w/o human contact by driving microtargeted answers frm "360-degree view" customer #bigdata stores

RT @IBMWatson A4: Unstructured data not just blogs, posts & tweets, but rich content locked away in doctor notes, call cntr logs, etc. #CXO
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Watson's accuracy and confidence both improve with training. The degree of accuracy or confidence required will vary with use case. #CXO
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A4: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Watson generates answers from all the customer "data of desire" that a business can leverage

RT @IBMWatson A4: Watson leverages a "corpus" of info on which Watson is trained and for which it understands the relevant taxonomies. #CXO
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A4: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Answers driven by an organization's CRM data, marketing data, social data, etc.

MT @IBMWatson A4: Watson leverages data sources such as books, texts, blogs, product sheets, and customer communications to name a few #CXO
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A4: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Answers driven by clients' existing customer data plus NLP, machine learning, & cognitive computg

A3: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Engagement value is word-of-mouth: your happy customers are your "multiplier" in new-customer acquisition

A3: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM I net out engagement value as love (satisfaction, experience, loyalty) & money (sales, revenues, profits)

A3: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Customer engagement deepens the intangible brand equity that strengthens loyalty & positive word of mouth

A3: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Value of improve engagemt is clear: customer satis improves loyalty, boosts purchases, stokes bottom line.

A2: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Improves engagement by delivering simplicity in convos w/intimate targeting of B2C conversations

A2: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Improves engagemt by delivering powerfully contextualized Deep Question/Answer across multichanns

A2: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Improves the engagement by harmonizing the multichannel B2C dialogue around unified brand voice

RT @IBMWatson: A2: Watson impacts engagement by bringing natural language, evidence based insights, & confidence weighted responses #CXO
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A2: @IBMbigdata @IBMWatson #IBM #CXO #CEM Improves engagemt by enhancing experience thru personalized, timely, & accurate B2C interactions

A1: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Engagement is bonding of customer and value provider, built on the latter listening & earning former's trust

A1: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Engagement happens over the sum total of all B2C channels, touchpoints, personnel, conversations, contexts.

A1: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Engagement is B2C conversations that enable precise targeting to deliver continuous customer value.

A1: @IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #CEM Customer engagemt is managed interactions that shape customer lifecyle: acquisition, retention, satisfaction

@IBMbigdata Pleasure to be joining one and all on this #IBM #CXO #CEM tweetchat.

The #IBMWatson team is looking forward to joining the #CXO chat in a few minutes. So is #IBM's #bigdata evangelist!

RT @IBMbigdata: Calling all #CEM 10 min to #CXO chat| Watson as #CX Game Changer w/ @IBMWatson  #cctr #custserv

Does Exploratory Analytics need #BigDataGov? Answer may surprise you!  #InfoGov #BigData #DataGovernance

Trying to put #bigdata 'in-context'? Helpful to understand how to integrate/govern #bigdatagov 

Trick to analytical skimming is 2 search ASAP 4 thesis statement, wherever it rests inside the text. If none is there, or it's lame, move on

"Science behind dat visual8n" ( ) JK--"Encode as mch info as psbl in preattentive featurs prceivd durng btm-up procsng"

"Over the IoT Hovers Specter..." ( ) JK--"Small-memory footprints...resource-constrained envirnmnt back with vengeance"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sound of Silence (feat. Fawn Myers) by Oliver Tank JK--Gorgeous gossamer homage to Simon & Garfunkel original.

Hey Klout: these "moments" U say I'm having R retweets mentions etc on socials. I already knew all that. Dont need remindin. U had yr moment

"IBM Drives Future of Renewable Energy w/New Wind&Solar Forecasting Sys" ( ) JK--Advanced power & weather modeling tech

Sitting in chair properly. Most people dont realize it's skill. How 2 do 4 sustained period without stressing lower back? When/how 2 adjust?

Jeff Bezos has not breathed a word of how he might reengineer WashPost biz model. But the social commentariat is flooding him with ideas.

"Sophisticated Accessible Analytics" ( ) JK--#IBM #SPSS Analytic Catalyst auto choose execute test explain approp model

Saw "Mental" on DVD. Disjointed Australian farce with Toni Collette. Plays too facile & cavalier with the subject of mental illness.

Saw "Admission" on DVD. Good to see Lily Tomlin in full fierce feminist mode. Of course, she nailed it with her aggressive grace & charm.

Meaty metadata? Contextualized conversations supplement automated metadata ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Meaty metadata? Contextualized conversations supplement automated metadata: 

Starting to look like petroleum reserves sit under or adjacent to most of the world's countries, awaiting exploitation.

Ted Leonsis offers good advice in today's WashPost for survival of newspapers. More online, real-time, video, industry-deep content.

Extensive Jeff Bezos coverage in Sunday Washington Post. It's balanced. Former colleague quoted calling him an "a-hole."

RIP Eydie Gorme. She & hubby Steve Lawrence were the epitome of lightweight oldschool Vegas entertainment that you couldn't actually dislike

Excellent new dim sum place next to Trader Joe in Springfield. Yum. Will become regular Sunday post-yoga stop for Egidia & me.

What's so funny bout peace love & understandin? Gettin defensive bout it's kinda funny. But lacks hard K sound so not BorschtBelt haha funny

In a random party situation, I am never sure whether people truly want to know what I do for a living. "Marketing for #IBM" usually suffices