Saturday, August 03, 2013

Aweekstweets July 27 to August 3 2013: the week I perfected the aweekstweeting algorithm

Glance at the morning's news. Starting to take mentions of #bigdata for granted in ordinary business stories. Becoming a ubiquitous tool.

Great to see our bro Danny. Visiting Tom & me for a long weekend. Dude's looking good. Especially for a man our age (I'm a wee bit older).

Whitey Bulger calls his trial a "sham." Ariel Castro said all the sex in his house "consensual." We have prisons for a reason. #psychopaths

"Are You Tangled In A #BigData Hairball?" ( ) JK--I used same gross image in blog 3 years ago ( )

I definitely need the weekend. I've run out of things to say about #bigdata. Losing my edge.

Drafted latest #ITKE blog: "Semantic Standard Deserves a Second Look for #BigData Query"

Drafted latest #IBM jk #InfoWorld blog: "The Challenge Of #BigData Lifecycle Management"

New #IBM jk #SmarterAnalytics blog: "Counterintuitive Data Science Methods May Yield Keener Analytical Insights" ( )

#IBM #CXO chat back this Mon 12 ET! Can Consumer Centricity Enable Smarter #Healthcare?  w/ @iclindberg + yours truly

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dear God by XTC from Skylarking JK--Part of this song's genius is having single plaintive boy sing first verse & coda

Drafted all 5 of those quick-hits for next week. Already feel the head pressure subsiding. Ommmmm!!!!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Kingdom by Echo & The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain JK--Namedropping 50s rocksong "Bony Moronie" always catches my ear

"Metadata & Baker/baker Paradox" ( ) JK--Semantic associative chains facilit8ng disambiguation o same term diff contxts

"Can the Mainframe be a Cloud Platform?" ( ) JK--Good detailed analysis of issues by Gabriel Lowy.

"Will yr next physical B done by smartphone?" ( ) JK--Fine as long as remote proctologist dont tell me where 2 stick it

What's the historical reason why they didn't simply call that Australian state "New Wales"? Slap against old north Wales?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Built to Spill by Built to Spill JK--1993. Lyric NOT "hey hey we're Built 2 Spill & peeps say we Built2Spill around"

Has there ever actually been a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences whose birth name is Alan Smithee?

In 2013, "metadata" has joined "data mining" in the select circle of data/analytics terms of art that have been ridiculously politicized.

"Decision scientists? Predicting aggregate collective behavior runs up against chaotic dynamics" ( ) Friday #IBM q-h

Decision scientists? Predicting aggregate collective behavior runs up against chaotic dynamics: 

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Can Deepen or Dilute Caregiver-Patient Engagement" ( )

Rewatched the very best "Doc Martin" episode of all: Aunt Joan's lost love returns & breaks her heart. Just as moving as on the 1st viewing.

Is there app to let me render a pre-1830 painted shoulders-up portrait as a daguerrotype? Wanna see snapshots o Washington Adams Jefferson

"Quantum Computrs Will Give AI Big Boost, Studies Suggest" ( ) JK--Early indications suggest quantum hype will run amok

""Data analytx nears adulthood but has it grown up yet?" ( ) JK--Implies but doesnt articulate clear "maturity" profile

"Apache Falcon" ( ) JK--OSS data mgt 4 #Hadoop ecsys define infra endpts logical tbls fds datsets proc rules as configs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Scratching Circles by JD McPherson from Signs & Signifiers JK--Golden oldie from 2012. Sounds like 1957 time machine

New IBM study -- Finserv Industry usage of #bigdata and #analytics is up 36%, see details in @forbes 

"Disruptive." Considering positive connotation it's acquired in some circles, I use "destabilizing" or "catastrophic" when context negative.

#kexp @loserboy recited 1st 10 videos on MTV in 1981. Reminds how disappointing 'twas from the get-go. Interesting new music rarely featured

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Video Killed the Radio Star by Th Buggles JK--Nope. Video still promo tool 4 wannabe radiostars. Airplay drives sales

"Finding harmony w/ #bigdata" ( ) JK--Smarter online music streamng? Don't follow big data. Just follow my recommend8ns

"Uncontrolled Business Experiments" (  JK--Need 4 randomized experiments to establish cause/effect in social & biz envs

"Large-scale ETL Driving #Hadoop Projects" ( ) JK--Yes. Not "sexy," but fundamental to many #bigdata applications

"#Hadoop Market Expectd 2 Reach USD 20.9B Globally in '18" ( ) JK--Software, govt, & Europe sgmts expctd 2 grow fastest

"Nate Silver, data, & storytelling" ( ) JK--How will "Moneyball"-grade stat-geek color commentary play w/ESPN shouters?

Social sentiment as valuable market intel? Tweets are th fruit flies of consumer-facing data science ( ) Thurs #IBM q-h

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Tweets are the fruit flies of consumer-facing data science: 

Piper Perabo. "PAIR-a-bo." Finally heard actress surname pronounced (on promo for show she's on). I'd altern8d betwn that and "puh-RAH-bo."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp (That's When I Reach for My) Revolver by Mission of Burma JK--Personally, that's when I reach for my Rubber Soul

August. The month's first 2 letters seem to augur autumn, coming next month. Hey, so do augur's! I'm onto something!

RT @WSJ: A 98-year old been working at Goldman Sachs for last 80 years ( ) JK--Wealth mgt adviser since Great...

A day spent partly pondering how past 70 years of IT produced today's #bigdata boom. Many contributory trends, organized roughly by decade

Huh? A legit commercial establishmt put endorsement in my proverbial mouth & posted it 2 my Facebook without asking. I deleted it right away

"#BigData and Influencers" ( ) JK--Onalytica includes 10 #IBM-ers in list. I'm at #28.

Meet the 2013 Information Management Data Champions...congrats folks! 

"New Study Gr8 News 4 Peeps Unpopular In Highschool (  ) JK--Too late. Only popularity we care about now is Klout score

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I've Got Ants In My Pants (And I Want To Dance) by James Brown JK--Like "Cold Sweat," the man had funky lyric imagery

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ohm by Yo La Tengo frm Fade JK--Gr8 double-entendre: electrical "ohm" resistance, meditative "om" "resisting th flow"

"Titan distrib graph DB" ( ) JK--Transactional, query/traverse 100s of Bs of vertices & edges, 100s of concurrent users

"8 M2M Use cases, Analytics #BigData + Building Mgmt Sys" ( ) JK--Best list I've seen of IoT use cases in building mgt

Matt Monro "Born Free" ( ) JK--Ah yes, free 2 B a dangerous predator on the savanna. Isn't that what life's all about?

#BigData in production? The challenge of integrated lifecycle management at extreme scales ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Big data in production? The challenge of integrated lifecycle management at extreme scales: 

@peekanalytics I am fine, "Peek." BTW, what nationality is the surname "Analytics"?

There's a potash cartel? I didn't realize it's possible to corner the market on incinerated marijuana remains. Far out, man!

RT @TalentAnalytics @jameskobielus How can #bigdata deepen or dilute caregiver-patient engagemnt in that scenario? JK--Read my blog on Thurs

RT @PeekAnalytics 12% o @jameskobielus Twtr audience attended univ in 95th %ile or higher ( ) JK--Need their SAT scores

RT @PeekAnalytics: 31% of @jameskobielus's Twitter audience earns >$100K/yr ( ) JK--Thinking of asking them 2 tithe...

Why do I suspect casinos all over the world have licensed Daft Punk "Get Lucky"? They'll play it on subliminal continuous loop to brainwash.

It's been a cooler than average July in the DC area, or so it feels. Glad we've reversed global warming. Had me worried there for a moment.

Read the original AA "12-step" last night. Aligns with ur-structure of Catholic liturgy: humbling, submitting, atoning, engaging, redeeming

"Beyond Web Analytics" ( ) JK--Funnel analytics data re cust flow thru lead gen, checkout pages, regis etc

"Unleashing the power of algorithmic marketing" ( ) JK--Leveraging #bigdata and intelligent, self-learning algorithms

"Data Sci & ClosedLoop Anlytx Changes Master Data Strat" ( ) JK--"Constantly redefined in.[multi] chan thru dir engage"

"#IBM Unveils New PowerLinux System 4 Analytics & Cloud Cmptg" ( ) JK--PowerLinux 7R4 server + Cognos BI & EnterpriseDB

#Bigdata -driven TV experience? Driving what actually gets a chance to show up on the screen ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Big-data-driven TV experience? Driving what actually gets a chance to show up on the screen: 

Paul Allen. When will press stop referring to him primarily as "Microsoft co-founder"? He left them 30 years ago & has done other stuff.

#IBM Details Strategy for #Software-Defined Environments   @eweek

"#IBM Details Strategy 4 Software-Defined Envs" ( ) JK--New prod group focuses on building SDE on open-source OpenStack

"Cheap Monitoring Highlights Dangers o IoT" ( ) JK--CreepyDOL air-dropt sensors can trak any wrlss-enabld mobile device

"Ad scientists" ( ) JK--Search-ad impact attribution is still fiercely difficult to identify, re causation.

"Korean News Pokes Fun @ KTVU w/Fake US Pilot Names After SW Air Land Gear Failure" ( ) JK--What's Korean 4 "touche!"?

"#BigData Ushers In 'Virtuous Cycle O Computing'" ( ) JK--BD drives more rapid cloud svc deploy, more users & devices

"Quantum ML for #BigData" ( ) JK--Encode queries w/ q-bits 4 super-real-time super-private search thru supermassive DBs

"How Met’s New Chief Digital Officer Plans 2 Connect Physical 2 Digital" ( ) JK--Good. Understated design philosophy.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Can't Sleep by The La's from The La's JK--1990. Note 2 self: must buy this vintage LP. Havent heard bad song off it

"Predictive policing" ( ) JK--It's about more intelligent deployment o police resources, not "Minority Report" dystopia

@talentanalytics Huh? If I'm a patient who has, say, just broken his arm, I'll primarily communicate the following: "OWWWWW!!!!" That I know

Drafted this week's #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Can Deepen or Dilute Caregiver-Patient Engagement"

@boothrob Not really. By introducing the two "full" beats into the phrase, you've diluted the punch that makes it a funny line. Waits knows

Sexy statistics? Counterintuitive data science methods may yield keener #bigdata insights ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Sexy statistics? Counterintuitive data science methods may yield keener big-data insights: 

"Internet of Things will mean really really big data" ( ) JK--No cause for alarm till it's "really, really, REALLY" big

"5 Extreme Interview Tactics: Do They Really Work?" ( ) JK--Don't laugh. Waterboarding very useful in CEO searches.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tomorrow Is a Long Time by Bob Dylan JK--Beautiful love song. Recorded 1962. Didn't release till 1971 (gr8st vol 2)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alpha Beta Gaga by Air from Talkie Walkie JK--Great instrumental feels like Henry Mancini if he'd gone synthesizer

"I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy." -- Tom Waits

Twitter DM spam invites me 2 "get cut up for the summer man!" I dare not respond. Sounds too much like Freddy Krueger cruisin 4 fresh action

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp One Big Family by Mean Lady from Love Now JK--2013. Delaware duo's debut. Tuneful happy piano melody & vocal harmony.

Johnny Horn's spinning a smokin' "Preachin' The Blues" show now on #KEXP. Too early on a Sunday to party? Feel like it.

@marie_wallace Happy 2 have inspired U, Marie, & helped U weather your "Irish monsoon." We'll talk soon. Good blog ( ).

Our yoga teacher's goal is to live to age 114. That's ambitious. I'll be happy to reach a mere 108 (twice my current).

."Is This Most Embarrassing Interview Fox News Has Ever Done?" ( ) JK--Shocking that Fox doesnt realize their stupidity

Luv when someone engages me in something cool after reading 1 o my thought leadership posts. Ideas are advertisements of my deepest passions

Anyone done statistical study on extent to which gurus on "leadership" have actually led anything other than biz mgmt book bestseller lists?

Sacrilegious. Coincidence that word incorporates vowel-twisted "religious"? I think not. The Devil & Noah Webster. Beelzebub put spell on U!

Rewatched "The Last Emperor." 1987 film one o last Hollywood historical epics where non-English-speaking peoples speak English to each other

RIP JJ Cale. Made steady living from the royalties of the many solid blue rock songs he wrote that more famous artists recorded.

WashPost has several articles today on DC-area development topics. Nice to reside in a dynamic region that's continuing to remake itself.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show. As a guy, I always identified with the Gavin McLeod character. A wisecracker who pokes fun at his own baldness.

July winds down. When you're in the middle of the summer, even when you're not taking any time off, it's like a vacation. Slower rhythms.

"Cut him some slack." Never understood that phrase. Cutting the material eliminates the slack, makes it taut.

RT @datacenter: IBM, Pivotal Team Up to Boost CloudFoundry: Overview and roundup of early analysis. 

RT @mac_devine: #ibmcloud good article about the linkage between Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things …

Over 100 billion people have lived on Earth, only 7 percent of them alive today. That's a thick layer of human remains near the surface.