Friday, August 30, 2013

Aweekstweets August 25-30 2013: the week Al Roker was happening in my neck of the woods

Drafted next #IBMDataMag article: "Governance of Social Sentiment Data: The Quality Conundrum"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dear Prudence by The Beatles JK--Written by John in Rishikesh, India for Prudence Anne Farrow, Mia's sister.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp An Open Letter to NYC by Beastie Boys from To the 5 Boroughs JK--I'm no Gothamite, but this should be NYC city anthem

Sending work email 2 large distribution list just before Labor Day Weekend is not 4 the faint of heart. Dozens of out-of-office auto-replies

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crush by Sleigh Bells from Reign of Terror JK--Sounds like overcaffeinated cheerleaders in a headbanging moshpit.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp 10 AM Automatic by The Black Keys from Rubber Factory JK--Awesome jam. Awesomely funny video ( )

"With Playnomics, data science predicts which players will quit" ( ) JK--Aka "churn." And adjusts game to minimize it.

"The Silent Rockstar of #BigData: Machine Learning" ( ) JK--Unsupervised learning algorithms to find "unknown unknowns"

"DARPA Creates Cloud Using Smartphones" ( ) JK--Tactical dynamic hyperlocal cloud among within-range phone-based servrs

"How truly smart home could finally become reality" ( ) JK--Article highlights Internet of Things in home automation

"How small biz can mine #bigdata" ( ) JK--"Chances R U're already processing BD even if arent aware" (eg GGL Analytics)

Catch me et al Sept 12 1pm ET G+ Hangout: "Opinionated Infrastructure: #Hadoop + Data Warehouse = #BigData Burger" ( )

"Reputational Damage o Non-Responsiveness" ( ) JK--"After 2 in-person meetings to be non-responsive is just plain rude"

Real-world experiments? The Amazon business model will revolutionize news personalization ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Real-world experiments? The Amazon business model will revolutionize news personalization: 

RT @thesocialpitt Who else can riff from "The Blob" 2 porn? Only @jameskobielus! New post on really #bigdata in media 

New #IBM jk blog: "Indescribable! Indestructible! Humungous! Nothing Can Stop the Big Media BLOB!" ( )

@suspket360 What does that have to do with anything I'm discussing?

"The Geek Guide to implementing Attribution Modelling" ( ) JK--Excellent detail. Must read deeper into it.

"Top Languages for analytics, data mining, data science" ( ) JK--R, Python, and SQL.

"#BigData Gets Bigger as Internet of Things Awakens" ( ) JK--Loraine Lawson quotes yours truly.

"Reducing Hype Around #BigData" ( ) JK--Misguided ideal. Less hype = less marketing = less competition = less innov8'n

"Where Do Data Scientists Come From?" ( ) JK--Anywhere on Earth U find smart people--in other words, anywhere on Earth

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fancy by Hugo Largo from Drum JK--1987. Imagine a cross btwn Pentangle, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, & Young Marble Giants

Working with American Mgt Assn to design a course on "Data as a Strategic Asset." Cool to see how professional instructional designers do it

Healthcare analytics? Instrumenting the icky necessities of life with smart sensors ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Healthcare analytics? Instrumenting the icky necessities of life with smart sensors: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp That Summer Feeling by Jonathan Richman from I, Jonathan JK--Very nice. Very Jonathan.

Enjoying "4 Courses with JB Smoove" on MSG. Just conversation over dinner with friends. Comedian & friends really get into it. Lotta energy

Dear Registrants: address of tomorrow's #IBM #BigData Developer Day: IBM Client Center, 590 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10022. See you there

RT @dataversity Would we recognize mature end-state #BigData architecture if ever arrives? Read @jameskobielus blog 

RT @pisarose: If @jameskobielus ruled the #BigData world, its omega #architecture would look like this:  @Dataversity

New #IBM jk #Dataversity article: "#BigData’s Coming End-State Architecture" ( )

Broadway Playbills. Why do they tend to show actress heads angled in headshots & actor heads vertical? Odd.

Dining alone at some nice looking Italian restaurant on Manhattan's Upper West Side. I don't know this part of town as well as I should.

Celeb sighting: weatherman Al Roker across aisle from me in 1st class on Delta DCA-LGA shuttle. My neck of the woods!

Quantum computing videos help explain the next frontier in computation 
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"Big Insights from #BigData Require the Right Data Science Team" ( ) JK--Good Booz Allen infograf on data-sci teaming

"CIA Wrestles w/Analytics Challenges" ( ) JK--Big media: "To watch all video [on] I'net in 1 min wd take 5 yrs 2 watch"

"Designing an Information Governance Program" ( ) JK--Core challenge: identifying subset of info that has biz value.

In literary news, forthcoming bio speculates that JD Salinger was a recluse because he had only one testicle. Also, Holden Caulfield was gay

Weird expression: "I hope this email finds you well." What the..? The email is some sorta intelligent probe searching for me? Now I'm scared

"Are tech firms the new movie villains?" ( ) JK--What else is new? Remember "The President's Analyst"? "The Phone Co"?

"Speeding Up Transactions & Analytics with In-Memory Processing" ( ). Look-ahead to #IBM tweetchat Wed Sep 4, 12noon ET

Catch me speaking tomorrow at #IBM #BigData Developers in NYC. Register: .

Customer segmentation? Segmentations must flex with your desired outcomes ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

Customer segmentation? Segmentations must flex with your desired outcomes: 

"The death of the statistician" ( ) JK--And rise of the data scientist (in terms of keyword popularity & job listings)

"Putting #BigData Myths to Rest" ( !) JK--Good one from @thomasdeutsch

"Quantum cryptography is last best defense" ( ) JK--Pipedream a la room-temperature nuclear fusion. Not holding breath

"This man thinks #bigdata & privacy can co-exist" ( ) JK--"New internet protocol which allows 4 deleting personal data"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tiger Lily by Luna from Bewitched JK--1994. The languid roll/twang of this gem gives me a distinctly mellow buzz.

"Doc Searls Video Q&A: How Internet of Things Will Revolutionize Customer Service" ( ) JK--He's high on QR codes.

Join #IBM's @jameskobielus & @eCapitalAdvisor 9/5 for a look into #BigData & how to use it to achieve big benefits 

RT @analyzingmedia: #BigData’s Growing Impact on #Hollywood’s Creative Process  with @jameskobielus cc @Smarter_Media

New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia blog: "#BigData’s Growing Impact on Hollywood’s Creative Process" ( )

Automating #BigDataGov to move at the speed of business  #datagovernance #infogov #bigdata

Agile governance as the next big trend in #bigdata  #bigdatagov #infogov #datagovernance

Data-scientist skillsets? Professional code of conduct makes great sense ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Data-scientist skillsets? Professional code of conduct makes great sense: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirsty Boots by Bob Dylan from Another Self Portrait JK--Cover of Eric Andersen song. Very nice rendition.

"SSDs maturing, but new memory tech still 10 years away" ( ) JK--Emerging memory types under dev: PCM, RRAM, MRAM.

"In-Stream Big Data Processing" ( ) JK--Very good technically deep discussion.

"#BigData: Blurring Risk and Uncertainty" ( ) JK--Are "black swans" predictable? "Once in a lifetime" is a prediction

"For Data Scientists, Math Skills Not Enough" ( ) JK--Not enough 4 mathematicians either. Creativity key 2 productivity

Rush rush rush rush rush! Today was just me racing from one thing to another w/ no common thread. Except for the fact that it was me rushing

"How M2M Data Will Dominate the #BigData Era" ( ) JK--Article focused on apps in smart cars, smart homes, and robotics

"#BigData That’s Good 4 The Public" ( ) JK--EU proj 4 sem web w/automated dataset detection, curation, & entity linkage

"Age of Quantum Information Teleportation Dawns" ( ) JK--Cool but dont expect Scotty 2 beam up yr #bigdata anytime soon

A8: #cxo Of course not. There are plenty of #bigdata offerings for small/midmarket, priced accordingly, smart small/scale capacity as needed

A7: #cxo It's always best, in any human engage/conversation, 2 assume deepest sentiment pre-verbal. Few people want to be bothered telling U

A7: #cxo "Data of desire" (deep in customer heart) often unspoken. Can only be pieced together iteratively thru info, models & conversations

A7: #cxo A marketing analyst asks questions, looks at customer data, sees what questions can't B answered (ie, "NOT saying", gets more data

A6: #cxo Intimacy is elusive because the customer is often not terribly in touch with their own "feelings." Don't assume "deep" sentiment.

A6: #cxo "Intimacy" in a B2C engagement contxt also elusive. They may have good reason 4 distancing selves. They simply don't like/trust you

A6: #cxo Of course intimacy is elusive. Even married couples, that most intimate relationship, need to rediscover each other regularly

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if strangers don't start acting like they're my friends without doing something genuinely "friendly"

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if actually enrich people's feeling of belonging vs. that of being exploited by commercial interests

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit in omniconnected world if we respect sensitivity/privacy boundaries & don't "over-assume" familiarity

A5: #cxo Collective intimacy has merit if recognize that "intimacy," in global context, is closer to "familiarity" than to "U got my back"

A4: #cxo Business can leverage intimat customer omni-connectedness by maintaining presences (where relevant) in each customer's social graph

A4: #cxo If I'm connected to everybody, I'm influenced by & am influencing everybody on various levels. Influence becomes incredibly tangled

A4: #cxo Growing omni-connectedness of human race makes more difficult for outsiders to fathom the complexity of each's person's experience

A4: #cxo Having ability to graph each of us in different contexts (community, job, etc.) helps us distinguish domains of each person's life

A4: #cxo Clearly, this where social graphs come into picture. Everybody more "intimate" w/everybody else. Graphs drive influence/experience

A3: #cxo Often, more data granularity not as important as ability to aggregate and correlate details you have, see broader customer patterns

A3: #cxo Can also get more granular customer data by a) asking 4 it in online/portal dialog/surveys, b) guiding call-ctr agents to ask 4 it

A3: #cxo Granular customer data comes via a) having detail in your transactional DBs, b) applying NLP to unstructured from socials etc

A2: #cxo Most relevant data may simply be the data you don't yet have on your customers. That data may confirm/disconfirm your hypothesis

A2: #cxo Often, most relevant info on cust is what they actually tell you. Mine your call ctr logs w/text analytcs. They tell their own tale

A2: #cxo Usually, most relevant customer data is what have on current customers, not on prospects. Cheaper to keep customer than try to win

A2: #cxo The purpose of business is to catch, keep, & grow customer relationships. Data relevance must be shaped by those priorities.

A2: #cxo "Most relevant" relative to outcome. If retain customer, most relevant is "happy?" If selling to them, it's "offer acceptable?"

A1: #cxo Important for biz o capture data on their entire customer base, each segment, to fine degree. Better segmentation = better service

A1: #cxo But it is important for a biz to capture entire history of my relationship with them, my entire interactions, & my entire feelings

A1: #cxo For example, the coffee shop down the street doesn't need to know my banking needs. Just know that I like it hot, fresh, & cheap

A1: #cxo What businesses need to know about customers is that subset of "what they truly want" that the business can realistically address

A1: #cxo We don't need 2 capture literally EVERYTHING about anybody 2 know them reasonably well. What we need 2 know is what they truly want

@IBMbigdata A pleasure to be on this #CXO tweetchat. I like to think I know the topic of intimacy intimately, but that'd be too bold.

@TheSocialPitt @KirkDBorne @IBMbigdata I'm ready to go on #CXO. Fire away!

Mmmm..yeah, @jameskobielus, we're putting the coversheets on all TPS reports now before they go out. Did you see the memo about this?
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34 mins to #CXO: Idiosyncrasies Novelties Degrees & Cust Intimacy  w/ @KirkDBorne et moi #cem #custserv #VoC #bigdata

Catch me live in NYC this Thurs Aug 29 #IBM #BigData Developer Day. Register:  Meeting: 

@StefanRied Hi Stefan. I'm moderating a panel on big data cloud standards at EuroCloud 2013 in Luxembourg on Tues 15 Oct. Are you available?

Drafted my latest #IBM blog: "Indescribable! Indestructible! Humungous! Nothing Can Stop the Big Media BLOB!"

Big Media? Advanced analytics & deep metadata bring shape to the BLOB ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Big Media? Advanced analytics & deep metadata bring shape to the BLOB: 

"Think Big Data is All Hype? You’re Not Alone" ( ) JK--Think #bigdata is all hype? You’re not paying attention.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Paper Thin Walls by Modest Mouse from The Moon & Antarctica JK--"I can't be a fool for everyone that I don't know."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sea of Love by Cat Power from The Covers Record JK--Big part o Cat Power's power is captiv8ng fragility of her vocals

Digging thru my personal archives, I saw draft where editor tried to change "predictive analytics" to "proactive analytics." I SWATTED that!

"First Listen: Bob Dylan, Highlights From 'Another Self Portrait (69-71)'" ( ) JK--Listening now. Dig Bob's restlessnss