Saturday, August 10, 2013

Aweekstweets August 3-10 2013: the week the female fledgling flew

RT @thetweetofgod: Attention: will the owners of a blue planet with tectonic plates please tend to your vehicle. It is overheating.

Useless Trivia Dept: "Midnight Train to Georgia" originally called "Midnight Plane to Houston," from songwriter phone call w/Farrah Fawcett

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Travels Faster by Halo Benders from Rebels Not In JK--Odd musicality iln Calvin Johnson's super-ragged deadpan

I am bit tired of being dragged into "data mining is evil" discussions with strangers at parties. No use setting them straight. Grab a drink

The full-body massage wasnt up to our exacting standards. But the party with Sherry surpassed them. Sherry didn't serve sherry, though. Wine

@kirkdborne Thanks. Coming from another Fairfax County #bigdata bigwig, that means a lot.

RIP Karen Black. Obit sez actress from "Chicago bourgeois." I've never met one. Do they all have close-set eyes & intense sexual charisma?

Mowed lawn early. Dripping w/humidity. Looking forward 2 full-body massage l8r in Annandale. Groupon better than Yelp in finding local deals

RT @Dmattcarter: Curious what pink thing behind @jameskobielus head is on #bigdatabytes. Guesses?  JK--Piggy bank

Making the tea, with honey and lemon. My nightly post-dinner task for the two of us on a quiet evening at home.

"#BigData Hiring: Unorthodox Advice" ( ) JK--Music majors & physicists: minds attuned to beautiful abstract patterns

"Why More Data & Simple Algorithms Beat Complex Analytics Models" ( ) JK--Finer-grained patterns emerge from aggregate

"Democratizing Data Assets: Learning Frm Data Big & Small" ( ) JK--Excellent taxonomy of types of unsupervised learning

"The Rise of Decision Sciences" ( ) JK--Very nice taxonomy of "data science" vs. "decision science." Good read.

"Machine Learning in Patent Analytics" ( ) JK--Cool. I'll bet if Einstein had this he'd've wished he'd've stayed in biz

"#BigData Debate: Will HBase Dominate NoSQL?" ( ) JK--Disagree with premises here: HBase is #Hadoop, not NoSQL database

"#BigData is Just Another Brick in the Wall" ( ) JK--All in all, if the wall is decision support infrastructure, yes.

Hey online survey people, quit offering me a free coffee if I respond. Offer me something that won't jitter me further. A chill groove.

If you're a beneficiary of disruptive change, you call it "creative destruction." If you're not, it appears as "destructive creation."

RT @ibmdb2: R U a @jameskobielus fan? If so, catch him on our #bigdatabytes vid chat show:  JK--IMHO, he's overrated

Cellphone on silent during #bigdatabytes GGL Hangout but could hear/feel th constant vibrations from all the tweets flooding in from viewers

RT @edd: @IBMbigdata @jameskobielus @thomasdeutsch was great fun, happy 2 do this again in the future! JK--A big(data) ditto! Weekend awaits

"Bring Adv Anlytx 2 Masses" ( ) JK--"Multiplier eff": dat-sci IDs vars, mktr models, admin oper8nlzs, agent use output

"How #bigdata can reduce our carbon footprint" ( ) JK--Smart energy grids leverage consumer-appliance sensor data.

@edd I haven't worn a wristwatch in years. I synchronize my breathing with the center of the universe. Ommmmmmmm!

1 hour 47 minutes to #BigDataBytes videochat on vision of #bigdata future w/@edd myself @thomasdeutsch Join 

There. Once again, wrote all 5 quick-hits for next week without having head literally explode. Balancing this against other responsibilities

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kissin on the Blacktop by Daughn Gibson from Me Moan JK--This guy has weird cool deep voice. Sounds like no one else

"10 overhyped tech products that crashed & burned" ( ) JK--Only 1 of those dogs I made mistake o getting was Windows ME

Jack White thinks the Black Keys copied the White Stripes? No way. Dan Auerbach has never been married to Patrick Carney.

I don't follow tweeters whose only tweets are daily announcements that their "daily is out."

Business process optimization? Aligning #bigdata with enterprise architecture ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Business process optimization? Aligning big data with enterprise architecture: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Oh Lonesome Me by Don Gibson from A Legend in My Time JK--Love the skittering electric guitar on this country classic

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Windfall by Son Volt frm Trace JK--1995. I recall hearing this then on free multiartist compilation, thinkin who dat?

Robert Scoble dings Microsoft 4 losing coolness factor? Might as well attack me for losing my hair. Age happens. Best never 2 have been cool

Tech expert @edd talks about "downside of #bigdata hype" and the emergence of pretender vendors 

I try to steer clear o phrase "big data scientists." They're "data scientists exploring big data." They're not 50-foot brainiac Paul Bunyans

Drafted next week's #IBM blog: "Right Skills, Right Place, Right Time: Educating the Next-Generation #BigData Professional"

Every day my sustained productivity depends on me maintaining a mental buffer zone within which I can breathe in peace even on craziest days

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp God by Tori Amos from Under the Pink JK--Song not particularly devotional. Technically Tori taking deity name in vain

Art Linkletter "Kids Say the Darndest Things." Glad broadcast TV censors cuss words. Linkletter wantd call it "Kids Say th *#@!%-est Things"

#Infographic: Retailers get results from early back-to-school push, IBM #bigdata forecast  #smarterretail

62% of retailers report the use of #bigdata creates competitive advantage  via @PVWaldron

#IBM data scientist @DrMPH: retailers use #bigdata to anticipate back-to-school trends 

"Google #IBM Mellanox NVIDIA Tyan Announce Devel Group 4 Data Centers" ( ) JK--IBM offers POWER tech 4 open development

"#IBM Rsch Creates New Foundation to Program SyNAPSE Chips" ( ) JK--Enable new gen intelligent sensor nets mimic brain

Complex event processing? IoT's streaming cloud choreography will spin heads: ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Complex event processing? IoT's streaming cloud choreography will spin heads: 

"#IBM building Brain-in-a-Box" ( ) JK--Radical break in design from today's von Neumann architecture of computing.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "The Best Data Scientists Cluster Around the Biggest #BigData Challenges" ( )

Someone asked if #bigdata needs to be "personified." I say yes. An anthropomorphic talking Disneyfied Hadoop the Elephant would be perfect.

"Fear of missing out." Formative experience was being sick for few days in 2nd grade & coming back to class where teacher didn't fill me in.

Empty nest. The fledglings have flown. On their own. But they know where the old birds choose to nestle will always be home.

Auto dealer sends post-service satisfaction survey email. I'll respond to it in same way they respond to my voice messages--i.e., not at all

Spam. The only channel anymore where people ostensibly intro selves as "Mr." or "Mrs." Feel like asking the misters about the little woman.

RIP Tim Wright. Original bassist of 1970s art-noisers Pere Ubu & DNA. The ominous rumble of "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" and "Blonde Red Head"

Personal day off. A busy one. Stepping outside my routine & locality briefly is calming. Alternate frame of reference to inhabit.

Daughter all moved in. Harrisburg reasonably nice. Not raining.

Planning to move our daughter and her stuff to another state. Two cars full + a moving van. Far more junk than me at that age.

How do you know if you're all you're cracked up to be? Must you be cracked up to be what you want to be? Disturbing thought.

"EM Orr hires Christie's to appraise Detroit Institute of Arts ( ) JK--Hey Jeff Bezos: also in need of a benign bailout

""The Body as a Source of #BigData" ( ) JK--Cool infographic. Even your little finger is a wealth of big data.

"The worst of 3D printing hype" ( ) JK--Or can interpret thru opposite spin: the best of 3D-printing boundary pushing

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walk Us Uptown by Elvis Costello and The Roots from Wise Up Ghost JK--2013. Forthcoming LP. Gr8 to hear Dec's voice!

Smartphones as #BigData analytics platfs? Gadgets transform humans into IoT "sensors" ( ) Wed #IBM q-h in adv. Day off

Smartphones as Big Data analytics platforms? Gadgets transform humans into IoT "sensors": 

Prescriptive analytics? The promise and limits of predictive policing ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

Prescriptive analytics? The promise and limits of predictive policing: 

Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post. Now owns major properties in Seattle and the original Washington.

I'm so old I remember when vendors did roadtrips to brief analysts in person. They treated. I usually requested Magic Wok on Franconia Rd.

Cat & The Menagerie "Monkees Medley" ( ) JK--Monkee Mike says it best about this: "strangely and wonderfully moving"

Beach Boys "Sloop John B" ( ) JK--Lo-fi promo vid from 1966. Makes U wish th Boys'd done more. Call 4 th Cap'n ashore!

Bro & I were reviewing old family memorabilia the other day. Reminded us that our parents knew John Lennon & Chuck Berry. OK, not "THE ..."

New #ITKE jk #IBM blog: "Semantic standard deserves a second look for #bigdata query" ( )

"#BigData & Advertising: Inside Sponsord Search Adv @ Google" ( ) JK--Excellnt indepth discuss ( )

"Unraveling the Complexities of Life Sciences Data" ( ) JK--"Multi-omics" data integ, pathway analytics, annot8n, cloud

"How 2 find on-demand expertise using crowdsourcing" ( ) JK--Good discuss dovetails w/my data-scientist blog this Thurs

"GM’s plan to turn car into a smartphone on wheels" ( ) JK--Pushing "distracted driver" risk into uncharted territory

Connect with #CXO peers on LinkedIN  to continue the convo in > 140 !
 Retweeted by jameskobielus

@IBMbigdata #cxo #ibm A9: Smarter healthcare optimizes consumer entire life journey: data-drvn guidance 2 take continual "next best actions"

@jeanniecw #cxo #ibm A9: Yes! Another pillar of smarter HC is simple, understandable billling. A "smart" bill doesnt make consumer feel dumb

@IBMbigdata #cxo #ibm A9: Consumer centricity is simply one pillar o smartr healthcare. Also need deep ongoing rsch 2 drive innov treatments

@Natasha_D_G #cxo #ibm A8: Think of it: a personalized HC concierge who also offers you respectful education/coaching to avoid getting sick

@IBMbigdata #cxo #ibm A8: Higher ed industry. HC needs to focus on proactive lifelong customer learning (eg my HMO recent stress-mgt course)

@IBMbigdata #cxo #ibm A8: Hospitality industry (almost sounds like pun on "hospital"). Every consumer has "personalizd healthcare concierge"

@IBMbigdata #cxo #ibm A7: HC providers ensure effective data use by giving physicians powerful interactive customer-data visualization tools

@IBMbigdata #cxo #IBM A7: Ensure effective use of data in org by empowering all decision makers with data-driven BI/decision support tools

@IBMbigdata #CXO #IBM "Patient Similarity Analytics for Personalized Healthcare ( )

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A6: New data sources can help caregivers see similarity of patient they're treating to others.

@jgombita @mishbatt #IBM #CXO #healthcare A6: Right. Family/community data reveal broad "early warning" of many conditions (even pandemics)

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A6: New wearable/behav HC customer data enable more finegrained analysis o physiologica/psych interactions

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A5: Approp data sources depend on conditions being treated--e.g., dementia requires more behavioral/verbal

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A5: New data sources for consumer-ctrc? Perhaps not as critical as new ways of analyzing existing sources

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A5: New data sources? Wearable gadgets taking continuous readings are promising. Not widespready yet, tho

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A4: Healthcare providers should bring back "house calls," IMHO, to be more consumer-centric.

@marksalke @IBMbigdata #CXO A3: The IT to support Obamacare? Is that what you're referring to?

@SteveStenacker @IBMbigdata A3: How do you define "not that competitive yet"? It's not a monopoly or anything approaching that on any level

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A4: HC providers should keep on improving their customer self-service tools (e.g., my HMO's doing gr8 job)

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A3: Customers put themselves at "center" by using Google & other tools to do research re own healthcare

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A3: In US, Obamacare & development of state HIEs has people focusing on competitive options. A good trend!

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A3: Customer centricity is necessity in extremely competitive HC field where savvy customers have options

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A2: Challenge in in boosting customer satisfaction is ensuring "empathy" w/personalized care delivery

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A2: Another challenge in consumer-centric is safeguarding privacy while providing "intimate" single view

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A2: Key challenge is consumer-centric is consolid8 single customer-view across complex provider/pay ecosys

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A2: Key challenge in becoming consumer-centric is aggreg #bigdata on outcomes, experiences, satisfaction

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A1: Consumer-centric broadens beyond individuals 2 include households & communities in healthcare outcomes

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A1: Consumer-centricity means including billing/payment ease, wellness lifestyle, etc in "satisf" metric

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare Consumer-centricity means including billing/payment ease, wellness lifestyle, etc in "satisfaction" metric

@IBMbigdata #IBM #CXO #healthcare A1: Consumer-centricity means taking outcomes beyond patient focus 2 incl outpatient & personal wellness

@IBMbigdata A1: #IBM #CXO Consumer-centricity means focusing on #healthcare outcomes first & foremost--including everyday satisfaction

Getting ready for #IBM #CXO tweet chat on consumer-centricity in #healthcare. Sipping iced tea.

How #supercomputing industry has begun to addr #bigdata worklds in #performance benchmarks  by James Kobielus

Why #bigdata clusters will need to be considered #supercomputers  by James Kobielus

Will big data analytics propel #supercomputing architectures into new frontiers?  by James Kobielus

Evolving Supercomputing in the Era of #BigData  by James Kobielus

Can Consumer Centricity Enable Smarter #Healthcare?  @iclindberg leads #cxo convo an hour from now: 12 ET. Join us!

Drafted next #IBM blog: "The Best Data Scientists Cluster Around the Biggest #BigData Challenges"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Late in the Evening by Paul Simon frm One-Trick Pony JK--1980. Good one from so-so period of otherwise stellar career

"#BigData could end professor lectures" ( ) JK--Yeah but you'll hafta endure droning lectures by tweedy data scientists

BBC documentary "The Age of #BigData" ( ) JK--From April. Mental note: watch on YouTube later.

"Data In Motion: Nxt Frontier 4 Manuf" ( ) JK--Defines "D.I.M." as "continuous interactions btwn connected elements"

"Dyson: #BigData-Driven Thought Control Is Here" ( ) JK--Um, no. Breathtakingly alarmist conceptual overreach.

"Industrial #BigData & Power of 1% Improvement" ( ) JK--Good discuss of ROI from Internet of Things in diff industries

Quantum analytics? ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

Quantum analytics?: 

New #IBM jk blog: "#BigData Can Deepen or Dilute Caregiver-Patient Engagement" ( )

New jk #IBMDataMag article: "Evolving Supercomputing in the Era of #BigData" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Leaning Against the Wall by Kings of Convenience from Quiet Is the New Loud JK--2001. Meditative lite folk-samba

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Valleys by Electrelane from The Power Out JK--2004. Choral pop sounds like nuns & monks gone secular & lite-funk

The institution of TV is in flux from every possible angle. Far too much for a couch potato like me to absorb. Bring back the test pattern!

Nixon's mistresses. Yesterday I joked with my bro that Tricky Dick kept 'em at Watergate. The very concept is funny. He wasn't Berlusconi.

Discovery Channel. Shark Week. So that's like a big deal, right? They gonna do Lion Week? Ferocious cats ripping into wildebeest & tourists?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Amber by Afro Celt Sound System from Vol 2: Release JK--Founded by Simon Emmerson aka Simon Booth formerly of Weekend

RIP Michael Ansara. Veteran TV character actor. I recall him being an absolute ham. Maybe I'm being unfair. Pays the bills. Actors gotta eat

Libertarians. It's not that I don't respect them. Just that my 1st encounter was obnoxious prof who spoke like she had cotton wad in sinuses

Wolf Blitzer. I find his tone of voice annoying. Can he announce any news in a way that doesn't sound like an all points alarm?

Nice cool low-humidity Sunday morning. A clear-the-mind kind of sunrise.

Yet another WSJ article about the fate of the city of Detroit. Commentators ignore the larger metro area, which is healthier.

In 1960 Parade mag published open ltr to Eisenhower & Krushchev urging installation of hotline. In 2013, world still exists & so does mag.

Article about PBS viewership bucking industry trends: been going UP in recent years. Reaction against cable schlock? I primarily watch PBS.

New film "The Butler": Robin Williams & John Cusack play Eisenhower & Nixon respectively. Improbable casting. Let's see their acting skills

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Big Big Blood by La Luz from It's Alive JK--2013. Seattle rock group with mostly surf instrumental vibe. Bitchin'

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Come Save Me by Jagwar Ma from Howlin JK--2013. Debut from Australian rock group. Very cool.