Sunday, October 20, 2013

Aweekstweets October 11-20 2013: the week of Luxembourg, light rain, & looking

Saw review of a new history book that refers to author throwing scattered statistics into it as a "big data" approach. Oh, gimme a break!

I refuse to be the latest "like" following on 1,438 previous "likes" on somebody's Facebook posting. I won't drip into a sloshbucket.

Day spent shaking off the aches from yesterday's scratch-intensive bush-whacking yardwork. The yoga helped. So does this tweet, sort of.

Keep on keeping on (stuff that matters). Keep on keeping off (stuff that distracts from all that).

Natural redheads vanish from Earth within a century? I doubt it. 5000-year-old Central Asian mummies had red hair. They mated with darkhairs

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Early Days by Paul McCartney from New JK--Good one. The shake in his voice & acoustic strum give this emotional heft

Latest McAuliffe radio ad lobbed the right epithet at Cuccinelli: "He's a Tea Party shutdown politician." Let's shut him down real good.

Got myself all good and scratched pruning my dead bush branches with fiendish zeal. But satisfying to see them gone. The blood is earned.

WSJ article on neckties going out of vogue. Actually, I think guys look cool in suit and tie, as long as collars not strangulation-tight.

Still waiting for Tumblr 2 evolve into something that scratches some specific itch. Ditto other Yahoo props. Mayer hasn't moved their needle

Hollywood. Hasnt finished project of turning every ancient comic book into an actionpacked CGI tentpole extravaganza. What's next: "Archie"?

RT @IBM: 5 ways to predict the future of the tech industry from #IBM CEO Ginni Rometty  #FortuneMPW

CBurnett rightly cites classic/perfect CBS early 70s Sat primetime lineup--"All in the Family" "MTM" "MASH" "Newhart"--right before her 10pm

"Made in #IBM Labs: Using Analytics to Optimize Cloud Data Center Allocation" ( ) JK--New tech 4 dyn alloc o resrces

"How Quantum Computers & Machine Learning Will Revolutionize #BigData" ( ) JK--Astronomiclly scalable/agile sensemaking

"Managing the Deluge of 'Big Data' From Space" ( ) JK--Good to know NASA back on job addressing this. Damn shutdown

"Why Graph Search Is Moving Databases to a New Level ( ) JK--Good one on graph databases for search & other apps.

"Biology’s Big Problem: There’s Too Much Data to Handle" ( ) JK--Good discuss of computational bio research challenges

"Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce" ( ) JK--Three years old, but a good still-relevant detailed discussion.

"HBase – Overview of Architecture and Data Model" ( ) JK--Good tutorial-like tech overview.

"Bringing SQL to NoSQL: Future or Fool's Errand?" ( ) JK--Answer leans to the former.

I love these dumb vague open-ended clue-fishing questions on LinkedIn discussion groups--e.g., "Data alone isn't enough. Thoughts?"

New #IBM jk blog: "Geospatial Analytics: Evolving to Address Mindblowing #BigData Challenges..." ( )

Check this Out: Combining PureData and System z for Mission Critical Analytics at …

One of my main stress-management approaches in my worklife is to process stuff in batches. Ad-hoc distractions'll kill ya.

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "Sometimes it's OK to treat people like numbers" ( )

Starting to realize that "ASAP" means sooner than "as soon as possible." So soon that you can't wait to state what the entire acronym means

Wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits early in the week in Luxembourg. Oh, #KEXP is playing Neon Indian "Sleep Paralysist." Describes me.

@brenny Thanks. I'm not familiar with their concept of "Big Content." Can you fill me in on how they define it?

Geospatial analytics? Enabling a new Green Revolution in precision agriculture ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

Joel Plaskett Emergency "Harbour Boys" ( ) JK--Song was playing in my head when I awoke this morning.

Hallelujah! Our long national nightmare is over. Thank you President Obama for not giving the b*st*rds an inch!

"#IBMIOD Meetup: NoSQL, MongoDB and #BigData" ( ). JK--I'll be one of many IBM-ers at the meetup.

"What Do Dreams Mean?" ( ) JK--Mobile app wakes people, collects/anonyms dream reports, puts in #bigdata analytc store

I'm rather enjoying the BBC4 program on the genesis of their National Trust. And I'm not egregiously anglophilic. Go figure.

BBC4. In context of BBC programming, it bears the same relation to other programming as any BBC channel's reruns in US bear to American TV

New #IBM jk aud podcast: "Data Scientists & Their Curriculum" ( ). Did I say wot they promote me as saying? I'm a scamp

"#Hadoop 2: #BigData's big leap forward" ( ) JK--Discusses the MapReduce-to-YARN transition & compatibility issues

"Optimizing Recommendation Systems: Exploration & Exploitation" ( ) JK--Excellent tech guidance for practitioners.

Thank you Sen.McCain for your honesty and courage, standing up & declaring how "shameful" this entire shutdown episode has been for America

Some anchor on Bloomberg pronounced "policy" like "palsy." That's sort of appropriate to describe US govt shaky/paralyzed budget/debt policy

The only thing I approve of in the whole sorry budget/debt imbroglio is how the Republicans have self-destructed. Other than that, I'm PO'd

Walked from my dull hotel on the outskirts all the way to the center of Luxembourg. Relaxing meal alone and long rainy stroll back to room.

Drafted #IBM blog on my upcoming #IBMIOD preso topic: "The Emergence of Big Media: Evolving and Dwarfing Today's #BigData Platforms"

During my fitful sleep last night there was no progress on US budget/debt deadlok. Nice 2 know elected officials have abdicated common sense

Deliberately avoiding speaking this morning. My voice is ragged from intense conversations at last night's loud party at the Sofitel.

"Math matters: how #bigdata is building the future of everything" ( ) JK--Discussion of computational materials science

"The #BigData, No Data Paradox" ( ) JK--Good discuss o "not" (no data) v. "null" (no value) v. "naughty" (no validity)

Machine learning? p1 ( ) p2 ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit in advance. Travel day maƱana

#BigData development? The positives and "howevers" of R maturity p1 ( ) p2 ( ) Wednesday #IBM q-h

Want to thank OASIS for the great ICS track at EuroCloud today. Jane Harnad, Carol Geyer et al: thanks 4 hosting my #bigdata standards panel

I love "tectonic shifts" in the technology market. Real-world tectonic shifts may displace crust 50 feet in a million years. We move faster

Want to thank my Eurocloud panelists Yuri Demchenko & Carola Carstens. Excellent, informative presentations. Greatly indebted to you both.

@ragtag Who said they are?

Whew! Relieved! Duped these Europeans into thinking I know something. How many other nationalities can I deceive? It's a big world!

BBC2. Thank you Jools Holland for straightforwardly showcasing great musicians performing live on your show. You do it righteous!

Good to see #Forrester Eve Maler @xmlgrrl "Identity Singularity" discussed in cloud IdM standardization context at EuroCloud 2013 Luxembourg

Excellent discussion of cloud IdM standardization requirements by G.Janssen, OASIS, at EuroCloud Congress/ICS Luxembourg.

Open data? The challenges of algorithmic accountability in #bigdata p1 ( ) p2 ( )

"Unraveling the Complexities of Life Sciences Data" ( ) JK--Comprehensive look at myriad computational "omics"

How #established and new #dataarchitectures continue to expand in an #era of #database #innovation  by James Kobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Colour Yr Lights In by The Besnard Lakes frm Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO JK--Love the smouldering build o this

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kool FM by Four Tet frm Beautiful Rewind JK--2013. Blow me down but isnt the "hey hey hey" sample Rodney Dangerfield?

Luxembourg in October drizzle. The chill accentuates the frosty feeling of those faceless EU office buildings.

Open Cloud: Key for VCs to decide where to place their next big bets.  #IBMsmb @mikegrand1

Detroit News said they still run Ludington (MI) to Manitowoc (WI) Lake Michigan ferry. Never known anybody who takes it. Dont bypass Chicago

Geospatial analytics? Mindblowing #bigdata challenge o mapping cosmos.. Mon #IBM q-h p1 ( ) p2 ( )

Jet lag. Couldn't sleep. I was probably the only soul walking Luxembourg's serene streets at 1am. Glad the authorities didn't apprehend me.

Watching BBC1 "Antiques Roadshow," taped at a manor house dating from the Middle Ages. Yeah, them folks got some serious antiques!

"Twisting the #NoSQL Kaleidoscope" pt 1 ( ) pt 2 ( )

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Twisting the Kaleidoscope – Part 2" ( ) Continuing examination of #NoSQL

"Corral: 100 Diverse #BigData Collections" ( ) JK--Scientific research collections at Texas Advanced Computing Center

"Principal Component Analysis" ( ) JK--Stat tech for identify primary pred factors & elim less explanatory correl8tes

"Do we have a right to be forgotten?" ( ) JK--Right to be forgotten is right to erase th past. No, we shouldn't have it

"Top 5 reasons to attend #IBM Information On Demand 2013" #ibmiod ( )

On the long flight over (connect in Paris) I'll probably write the quick-hits for the week after next. Already have topics queued up by day.

Off to Luxembourg on business. Brought my "real" camera. But my smartphone isn't a shabby camera. I'm oldschool.

Would be ironic if we found that computers perform fastest if we shift from binary encodings back to cuneiform.