Sunday, October 06, 2013

Aweekstweets September 28 to October 6 2013: the week that shut down just as it was getting good

Been socializing with DC-area Indonesian Catholic community for a quarter-century. Every time we meet for mass, I notice how we're aging.

@NeilRaden @RitaJKing OK. That's fine. It was simply a harmless tweet about the diff btwn twitter & tweeter

RT @NeilRaden: @RitaJKing @jameskobielus hey he said that, not me JK--No I didn't. Read my tweet. Dont misconstrue wot I said for arg advant

UK government has a prosecutorial "Serious Fraud Office." If Monty Python's Silly Party ever wins parliamentary majority, that's history.

What's so special about Washington's football franchise? DC's basketball team dumped "Bullets" because it reminded of urban violence.

I really do think that as you age you realize that don't need to ask anybody's permission to be extravagantly indulgently you.

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Twisting the Kaleidoscope – Part 1" ( ) Part 2 next week. All about #NoSQL

@SteveMahoney_ See my profile. I publish at IBM Big Data Hub, IBM DataMag, Analyzing Media, Infoworld, Dataversity, ITKE, & LinkedIn

RT @Fact: "Mosquitoes have killed more humans than all the wars in history" JK--That's it! This means war! Everybody grab a swatter!

@NeilRaden No way. Difference between "Tweeter" & "Twitter" is deterministic, not probabilistic. Algorithm/rule: "eet" does not equal "itt."

IBM has good editors. They help polish my stuff and don't cramp my style. I don't take that for granted. I've endured my fair share of bozos

As a columnist for 20+ years of Network World, I only had to produce 700 words every 6 weeks. Now I produce that much each day. Pent-up.

Pondering which of my recent quick-hits to extend into full blogs. The journalistic self-discipline of deadlines forces me not to overthink.

Letting the lady watch her Lifetime movies while I inebriate myself with music and social goofing. Typical night at home with Jim & Egidia

Phonetic trivia: Tom Cruise's actual last name pronounced "MAY-pah-ther." Been meaning to look that up. Had never heard it pronounced.

Stock of bankrupt electronics retailer Tweeter jumped due to investor confusion w/ soon-to-IPO Twitter. So much for rational market theories

Loch Ness. Is it one and the same monster resurfacing throughout history? Lacking a mate, why hasn't the species gone extinct?

Relaxing on a shutdown Saturday morning. Aimless newspaper reading. Horizontal on sofa. Noticing subtle coloring in neighbor's high branches

I make point of turning off TV in men's locker room at my fitness club. I don't need cable news to wreck my peace. Workout supposed to relax

Shutdown's distracted us all from Syria & Snowden. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing. Populations are easily distractable.

Close to 90 tomorrow and humid. Just when I stopped wearing short pants, summer returns with a vengeance.

"Rage Against the Algorithms" ( ) JK--How "transparent" can millions of lines of code truly be? Unfathomably unreadable

New #IBM jk #ITKE blogpost: "#BigData rapidly evolving away from rotating storage" ( )

"Predictive Analytic Evolution of R" ( ) JK--"Dificulty integr8ng [R] into info arch that's adhoc or needs 2 B autom8d"

"Stanford researchers to open-source model they say has nailed sentiment analysis" ( ) JK--Linguistics geeks take note

My Oct 25 preso at Warner Theatre, WashDC, under Smithsonian auspices ( ) is locked and loaded. Pending shutdown end

I have 6 public speaking engagements so far over next 7 weeks. I've already developed all of presos. Being proactive means able to breathe

I did full "Doc Martin" binge across many months & several PBS channels. First 5 series. I understand the 6th just aired in UK. Can't wait

One Internet casualty is thoughtful engagement. Every online interaction is so fast that thoughtlessness has become the hasty default.

Future Business: Social, Cloud, and the Millennial CEO  #IBMsmb @danielnewmanUV

"Congratulations, you've been selected..." to receive this robocall. [click]

Drafted new #ITKnowledgeExchange blog: "#BigData Rapidly Evolving Away from Rotating Storage"

Drafted new #InfoWorld #IBM blog: "Sometimes It's OK to Treat People Like Numbers"

My hunch is Ronan Farrow was sired by the same malevolent force that spawned Rosemary's Baby (which is, cinema-technically, his sibling).

"Teach Lit Students How To Analyze Texts Algorithmiclly?" ( ) JK--Reveal linguistic patterns missed by content analysis

Join Mon’s twitter trending #CXO chat: Creating an Intelligent #CX  w/ me & @BernardMarr 12 ET #bigdata #cem

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fiya by tUnE-yArDs from BiRd-BrAiNs JK--2009. Didn't realize she could also sing pretty.

Marketing campaign optimization? p1:  p2:  Friday #IBM quick-hit

I'd like to have Spinal Tap play #ibmiod but I'm afraid they'd insist that we turn #bigdata volume up to "11." That's a non-standard setting

MT @IBMbigdata: Watch #BigDataBytes videochat Fri 2pm ET w/ @jhurwitz talking data in motion. 

The Sexy Dark Art of Tuning Data into Better Decisions  #bigdata #analytics
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We need to ascertain whether any of those exoplanets is smarter than ours. #IBM needs new worlds to optimize. I'll stay home, though.

I'm thinking of saying "verisimilitude" when others say "veracity" in a #bigdata context. No special reason. Just want to be different.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp ITT (International Thief Thief) by Superhuman Happiness w/ Sahr Ngau from Red Hot + Fela JK--Wickedly energetic mix

Panel: Kobielus, Demchenko (UnivAmstrdm), Carstens (EU): Standards 4 #BigData in Cloud: EuroCloud Luxembourg, 15 Oct: 

"We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us." – Marshall McLuhan

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Movin' Down the Line by Raphael Saadiq from Stone Rollin' JK--2011. Sweet soul music.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Morning by Junior Boys from So This Is Goodbye JK--The insistent electro "too young" on this is wot makes gr8

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Sleater-Kinney JK--1996. Hey young'uns, their guitarist was that funny Portlandia lady

"Designing security into the internet of things" ( ) JK--Interesting multi-layered discussion.

New York Times Magazine's "Meh List" should be called the listless list. Apparently generated by interns from schools w/"meh" journo depts

"#IBM Teams w/Leading Univs to Adv Rsch in Cognitive Systems" ( ) JK--Also see my latest blog ( )

New #IBM jk blog: "Cognitive Computing: Driving Intelligent Cross-Channel Conversations" ( ) #ibmwatson

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Stick Out Your Tongue by Elvis Costello & The Roots frm Wise Up Ghost JK--2013. Cool collab. Acerbic late-70s EC vibe

"Movie Marketing Predictions for Opening Weekend Box Office" ( ) JK--Good new blog from #IBM @graemeknows

"#IBM Acquires Xtify 2 Help Digital Mktrs Reach Mobile Customers" ( ) JK--Content-rich in-app mobile msg/push notifs

America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare and without the guns? (Recommended)
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I'm deliberately ignoring any biz/IT story that has a cutesy headline punning on "Breaking Bad." On principle.

Absolutely no truth to rumor that I'll be skipping my #ibmiod preso in Vegas to watch my personal yacht race on Lake Mead. Absolutely none

"Internet's most famous ghost towns" ( ) JK--In other words: once-hip now-moribund quasi-socials. Usenet still around?

Social sentiment as valuable market intelligence? Emotions may reveal what words belie ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Need a US constitutional amendment that makes shutdowns sufficient cause 4 citizenry 2 impeach members of Congress. By nationwide referendum

Facebook building company housing. On Zuckerberg theory that creative professionals seek 2 relive experience o 19 year olds in college dorms

World Economic Forum reports that Americans are fat, stressed, and unhealthy. And forget to flush.

George Will joins Fox News. Rumor is that he's being coached to raise his voice, turn red in the face, and stop making coherent arguments.

Near as I can tell, the pop biz press now calls anything data "big data" & beginning to call anything analytics "data science."

Just noticed name of a local dentist: "Jim J. Im." Too good to be fake.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hard Row by The Black Keys from Thickfreakness JK--Righteously fuzzy gutbust afterhours bluesrock best taken straight

"#BigData: Operationalizing the Buzz". #IBM-sponsored webinar. Thurs Oct 3, 11 am PDT/2pm EDT. Register: 

"Why big brain may be main req 4 #bigdata" ( ) JK--Reports CSC survey o UK CxOs. Highlights people, skills, creativity

One final thought: Paul Mauriat - "Love Is #ibmblu" (1968) ( )

@IBMbigdata Of course I'm going to #ibmiod. Catch my preso on #bigmedia & its storage challenges.

A7: #ibmblu: Reduce storage mgt costs by a) optimize storage resource, b) enable smarter stewardshp o stord data, c) automate stor mgt tasks

A7: #ibmblu Storage mgt approach: optimized db that's auto-tuned, no indexes, no MVs, etc.

A7: Optimization to eliminate admin tasks. No indexes, reduce tuning, reduce variability in response times - all in #ibmblu
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Caribou "Odessa". Polyrythmic electronic multilayered track that to me suggests in-memory streaming ( ) #ibmblu

A7: #ibmblu Storage mgt cost reduction approaches: compression, de-dup, multitemp mgt, archiving, purge, etc.

A6: BLU truly changes the game in how you scan, join, agg and sort AND blend it with faster, tiered storage. REALLY! I heart #ibmblu
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A6: #ibmblu One "limitation" of SSD/flash inhibiting adoption is simply that hasn't yet completely replaced HDD in commercial solutions.

A6: #ibmblu In order for flash/SSD & in-mem to be deployed in broader #bigdata contexts, needs to scale-out to PBs & beyond in the cloud

A6: #ibmblu The core issue with SSD/flash has been price. That's dropping fast. Secondly: reliability. That's improving.

A5: #ibmblu Balancing contending uses of storage and memory is core admin task. Increasingly a dynamic real-time headache.

#ibmblu - admins hate juggling memory and storage. The more lights-out the better. Would rather have spinning plates or dinner plates? Calm.
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Tired of "In-A-Gadda." Putting on Beatles "Abbey Road" side 2 medley: 

A5: #ibmblu Storage/memory issues consume time when the underlying db doesn't auto-optimize them. IBM's dbs, however, are auto-optimized

A5: #ibmblu Storage and memory issues are time-consuming for administrators because data/apps/users always consuming max of those resources

A4: #ibmblu Storage optimization means multitemperature, hierarchical storage mgt across disparate resources, old and new, of diverse techs

A4: #ibmblu Storage optimization means getting the best price-performance bang for your storage/IT budget.

A4: #ibmblu "Storage optimization" means deploying fit-to-purpose techs (HDD, SSD, in-mem) 4 each node/load/func. Judicious hybridizations

A4: #ibmblu "Storage optimization" means cost-effectively maximizing efficiencies in compression, deduplication, & storage avail/reliabilty

#ibmblu A3 BLU auto decides what can stay on low cost disk, and what goes in RAM. Best price-performance automatically.
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A3: #ibmblu In my recent quick-hit, I argue that we've reached that tipping point in favor of SSDs: 

@ibmbigdata Iron Butterly "In A Gadda Da Vida" ( ) which is 17 minutes.

@IBMbigdata #ibmblu "Sister Ray" almost over. Switching to "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" to tide me over.

RT @InfoMgmtExec #ibmblu A2: There will always be a place for disk but well down the Storage Hierarchy now. The bottleneck now is cost.
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A2 Memory/cache is wasted when we keep objects we don't need or the workload isn't mission critical #ibmblu
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A2: #ibmblu HDD will linger longest in hi-vol archival systems where real-time speed less important.

A2: #ibmblu The price-performance advantages of disk are eroding for most apps. By end of this decade, in-mem/flash will be ubiquitous.

A1: #ibmblu Disk is scale-out to the PBs and beyond. Flash and memory still primarily for smaller volumes.

A1: #ibmblu Disk: cheap. Flash: more expensive, but becoming price/perf competitive with disk. Memory: expensive, but getting cheaper fast

A1: #ibmblu Benefit of disk: nonvolatile. Benefit of flash: faster than disk. Benefit of memory: lightning speed.

@CrystaAnderson #ibmblu I'll put on "Sister Ray" for the duration of the chat....wait...only 17 minutes....infinite repeat.

"#BigData 4 Telco Begins 2 Unleash Sys o Engage" ( ) JK--Good discuss by @practicingEA. Refs #IBM The Now Factory acq

#ibmblu Looking forward to twitterchat today. Join me for #ibmblu chat 10 minutes from now, 1 PM ET to discuss 

"Hacking Internet of Things: Weaponizing your coffee pot" ( ) JK--Talks about prospect of living with IoT zombies

Join us today, 1 PM ET for #ibmblu chat  Strike a Balance: Disk vs Memory

Time stands still. Among other shutdown casualties is access to NIST's official US cesium atomic clock ( ).

@SteveMahoney_ I have a Toshiba Android tablet.

"FB widens Graph Srch 2 include posts..." JK--Cool. Here's "Photos by James Kobielus of IBM Big Data and Analytics" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Action (I Believe in Love) by The Human League from Dare JK--1981. Somehow their lightweight vibe proved durable

Information economics? ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @Laughbook "Never get too attached to someone cuz attachments lead 2 expectations & expectations lead 2 disappointments" JK--Laughbook?

Jeff Bezos officially takes ownership of Washington Post. Don't screw up my morning paper, Jeff. It's one of the best, anywhere.

Really? Huge interest in Obamacare HIEs on day 1? He fooled large numbers of Americans into thinking they need affordable healthcare?

I'm impressed how widely I'm read inside IBM. Other IBMers materialize constantly out o the Blue 2 ask my advice. Pun intended. Via Sametime

RT @TheOnion: Government Shutdown Forces National Zoo To Turn Off Panda Suicide Cam 

Hey idiot rightwing congress fools: take your beef with ACA to the polls in 2014. Fund the laws on the books. Now.

"Cash cow"? Just thought up the alternative "cash spigot." More fluid flows from a spigot than an udderly tapped-out female bovine.

On big decisions, it's important not to think too hard. On smaller decisions that bring big ones to fruition is where hard analysis is key

Overheard rival make unsupported disparaging remarks about my current & former employers on matter on which I'm a principal. Duly noted.

@evanwolf Nonsense. It most certainly is about GOP vs. mainstream Americans. Republicans are dysfunctional influence on American governance.

What's next, Boehner? Have all the animals at National Zoo euthanized?

By affixing his name to his signature law, Republicans have reminded people that Obama cares. Republicans, however, don't. This is obvious.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Confidence by The Dodos from Carrier JK--2013. Hey #ibm #iod2013 organizers: let's get them/this for the event.

Drafted my next #IBMDataMag article: "Twisting the Kaleidoscope: Bringing NoSQL into Sharper Focus." It's very technical, detailed, & long

"5 Ways Cities Are Using #BigData" ( ) JK--Seattle, WashDC, NYC, Chicago, Baltimore, Boston, Milwaukee, Newark, Lyon

"#BigData & Drones: A Driving Force in Precision Agriculture" ( ) JK--References #IBM Research’s Deep Thunder project

"Data Scientist vs. Statistician" ( ) JK--Sez former has domain expertise + quant skills. Latter has just the latter.

Hipster. Seeing distressing upsurge in use o term in non-ironic/non-nostalgic contxts. What's next? Wearing berets & declaiming beat poetry?

"How to Apply #BigData Analytics in Retargeting" ( ) JK--Good discussion but doesnt say how differs from "targeting"

"Organizing Analytics & #BigData" ( ) JK--Tom Davenport analyzes pros/cons of centers of excellence & other structures

My usual morning slog through blogosphere. Anybody actually saying anything even remotely interesting about #bigdata etc? I sip chamomile

Q4. The slow roll into darkness. How's that for a cheery note on this shutdown morning?

Catch me live on Oct 25 on stage at Warner Theatre, Wash DC, for Smithsonian program. My preso: "Big Media: Inventing the Streaming Society"

#IBM to Acquire The Now Factory ( ). Ireland-bsd analytics sw vendor helps CSPs analyze subscr experience in real-time

Geospatial analytics? ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

RIP Gates Brown. Ace pinch-hitter for Detroit Tigers in 1960s & 1970s. A solid, respected supporting player.

I advise the president to not give an inch.

Wondering if Gerard Depardieu & Edward Snowden have enrolled in Russian language classes yet. Would be funny if they attend Sochi Olympics

Most things have no follow-through. No flowthru. Things fall through. They're thoroughly through.

Reading Oliver Sacks "Hallucinations." Wondering if dreams are simply the routine symbol-drenched hallucinations of a sleeping brain.

I even use my heads-up GPS locally now on routes I could figure out without GPS. I cuss out TomTom when it makes a dumb recommendation.

Was kinda weird being on-premise at a federal agency today. Like blizzard approaching. Budgetary snow day of uncertain duration approacheth

At the NIST #BigData Workshop in Gaithersburg MD. Glad they scheduled this 4 day before expected shutdown. This country & its crazy politics

Big identity? Authenticating correcting opting out o th aggregated you p1:  p2:  Monday #IBM q-h

I hesitate to think about the potential of autonomous vehicles for self-driving explosives-delivery platforms.

I just saw the term "Web 3.0" pop up. First time in a year or so. Are people already getting nostalgic for dumb wannabe paradigms of yore?

"Techie." It's sort of like "foodie." An idiotic term that implies some precious picky fetish: the thing for its own sake. Drop it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Undertow by Ivy from Long Distance JK--One of 2 good songs I'm aware of with this title. Other is by Stuart Moxham

Vegan. For those who aren't foodies, that refers to the native cuisine of Las Vegas: cactus pulp pressed into silicone-injected poker chips

Interestingly and conveniently, most of my Indonesian in-laws are fluent in English. When they travel the world, that's their lingua franca.

NBC "Meet The Press." I have an idea for a coldcut-centric spinoff "Press The Meat." National Butcher Council--interested? Too suggestive?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Kingdom by Mazzy Star from Seasons of Your Day JK--2013. Great new one. A soulful coffee reverie.