Saturday, October 26, 2013

Aweekstweets October 20-26 2013: the week I spoke at the Smithsonian

Lady at event yesterday said one species of animal in Seattle revolted her, so she could never live there. "Bigfoot?" "No, slugs." "Slugs!?"

Met Smithsonian visiting scholar who lives in Ann Arbor, is tenured at Michigan State, & went to Stanford, Berkeley, & Spellman. I'm in awe

One of these days I'm gonna return to my alma mater, U-Mich Ann Arbor, & hold a hippie tweetup on the Diag. Gonna call it the "Hashtag Bash"

People need to stop asking the vague leading question "is so-and-so relevant?" Cite the context first. Anything is relevant to something.

I always thought "hand-ker-CHIEF!" sounded like someone knowing sneeze was coming, bracing, & then letting loose. But it's not onomatopoeia

A reliable, trustworthy, inexpensive auto mechanic is someone you hold onto. As important a good financial advisor. We have both.

A nice cold bottle of beer is deep relaxation when you are absolutely not paying attention to anything at all & you have your music playing

Heard George Orwell & Franz Kafka referenced a few too many times at yesterday's Smithsonian event. They werent analysts. They wrote fiction

At yesterday's Smithsonian event, I referred to my employer in the concrete, but others seemed to refer to #IBM as some sort of symbol.

Been living in eastern Fairfax County for 27 years, and still I have to check the maps to see what road intersects what elsewhere in county

Nice morning, blue and frozen. Nothing stirring. Even the leaves are still, and still on the trees.

RT @BBCNews: How cockney rhyming slang has evolved  &

Yesterday was the first time my wife had ever seen me speak in public. Didn't affect my performance. Just informed my awareness of the crowd

Cool partying in the closed museum at night. Felt a bit like Ben Stiller in that movie.

Enjoyed the Smithsonian event I spoke at yesterday. Learned something from every speaker. We had an excellent roundtable re surveillance

Preparing to go onstage & speak at 3:15 at #surveillance @SI_Invention . Surveil us via the stream I tweeted earlier.

Live stream o me et al Smithsonian "Inventing Surveillance Society" in 5 mins …

Fun fact: Beatles' first US concert was at Washington Coliseum. Funner fact: nobody in DC knows where this arena is or was.

Almost Halloween, and first hard freeze arrives in DC area. Warming my giblets in lobby of JW Marriott. Go to Warner Theatre later 2 speak.

Enjoying my aimless time. Most of my evenings and weekends are aimless. That's by design. Constant purpose blunts sensitivity.

RT @QuerySurge Fear not the algorithm @jameskobielus Challenges o Transparent Accountability in #BigData Analytics (  )

RT @JimGaffigan: "Champaign, Ill where should I eat before my show Friday night at @StateFarmCenter ?" JK--Their 5-star HotPocket Bistro.

"The Professionalization of Data Science" ( ) JK--Hmmm...discuss at my #IBMIOD panel?

"#IBM Dist Eng solves #BigData Conjecture" ( ) JK--Formula 4 new robust correl8n & fit metrx genzng Spearman rank coeff

Please note unabashed too-clever-by-half Talking Heads references/links at end of my latest #AnalyzingMedia column: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Book I Read by Talking Heads from Talking Heads: 77 JK--Group's unabashed rock-nerdiness was breath of fresh air

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Wishing Well by Bob Mould from Workbook JK--Mould has gr8 "yodee hodee shiver me timbers" voice. Swashbuckling punk

Here are downloadable presos that I, my panelists, & others presented last week at EuroCloud/ICS Luxembourg: 

Catch the #IBMIOD Expert Panel Debate I'm moderating: "Data Scientist--New Role or Relabeled Title?" Mon Nov 4, 2-3pm (pacific). Las Vegas.

"Data Warehousing & Analytics in era o #bigdata" ( ) JK--@nancykoppdw looks ahead 2 DW/Analytics track at #ibmiod vegas

"Ready 4 Vegas? How 2 get most from #IBMIOD ?" ( ) JK--Week after next. I also suggest breathe, hydrate, & travel light

"Disruption & game theory" ( ) JK--A.Croll discusses role in agile engagemt. See my 8-13-12 blog 

Catch me live tomorrow at Warner Theatre, WashDC. Sponsored by Smithsonian National Museum o Amer History. "Inventing the Streaming Society"

New #IBM jk blog: "The Challenges of Transparent Accountability in #BigData Analytics" ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fantastic Man by William Onyeabor from Who Is William Onyeabor? JK--Cool jaunty electro-funk from late 70s Nigeria.

Graph analysis? Using advanced math to infer... p1:  p2:  Fri #IBM q-h in adv. Offsite tomorrow

Complex event processing? Timestamping and its importance in funnel analytics ( ) Thursday #IBM quick-hit

RT @jameskobielus: "Cognitive computing? ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit" @BrianLKeith JK--This, for example. U follow me?

"5 Reasons #Hadoop Is Kicking Can and Taking Names" ( ) JK--Good post by #Forrester @mgualtieri

Finished next week's quick-hits. Now starting the quick-hits for #IBMIOD week. Get it out of my thinning hair. Other stuff pressing in on me

"What Are Infauxgraphics?" ( ) JK--Funny and true, illustrated visually by Timo Elliott.

Person with annoying laugh sat near me at gate in RDU. I put on my earbuds & played Ramones full volume. "Glad to See You Go." And he went.

@ibm_iod Thanks. I see.

New #IBM jk #AnalyzingMedia post: "Don’t Aggravate the Aggregate with Continuous Campaigning" ( )

New #IBM jk blog "The Emergence of Big Media: Evolving and Dwarfing Today's #BigData Platforms" ( ) preview of #ibmiod

@francoismat I've already blogged about it--#Hadoop, open-source, & dim likely of distro wars--in the recent past: 

Cognitive computing? ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

@francoismat Even then, analogy doesn't work. You're equating a single unusual organization's BD usage with everybody's everywhere.

@francoismat Faulty analogy. Fracking = unlock commercial potential o tight oil/gas reserves. Doesnt apply 2 BD apps o top-secret gov agency

Here in Raleigh for #AllThingsOpen. I speak this a.m: "#Hadoop: Rise of Open Source & Diminishing Likelihood of Distro Wars." Hope 2 C U all

"#IBM Protects from Security Attacks w/New Cloud Solution" ( ) JK--Akamai prtnrshp uses sw analytics to fend off DDoS

If data is the new oil of the 21st century, what's it's fracking? Discuss amongst.

@DevinPK10 Thanks. I did La Volta this evening. On recommendation of a Raleigh-based friend.

@ibm_iod As soon as @thesocialpitt posts it to #IBM #BigData Hub.

Was telling a colleague that the world is a better place when it takes its cues from the inner recesses of Jim Kobielus' fertile mind!

Cool. New series with John C. McGinley. Starts on TBS in November. Been missing him since "Scrubs" ended. Dr. Perry Cox.

"Trouble at the lab" ( ) JK--Science establishment flatters self that it's always "self-correcting." Lapses legendary

"Million-Year Data Storage Disk Unveiled" ( ) JK--Don't flatter self. Your data < half-life than 

"10 Data Projects Not to Leave Off the Schedule in 2014" ( ) JK--Excellent list. CTOs everywhere should heed/prioritize

"Database Holy Grail?" ( ) JK--Posits altrntv db models: Shared-Disk, Shared-Nothing, Sync Commit, Durabl Distrib Cache

"#BigData Detectives" ( ) JK--The power of scalable/operational log analysis for security and incident management.

"Why #BigData Wont Cure Us" ( ) JK--Ditto small data: "usage o mobile health apps drops off dramaticlly after download"

"#Hadoop 2.0 Goes GA: New Workloads Await" ( ) JK--YARN unwinds Hadoop dependency on MapReduce. Genl-purpose exec layer

"Warm-up exercise before data science" ( ) JK--Rethink data: not static (table-row-column), but dynamic (matrix-vector)

"Rschrs achieve speedy internet w/LED lightbulbs" ( ) JK--Hoping 4 speed-o-thought bulbs that flash brilliant insights

Our fave pizza place back home is zPizza. I made a beeline for the one across from the Raleigh Marriott City Center for lunch today. Yummmm!

"The Man Who Invented Modern Probability" ( ) JK--Soviet mathematician Andrei Kolmogorov. Posited axiomatic approach.

#IBM #BigData India Virtual Event, 29-30 Oct. I virtually keynote. Aimed at developer partners on the subcontinent. 

Ever notice sexist/ageist premise o these "how would U explain bigdata 2 yr mom?" blogs? They nevr specify dad. Your mom's probably no dummy

"#IBM & Libelium Launch IoT Starter Kit" ( ) JK--Integ Libelium WL sensr plat w/IBM Mote Runner sw & 6LoWPAN IoTovrIPv6

Software engineering is now the focus of the Obamacare debate. Talk about fixable issues. It will. Before long.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Spring by Bill Callahan from Dream River JK--I've never gotten any of his Smog or solo LPs. Quite likely to get this.

New #IBM #PureSystems jk blog: "Combining #PureData & System z for Mission Critical Analytics:A Virtual Enzee Recap"...

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Cells by Teenage Fanclub from Man-Made JK--2005. Band's name makes sound lightweight. They burn deep and soulful.

Drafted latest #IBM #PureSystems blog: "Combining PureData and System z for Mission Critical Analytics: An IBM Virtual Enzee Recap"

RT @kalgyimesi: Planning to see Gravity? Be sure 2 read @jameskobielus on 3D geospatial predictive analytics #bigdata 

#IBM Boosts zEnterprise Capabs w/ New Biz Analytics & Cloud Sw Solutions ( ) JK--New Cognos TM1, Cap Mgt Analytics, etc

Hype-chondria: ideological predisposition to attribute non-existent ills to Obamacare while attempting 2 hobble it on road 2 implementation

Getting ready to record preso for #IBM India. Appreciate my colleagues scheduling session @ convenient time (for me) albeit awful (for them)

Drafted next #IBM blog: "The Challenges of Transparent Accountability in #BigData Analytics"

Drafted latest #IBM #AnalyzingMedia post: "Don't Aggravate the Aggregate with Aggressively Continuous Campaigning"

Drafted latest #IBM jk #Dataversity column: "Machine Learning Boosts Data-Scientist Learning and Vice Versa."

I notice many people write out #bigdata "tenants" when they mean "tenets." Yes, indeed, multitenancy is a core #bigdata public-cloud tenet

Privacy & #bigdata? Push back against .... p1 ( ) p2 ( ) Tues #IBM q-h in adv. Away tomorrow

Big Science? p1 ( ) p2 ( ) Monday #IBM quick-hit

@AmericaFreeTV Yes. Here it is:  . I present streaming apps in the broader context than just "surveillance."

Join #CXO chat Mon 12 ET! #Mobile Wellness Experience  w/ @aetna #custserv #healthcare

Catch me Fri WashDC Warner Theater "Inventing the Streaming Society." Then I take show on road: "'Inventing the Streaming Society' On Ice"

WSJ reports that marmorated stink bugs infested DC during shutdown. I'm tempting fate to say we don't smell them yet in Northern VA suburbs

In the World Series, I was hoping for a 1968 rematch. What we have instead is a 1967. My league loyalties revert to that era. Go Sox!

#IBMIOD is 2 weeks from now. My schedule on the ground in Vegas will be packed. All of ours will. Must remember to breathe. And hydrate.

WSJ reports that most IT workers dont have degrees in computer science, tech, engneerng, or math. I have none of those. Just use your brain.

Catch me in Raleigh tomorrow and next day at All Things Open. I'll speak about the #Hadoop market.

In retrospect, th most idiotic question they asked me during college-internship interviews years ago was "Do you have leadership potential?"

George Takei. Did late-life left-field career twist even more interesting than Shatner's. Put personal life out there in activist posture

Eliminate freedoms? Ha! My brief encounter w/Obamacare portal (Calif) shows far more options 4 comparison shopping than your employer's plan

California's Obamacare health insurance exchange portal is straightforward & clear. I don't live there, but my son does. Fatherly curiosity

RT @nytimesmusic: As Downloads Dip, Music Execs Cast Wary Eye on Streaming Svcs ( ) JK--Why buy cow when milk free(r)?

Saw "Wait Until Dark" (1968) with Audrey Hepburn on public TV. Young Roger Ebert summed up my opinion perfectly ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California by Mazzy Star frm Seasons of Your Day JK--2013. Gorgeous. It's as if they didnt pause for almost 2 decades

A month from now, I speak at same conf as "father of DW" Bill Inmon ( ). Oddly, we've never met. Curious to meet him

Billy Beane. No truth to rumor that he coined "Moneyball" cuz "Beaneball" sounds like strategy of winning through strategic concussions.

People now speak of "toxins" as, ages ago, they used to speak of "evil spirits." Some vague malevolent fluid permeating our tissues.