Friday, October 11, 2013

Aweekstweets October 6-11 2013: the week I shut down my screens every time the news came on

Catch me Tuesday in Luxembourg at EuroCloud Congress ( ). I chair panel on "Standards for #BigData in the Cloud."

"Data, Data Everywhere. So Much, So Messy" ( ) JK--Neat and trim dissection of the dimensions of the data quality mess.

"Fooled by Twitter Data" ( ) JK--You bet. Twitter sentiment is that of skewed demographic of niche passionistas.

"The trickiness of forecasting rainfall" ( ) JK--Sentiment's another type of weather. Tricky to forecast. Same reasons

"#IBM Solves Virtual Machine 'Noisy Neighbor' Problem" ( ) JK--Problem of bandwidth-demanding VMs on shared host.

"IoT Gets Major Distance Boost From #IBM & Semtech" ( ) JK--Announcd hw/sw wireless sys capab Xmit IoT data up to 15 km

"#BigData Is Too Big for Scientists to Handle Alone" ( ) JK--Big Science = Big Collaborative Distributed Data Science

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Down to th River 2 Pray by Alison Krauss from O Brother Where Art Thou? JK--One o many standouts from gr8 film sndtrk

"#BigData Is Neither An Atomic Bomb Nor A Holy Grail" ( ) JK--Good discussion of ethics politics & science by Gil Press

"#BigData offline world: How data from brk&mrtr stores trumps online analytics" ( ) JK--Analytics of in-person shopping

"#BigData: Cutting through the bulls**t" ( ) JK--Huh? What word is that? How do you pronounced double asterisks?

Federal Times examines #IBM's role in the competitive federal cloud computing marketplace. 

1979 cast a complete pall over my memories of the 1970s. I suspect others of my generation felt the same.

1979. The year was an intense punk meltdown. Three Mile Island. Iranian hostage crisis. Post-Jonestown. My dad had just died. No nostalgia.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dead Souls by Joy Division from Unknown Pleasures JK--1979. Great crunchy goth-punk jam.


NoSQL? Twisting the kaleidoscope to sharpen your view of myriad options ( ) Friday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sleepwalking (Couples Only Dance Prom Night) by Modest Mouse from Interstate 8 JK--1996. Interpolates Santo+Johnny.

Spam filters should have image analysis to detect photos of large amounts of cash. Dead giveaway of sleazeball get-rich promotions.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hand Me Down by Visqueen from Message to Garcia JK--2009. Great Seattle power-pop band with strong female lead.

If you grew up near major city pre-VCR, local TV often showed classic films. Detroiters back in day owed debt of gratitude to Bill Kennedy.

Streaming has had powerful impact on my appreciation o classic & contemp pop music. I listen to everything. Trad radio formats way too narrow

Great Teachout WSJ column on early 80s impact of VCRs on popular appreciation of cinema as art. Know classics by experience not reputation

"Chemistry Nobel Prize 'about taking chemical experiment to cyberspace'" ( ) JK--Big Science = #BigData Science

@P_Wannemacher No problemo. I'm a selfless link-sharing machine, I am.

"Can computers have hunches?" ( ) JK--Nobelist Daniel Kahneman on diff between causal & statistical cognition

"In Digital Era, What Does 'Watching TV' Even Mean?" ( ) JK--Viewer attention toggles among vidstreams on 2+ screens

"Data & its Derivatives" ( ) JK--Article calls 4 timestamped process-milestone data 2 facil sales/mktg funnel analytics

This ( ) hadnt yet been announced when I wrote next wk blog prophecy: future Nobels will go to computational physicists

Nobel Prize in Chemistry went to theoretical scientists who pioneered virtual experimentation via computers. That's a scientific landmark.

"Why we need a standard for the Internet of things" ( ) JK--Discusses various international standardization initiatives

New #IBM jk blog: "Geospatial Analytics Transforming Brick-and-Mortar Retailing into a Digital Experience" ( )

"Establishing an Analytics Culture in Public Safety" ( ) JK--Discusses Vancouver's police dept adoption of the tech.

RT @IBM: #IBM wins dynamic network bandwidth patent for cloud  #IBMcloud #innovation

Healthcare analytics? Internet of Things & #bigdata powering quantified communities ( ) JK--Thursday #IBM quick-hit

"#IBM Rsch 2 Accel #BigData Discov" ( ) JK--Accel Discov Lab. Collab wkspace access data, analytics, infra, dom exprtse

Reading "Age of Edison" by EFreeberg. Details how TAE inventd neither elctric lite nor incandescent bulb. Just superior lighting utility sys

I like to meditate while waiting for Windows to boot. No better way for the mortal mind to get in touch with the concept of eternity.

A soggy one expected all day. Good. We need it. Sunlight is overrated.

@Michele_Moore 3 coauthors would hafta've been awarded 3 Nobels (on top o other 2 indep paper-authors (Higgs+Englert). Rules say 3 total max

RT @dslovensky: #SoftLayer, #ibm company has added 1600 new clients to its existing roster of 21000 clients since June #ibmcloud #gartnersym

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Opelika by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires from There Is A Bomb in Gilead JK--Cool one. I'd never heard of this...

Nobel Physics Prize. Dumb rules. 6 devel theory in 1964; 1 died. 3 max (living) may be honord. 2 non-coauthors got it. 3 coauthors disqual'd

"How Lambda Archtcture Can Anlyze #BigData Batchs in Nr R-T" ( ) JK--Aka "hybrid architecture" ( )

"Are Data Scientists Hidden within Your Company?" ( ) JK--Discusses identifying people with the core aptitudes.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Summer Painter by Bill Callahan from Dream River JK--This is a great poem delivered & orchestrated thrillingly.

"Scientific Data So Complex, Have 2 Invent New Math 2 Deal With It" ( ) JK--Myriad dimensional topologcal data analysis

@jaymuelhoefer Jay: Yes, of course I know them. Platform Computing ( ) is #IBM. I'm IBM. I know from long back, pre-IBM

Draftd nxt wk #IBM jk blog: "Geospatial Analytics: Evolving 2 Address Mindblowing #BigData Challenges of Mapping Creation Across All Scales"

"#IBM New [Sol'ns]" ( ) JK--PureSys (Data App Flex), Power (BLU), Smtr Stor (Storwize), Sys x, Tech Comp (BgIns, Platf)

"#IBM Bolsters Cloud Portf" ( ) JK--New socbiz+mobile SaaS svcs; SoftLayer-integ cld svcs; exprt integ sys 4 hybrd clds

"#BigData & pred analytics: When is enuff data enuff?" ( ) JK--Short answer: when your #Hadoop cluster screams "uncle"

"Predictive policing" ( ) JK--Excellent comprehensive report (free downloadable) from RAND Corp.

"Rschrs Beat Drum 4 Quantum Comms" ( ) JK--Demo'd qtm entangle btwn motion o minuscule mechanicl drum & microwave field

"‘Digital Industrial Economy’ Combines Physical World & Virtual" ( ) JK--Gartner's keen on the Internet of Things.

Cyberwarriors. Are they required to run obstacle courses of browser pop-ups & phishing lures in cyber-bootcamp? Easy to trip up.

"MDM & Next-Gen Data Sources" ( ) JK--Aaron Zornes on identity resolution factoring in mobile, location, & social data

Data monetization? Manage data like a product, not a cash spigot ( ) Wednesday #IBM quick-hit

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Les Feuilles Mortes by Monsieur Iggy le Pop from Preliminaires JK--2009. Magnifique!
Hadoop: Is There a Metadata Mess Waiting in the Wings? By Robin Bloor  #InsideAnalysis
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Proven strategies for #archiving complex relational data.  @QUESTUsersGroup
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Do we need a tax on space junk to keep GRAVITY from coming true? 
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RT @weusegadgets: Government Shutdown Knocks U.S. Radio Telescopes Offline ( ) JK--Universe goes even darker.

I love when people say they reached out because they saw my "column on #bigdata." That narrows it down. Good feedback. I'll do more of those

National park animals unsure whether shutdown good or bad. They like not being hassled by tourists. But crave daily fix of pic-a-nic baskets

"Mission: Protocols to ease true cloud federation" ( ) JK--IEEE testbed project is mostly research organizations.

I love tech discussions where somebody asks your opinion of some complex topic and turns away 5 seconds into your response.

I love legit commercial email solicits from biz strangers addressing biz strangers as "hey guys." As if we all roomed together in college

"François Englert & Peter Higgs Win Nobel Prize in Physics" ( ) JK--No surprise. CERN's #BigData should've shared prize

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Trying to Find a Home by Tindersticks JK--Stuart Staples (Tindersticks) & Matt Berninger (The National). Same voice?

@BarryDevlin Sure. Predictive analytics extends privacy impact of PII data at ANY scale, not just BIG scale.

@BarryDevlin I take issue w/article assert that pred anlytcs "effectively manufacture personal data." Of course not. Builds models from data

@BarryDevlin I didn't say the article has no value. My feeling is that it would have had more value if they kept the focus on big data.

@BarryDevlin So you feel that #bigdata and predictive analytics are one and the same thing?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All the Way From Memphis by Mott the Hoople frm Mott JK--1973. Glam band's piano/sax attack on this feels a bit Elton

RT @rickygervais: "Could anyone who talks to Jesus please let me know what accent he has?" JK--Speaks Aramaic with a Judean accent.

@BarryDevlin You disagree that they undermine their arg by blaming predictive analytics? Or that pred analytics has been around for decades?

"Twitter's Lucrative Data Mining Business" ( ) JK--But ad business is far more lucrative.

"Facebook's new Graph Search features create phishing wonderland ( ) JK--Better visibility into what we've chosen2share

"Why #bigdata has made yr privacy thing of past" ( ) JK--Weak argument. Subhead blames decades-old predictive analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Driving East, and Through Her by Case Studies from This Is Another Life JK--Me tripping? Hear "Me+U+Dog Named Boo"

I'm turned off when somebody praises some convenient sample of stuff they like as "world's best" of whatever. Like you've surveyed the world

Internet of Things? Monetizing the gadgets, apps, content, and cloud services ( ) Tuesday #IBM quick-hit

People who refuse to have kids vaccinated for MMR TB etc. Endanger society thru higher infection rates. At what point should society mandate

Today was richly drenched and moist and cool. Air has that woodsmoke perfume. Now that's an October day. I feel better. Much better.

Google+ making progress. More of the people it says I "may know" I indeed do know. Been a cavalcade of strangers till recently.

Changed mind about voting in VA gov race. Will vote. Lukewarm on McAuliffe. But shutdown convinced me TParty/Cockroachnelli must be stomped

Americans starting to face the unthinkable: those Tea Party maniacs may force the country into default. How to stop them?

@awarzecha I drafted it. It posts on Thursday on #IBM #BigData Hub.

Drafted latest #IBM jk blog: "Geospatial Analytics Transforming Brick-and-Mortar Retailing into a Digital Experience"

My Facebook newsfeed has come to resemble my Google+ view. Because I've "liked" so many science/tech research-rich pages.

"Data Scientists Create Code Of Prof Conduct" ( ) JK--Two-month-old nonprofit assn. See my blog: 

"Researchers beef up flash mem w/protein" ( ) JK--Peptides as superstruct binding dense semicond & resistive materials

"Real-Time Analytics for the Healthcare Industry: Arrhythmia Detection" ( ) JK--Machin-lrn ECG compar anlysis/categorzn

"Delsa Workshop IV: Launching the Quantified Human Initiative" ( ) JK--Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance. Interesting

"Why tablet magazines are a failure" ( ) JK--Disagree. I make heavy use of Google Currents on my Android tablet.

"Circle of Trust & Google Plus" ( ) JK--Interesting viz. But I dont think "trust" accurate. Circle o reprocal following

Local classic-rock station played Skynyrd song I'd never heard before. Don't recall name. Just glad theyre not "Free Bird" on endless repeat

A8: #cxo Biz can measure success at intelligent #CX by tracking whether the predictive accuracy of #CEM models is improving over time.

A8: #cxo Biz can measure success in driving intelligent #CX by tracking retention, satisfaction, & sentiment data.

A7: #cxo If you don't have a unified accurate profile of who your customers are or what they truly need, you can't engage intelligently.

A7 Self-serv check outs can often be the only point of human contact in an experience. If so, time to rethink that weak strategy. #cxo
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A7. Increasingly, suspicion. Why do you want my data and what are you going to do with it? Who else will get it? Big challenges. #cxo
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A7: #cxo Siloed customer engagement channels--sales, support, marketing, etc.--impede intelligent interaction. Lefthand/righthand discombob

A7 Collecting data w/o a strategy on how to use it makes #BigData pointless – need the right tools to extract useful info #CXO
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A7 Industries with distrustful reputations or notoriously convoluted processes create barriers to intelligent customer experience. #cxo
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A7: Major challenge for biz is rapid profiling of customers’ behavior over multi dimensions. Right tools and apps can alleviate #cxo
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A7: #cxo Lacking a cadre of professional #CEM specialists & data scientists can impede addressing the challenge head-on. Recruit & train!

A7: #cxo Business can overcome #cem -hostile culture by instlling from top down. CEO should be on frontlines frequently, taking customer ire

A7: #cxo Biggest hurdle to intelligent customer interaction is usually a corporate culture that doesn't really care about #cem.

A6: #cxo Self-service is increasingly becoming customer expectations across most channels. If it's not there, you may lose some customers

A6: #cxo Self-service may help many customrs 2 get what need w/min muss/fuss. May hinder if portals & other slf-svc platforms badly designed

A6: #cxo Customers differ widely in preferred #CX modes. Many may prefer self-svc to human-assisted. Factor slf-svc into engagemt options

A5: #cxo Need the ability of the business' human touchpoints to exercise situation-contextual judgment to ensure decision appropriateness

A5: Orgs need to understand their customers' behavior throughout the buying lifecycle #cxo
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A4: Biz should focus not on amount of customer data being collected but the quality of the data being collected. Quality > quantity. #cxo
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A5 A strong chief customer officer will be able to influence formation of + facilitate cross-disciplinary teams. #CXO #CX #CCO
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A5: The first 'tool' is an intangible. It is the genuinely customer-centric culture. #CXO
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A5: #cxo Need to incorporate continual feedback from customers into the ongoing design/tuning of #cem interaction optimization cross-chann

A5: #cxo Need subject-matter domain specialist analytics with #cem focus to work collaboratively ongoing with #datascientists

A5: #cxo Need interaction optimization front-end multi-chann #CRM platform. Need #bigdata unstruct analytics. Need next best action back-end

A4: #cxo If U reduce amt of cust data U collect & ramp up the analytics, make sure U don't run afoul of "intrusive marketing" sensitivities

A4: #cxo Reducing amount of customer data U collect doesnt always mean reducing analytics on what U have. May make sense 2 ramp the latter.

A4: #cxo There's never hard/fast rule on data collection reduction. Factors such as compliance, usage, storage constraints must B considered

A3: #cxo Do regular compliance audits of data collection & utilization to make sure mandates/constraints haven't been breached.

A3: #cxo Track what #BI cust-data reports actually being used. Monitor what data sources/vars are used in adv analytics models. Elim unused

A3: #cxo To ensure U're not collecting unnecessary data, you need 2 regularly ask users what they need & track what they actually use

A2: #cxo When defining need for sourcing customer info, biz must always have privacy sensititivities/regs in mind to guide decisions.

A2: #cxo Defining customer-data needs should not simply be sourcing from databases. Survey human touchpoints (e.g., agents, sales) as well

A2: #cxo Business needs to determine which customer data sources are in its possession already & need consol/correl8n vs. which to acquire

A2: #cxo Business should ask what exactly a "360-degree customer view" truly means: transactional data, sentiment data, more?

A2: #cxo Business should ask what "degrees" (i.e., data sources, aggregations, correlations) are missing from its "360-degree customer view"

A1: #cxo Intelligent experience is when the business powers its human touchpoints to achieve 1:1 conversational engagement with each customr

A1: #cxo Intelligent experience when the biz simplifies the customer's life across all channels & throughout their "journey" of decisions

A1: #cxo What's most intelligent is for the business to cultivate deeply satisfying experience for each customer.

A1: #cxo An intelligent customer experience is you, the biz, engaging with them in a proactive, predictive, personalized, contextual way.

@IBMbigdata Thanks! Glad to be here. Ready for #CXO.

#CXO I'm here! And ready for #CXO chat with @IBMbigdata & @BernardMarr on Creating an Intelligent #CX 

Should biz reduce amt of customer data they’re collecting? Join #CXO chat in 17 min w/ @BernardMarr et moi et al to discuss! #bigdata

"Wine & alcohol analytics" ( ) JK--Discusses wine market segmentation based on customer taste for diff alcohol levels

"Open-Source Systems You May Have Taken for Granted ( ) JK--OSS has long enough vintage & pervasivenss 2 B taken4grantd

"Data Driven: The New Big Science" ( ) JK--Cites astrophysicist & #bigdata guru @kirkdborne

Why no two #industry #observers #define or #scope the #NoSQL space in the same way  by James Kobielus

"Hospital Takes Own #BigData Medicine" ( ) JK--Personalized risk assess of each new patient vs. similar past patients

"Delic8 Balance Btwn Intrnet Freedm & #BigData" ( ) JK--"Any BD proj needs 2 B aware o risks o indiscrim colectd data"

"In future when U commit crime th thing thatll hunt U down" ( ) JK--Awkward compared w/potential o aerial drone botcops

FB's "similar to" recommendation algo has a few glitches. How is David Beckham similar to the Harvard Business Review? Must be joke in there

New #IBMDataMag jk article: "Twisting the Kaleidoscope – Part 1" ( ). Part 2 next week. Exploring #NoSQL

Crowdsourcing #BigData creativity? Smarts trump BgDt algos domain exptise p1:  p2:  Mon #IBM q-h

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ride My Arrow by Bill Callahan from Dream River JK--2013. I nominate Callahan for most musical "unconventional" voice

One of those Monday mornings when it takes the brain a few hours to emerge from a happily work-free weekend fog.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley from Grace JK--Never understood why a "baffled king" would compose one. Confused/thwarted?

Awaiting some much-needed rain today. Hope it doesn't come with never-needed flash flooding. Bracing.

Have never understood the appeal of tattoos. To me, they seem the opposite of cosmetic surgery: uglification operations.

Best to expect that every new cool experience is a one-off. Better that it occurred at all than never . Expecting repeat diminishes memory.

I use almost no apps on my smartphone, other than social media. The "there's an app for that" saying doesn't move me. Most apps are crap.

@NeilRaden @RitaJKing Disambigu8n is a sort/sifting process. Depending on domain, may be deterministic or probabilistic. May use heuristics