Saturday, September 06, 2014

Aweekstweets August 30 to September 6 2014: the week that has not yet technically ended

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lady (Fallin’ in Love) by The Beach Boys from Summer Love Songs JK--1970. Nice one from sadly underutilized Dennis

Weekend’s here and I’m dealing with a huge backlog of nothing that I plan to do. It’s stacking up.

"How Caffeine Evolved 2 Help Plants Survive & People Wake Up" ( ) JK--Evolved to do the former. Your buzz is irrelevant

"Pharmacovigilance 2 Clin Care Optzn" ( ) JK--Calls 4 opn de-IDd DB 4 lng-trm surveill o delayd lo-freq advrse interXns

"A Big Data Guide to Understanding Climate Change: Case for Theory-Guided Data Science" ( ) JK--Very interesting study

I know when my tweets strike an immediate responsive chord in followers. My iPhone notification chirp on retweets starts chirping up a storm

Skimming usual feed of new IT industry stories. Must avoid growing jaded by the sheer stupefying sameness of so much of it. New news please!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp True Faith by New Order JK--Morning sun is a "truck" or a "drug" that "brings me here"? What's th morning sun, again?

Archaeologists have dubbed largest dino ever found "dreadnoughtus" ( ). Reserving "Armageddosaurus" 4 whatever's bigger

The "powers that be"? The powers that be what? The powers that be doin' all kinds of powerful stuff? Be specific. We have ways of making you

Data journo? Deep learn threatens deep6 journo faith in fact of foto p1  p2  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

Stuff I published 2 years ago already looks dated. For the record, today's date is September 5, 2014. I know you depend on me for this info.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Are €˜"Friends" Electric? by Tubeway Army from Replicas JK--1979. Good amped-up synth-rock from Gary Numan's band.

Dumb VH-1 series where naked strangers date out in the wild. Only sexual tension is whether they’ll catch their privates on a bramble bush.

The female praying mantis devours the male within minutes after mating, while the female human prefers to stretch it out over a lifetime.
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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance… The five stages of waking up.
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How funny is it when you’re telling somebody a made-up story and someone says “Oh yeah I heard about that”?
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RIP Joan Rivers. Lacerating wit that double-edged back on self as gleefully as on putative targets. Unabashed take-no-prisoners funny lady.

"Value o Connecting Things: Pt1: Foundation Bsd on Netwk Effect" ( ) JK--Extension of "Metcalfe's Law" 2 IoT clearcut

"Robert McDonnell guilty of 11 corruption counts" ( ) JK--Restores my faith in juries paying attention to facts of case

Learn about next gen #DB2 with BLU Acceleration for #in-memory. Fast answers. Simply delivered. #ibmblu 

Weird Al Yankovic "Word Crimes" ( ). JK--2014. Parody of Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines." Thanks to @ajayohri

"Myth-busting is big mythtake" ( ) JK--Author doesn't say when it's riskier to let myths stand vs. restate/debunk them

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Public Image by Public Image Ltd. from The Greatest Hits, So Far JK--Sort of Lydon's sequel to Sex Pistols' "EMI"

Tired of hearing this/that "growing exponentially." Everything that exists is. Just say if exponent pos or neg integer or fraction. Or zero.

"Aircraft 2 B given 'human-like skin' 2 sense damage" ( ) JK--Cover entire body of plane w/10s o 1000s of micro-sensors

TED@IBM ( ) JK--Tues Sept 23. San Francisco Jazz Center. 201 Franklin Street (at Fell). "Reimagining Our World."

"Using #BigData To Help Seniors Live Well" ( ) JK--Discusses #IBM work with Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society

"Recommendation Engines: Reason Why We Love #BigData" ( ) JK--"Suggests a few data points out of a large pool o data"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emmylou by First Aid Kit from The Lion's Roar JK--2012. "I was born to endure this kind of weather."

"Music analytics is helping the music industry see into the future" ( ) JK--Detecting who's big next.

New #IBM jk blog: "Who's afraid of the big (data) bad wolf?" ( )

New #IBM jk #InfoWorld column: "When #bigdata is truly better" ( )

Healthcare analytx? Unstr anlytx power pandemic early-warning sys p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

Thank U social media 4 reminding me o everyone's birthdays. Please also state who'll be playing "pin the tail on th donkey" at their parties

Already one of those kind of days. Not these kind of days. THOSE kind of days! Big difference, you know, these and those.

Reading lawyer Henry “Bombastic” Bushkin’s memoir about late longtime client Johnny Carson. Sober account of Carson’s prickly private self.

"The Square Kilometre Array: The World’s Ultimate #BigData Challenge" ( ) JK-- #IBM John Kelly on astronomy's frontiers

"Neural Networks and Deep Learning" ( ) JK--Follow the links to an interesting online primer on deep learning.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Que Onda Guero by Beck from Guero JK--2005. My fave Beck LP. "They have the new Yanni cassette at Captain Cork"

Join me @Thinkovation tweetchat: "How Data Will Power Internet of Things" Wed Sept 10, 11am-12noon ET. #IoTChat #IBM 

Sitting here pondering stupid headlines with #bigdata metaphors. I propose: "Big Data: Empty Buzzword or Fearsome Buzzsaw?"

Check out the refreshed #IBM #BigInsights #Hadoop website: 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Run by Air frm Talkie Walkie JK--2004. This been used in computr commercial? If no, should. Sounds soul o new machine

"Data Scientist on Quest to Turn Computers Into Doctors" ( ) JK--Deep-learning algorithms 2 diagnosis illness & disease

"How can TV ride th #bigdata wave?" ( ) JK--Broadcasters & advertises mining viewer/consumer data for deeper engagement

"The Mathematics of Herding Sheep" ( ) JK--The algorithms in the brains of sheep and sheepdogs.

Apache Storm resources (downloadable slides and videos) here:  . Real-time stream processing and computing. Good info

"Frozen versus liquid analytics" ( ) JK--One-time v. real time, canned v. exploratory, fixed v constantly being updated

"How 2 Use IoT 2 Fight Slumlords" ( ) JK--Internet-connectd sensors monitor/record substandard apartmnt bldg conditions

Can you revolutionize your environment like #UofT did? Join the webcast: Reflections of a #DBA on #ibmblu. …

pureScale at the Beach. – What’s New in the #IBM #DB2 “Cancun Release”:  #ibmblu

BLU Shadow Tables provide breakthrough performance of reporting & analytics directly in transaction processing!  #db2

What’s new for analytics in #IBM #DB2 10.5 “Cancun Release” ( ) #ibmblu

The optimization for the POWER8 processor found in the DB2 "Cancun Release" makes fast even faster!  #db2 #POWER8

Find better #Oracle SQL compatibility and more comprehensive support for #SAP BW in DB2 "Cancun Release":  #db2

Want both transactional processing AND analytics? Use #DB2 "Cancun Release" with #ibmblu Shadow Tables  #ibmblu

"Improved image analysis tools speed exploited children cases" ( ) JK--Open source forensics categorizn & rapid match

Adv visualization? Analytical value o data-provenance tracking... p1:  p2:  Wed #IBMDataMag qh

#IBMInsight 2014 : October 26th will be dedicated to #Enzee Universe. Read @nancykoppdw blog to know more  @IBMDataWH

8 features that make #IBMBLU Acceleration #faster, #simpler and more #agile  @IBMDataWH

Why is #IBMBLU Acceleration the next generation of #in-memory computing? 

Bon-Ton story on adding realtime POS & order management data for #Analytics in minutes at #IBMInsight  @IBMDataWH

Do you want to know the “what”, “why” and “how” of the benefits of #PureData System for #Analytics?  @ibmdatawh #Blog

#IBM #DB2 10.5 "Cancun Release" now available. Participate in discussion ( ). Read my blog ( )

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Lake Michigan by Rogue Wave from Asleep at Heaven's Gate JK--2007. On my desert island disc list. Beaver Island?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Higher by Lia Ices from Ices JK--2014. Nice unusual Chinese-y rock feel to this.

#IBMInsight 2014 : Bigger and Better than Ever! | #IBM #DataWarehousing blog by @nancykoppdw  @IBMDataWH

"MIT & Marriott Are Testing Matchmaking Table Fed by LinkedIn Data" ( ) JK--Analytic-driven mobile-experience curation

"The Real Tim Horton" ( ) JK--Good remembrance in today WSJ about the hockey/donut legend's sadly foreshortened life.

New #ITKnowledgeExchange jk #IBM column: "The analytic potency of the ontology" ( )

Can computers truly reason? Another question I'd like answered is: will computers will ever stop making unreasonable demands on our time?

Administrivia. Actually, very little is truly trivial. Somebody or something somewhere'll do something with my input. Must pay attention.

Drafted latest #ITKnowledgeExchange blog: "The Analytic Potency of the Ontology"

Drafted latest #IBM jk #InfoWorld blog: "When is Bigger Data Truly Better Data?"

Just unfollowed  on FB 4 same reason I didnt renew Village Voice subscription ages ago. Their music opinions annoy me

"Why th ‘Three Vs’ May not Help yr #BigData Initiative" ( ) JK--Please don't curse in front of th children!

OK, now, what's this? Someone has defined job category of "data astronaut." Ummm, at what point do we declare a moratorium on this nonsense?

Email. The only way to deal with the stress is to groove the zen of never ever imagining that you'll ever truly catch up with it. Ommmmm.

Machine learning? Delving into the depths of deep learning ( ) Tuesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

New #IBM jk blog: "Raising real-time transaction and analytic processing to the next power" ( ) #blu #bigdata

"7 really good reasons to partner #IBM SPSS analytics with R" ( ) JK--Forsyth Alexander on advantages of R with SPSS

"In- #Hadoop analytics" ( ) JK-- #IBM Gary Robinson on Hdp for #datawarehouse augmentation #bigdatamgmt

"Cognitive Comput in New Era o Discovery" ( ) JK-- #IBM Michael Rhodin on #IBM #Watson Discovery Advisor #smarterplanet

"Advancing Scientific Knowledge" ( ) JK--Case study: See how advanced framework can enhance experimentation #IBMDataMag

"Innovative Commuting" ( ) JK--Case study video: Learn how IBM expertise minimized traffic congestion #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tiny Cities Made of Ashes by Modest Mouse from The Moon & Antarctica JK--Sun Kil Moon's cover is utterly different.

"Thwarting Fraud w/Analytics Approach" ( ) JK--Case study vid: See how IBM Entity Analytics prevents fraud #IBMDataMag

"Driving Business Transformation with #IBM Business" ( ) JK--IBM Software case study, Mueller, Cognos BI #IBMDataMag

"Apply Analytics to Reach and Engage Customers" ( ) JK--Nature of analytics video: Dances with Rhinos #IBMDataMag

" #Hadoop Meets the Mainframe" ( ) JK--Gord Sissons on InfoSphere BigInsights for Hadoop on System z #IBMDataMag

"Cultiv8 360-Degr View o Customer" ( ) JK--KMadia completes 3pt animal-theme series on #InfoSphere #Streams #IBMDataMag

One of my favorite redundancies is "real-world case studies." Are those real-world? No, they're case studies o my fondest #bigdata fantasies

"Cloud Analytics: Real-World Insight for Fruitful Outcomes" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah discusses case studies #IBMDataMag

WashPost headline: "how safe are files stashed in the cloud?" To which I'd have to reply with a question: "which cloud?"

Labor Day. Start of the peak season of product launches and big-top conferences in high-tech. Bracing self.

Buying & downloading Ty Segall's great new LP "Manipulator." Every guitar-raving song gets me fully adrenalized. Yes yes yes!!!!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed JK--1972. Love the "On The Road" feel of this. "Hitchhiked her way across the USA"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mannish Boy by Muddy Waters from Electric Mud JK--1968. This was controversial? ( ). Awesome!!!

Anybody who thinks Ringo isn’t a great drummer apparently has never heard a Beatles recording. And that’s inconceivable.

Watched show on local public TV about great breakfast restaurants in & around DC. Love the travelogue commentary as much as the comestibles

Mitt Romney strangely in vogue among 2016 Repub presidential hopefuls. Because GOP needs help alienating 47% of electorate right off the bat

Uber. I’m like “wot dat.” I drive my own or rental car. When I need a taxi, I hail one at the airport or hotel I’m at.

Disputes over reclining airplane seats. Just grin & bear it. I've learned how 2 scrunch self+laptop into tight posture 4 hours & write blogs

You know the world is pretty f'd up when North Korea and Iran have fallen off the high-alert watchlist.

Mass. It's basic role in my life has been constant since I was a child. Only place I can sing full-throated in public & not get hooted down

Had a really great Thai dinner out with my girls tonight after Mass. Then we came home and I washed the cars till it was dark. Feels good

I like Obama's tan suit. Where can I buy one of that particular style?