Sunday, September 21, 2014

Aweekstweets September 14-21 2014: the week it rained 10-gallon hats in central Texas

Nobody’s going to miss Radio Shack. I still miss Borders.

The point of social media is not to tell others how you’re doing but to remind yourself how you’re doing. You share to make yourself aware.

People at the fitness club who jump onto an elliptical for maybe 10 minutes tops and imagine they’re getting good cardio workout. Lazybones

Stepping down & up from your current job, and partitioning it among rivals, is not stepping down. It’s wrapping oneself more tightly around.

Monocles. Did peoples’s vision improve from the lens or from squinting to keep the stupid thing on their face?

Atlantic City’s dire straits. I’ve visited the place a few times and have always found it a bit tawdry. Not a family-style beach community.

RT @Competia: MIT Invents A Magic Lens That Combines All Your Screens Into A Single Experience  RT @martinharrysson

Notice how Obamacare is a non-issue in the midterm elections. The program is a success. People have gotten themselves insured.

Just finished watching the seventh of seven episodes of “The Roosevelts.” Eleanor was the heart and soul and conscience through it all.

Egidia opened a Riesling upon my return. We got real mellow. Just watching the tube. I don't vegetate on TV that much anymore. Felt decadent

Have watched the 1st 6 of the 7-part "The Roosevelts." Will watch the finale tomorrow. Spoiler alert: everybody dies in the end.

Glad to be home. Austin was constantly raining. In buckets. Or perhaps 10-gallon hats.

Healthcare analytics? Mining hospital data 4 nonobvious infection.. p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

United Kingdom remains united. I was worried for a moment. Worried that Texas might get funny ideas.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy by Dolly Parton JK--1969. The most amazing warble. Underlines her Tennessee authenticity.

I've watched the 1st 5 installments of Ken Burns' 7-part "The Roosevelts." All of them quite riveting. Eleanor takes on fresh dimensionality

#Hybrid nature of #IBMDB2 Analytics Accelerator (IDAA) : #IBMInsight Session Preview  @IBMDataWH Blog by @rhughes134

#DB2 Analytics Accelerator Refresh Performance and Best Practices at #IBMInsight  @IBMDataWH blog post by @rhughes134

Composable #DataWarehouse, pick & choose your analytic services & pay for what you need! @IBMDataWH Blog  @ARonthal

#IBM announces Project Dynamite #datawarehouse and #analytics as a service in the #cloud. Fast, easy interconnectable 

"The Internet of Things Needs Open Source" ( ) JK--Good overview of Eclipse IoT OSS initiatives.

"What Are Analytic Marketplaces?" ( ) JK--Good overview of Kaggle & other data-science expertise community/marketplaces

RT @IBM_InfoSphere: Refinement transforms data into a powerful business asset. Find out how you can #makedatawork. 

Sitting next 2 Barton George @ #OMG #CSCC Austin event. Here's his interview o me 4 yrs ago at Chicago #bigdata event 

Those ride-sharing services are becoming ubiquitous. I pulled up to hotel today in a rental car & the bellman asked if I was an Uber driver

#IBM #PureData webinar: "Essential Guide to Using Data Virtzn 4 #BigData Analytics." Wed Sept 24, 12noon ET Register: 

At a cloud-computing conference in Austin. The panel is going deep on the value o Docker in th cloud. For the record, I'm wearing my Dockers

After today's vote, the phrase "Scot-free" may have new meaning.

RT @SmarterPlanet Deforestat'n Wiped Out 20% o Amazon Rainforest in Last 40 Yrs #HelpCSCBrazil

RT @IBMcloud #Cloud doesn't have 2 B complicated. Nail down computing basics:  #CloudMadeSimple

" #IBM Innovation Centre in Bangalore to partner w/ 100 #bigdata & IoT startups in India" ( ) JK--Co-innovation.

Personal clouds. Let's call them "MYaas." Or let's not.

#DB2 #Cancun Release has #Oracle SQL compatibility for low risk migration: Oracle to #IBMBLU Acceleration  @IBMDataWH

IBM’s new #DB2 Cancun Release takes #DB2 with #IBMBLU Acceleration: Next generation #inmemory computing  @IBMDataWH

#TDWI World Conf: Learn about technology enabling agile #BI such as IBM’s new #DB2 #Cancun Release  #TDWI @IBMDataWH

"Is your #datawarehouse ready to dance?" : @IBMDataWH blog post by @wlucas001  #TDWI

New #IBM jk blog: "IBM #Watson: Core of the cognitive revolution" ( )

Advanced analytics? Please avoid interpreting "advanced" as "hipper than thou" ( ) Thursday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

I don’t mind the traffic jam at all this morning in http://Austin.Gives  me time to listen to this terrific country radio station.

Loudest damn thunderstorm I have ever heard. Sharpest crack of lightning. Geez Austin, let me sleep!

"Video: The Next Frontier for #BigData" ( ) JK--Hence, computer vision, deep learning, & real-time streaming analytics

"A Look into the Future of Analytics" ( ) JK-- #IBM @hfryman discusses automated analytic-driven decision agents.

Sticky hot humid as all get-out today in Austin. Won’t need that fall jacket I packed.

People who argue that the DH ruined major league baseball. It's a bit like complaining that the forward pass wrecked football's ground game

I wish people would stop brandishing the word "strategic" without specifying the strategy they're referring to.

Recommendation engines? Black art of benchmarking against the past and pending ( ) Wednesday #IBMDataMag quick-hit

This morning's spam. James Kobielus keeps trying to send me James Kobielus' CV. Thanks, but put it on the pile. We already filled that slot

I just noticed an oxymoron: "routine alert." If it's routine, it's not an alert. It's part of the background noise. No one should notice.

" #IBM Intros Powerful Analytics 4 Everyone" ( ) JK--Watson Analytics: slf-sv NLP-bsd predctv/visual cognitiv cloud svc

" #IBM’s New #Watson Analytics Wants 2 Bring #BigData 2 Th Masses" ( ) JK--Self-sv cognitiv computng in cloud. Freemium

The most pointless Twitter profile is "All my tweets are my own." Which, of course, you violate the moment you retweet something.

Drafted next #IBMDataMag column: "Ensemble Methods Boost Machine Learning's Effectiveness"

IoT? Revisiting Metcalfe's Law in the era of everything networking p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

"InfoSphere Guardium Tech Talk: Data Encryption" ( ) JK--Oct 9 1130am EDT. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"Informix Tech Talk: Cloud-Based Development" ( ) JK--Sept 25 11:30am EDT. Register:  #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Virtual Finance Forum 2014" ( ) JK--Sept 24 10:30am EDT. Gratis. Register:  #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit" ( ) JK--Sept 23–24 Boston. Register:  #IBMDataMag

"Keeping Pace with Business Needs" ( ) JK--Case study video: Credit bureau tapping into unstructured data #IBMDataMag

"Stopping Fraudsters in Their Tracks" ( ) JK--Infographic: Discover how to counter fraud in #bigdata world #IBMDataMag

" #InfoSphere #BigInsights Is Now in the Cloud" ( ) JK--Get started now:  #IBMDataMag

"Merging Data Streams to Maintain Watersheds" ( ) JK--Video: Southern Ontario Water Consortium #IBMDataMag

"Optimizing the Economics of Storage" ( ) JK--Video on #IBM software-defined storage #IBMDataMag

"Cloud Analytics: Selecting Patterns of Integration" ( ) JK--Ahmed Fattah posts 3rd of 3-pt series #IBMDataMag

"Grappling with IT Challenges in Healthcare" ( ) JK--W. H. Inmon and Mary Kasal on text analytics & DW #IBMDataMag

"Improving the Economics of Information" ( ) JK--E.Koumpan & S.Sumner-Moore on info lifecycle governance #IBMDataMag

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Monday Morning by Death Cab for Cutie from Codes & Keys JK--2011. I've always liked Ben Gibbard's unaffected voicings

"How prostitution, alcohol & data science impact Uber?" ( ) JK--Uber data scientists found Uber-use crime-zone correl8n

"Ramping Up for a Hard-Driving Internet of Things" ( ) JK--Whitepaper from #IBM Institute for Business Value

"A Map of Every Device in the World That's Connected to th Internet" ( ) JK--Based on ping requests to every IP address

Postal mail came. All junk mail, all quickly disposed. Thinking of acquiring special hazmat tongs to handle the Scientology stuff.

Drafted latest #Dataversity #IBM column: "Cognitive Computing as a Wearable Prosthetic"

Surprised none of these "data science is sexy" boosters provides a self-diagnostic: "am I hot enough to crunch data all the livelong day?"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ready, Able by Grizzly Bear from Veckatimest JK--2009. One of my fave LPs of the 2000s decade. Brilliant song cycle

I print out important reading material for a simple reason. I read & glean the meaning of hardcopy much faster than same material on-screen.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alone Again Or by Love from Forever Changes JK--1967. People are indeed the greatest fun, when they're not annoying.

On the DC sports downside, RG3 probably on disabled list for yet another year. On upside, Nationals on track to win NL East. Go Nats!

"Zoo Wants Help Build Largest Urban Wildlife DB" ( ) JK--Crowdsourced classify animals captured by Chicago-area cameras

"Traffic Lights o Tomorrow" ( ) JK--Radar & cameras detect traffic & algos instantly adjust per real-time conditions

"Wikipedia Edits Reveal America’s “Data Deserts”" ( ) JK--Geo map of undercovered virtual-disenfranchised communities.

"Rise of Data Poverty in America" ( ) JK--Virtual disenfranchise if groups routinely have no data collected about them

"Innovs in payment techs & emergence o digital currencies" JK--Interesting whitepaper from Bank of England. Download: 

"RDF on #Hadoop and Schema on Read vs. on Write" ( ) JK--Interesting discussion of Big Semantic-Web Data

"Spark Release 1.1.0" ( ) JK--Perf & usab enh, Spark SQL, new MLlib algos, new Streaming source & ML algo, Flume integ

"Aperture Tiles tile-based visual analytics for #bigdata" ( ) JK--Open source, free to use under the MIT License.

"Rise of the Big Data Engineer" ( ) JK--Specialists in data platforms & data prep. Work hand-in-hand w/data scientists

Reading a book about zen living. For me, the most richly zenful comment of all is "no comment." So utterly & totally a comment it screams!!

"Time Series Data & OpenTSDB" ( ) JK--Discusses importance of temporal databases for Internet of Things.

" #BigData Analytics: Shark and Spark SQL" ( ) JK--Shark team will focus on Spark SQL, ending Shark development

Big Science? Analyt challengs frustrate use o data sci in glob stud p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Be Thankfl 4 Wot U've Got by William DeVaughn frm Soul Hits o Th '70s: Didnt It Blo Yr Mind JK--Slinky early 70s soul

Caught 1st episode of 7-part Ken Burns doc "The Roosevelts" last night. Terrific. I'm going to watch them all. Learned a lot already.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Holdin on to Black Metal by My Morning Jacket from Circuital JK--2011. Great James Bond theme-ishness to this.

" #IBM Analytics for #Hadoop in minutes on the Cloud: Powered by BigInsights" ( ) JK--Develop on Bluemix!

Have never understood what it means for people to describe themselves as "data-driven." That sounds reactive. You have a clue going in?

Put all my podcasts on my iPhone, all my purchased music on my Zune. Good to keep them on separate players. Better battery stewardship.