Sunday, September 14, 2014

Aweekstweets September 6-14 2014: the week we were all forced to enjoy U2’s great new album

Tried different yoga moves this morning to unlock the muscles in my lower back. Seemed to work. I’m feeling more upright.

Read interesting POV that War of 1812 actually 2nd US war of independence. Rename them Revolutionary War I & Revolutionary War II?

Daniel Snyder has taken to YouTube advertising to promote the nauseating message that term “Redskin” is somehow a proud term

The vote this week may mark the end of Great Britain as a national entity. It would remain merely geographic.

Just finished Henry Bushkin’s excellent memoir of his long tenure as Johnny Carson’s lawyer. A sadder man in real life than you’d think.

For old time’s sake, I think Microsoft should put an option as you’re shutting down Windows: “force Blue Screen of Death.”

Reviewing a friend's manuscript for a biz-tech book. Looks good. Glad they asked for expert feedback. Always happy to chip in my two cents.

Definitely a bit autumnal feeling, with the cooler temps, the overcast skies, the light rain. Glad I mowed the lawn before it got moist out

My fave time of the week: Sat morning early. Up alone. Reading th papers, sipping latte. Listening 2 music. Doesnt take much 2 make me happy

It amuses me when people say ancient Broadway showtunes are “standards.” Does that mean that all songs need to be Cole Porter-compatible?

I’ve noticed that TV news hinders people’s ability to assess th day’s events in a sober, calm, & balanced way. So I refrain from watching it

Social gathering at a total Parrothead house. Everything decorated in Key West Moderne. Strangely, no Margaritas.

Just saw my first drone in the wild over west Alexandria. It moved so fast I didn’t have time to take a picture.

One o most annoying email subject lines is "please read." I'd like 2 set up rule that auto-sends this reply "Please hint why we should read"

Solar magnetic storm bearing down. I guess that's it. She's held on these past 15 billion years, but poor ol' Mother Earth cant take no more

"The Future of Data Storage" ( ) JK--That infographic is a keeper.

"9 Ugly Lessons About Sex From #BigData" ( ) JK--Wha...? Is #BigData a voyeur? Need to keep our shades drawn.

I'd like to see a "10 myths about myths" list. Meta-myth #1: " #BigData myths have mythic orgies up in their own mythic Mt. Peta-lympus."

IBM Events - Registration - TED@IBM Live Stream 

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp PDA by Interpol from Turn On the Bright Lights JK--2002. I don't sleep tight on even 1 couch, much less 200. Futon?

"Temporal Databases" ( ) JK--"Time has remained one of the neglected areas in the SQL standard."

"The Poisson Pill – Just what if we can go beyond the “What ifs”?" ( ) JK--Detailed use cases o Monte Carlo simulations

"MOOC: “Process Mining: Data science in Action” ( ) JK--Sounds very interesting. Start Nov 12, thru year-end.

"Cognitive Computing Roundtable Interview, Part I" ( ) JK--Artificial intelligence in the era of #bigdata

"Album Apple shouldve givn away instead o U2's latest" ( ) JK--1st World problems. Why not give every1 Beatles boxset?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Redemption Song (with Joe Strummer) by Johnny Cash from Cash Unearthed JK--Totally cool to hear those 2 voices duet

RT @AnnTran_ Good writing is good thinking - not just about copywriting. ~ @annhandley #cmworld @ScottLum @gracenote

#BigData single version of truth? Practical limits of clue-googling p1:  p2:  Fri #IBMDataMag qh

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust For Life JK--1977. Great "la la la la la la la la" refrain to "la la" along with

RT @IBM_InfoSphere: It’s time to treat your data like you treat your water.  #cleandataforall

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Autumn Sweater by Yo La Tengo from I Can Hear th Heart Beating as One JK--1997. Stellar example of deadpan chill vibe

Does CNN coach its on-air personnel to shout simple headlines under all circumstances? Sure seems like it.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ford Econoline by Chuck Prophet from Night Surfer JK--2014. Exclaims "the Talking Heads" as if roots-rocking jam band

Drafted next week's #IBM jk blog: "IBM Watson: Core of the Cognitive Revolution"...preview of my Insight 2014 preso next month

Downloading free (thanks Apple) new U2 album released this week at iPhone 6 launch. Those who gripe about this are nuts. It's U2, not crap.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Black Cab by Jens Lekman from Maple Leaves JK--2004. Beats himself up for being party pooper. Freakd out by ride home

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens frm Come On Feel Th Illinoise JK--2005. Beautiful ballad never fails to move me

A morning when I post a hyper-geeky tech quick-hit, and then a largely business/strategic blog, in rapid succession. I live to zig & zag.

New #IBM jk blog: "Immunizing your business against toxic customer relationships" ( )

#BigData optimal deploy model? Fog clouds optimizd 4 IoT analytix p1:  p2:  Thurs #IBMDataMag qh

"New 2 ML? Avoid these mistakes" ( ) JK--Overfittng, data leak, sample bias. Cites medieval data scientist Wm of Ockham

Did William of Ockham shave himself with his fabled Razor? Having a barber do it would complicate beyond necessity. Was lathering necessary?

"DataKind’s do-good data-science projects arrive in 5 more cities" ( ) JK--Branching beyond NYC & UK.

"What Cars Did for Today’s World, Data May Do for Tomorrow’s" ( ) JK--Vehicles/superhighways/econ-development analogy.

"The Data Scientist on a Quest to Turn Computers Into Doctors" ( ) JK--Discusses #IBM #Watson work with Sloan-Kettering

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bad 'N' Ruin by Faces frm Long Player JK--1971. Like it. Rod Stewart on vocals. Has any band ever calld self "Feces"?

#IBM proposal for #IoT architecture ( ) JK--Will open-source Adept: "block chain," telehash, BitTorrent.

A5: Ppl focusing on cost of visit, ability to visit all those sensors as issues for sensor update #IoTChat
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A5: Once devices are released will be a huge challenge to update them from security standpoint, must be done correctly pre-launch. #IoTChat
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A5: Key concerns for updating: having devices crash when they update, since the cost of visit exceeds replacement. #IoTChat #sustainability
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#iotchat A5 most things will need certified & secure update from cloud process, but some will need "insert certified silicon here" updates.
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Q5A- should you be able to update remote devices, or prevent it for security reasons? #iotchat
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A5: #IoTChat Another key concern for updating disparate devices is managing disparate connectivity scenarios. Always-on vs. rarely connected

A5: #IoTChat Key concern for updating disparate devices is infrastructure for device config mgt and provisioning.

#iotchat A4 Proprietary standards and DB's won't go away, but we can smooth that by creating "IoTXML" or "M2MXml"
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A4: #IoTChat Should be addressing through open-source connector/adapter libraries and registries for disparate IoT data formats

A4: #IoTChat Should be addressing through domain-specific data standards for each IoT solution area: smartphone, smart car, healthcare, etc.

A4: #IoTChat Shold be addressing through open IoT standards for interchange and semantics.

A3: Data integrity. Value of sensor data is often in the aggregate upstream. #IoTChat
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Twitter's not cooperating with #IoTChat right now.Twitter more or less ground to a halt several minutes ago. Little is getting through/

A3: #IoTChat Encrypt data everywhere all the time, on device, in transmission, in cloud. Apply trusted geo-time-stamps to facil correlation

A3: #IoTChat Keep only as much data on device as needed for immediate local display, analysis, & transmission...then replicate2cloud & purge

A2: #IoTChat Fast-move device may serve fasmove user (eg airplane pilot) w/short decis latency (right angle of landing?): can it keep pace?

#iotchat A2 We have to be cognizant of imminent handoffs and crossovers as devices transit between networks.
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Fast moving #IoT devices must have local store and synch capability as not all data transmitted will be in real time. #iotchat
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A2: Security and privacy vulnerabilities comprimised to save time and authentication speed are considerations for such devices #IoTChat
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A2: #IoTChat If device moving fast & is involved in real-time app that needs speedy data transmission, is closed-loop latency too lengthy?

A2: #IoTChat If device itself is moving fast, real-time geolocation & -fencing may be more difficult. Where's it at AT THIS VERY SECOND?

A2: #IoTChat If the device itself moves fast, make sure it's still in range of network. If data moves fast, make sure bandwidth sufficient

A1: #IoTChat take a connected vehicle, e.g., process data and analytics locally, one gateway, many sensors
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A1: #IoTChat Edge devices generally highly vulnerable & easily lost/stolen. Device data is quite exposed. Need ability to remotely wipe

A1: #IoTChat Fresh data on the #IoT edge generally persisted briefly on device & replicated up 2 cloud, replaced by newer data, & on and on.

A1: #IoTChat What needs changing on #IoT edge is assumption data needs storage there. Devices collect+process. Better to store on cloud

#IoTChat @Cisco_IoT I'm James Kobielus, #IBM #BigData Evangelist and all-purpose tech tweetchatter. Glad to be pummeling my brain again

Just completed 1st of 2 #IoTChat tweetchats for today. I've never done 2 on same day. Let's see how much my poor battered cranium can take.

#IoTChat It's been my pleasure. Catch me on the 2pm (eastern) chat with @Cisco_IoT as well.

A8: #IoTChat Various/hetero "Internet(S) of Things" will interconnect as need, when app domains intersect--eg smarthome/smartcar/smartphone

A7 the Interaction of things is probably biggest complexity to solve with #IoT. Need true data/info interchange stds or will fail #iotchat
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A7: #IoTChat most complex: grab-bag of choices and standards, most complex/important: security and privacy design
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A7 #IoTChat and with so much data, most importantly is how to make sense of it and use only what you need #IBM_Informix
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A7 #IoTChat So many smart devices for tv, gaming, cars, appliances, they must be consolidated if consumers aren't to go mad #IBM_Informix
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A7: Right now, the biggest challenge lies in managing all those devices - Doing things like over the air programming #IoTChat
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A7: #IoTChat Security will be never-ending tangle of #IoT complexities: webs o trust, multifactor authent, federated permissioning, etc

A7: #IoTChat Another big complexity for #IoT will be config tracking, management, and standardization of myriad heterogeneous endpoints

A7: #IoTChat Biggest #IoT complexities will arise in #bigdata: staggering variety of machine-data formats/semantics to aggregate & analyze.

A6: I have to mention MQTT as an awesome lightweight message oriented protocol #IoTChat
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A6: #IoTChat One reason why #IoT standards'll fall flat: IoT domains (smartphones, smarthomes, smartcars,smarthealth, etc.) often app siloes

A6: #IoTChat IoT regulation is sure to come all over world. Privacy protection will be the ongoing preoccupation. Keeping NSA et al at bay

A6: #IoTChat There'll be wave after wave o industry attempts 2 standardize IoT interfaces. But wave after wave of IoT innovators will ignore

A5: I expect #FTC in US to drive #Privacy Bill of Rights in advance of proliferation of #IoT. EU will be aggressive as well. #IoTChat
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A5 - Holistic security spans physical, authentication, athorization, inflight and at-rest encryption, policies (esp wrt to privacy) #IoTChat
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A5: #Security challenge is multi-faceted: Device, Cloud, #Analytics, Applications, etc. #Privacy must be User Determined & Agile. #IoTChat
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A5: A big one for us is ensuring that the data we're receiving is actually from one of our sensors... #IoTChat
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A5: #Privacy is a major issue w/#IoT. Read my October posting @IBMbigdata Hub #Privacy Corner: "Privacy & The Internet of Things" #IoTChat
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A5: #IoTChat Correlating real-time, fine-grain, invasive portrait o your every action & possession will become shockingly easy for outsiders

A5: #IoTChat Svcs such as iCloud "find my phone" will evolve into "find my watch & other #IoT endpoints." Folks will let privacy guard down

A5: #IoTChat Privacy/security nightmares will proliferate at unsecured endpoints, which will be MOST OF the first generation IoT.

A4: #IOTChat DBs need to provide enterprise-class capability including aggregation to streamline data storage & transmission #IBM_Informix
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A4 - Intelligent aggregation and compression will be key #IoTChat (via @thinkovation)
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A4: #IoTChat More proc on edge will enable evolution of some "edge" points into local gateways--eg. one smart home may GW 4 paying neighbors

A4: #IoTChat More processing on #IoT edges will be surpassed by more proc in proxies & data ctrs. Will need more IoT bw & storage everywhere

A3: #IoTChat #IoT needs hyper-distrib storage & dbs: edges, proxies, clouds, federation. Robust, replicated, secure, scalable, HA, fast

A3 Embedded db on the edge that handles all data types can marry legacy db transactions with new, unstructured data #IoTChat #IBM_Informix
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A3: #IoTChat Embedded resource-constrained #IoT endpoint dbs will be essential for local storage & analysis, w/ background sync to cloud DBs

A3: #IoTChat Hybrid multi-tier db architectures needed--eg.. #NoSQL cloud DBs for collection, streaming DBs for ingest, #Hadoop 4 analysis

@jameskobielus In our soln, we'll be sending subsets of data to the cloud every second, with the rest being sent at slow periods #IoTChat
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Need to balance #Security w/ #Privacy & #Compliance. @jameskobielus @SecureRF: A2: We must keep #security in mind for #IoT Devices #IoTChat
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A2 Not everything needs to go to cloud if it can be processed locally, can provide storage savings and latency improvement #IoTChat
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A2: #IoTChat #IoT data storage in the cloud will place heavy emphasis on #NoSQL. Eventual consistency will be fine for most IoT apps.

A2: We must keep #security in mind and view #IoT devices as tools to limit vulnerabilities rather than liabilities #IoTChat
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A2: #IoTChat #IoT devices will have varying degrees of local storage, but almost all will replicate all or most local data to the cloud.

A2: #IoTChat Capturing data from and delivering data to #IoT devices will need sophisticated new distributed-caching overlays in the cloud.

A2: #IoTChat Data mgt for #IoT will need to focus on hyper-scale (exabyte) in the cloud, with real-time lo-latency ingest & analysis

A1: #IoTChat Revenues from #IoT will also primarily come from content targeting, transaction processing, value-add tools, & cloud services

A1: #IoTChat If we accept hyper-commoditization as eventually squelching profit margins on IoT endpoint & infra solutions, rev opp'y is apps

A1: #IoTChat The core revenue-generating opportunities of IoT are smart gadgets, smart cars, smart homes, etc.---the vast consumer market

A1: #IoTChat Real IoT opportunity is #SmarterPlanet: embed intelligence, instrumentation, & interconnection everywhere. 24x7 optimization

Before long, everyone'll have smartgadgets o every size, from ostentatiously teeny 2 obnoxiously huge. Like wrenchsets. Tools 4 every cranny

Catch me et al. tweetchat TODAY (11am ET): How Data Will Power the #IoT w/ @THINKOVATION #IoTChat ...

Sexy statistics? The tricky serendipity of data-lake fishing expeditions ( ) Wed #IBMDataMag quick-hit

What process did a client go through to migrate to #IBMDB2? @IBMDataWH blog by @larryheathcote  #IBMDatawarehouse

Accelerate your #DataWarehouse at #IBMInsight : Take a deep dive into the machine’s capabilities  @IBMDataWH

Greatest strength of #Netezza technology is its power & greatest challenge of technology is it’s power!  @IBMDataWH

Accelerate your #DataWarehouse with #Tools and #Models : #IBMInsight 2014 Session Preview  @IBMDataWH Blog

Jimmy Fallon’s jokes about royal pregnancy fell flat because he called expectant mom “Kate Middleton.” Duke of Cambridge married his fiancée

Now I think I’ll go back to wearing watches. I enjoy having something rattling there, constricting blood flow, & chafing th skin on my wrist

"What's probabilistic programming?" ( ) JK--Probabilstc languages let devels ask questions re probability distributions

Finished my preso slides for #IBM Insight 2014. "Watson: Core of Cognitive Revolution." Ahead of deadline. Head now slowly decompressing.

Big Science? Insight-accel potential of elastic storage clouds p1:  p2:  Tues #IBMDataMag qh

Try the latest version of BLU Acceleration with shadow tables for in-the-moment business answers. Free trial download 

If you haven't seen DB2 lately, you've been missing out. Take DB2 for a test drive today.  #data #in-memory

Learn how a major university used BLU Acceleration to speed up BI queries -   #BI #analytics #UofT #ibmblu

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BLU Shadow Tables improve the performance of analytical queries AND transactional performance.  #ibmblu

Protect your database from outages and meet demanding service level agreements.  #data #DB2

DB2 #pureScale changes the economics of high availability transaction processing.  #data

"Software-as-a-Service Empowerment" ( ) JK--Decisionmaker survey results & video #IBMDataMag

" #IBM Counter Fraud Management" ( ) JK--Video: advanced analytics & deep investigative analysis #IBMDataMag

"Delivering Data-Driven Growth" ( ) JK--Infographic: The chief data officer to the rescue #IBMDataMag

"Maintain a Data Reservoir" ( ) JK--New #IBM Redguide “Governing & Managing #BigData for Analytics &..." #IBMDataMag

"Instant Access to #IBM Resources" ( ) JK--New version of official IBM Redbooks mobile app now available #IBMDataMag

"Measuring Maturity of #BigData Initiatives" ( ) JK--Krish Krishnan on TDWI's big data maturity model #IBMDataMag

"Big Data Opportunities to Transform Cities" ( ) JK--Paul Zikopoulos on #bigdata in the service of urbanity #IBMDataMag

"Understand Context to Win Dogfight Against Competitors" ( ) JK--Jeffrey Huth on Observe Orient Decide Act #IBMDataMag

RIP Eric Lundquist. One of the top, most influential, reliable, & productive editor/journalists in the IT industry going back decades.

Checking out today’s tweets. Universe might end, says Hawking. Or Ebola might do us in. Just the usual apocalyptic chitchat.

Why don’t they build an iPhone case that is itself a sort of smart wraparound digital IoT exophone skin?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp So You Want to Be (a Rock 'n' Roll Star) by Patti Smith Group from Wave JK--I prefer her cover to the Byrds' original

My sense is "scientists" R bifurcating into 2 camps: "domain scientists" (i.e., whom we traditionally call "scientists") & "data scientists"

"Five Steps to Running ETL on Hadoop for Web Companies" ( ) JK--Good detailed discussion for ETL & Hadoop professionals

" Enterprise SQL at Hadoop Scale w/ Apache Hive" ( ) JK--Subsecond, mod w/ trans, SQL:2011 analytx, Spark

"Recruiting Data Scientists 2 Do Social Good" ( ) JK--Proposes virtual marketplace matching data scientsts 2 needy NGOs

" #IBM & Intel Bring New Security Features 2 Cloud" ( ) JK--SoftLayer 2 offer srvrs that mon/secur down 2 microchip lvl

"Potential of #BigData in Securing Internet o Things" ( ) JK--I'll speak on topic @ThingsExpo Nov 4-6, 2014 Santa Clara

"Graphic video"? You mean, uh, video that includes graphics? Do CGI-animated films count? Or only th ones where parental guidance suggested?

Decision scientists? Data sci challngd to sway public policymakers p1:  p2:  Mon #IBMDataMag qh

"What will our world look like in 2022?" ( ) jK--Good new IEEE Computer Society report on tech projections.

Just saw mention of "costumer relationship management tools." I'm sure that'll come in handy if I'm organizing a big ol' masquerade ball.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Train In Vain by Dwight Yoakam from Under the Covers JK--How cool is this Clash cover? A zydeco hoedown! It works!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Never Work For Free by Tennis frm Ritual In Repeat JK--2014. New. Love their radio-ready sound. Hope they get airplay

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Kiss Me on the Bus by The Replacements from Tim JK--"Buss" is of course a synonym for "kiss." Or does he mean "butt"?

I recently got an iPhone & am absolutely shocked iCloud can't protect celebs' nude photos of selves. Considering other clouds for my own

The reason people are scared o eating fat is because it's called "fat." If carbs were called "even fatter," people would be even more scared

Gentrification? What if the new affluent residents are apartment dwellers? Aren’t gentry supposed to be landed?