Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stuff I bought duty-free at Heathrow October 25-29 2010

Needed: A 'Zune Touch'

Who's Facebooking at Work? Everybody

Silicon Valley 3.0: Tech's New Wave

Beyond Hadoop: Next-Generation Big Data Architectures

Microsoft Gets Zune Strategy Right, Tablet Strategy Wrong

Programmers Who Defined the Tech Industry: Where Are They Now?

9% of Web Users Have 'Faceless Friends'

How To Get Data To The Cloud: Onramps

Clarabridge Partners with Data Warehousing Leader Teradata Corporation

So what's new in the CRM market?

TIBCO's strategy for Enterprise 3.0

Lunar Greenhouse Could Help Colonization of Moon

Should Microsoft be carved up?

IBM revs up BI strategy with Cognos 10

IBM updates Maximo workflow tool for iPhone, Android access

Former Oracle CEO Phillips Lands At Infor

Big Iron is Hot

The Web Evolves

7 programming languages on the rise

Google's Android Market hits 100,000 apps

Facebook ads could 'out' gay users, researchers say

Why IPv6? Vint Cerf keeps blaming himself

Steve Ballmer says HTML 5 is the future

Latest Teradata Database Release Supports Big Data and the Convergence of Advanced Analytics

A Web Pioneer Profiles Users by Name

Windows 8 - Should it be evolutionary or revolutionary?

New SAS® and Teradata Analytic Advantage Program Enhancements Increase Business Decision-Making Agility - 10/25/2010

Latest Teradata Database Release Supports Big Data and the Convergence of Advanced Analytics - 10/25/2010

Enhanced Teradata Enterprise Marketing Management Suite Simplifies the Delivery of Personalized Intelligence to Any Point of Customer Interaction - 10/25/2010

Teradata Introduces Industry’s First Unified Logical Data Model Framework and Product Portfolio - 10/25/2010

Speed, Capacity and Usability: Teradata Innovates in Each Technology Area with New Platform Family - 10/25/2010

Teradata Accelerated Analytics Portfolio Transforms Teradata Warehouses Into Analytic Services Environments - 10/25/2010

IBM's Innovation Engine Drives Big Results

Teradata Raises Data Warehousing Bar

NoSQL Basics, Benefits and Best-Fit Scenarios

The two flavors of M2M: sensor and control nets

MicroStrategy and Teradata Announce New Multi-Channel Customer Analytics Solution for Banking Industry

IBM Accelerates Analytics Push with Cognos 10 and More

What Ray Ozzie Did (and Didn't Do) at Microsoft

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: How to Select the Right Open-Source Database

GigaSpaces, Citrix OpenCloud Platform Integrate

Teradata Joins Unified Computing Crowd with New DW Framework

Steve Jobs' Business Card from 1979

Physicists Find Mass Created 'Inside' Graphene

The Myths and Strange Science of Printer Ink

Teradata and Karmasphere Partner to Provide a High-Speed On-Ramp to Big Data

IBM Introduces New Software to Help Customers Identify Critical Insights and Manage Business Content

Teradata Optimizes SAP BusinessObjects Analytic Applications to Support Time-Critical Decision-Making on Teradata Platform

Teradata and CoreLogic Deliver Lightning-Fast Geospatial Intelligence to Insurers


Scientists Contemplate Water Factory on the Moon

IBM Seeks Broader BI Customer Base With Cognos 10 Debut

Teradata Introduces Industry's First Unified Logical Data Model Framework and Product Portfolio

SAP Named a Market Leader in Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms by Independent Research Firm

Getting Too Much From Social Media Marketing

Extranets Become 'Inter-Enterprise' Clouds

What Business Data Should Be In The Cloud?

More Patient Data Dumps

Does Ray Ozzie's Departure Matter?

Cameras, radar, advanced sensors all part of your future car

NASA space telescope spots "starquakes"

Open Source Cloud Collaboration: Microsoft,, and OpenStack

Zune through the years (photos)

Hundreds of Global Companies Turn to IBM to Tackle Their Most Complex Information-Related Challenges

In Praise of Operational Data Warehousing

Clickstream Data Warehouse: Bleeding Edge or Mainstream?

Reading the IBM/Netezza Tea Leaves

Pervasive Analytics Revisited

IBM revs up BI strategy with Cognos 10

Court orders LimeWire to cease file-sharing business

EPIC gives Obama administration mediocre privacy grades

Ellison wrong about HP CEO Apotheker, SAP says

IBM Accelerates Analytics Push with Cognos 10 and More

Review: Enterprise Business Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2010

The Science of Business Manifesto – Part 2

The Quality Story for Data Governance

Cognos 10 Launch and Key Takeaways from IBM IOD

Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Imagines Post-PC World

Love Free WiFi Internet? So Do Hackers

Ping Identity, RSA Team on Cloud Authentication

Ozzie Lays Out 'Post-PC World'

Microsoft's Hyper-V To Be Integrated in OpenStack

10 Things Microsoft Should Have Learned from Ray Ozzie

Twitter vs. LinkedIn

Why Is Big Iron Hot?

Departing Microsoft exec Ozzie plots 5-year tech plan

Ozzie's 'doomsday' memo warns Microsoft of post-PC days

Cloud Creates SIEM Blind Spot

Sharpening the Social Toolset

PostgreSQL vs. MySQL: How to Pick the Right Open-Source Database

IBM Displaces SAP with DB2 Solutions

Teradata Joins Unified Computing Crowd with New DW Framework

Global CIO: As IBM Accelerates Analytics Business, Can Anyone Keep Up?

Keynote: The Next Big Thing In BPM: Real-Time Process Guidance

The World at Your Fingertips: Federation Plus Localization

Light at the End of the Silo

Data – Who Cares!

Mainframes Still Core of Investment, Growth

Social Market Lessons in J.D. Power's Analytics Deals

Use Analytics to Spotlight Customer 'HEROes'

Notes on Data Warehouse Appliance Prices

SAP Steps Up Collaborations on In-Memory Appliance and Virtualization

Media Lab project blends virtual and physical worlds

The Four Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make on Twitter

Latest SAP Solutions Drive Financial Compliance

Microsoft provides updated cloud roadmap, technologies to developers

How Gigantic Google May Change the Internet

Microsoft at a Crossroads

We revisit six peer-to-peer file sharing services

President Should Have 'Kill Switch' For Internet, Most Americans Say

Business + Information + Architecture


Schwartz On Security: Zombie Internet 'Kill Switch'

Microsoft Outlines Opportunity in the Cloud and on Devices at Professional Developers Conference 2010

New Release of NetCharts Performance Dashboards Promotes Self-Service Business Intelligence