Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stuff I'm licensing from Google October 11-16 2010

W3C: HTML5 isn't ready yet

Mitch Wagner: Is Google TV doomed?

Oracle exec outlines Fusion Apps pricing model

IBM scientists give storage some 'Panache'

North Korea opens up Internet for national anniversary

Q&A: Microsoft's Bob Muglia details cloud strategy

Quantum releases enterprise-class deduplication appliance

HP's new CEO has software bent

Will Microsoft and Adobe Square Off Against Google?

Microsoft's Ballmer Takes Financial Hit on Kin, Windows Mobile

How to Be an MDM Process Owner

More Data Modeler Qualifications

Adobe Shares Plunge As Microsoft Talk Fizzles

Microsoft re-enters the mobile market with all guns blazing

The five factors powering the Android revolution

Microsoft reboots with Windows Phone 7 global launch--will people buy?

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft applies lessons learned from Apple and Google

Google's driving the future of... driving

Google's self-driving car: What's in it for Google?

Ready for the highway train? Google cooks up cars that drive themselves

User experience monitoring: How the right tools can boost productivity

IBM makes the mainframe young again

IBM to turbo-charge more servers with accelerators

Amazon Reportedly Prepping Android App Store

What you'll pay for in-flight Wi-Fi

Death, taxes and bandwidth growth

Oracle's acquisition of Passlogix is a logical move

10 reasons to fear Google's self-driving car

The compute stars align

1 in 4 babies on Internet before they're born

Microsoft buys dozens of smartphone patents, many by Palm

Mobile Internet Will Rule Within 5 Years, Analysts Say

Yahoo Lays out Road Map for BOSS

HTC Goes Big With Microsoft; Launching Five New Windows Phone 7 Smartphones

InformationWeek Analytics New Research Finds 48% of Companies Willing to Replace or Add a Data Center Networking Vendor

Microsoft and Partners Unveil Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio

EA Mobile to Publish Games for Windows Phone 7

AT&T to Offer Leading Portfolio of Windows Phones

Sensor-driven UIs will push smartphone application development

Northscale renames, releases NoSQL database

Making enterprise search a bit more Lucid

IBM Probes Atomic Memories, Photovoltaics, Quantum Computers

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It's a Clark Kent Phone

The five factors powering the Android revolution

Google's self-driving car: What's in it for Google?

Windows Phone 7: Last Minute Leaks

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Launch Partners

Google's Self-Driving Cars and Previous Attempts

HTC Goes in Big With Five Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Windows Phone 7: Problems Out of the Gate

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 Launch Partners

Windows Phone 7 Aside, Verizon Exec says Microsoft won't Lead

Nokia Starts Shipping C7, Its Second Symbian 3 Phone

Report: Samsung, LG to Launch Windows Phone 7 Next Week

Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Google Cars Drive Themselves

Social Networks Meet Customer Service

No Such Thing As Free Public WiFi

Microsoft Preps Record Security Patch Tuesday

Thinnest Material Ever Captures Nobel Physics Prize

Microsoft and Partners Unveil Windows Phone 7 Global Portfolio

Fortinet Virtualizes Appliance Portfolio

Amazon Discounts Cloud Relational Database Service

Vertica Establishes a Unique Vision and Enhances its Integration with Hadoop

The Google TV Picture Gets Clearer

Oracle, IBM agree to cooperate on Java

Oracle database admins acknowledge security gaps

Rest of world leaving U.S. in social networking dust

New SandForce SSD controllers offer better security, speed

Mitch Wagner: Is Google wasting its time with self-driving cars?

Hadoop pitched for business intelligence

Microsoft Urges Quarantine Of Unsecure, Infected Computers

Analytics Growth Steady Through 2014: Report

Google Backs Wind Power Superhighway

Sowing the seeds for a safer Internet

The flaw with the 'Internet of Things'

NoSQL Basics, Benefits and Best-Fit Scenarios

Sentiment Analysis Meet Customer Service

IBM To Continue Acquisition Spree

Death, taxes and bandwidth growth

SAP's NetWeaver isn't dead yet

Researchers: Criminals could launch 'social reality' attack

Google Dabbles in Robotics With Self-Driving Cars

SkySQL launches MySQL support service

Hadoop and Open Source BI

IBM Advances its Private Cloud Offerings

EMC Introduces Breakthrough 'Big Data' Computing System

IBM Helps Organizations Boost Business Performance With New Informix Database Software

IT Blogwatch: Really? People actually like Windows Phone 7? Really?

Gold in white space

Gather Ye Apples While Ye May


The Pros And Cons Of Deploying OpenLDAP

Top 10 Ways to Fail at MDM

The Time Has Come for Enterprise Search

Medical Statistics

Oracle Expands Its Playbook at OpenWorld

Microsoft will look to courts for botnet takedowns

EMC tackles big data with Greenplum appliance

IBM Helps Organizations Boost Business Performance With New Informix Database Software

The Advent of the Superhumanly Intelligent UI

IBM Brings Cloud BPM To Partners

Google to Fund Power Project

Negroponte: Turn tablets into a 'constructionist medium'

EMC blends Greenplum analytics with backup and recovery

Quest Software and Cloudera Unveil First Release of 'OraOop' at Hadoop World 2010

Datameer Announces General Availability of Datameer Analytics Solution

Bi-directional connection for Membase and Cloudera Hadoop

Hadoop and Open Source BI

Overheard: Embedded Analytics and Next Gen Data Warehousing

Microsoft Delivers New Innovations That Reinforce Its Dynamic Business Vision for CRM and ERP Customers and Partners

Sony Introduces Google-Powered Internet TV

Forrester: Tech Generation Gap Widens

Twitter solves its data formatting challenge

How to Use Twitter for Personal Data Mining

AOL installs 50TB of SSD; boosts DB performance by 4X

AOL may join in bid for Yahoo, report says

Twitter aiming high: 1 billion users

Oracle pledges support for

Global CIO: Are HP And SAP Perfect Match Or Train Wreck?

Campaigner Adds Targeted Email

SAP BusinessObjects Announces 4.0 at ASUG

BI Governance (and MDM) in Context

Six Definitions of Smart Content

Cloud Computing Versus Mainframes

Is the traditional BI market in decline?

User experience monitoring: How the right tools can boost productivity

SQL Server 2008 SP2 Now Available

Sybase Survey Reveals Analytics Paradox

Bing getting social with Facebook

EMC Introduces Greenplum Data Appliance

HTML5 Deployment No Slam-Dunk

The Web Intensifies IT's External Process Challenges

DATA DRIVER: No SQL Server CE in Windows Phone 7

IBM and Oracle To Collaborate on OpenJDK; Future of Harmony in Doubt

IBM, Rosslyn Offer Cloud-Based Analytics Tools

EMC Launches Integrated Data Warehousing System

Google's promotion for Mayer puts location front-and-center

SAP shows support for NetWeaver

SkySQL launches MySQL support service

Office 2011: Who needs a suite?

IT Blogwatch: Java bedhopping: IBM dumps Apache Harmony for Oracle OpenJDK

EMC Goes Up Against IBM, Oracle With Data Warehousing Appliance

5 Worst Reasons for Pouring Resources Into CRM

The Time Has Come for Enterprise Search

Open Sourcing Your Company

Large Corporations Still Behind on Data Governance

TIBCO's strategy for Enterprise 3.0

Mitsubishi to offer Internet test drives of robotic car

Think Your Twitter DM Is Private? Think Again

8 Things We Still Hate About the Web

Social Networks Meet Customer Service

The Rebirth of E-Commerce in the New Internet

Bantam Live: Social CRM for the SMB Crowd

Microsoft Stirs Up CRM Market With Price-Cut Strategy

Analytics for All: Why Data Democracy Makes Business Sense

David Menninger's Blog: Putting Hadoop To Work

Cisco/EMC: The rumor that keeps on giving

EMC's Greenplum DCA Aims To Unlock Value from Data

iRobot Demos 'Shape Shifting' Next-Gen Robots

Will Google TV Marginalize Apple TV?

Virgin Galactic Spacecraft Glides to Safety

Skype 5.0 First Look: Facebook Connection Is Key