Friday, October 01, 2010

Stuff I picked up cheap in duty free on my way out of Ottawa September 27 to October 1 2010

25 Facts You Should Know About Oracle

Novell Acquisition Deal Hits a Snag

Oracle's new support czar has big challenges

IBM breakthrough provides closer, real-time look at atoms

Facebook outage spotlights social media addiction

Salesforce's Benioff Returns Serve Against Ellison, Mocks Oracle's Hardware

Oracle's Ellison: Amazon Is Cloud Computing, Ain't

Dell Promotes 'Scale-Out' Vision For Data Centers At Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle Exec Details Potential Pitfalls Of Cloud Computing

Oracle Promises To Maintain Open-Source Status For Java Tools

Oracle's Ellison Debuts Linux Kernel, Says Red Hat Is Too Slow

Oracle Fusion Applications To Begin Shipping By Year's End

Oracle Debuts High-Performance Cloud Computing Server

Oracle Expands "Specializations" Program, Adds Diamond Tier To Channel Program

Livermore Says HP-Oracle Relationship Remains Strong Despite Lawsuit Over Hurd

Silicon Valley Showdown: Oracle vs. HP

Oracle Now Caching More Data, BI in Storage Arrays

Dashboard Mashup: Business Intelligence with Data Integration

Global CIO: Larry Ellison Swaps Cloud Rants For Cloud Love With Exalogic

IBM and Netezza, turning BI into business analytics

Oracle Exalogic/Exadata Raise Questions About Vendor Lock-In

Oracle Launches New Processor, Data Warehouse And Solaris 11

Help! My vendor’s Oracle and I'm locked in!

Mozilla Concept Phone Is a Glimpse of the Future

A Brief YouTube History of Blockbuster

PARC Predicts the Future of Mobile Tech, Circa 1991

Facebook Outage Caused by Database Glitch

IBM Breakthrough Provides a Closer Look at Atoms

FCC Approves 'White Spaces'

Spectrum Bridge Trials Show Promise Of 'White Spaces'

Facebook Blames Outage On Database Failure

Global CIO: Oracle's Success Breeds Fear And Loathing At New York Times

IBM acquires Netezza as big data market continues to consolidate

Mozilla Concept Phone Is a Glimpse of the Future

The Rise of Social Commerce

Global CIO: Larry Ellison And IBM Lead Surge In Optimized Systems

The Good And Bad Of Hardware-Software Appliances

Google's Strategy: 10 Things You Should Know

Oracle Acquisitions May Target Chip Maker

Processes and the people factor

Microsoft adds Web embeddable PowerPoint, Excel to hosted Office

IBM Opens Three Data Analytics Research Centers in Europe

Create a Framework for Informed Decisions

The changing roles of developers and DBAs

Oracle's "new" kernel for RHEL clone: The real truth

Social media and networking ushering in a 'third wave' of capitalism

Twitter Meltdown Traced to Hobbyists, Not Hackers

Five Reasons Oracle Might Want To Acquire NetApp

Rosetta Stone Decodes Facebook

Oracle's Worst Enemies

Oracle's proprietary Linux kernel: Proceed with caution

HP, Intel and Yahoo get help in Open Cirrus cloud project

HP completes $2.35 billion 3Par merger

Oracle Puts Chip Makers, Software Vendors on Shopping List

EMC, Cloudera Partner for Big Data Management and Analytics

Predictive Analytics is the Next Competitive Discipline

Revenues Jump When Big Companies Improve Data, Study Suggests

Microsoft exec: We 'get' the cloud

Research: State of Enterprise Databases

The Good and Bad of Hardware-Software Appliances

Oracle looks for chipmakers...will MSFT and GOOG look too?

The dark side of social networks - time to get a grip?

10 things I love about SQL Server 2008

Help! My vendor’s Oracle and I'm locked in!

What's so great about SQL Azure?

IBM buys into data center switching with Blade acquisition

Ellison Slams Rivals, Promotes Exalogic Cloud in JavaOne Closing Keynote

Benioff: 'The Feed Is the New Desktop'

IBM to Acquire Netezza in Analytic Database Coup

At long last, Obama highlights IPv6 issue

Implications of the IBM/BLADE deal to Cisco

SenSage Accelerates Future Growth Plans with New Funding

Visual Mining Adds DataMotion to Worldwide Partner Program

Open Source Databases Have Come of Age


Integrating The SSD Appliance

What Bowel Movements Say About Your Health

CA picks up Hyperformix for virtual capacity management

Netezza Bolsters IBM's Business-Intelligence Arsenal

Q1 Labs Releases SIEM For Social Media

AOL Buys TechCrunch

Meet the new Microsoft: We don't have to do everything

Text Analytics Software Released That Identifies New Popular Niches, Trends, and Products Months Before They Become Mainstream Topics

HP soldiers on without a head

IBM to Acquire Netezza in Analytic Database Coup

Q&A on Emerging Tech: Analyzing the Voice of Your Customer

Pervasive Analytics: Are You Being Served?

Survey Reveals What's Driving SaaS BI

PowerPivot's Role in Enterprise BI

Attivio Announces Five Unified Information Access Solutions Enhanced by New Active Dashboards

Government Puts The Hurt On The Internet

David A. Milman: Spam wars 2010

Untangling your unruly data

Forrester notes social media contributor slowdown

Microsoft launches status dashboards for BPOS

NSF funds research to make the Internet more secure, robust

Social CRM: What's the Real Value?

Slowly Changing Dimensions: Type 3 for Me

Google Embraces OAuth Authentication For Apps

IBM's Acquisition List: Four Potential Candidates

SAP Ecosystem to Convene Around the Globe for SAP® TechEd 2010

Web 2.0 Expo: O'Reilly Says Have Fun, Invent

Microsoft launches status dashboards for BPOS

Welcome to the CRM-isphere

Roambi Mobile BI Walks a Narrow Line but Digs Deep

Larry Ellison Deconstructs Fusion

How to Make Nokia Great Again

Barbie Tech Without The Geek

Academics and Analytics

Analysis: Oracle Fusion Applications for CRM and Sales Organizations

The Crossroads of Meaningless Clich├ęs: The Key to Scoping MDM and Data Governance

Business Process Transformation Is A Marathon (Are You Ready For The Race?)

The extremism destroying the Internet's content promise

Sociable BI: Could 'Tableau' Become a Verb?

SAS' Answer to Pervasive BI: Microsoft Outlook

Thoughts on IBM Buying Netezza

Six Definitions of Smart Content

Representing Predictive Solutions in PMML

LinkedIn Mines Twitter Streams

Global CIO: Tibco Surges And CEO Flips Off IBM, Oracle, And SAP

HP picks former SAP chief Apotheker as new CEO

Using Advanced Analytics to Enhance Efficiency

Google Celebrates 50 Years of The Flintstones: A Doodle Flashback

Google Says Mobile Will Dwarf the Web; Microsoft Could be the

Why I Hate Gmail's Conversation View

Zoho Brings Business Apps to Gmail

Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi Pooh-poohs Google Instant

IBM to acquire BLADE Network Technologies

Global CIO: HP CEO Apotheker Has Deep Expertise But Checkered History

Google Street View Reaches Antarctica

Asperger's in the Workplace

Social Media, From Banned to Planned

With Apotheker at helm, HP signals new direction

Who Is Leo Apotheker And What Is His Channel Track Record?

Top 7 Challenges Facing New HP CEO Apotheker

The Internet of Things: How CIOs Can Influence the Next Wave of Product Innovation

Richi Jennings: Leo Apotheker is HP CEO: quick thoughts

IT News Podcast: HP chooses SAP vet as CEO

Richi Jennings: Spam wars: the inbox is ground zero

Who Is Leo Apotheker And What Is His Channel Track Record?

Top 7 Challenges Facing New HP CEO Apotheker

Can Apotheker Mix Up a Cure for What Ails HP?

HP's Apotheker: A "global citizen" positioned to lead a global company

Is Stuxnet an Israeli-invented attack against Iran?

Ig Nobel honors world's wackiest researchers: 2010 winners

HP CEO Apotheker gets $4 million signing bonus, $4.6 million relocation perk

Microsoft Releases Web-Based Suite of Apps, Windows Live
Essentials 2011

The Flintstones: Fifty Years of Irresponsible Driving

March of Technology Could Trample US Audio Heritage