Friday, October 08, 2010

Stuff I picked up on showfloor because vendors fresh out of Reese's peanut butter cups October 4-8 2010

Why did Stuxnet worm spread?

Will Zuckerberg portrayal as 'villain' hurt Facebook?

Apotheker's pay package shows HP confidence

Mellmo tool expands BI views from iPad and iPhone

Facebook improves photo uploader, image quality

Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book to Follow 'The Social Network'

History's Worst Bosses

Is open source a dead end for desktop applications?

Lack of cloud computing vision is hurting most enterprises

HP Taps Ex-SAP Head Leo Apotheker As New CEO

White Spaces Wireless: A Chat With The Wi-Fi Alliance

HP CEO Apotheker Sized Up By His SAP Successor

Are we seeing the dawn of the social intranet?

Is Facebook Movie Facebook's Folly?

IBM Launches First Smarter Planet Game to Tackle City Challenges

Yodlee® Launches Yodlee 10(TM): The First Web Platform tor Personalized Financial Management

The Internet Empowers 'Weak Tyrants'

Social Media is Changing Attraction & Retention of Talent, Yet 76 Percent of Companies Have No Formal Social Media Strategy

10 Vendors That Make Microsoft Look Bad

Transcendental Governance

Deep Analytics: What is it, and How do I do it?

Social engineering via Social networking

Leo Apotheker needs to target HP's forgotten businesses

HP-SAP merger talk considered far-fetched

HP's Apotheker Gets Grief from Oracle's Ellison

HP's Path Forward Under Apotheker

Self-evident computing: what does it mean for the future?

10 things I hate about SQL Server 2008

Five Simple Steps to Better Decisions

Welcome to The "Great Inflection"

Social engineering via Social networking

IBM Introduces New Cloud Collaboration Services

HP Expected to Start Software Acquisition Spree

Oracle to buy single sign-on vendor Passlogix

HP: Finally Some Heroics in a Corporate Boardroom

History's Worst Bosses

Which Online Mapping Service Is Best?

HP's Path Forward Under Apotheker

Why Google Must Acquire Twitter, Now

What's the Risk? The Nexus of G, R and C

MDM Revs to top $2 billion in 2011

Which SSD Integration Method Is Best

IBM Announces New Storage Systems Designed to Increase Efficiency; Optimized for Workloads such as Transaction Processing & Analytics

Teradata Sets the Global Stage for an Exciting New Era of Insight

MicroStrategy and Teradata Announce New Profitability Analytics Solution for Telecommunications Industry

Jaspersoft Delivers the Most Powerful and Affordable Business Intelligence Reporting Server for Corporate IT and Developers

Global CIO: Tibco Surges And CEO Flips Off IBM, Oracle, And SAP

The Unique and Special Purpose of Business Intelligence

MDM Marches On

The BI Survey 9 by BARC

What Does Your Organizational Weave Look Like?

Of Process Manifestos, Toriaezu and skills shortages - just another day with BPM

Evercookie, how to make cookies that never disappear

Microsoft updates SQL Server 2008 with new SharePoint integrations

Android the Most Popular Mobile OS? Not Quite

HP Confirms WebOS Smartphones Coming Soon

SAP and Sybase Reach Key Milestones in Mobility and On-Demand Plans

Vinton Cerf on Trust and the Internet

Nobel-Worthy Graphene Work Promises Smaller, Greener Chips

How Data Federation Can Co-exist with an EDW

Cool BI: Outlook and BI Search

Q&A on Emerging Technologies: SaaS BI

Sybase Survey Reveals Analytics Paradox

Q&A: MDM Proving Its Value at Health Services Company

HP-SAP merger talk considered far-fetched

Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2008 SP2 with Enhancements

Amazon Targets MySQL with New Database Feature

Making Information Management the Foundation of the Future

HP's Path Forward Under Apotheker

Greenplum Out, Teradata In at eBay

SAS' Answer to Pervasive BI: Microsoft Outlook

Data Visualization, Social Media Analytics Could Be Key To Pervasive BI

Object DB Provides Direct Access to Java Devs

Software Appliances Are Changing the Way Developers Create Apps

When Automating Analytics Works - And When It Doesn't

Virtualization is Coming. Are Servers Ready?

MDM Revs to top $2 billion in 2011

Performance Management as a ‘West Side Story’

IBM Wraps Up Unica Buy, Touts Marketing App Lineup

IBM unveils virtualized, highly scalable mid-range storage array

Deconstructing HP's 'Dysfunction'

Preston Gralla: Three reasons Microsoft shouldn't buy Adobe

Report: Microsoft, Adobe CEOs meet to discuss possible Microsoft buyout

Oracle exec outlines Fusion Apps pricing model

Microsoft sees many uses for gesture-controlled interfaces

Office Space: Technology's Good vs. Evil Battle, Part 3

The New View: Web 3.0 Will Change Our Perspective

Google TV: Exciting, But Expensive

Facebook's New Groups: 5 Things You Need To Know

Microsoft buying Adobe? Call me highly skeptical