Saturday, March 03, 2012

Aweekstweets February 18 to March 3 2012: the fortnight of wide meteorological variance

Definitely a March morning. Glad the delivery people double-bagged the papers on my rain-covered driveway.

Work. What did I do at work this week? Oh, I was elsewhere most of the week. I'm stil elsewhere. In my head.

Beat Happening "Indian Summer" ( JK--Calvin Johnson's singing so flat it almost seems like a joke. But U listen.

Cowboy Junkies "Misguided Angel" ( JK--Canadians with crystalline languid poise to burn. True originals

Neil Young "Harvest Moon" ( JK--Toronto-bred rock-folk master who mines poignant vibes with deceptive ease.

KD Lang "Constant Craving" ( JK--Alberta-bred pop-country singer-songwriter who began as Patsy Cline wannabe.

Shania Twain "You're Still The One" ( JK--Model-pretty Windsor, Ontario native with country vocal twang.

Alanis Morissette "Thank You" ( JK--Ottawa native's most operatic perfrmnce. Listen as she opens wide & belts it

Joni Mitchell "Help Me" ( JK--I keep my male voice supple in the upper registers by following her jazzy contours

Sarah McLachlan "Building A Mystery" ( JK--Nova Scotia chanteuse with exceptionally pure voice of yearning.

Leonard Cohen "Sisters of Mercy" ( JK--The Canadian poet who infuses bright melancholy & croons of deep passions

Junior Boys "In The Morning" ( JK--Ontario chill-dance-synth duo with rich command of mood & intimate textures

Hidden Cameras "Ban Marriage" ( JK--Ebullient Ontario pop ensemble with intelligent bold gay messages.

The New Pornographers "Sing Me Spanish Techno" ( JK--Vancouver group with big bold pop expressionist strokes.

Broken Social Scene "Anthems For A Seventeen-Year-Old Girl" ( JK--Canadian pop group with improvisatory feel.

Arcade Fire "Antichrist Television Blues" ( JK--Montreal band with singer-songwriter who hails from Texas.

Rush "Limelight" ( JK--Ontario rockers. Also 1981. Luv Geddy Lee's voice and guitar work. Very crisp, penetrating.

Chilliwack "My Girl" ( JK--Vancouver band. 1981. Named for British Columbia town. Slight but catchy hit.

Consumed our ceremonial wine. The Friday night ceremony of chilling out and vegetating, she to her loveseat, me to my lazy sofa.

Listening to 3-song demo EP from Lindsay H-B, a highschool age girl rocker with blazing guitars. Proud progeny of esteemed analyst @fhalper

Week shifts back to rain & cold. I've experienced wide meteorological variances these past 6 days. Externally. Internally I'm placid.

Ah yes, the late-Friday shudder. My nervous system shaking off the stresses. They flow out of me in gentle ripples. Hence, the shudder.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode frm Violator JK--If I enjoyed the silence, I'd switch off my radio. I enjoy noise

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Boys Don't Cry by The Cure from Boy's Don't Cry JK--Robert Smith's ever-present eyeliner looks like covering up tears

RT @NekoCase: Having unfinished songs follow you around is troubling. It's like having to constantly breast feed wild monkeys.

I love, at #IBM Watson Labs in the cafeteria, the hall of fame of great IBM scientists past & present.

"Chief Scientist Urges CIOs Consider #bigdata Analytics" ( JK-- #IBM Jeff Jonas. Company has many great scientists.

Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" ( JK--Classic song still makes what little hair I have left stand on end.

Death by PowerPoint? Ha! I've never seen PPT regulated in any jurisdiction as lethal weapon. Freedom 2 bore protected by 1st Admnt, not 2nd.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp This Year by The Mountain Goats from The Sunset Tree JK--I nominate John Darnielle 2 write words & music 4 my musical

Speaking of HERO , I need me a sandwich.

Robert Morse in the film of "How to Succeed..." Great mangy rascally lovably wily hero-guy. You know who'd be perfect for it? Aziz Ansari

Thinking of writing a new Broadway musical called "How to Suck in Business by Trying Too Damn Hard."

Robert Morse "Brotherhood of Man" frm "How 2 Succ.." ( JK-- @prussom does light-jazzy piano instrumental of this

@prussom should put some of his musical performances on YouTube. If and when he does, I will tweet them. Hi-quality musician & tech analyst

#Jaspersoft (on the #BI side) & #Talend (on the #datamanagement side) are increasingly diverse full-stack open-source #BigData vendors.

#Jaspersoft is evolving into a #BI #BigData vendor embedded into PaaS partners' offerings. Excellent.

Taking briefing from #JasperSoft , joined by @jhammond

RT @StefanRied: On a call with Software AG about their In-Memory announcement next week at CeBit with @jameskobielus

@mcgoverntheory #forrester #edw #bigdata #entarch Why would it "rock" to write up case studies on a tech that everybody's familiar with?

Bonnie Raitt "Nick of Time" ( JK--Just felt like tweeting a song with this title.

Check out #EMC #Greenplum webinar "Getting Agile Thru #BigData Analytics" with me, Tues Mar 6, 1pm (EST) Register:…

Enjoying the delicious 3-way online right now at #kexp between @DJCherylWaters @sharlesemetcalf @loserboy . Get a room other than the booth!

"New EMC Greenplum DB Enh Boost #BigData Analytics" ( JK--DB v4.2. #Hadoop optz'd interconnect. Simpler backup & mgt

"Supersize me: #Hadoop upgrade will handle evn bigger data" ( JK--Scale to 6000 nodes. Federate HDFS. Enhance MapReduce

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emmylou by First Aid Kit from The Lion's Roar JK--Listen to this beautiful tune yourself:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Emmylou by First Aid Kit from The Lion's Roar JK--Got distracted at #sassb early this week when this played overhead

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp If I Needed You by Emmylou Harris & Don Williams from Emmylou Harris Anthology JK--Her voice is exquisitely pretty.

Vh1 "Basketball Wives." Seems like none of them are currently married to someone who shoots hoops 4 living. Are the ladies themselves WNBA?

The "Go to Hell Barack" ads in Washington Metro sys are 1st Adm protected speech. BTW, give 'em hell Barack!

March just slunk in like an elephant. I suspect it'll rage out like another type of elephant. They're sensitive beasts.

Self-svc analytic modeling & visualization tools rely on agile data storage, in-db execution, & model gov services in #BigData platforms.

Agile decision support & automation depends on empowering knowledge workers and data scientists with self-svc analytic modeling & viz tools

Agility depends on flexible, adaptive, analytics-driven decision support and decision automation.

Agility is the ability of your people, processes, and applications to rapidly change course.

I was pre-briefed on all the announcements at this week's @strataconf

"Strata Conference 2012 Roundup" ( JK--News from #Hortonworks #Calpont #YarcData #Pentaho #DataStax @strataconf

"Why #Hadoop Crowd Hearing Much About #Hortonworks " ( JK--Because Hdp consult & prof svcs just as important as distro

"Skills Shortage? Quit Whining" ( JK--Well put. You need 2 invest $ to train, enhance, & upgrade your people's skills.

Online registration forms. When they ask what your "salutation" is, do they give Paul, Elton, & MIck the "Sir" option? Respect must be paid!

@BarryMcArthur Yes, caffeine has health benefits. Is #IBM Watson #BigData gulp of adv content analytics & search what the doctor ordered?

Taking briefing from #Cetas Software, provider of #BigData analytics cloud/SaaS offering for audience segmentation for online svc providers

Taking pre-brief by #Microsoft on SQL Server 2012 release, which is imminent

@Claudia_Imhoff #sassb #Forrester #Hadoop Usually good when billionaire spends at least nanosecond glancing at my work. Their time is dear

"MarkLogic & Hortonworks Partner to ..... #Hadoop " ( JK--HTWX remains #BigData industry's chief Hadoopicizing partner

RT @CurtMonash: Virginia should require all gun buyers to watch graphic video of people getting blown to bits by firearms.

RT @ConanOBrien: I wonder if my car's blind spot compensates with a heightened sense of touch and smell.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack from Can You Dig It? JK--Song better than so-so blaxploitation movie it came from

@dmenningervr Re coffee analogy, #IBM Watson feels more like Juan Valdez: hi-grade bean grower needs barista magic to unlock full value

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Superfly by Curtis Mayfield from Superfly JK--Truly iconic. If U lived thru early 70s, this immediately calls it back

Pope is tweeting now. Only Twitter user on earth who can never regret anything he might possibly tweet. Even his typos are infallible.

@TonyBaer We're here for you Tony!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fix Up, Look Sharp by Dizzee Rascal from Boy in da Corner JK--Thickly accented Brit-Caribbean percussive aggro-rap

Property tax reassessment. When the taxman says our home's appraised value is going up, not sure whether to rejoice or weep.

"Social network users getting less friendly " ( JK--What the f***? What g*dd*mn s*n*f*b*tch would think such b*llsh*t?

Davy Jones built his entire post-60s career on being "Davy Jones, ex-Monkee." Gotta admire his opportunism & lack of shame on that.

Oh....those weather conditions spanned 2000 miles from the Rockies to the upper Midwest to the mid-Atlantic states. It's a big continent

My week started with lovely deep powder, then 2 nasty wet snow, freezing rain, and plain rain, now is warm & sunny & glorious. Beauty2beauty

Taking briefing from #Teradata #AsterData #Hortonworks on their #Hadoop partnership

@TonyBaer You're an inspiration to all of us Twitter addicts, Tony! Happy Tweet-iversary!

#IBM needs to productize #Watson across one or more its various product portfolios: #Cognos #SPSS #Netezza #InfoSphere #Unica #Lotus etc

"Datameer to Bring Hadoop Analytics to Windows Azure" ( JK--Microsoft's starting to rock & roll on #Hadoop in the cloud

"Pentaho, DataStax Build Ties To Ease NoSQL Data Movement" ( JK--Bringing #Cassandra more fully into #Hadoop ecosystem

"Spring Java developers get #Hadoop integration" ( JK--Paving way to Hadoop transparently callable from most Java apps

"Microsoft, Hortonworks to link Excel and #Hadoop " ( JK--Paving way to core #BI on Hadoop, not just advanced analytics

"DataSift Turns Back Clock On Twitter" ( JK--My aweekstweets idiosyncrasy is to make it easier to sift my tweet history

The B-52s "Planet Claire" ( JK--Ah, that's better.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Planet Claire (remix by BWolford) by Diamond Fist Werny from Long Vu 2 Th Sky JK--Nice try but makes wanna hear B-52s

@strukhoff That reference means nothing to me. I'm no Applian.

"Fools and Their Data Are Soon Parted" ( JK--I pride myself on printing mine, backing up onto USB, and/or burning CDs

@strukhoff #GOOG Good one. How about "Google+ is so dead that nobody would give a crap if evil took place there."

Google+ is so dead that...... Hey tech jokesters, fill in the blank. Not a dead social so much as a social that was never truly born.

"Data Quality: Quo Vadimus?" ( JK--Great. Now we have to vet the quality of their Latin conjugation too. Just great.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You Better Run by Pat Benatar from Crimes of Passion JK--One of rock's best tough-girl singers.

@mobiusmedia Hey Eric, sorry about the delay in responding. Unfortunately, I'm in transit on that day. Otherwise, I'd do it.

Leap Day 2012. I'll remember it as the day we lost Davy.

The Monkees "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You" ( JK--Babysitter & boyfriend danced in my livingroom 2 this Davy

Ian Dury "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" ( JK--An English ordinary-guy bloke who droned with wit & style.

Speaking of odd drone monotone vocals, how about in sisterly harmony: The Shaggs "Philosophy of the World" (

"We'll come back for Indian summer. We'll come back for Indian summer." No one does the odd drone monotone vocal as well as Calvin Johnson.

Listening 2 Squid Knights w/ @dmenningervr sons ( LIke em. Remind me of Beat Happening (

Listening to @prussom recordings of the songs of Frank Loesser. Lovely piano arrangements. Must put this on my MP3 player.

Punxsutawney Phil's prophecy of "6 more wks of winter" is so gee-duh (that's vernal equinox), might as well predict evry 4th Feb has 29 days

Catching up on all the stuff that piled up while I was at #sassb & while I was stalled in transit by low visibility & missed connection.

RT @weeklybi: Oracle unveils Big Data plans ( JK--Old news. Article sez "humongous" data. Larger than a yottabyte?

Yerba mate is definitely an acquired taste. But screw the taste, @loserboy & @DJCherylWaters , the point's the super-dose of caffeine.

John Richards@loserboy I decided to shit my pants today. Its a leap day, so I'll never forget the day...I shit my pants. Feb 29th 2012. The day I shit my pants.

Retweeted by jameskobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Daydream Believer by The Monkees from Greatest Hits JK--Davy Jones' signature hit.

Leap Day. Would also like to leap a full month from time to time.

Definitely need to exercise. Planning to. Just did.

Davy Jones' passing gives me another excuse to tweet how much I loved the Monkees: the band, the records, the TV show. They were cool.

RIP Davy Jones. The icky Monkee that the girls thought was cute but who seemed like a nice sorta bloke nevertheless. Tambourine man!

Got some work done on a client advisory slide deck while sitting here in the Steamboat Springs airport, waiting for that damn plane.

#sassb Goodnight & Davis had printed copy of my #Forrester #Hadoop Wave in front of them during our 1:1 this morning.

Leap Day Eve. If you hold yr breath till day after next, you'll avoid falling into the time vortex that swallows Feb 29 b-days from sight

"R Integrated Throughout the Enterprise Analytics Stack" ( JK--Excellent overview of emerging #R tool market.

Glad the Steamboat Grand put humidifier in room. We've had it cranked high the whole time. Otherwise, our skin & sinuses would be parchment

RT @TonyBaer: By downloads, #Hadoop most popular #NoSQL platform followed by MongoDB per Jaspersoft survey #bigdata

RT @TheOnion "Cost Of Living Now Outweighs Benefits" ( JK--And mkt val of yr good deeds wont covr admission 2 Heaven

RT @KnowledgeBishop: "Don't leave your gumption at home as you head to work: BRING it!" #motivation JK--BYOG or employer-provisioned?

Historical tweets. It sounds like a pretentious phrase till you realize tweets are increasingly our first gasps of history in the making.

"Twitter partners with Datasift to unlock tweet archive" ( JK--Two years worth of tweets for market research. Sweet!

"HP: 'Baby Tiger' Autonomy Will Drive Channel Business" ( JK--Article makes it seem #Vertica a junior partner in IDOL

Cool @JonnyBentwood TechnoBabble 2.0 visualization of development of topic-focused conversation over time on Twitter (

"Facebook Gaming in Decline" ( JK--Not perceived as a gaming platform. Bad news for Zynga?

People in college now: be aware that potential employers will judge U on your Facebook. Don't let them know you actually had fun in college!

Night of partying at Steamboat Smokehouse with assembled #SAS & analyst bon vivants. Had that wicked New Belgium ale. Walloon or Flemish?

Willie Nelson "Smells Like Teen Spirit" ( JK--Nirvana cover. Zen moment.

" #BigData investment map" ( JK--Essentially the social money graph that links solution providers in #Hadoop #NoSQL etc

RT @Claudia_Imhoff @prussom #TDWI #BigData Only 4% of svy rspndnts had title "data scientist." Biz Analyst is leading title 4 analytics

@prussom #BigBangTheory That's right. Though I haven't watched it, I do recall Flash-begarbed doofus while channel surfing.

#sassb NDA cone of silence has descended. Customers talking about what they do with #SAS stuff. Expect it will all be quite positive.

RT @merv: #sassb SASplans to make Hadoop distribution invisible, avoiding kind of confusion in versions I discuss in\

RT @jamet123: SAS moving to support real time #decisionmgt and drive operational systems #sassb

RT @markogne: "There's a difference between knowing your $hit and knowing you're $hit!" ( JK--Apostrophe analytics

@doug_laney #sassb I"m doing a similar analysis right now, and don't see any substantial uptick in job postings for "data scientist" per se

@prussom If we stay with Marvel, I want Hulk for brute-force. If we go DC Comix, Flash is my superhero: V=velocity in cool full-body redsuit

"Colbert Report on Target's Predictive Analytics" ( JK--Between-the-sheets behavioral analytics. Stephen on Ash Wed.

@doug_laney #sassb "Fast follower" is opposite of "disruptor." Essentially, #SAS stability/agility is in absorbing/evolving thru disruption

#sassb #SAS doesn't hire as many "generalists" around analytics as it used to, but is more focused on solution-centric analytics skills.

@martykemka #R Yes. Kaggle is a very R-centric advanced analytic expert forum, marketplace, & proving ground.

RT @mrogati: This controversy about the "data scientist" title makes me reconsider buying dateascientist .com. #strataconf

#sassb But I do have a vision for 2020. It's simply that everything we're discussing as "advanced" analytics will be mainstream everywhere

RT @ColinJWhite: #sassb "SAS doesn't seem big on the data scientist term." JK--I suspect they'll shift as customers grow focus on that role

#sassb Goodnight's answer to my "vision 2020?" question is quite valid. For record, my vision of @jameskobielus 2020 is just to stay in game

#sassb Dr. Goodnight says has no specific vision for sort of company #SAS needs 2 evolve into. Roll w/the times. Stability, agility, growth

RT @dmenningervr: Note: SAS revenue breakdown figures all refer to first year fees since SAS uses subscription model #SASSB

RT @MichaelShanler: "Big Data" drinking game tonight at the Smokehouse. #SASSB JK--Absolutely no truth to rumor the 4th V = vomit

#sassb #SAS doing a fair amount of deals with #EMC #Greenplum leveraging in-db analytics.

#sassb #SAS & #Teradata have teamed on many #CRM next best action deals for targeted marketing campaigns w/in-db predictive model scoring

#sassb #SAS partners both with #IBM on the prof svcs side and IBM on the solutions side.

#sassb discussing top 5 partners in terms of deals: #Accenture, #Teradata, #EMC #Greenplum, #HP, #IBM. IBM a rival & a partner.

#sassb Wow! SAS avg deal size gre4w from $218K to $534K from 2010 to 2011. More than doubled!

#sassb Russ Cobb presenting strategic market development perspective. Long-ranger in his preso.

#sassb @merv asked great question re whether #SAS analytic output often used as evidence in criminal cases. A (re SAS): yes.

#sassb #SAS uses sophisticated behavioral profiling tools to identify suspicious transactions.

#sassb #SAS makes extensive use of its social net analysis, aka graph analysis, products in anti-fraud, anti-$-launder, anti-crime offerings

#sassb Extensive discussion of their Enterprise Financial Crimes solution portfolio. #SAS is a paramount solution provider in this area

Death of Windows Live. If Microsoft ever decides to resuscitate it, Windows Zombie might not be the right rebranding moniker. Just sayin'

George Takei@GeorgeTakei As a fan told me, "To err is human. To arr is pirate."

Retweeted by jameskobielus

#sassb #SAS presentd strong customer case studies of #customerintelligence aka integr8d mktg mgt aka #CRM NBA etc. Customer names off-record

#sassb discussing broad portfolio of #CRM next best action offerings, aka #decisionmgt aka integrated marketing mgt.

#sassb Hindsight, Insight, & Foresight. Charlie's 3 angels? Wait, wasn't Charlie played by John Foresight? Nepotism?

#sassb discussing integrated marketing mgt, digital experience, A/B groups, etc. The heart & soul of #bigdata #CRM analytic operational apps

"White lab coat." If it's still all-white, it means you haven't been in the lab getting test-tube chemicals splashed on your smock. Poseur!

RT @bitterer: Only a small step to "decision outsourcing". RT @jamet123: SAS planning to support cloud-based #decisionmgt #sassb

Note 2 self: must also listen to First Listen: Andrew Bird, 'Break It Yourself' ( when I have spare moment

Note 2 self: Must check out First Listen: The Magnetic Fields, 'Love At The Bottom Of The Sea' ( at first opportunity

Must say I'm enjoying song selections playing overhead at Steamboat Grand in & around #sassb . Lots of new artists I'm digging these days

#sassb #SAS plan is to offer "full in-cloud" & on-premise deployment options for every solution/tool they've discussed.

#sassb Q1 2012 SAS will release cloud/SaaS offerings for Social Media Analytics, Marketing Automation, & Customer Experience Optimization.

RT @merv: #sassb Roadmap shows SAS/Access to Hadoop is Q12012 - follwing in Q3 w Vertica, MSPDW. PROC Hadoop

RT @dmenningervr: Champion-challenger analysis must be understood & built into #prditive analytics processes; it's not today #SASSB

RT @jamet123: SAS launching a new Rules Studio soon to wrap rules around deployed analytics for improved #decisionmgt #sassb

RT @ltabb: SAS developing better Hadoop support. Access, process streams, meta data, data mgt, and in memory processing due q1 #sassb

#sassb SAS/Access to Hadoop goes GA this quarter.

"MSFT #Hadoop roadmap..." ( JK2--This year: HBase, Flume, Mahout, Lucene, Cascading, R, secure HDFS, fault-tol HA HDFS

#sassb #SAS introducing an event stream processing engine.

#sassb #SAS discussing data lineage/impact analysis features of its #bigdata tooling. Exactly what the market's looking for!

"Microsoft's #Hadoop roadmap reveals new #BigData deliverables" ( JK--GA Hdp distro on Azure & Wdws Svr this quarter!

#sassb doing powerful demo now of #decisionmanagement model/rule dev & deploy project flow in #bigdata environment

#sassb That last tweet summarizes key #BigData take-away from this week's Steamboat summit. SAS is big player now in emerging #Hadoop space

#sassb Essentially, #SAS offering ability 2 persist data in #Hadoop , execute in Hdp, manage Hdp metadata, do visual in-mem analytics in Hdp

RT @merv: #sassb Introducing: SAS/Access to Hadoop as source; Proc Hadoop 2 embed calls in SAS workstreams; ELT x-formations targeted there

#sassb SAS rolling out ......, & ELT xforms massage data in/out of Hdp, persist in/out of Hdp, integ8 data to SAS in-mem

#sassb SAS rolling ouit SAS/Access engine into #Hadoop , plus abilty to execute SAS procs in Hdp, plus SAS metadata integr8 w/Hdp, ..

#sassb #SAS discussing "transactional event stream" feeding "transactional EDW" to address "what are my customers doing?"

"Look before you leap into Hadoop" ( JK--Many Big Data deployments involve hybrid #Hadoop RDBMS #NoSQL

@merv #sassb OK. Wasn't sure. The pace of tweets is griding down my jocularity-detection machinery. Need to resharpen at lunch.

Disregard previous tweet. My email inbox indicates #Forrester incl yrs truly will soon be briefed by #Infochimps

Hey #Infochimps , please brief #Forrester on your latest. Sounds really cool!

#sassb demos excellent. Showing how they've focused on developer productivity through agile in-db in-mem hi-perf execution in #sas tools

#sassb at break. Haven't gotten to the Q&A yet. But there was indeed a long Q2P.

@merv #sassb #SAS #BigData "SAS user" is not functional role. It's statemnt of user attachment/commitment/training on one vendor's products

#sassb Havent yet heard #SAS mention "data scientist" at this event, re #BigData analytics. That's their core user profile. What gives?

#sassb #SAS demoing #BigData hi-perf analytics speedup of scenario analyses for #CRM Next Best Action marketing optimization

"Infochimps Tame Big-Data Elephant" ( JK--Cool player in #Hadoop #BigData mkt. Productized techs inside its cloud svc

RT @prussom: just got press release about new Oracle Exalytics #InMemory Machine. #SASSB JK--In-mem a new battlefield

#sassb #SAS is focusing on developer productivity benefits of #BigData from hi-perf calculation speed-up in-database & in-memory execution

#sassb #BigData use case results: rapid model devel, no sampling, full view of data, better predictions, improved lift.

#sassb What problems will eventually drive U 2 replace yr current analytic platform? Cant scale to #BigData vols, slow loads, etc.

#sassb Ferrari principle: "It is not the steering wheel. It's the engine."

#sassb "When amt of data limits your ability 2 perform analytics, U dont have too much data, U have wrong analytic environment."

#sassb #BigData for executing models with more & more variable, for more granular analytics for more focused operational decision support

#sassb BTW, the Wi-Fi has been real strong & fast so far here in the conference hall at Steamboat. Knock on virtual wood!

#sassb Davis says #SAS has focused on "fit-for-task" mobile interfaces.

#sassb in-memory analytics is in-memory analytic processing architecture.

#sassb #SAS in-memory analytics can integr8 w/ #Teradata #Greenplum #Hadoop & other databases, but doesnt depend on database & is not new DB

#sassb Davis says they'll discuss #Hadoop later. They pre-briefed #Forrester. Integration into several existing #SAS products.

"Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine" ( JK--They're positioning this as HANA-killer

#sassb Davis discussing new acq aiMatch, providing solutions for ad optimization for digital publishers.

RT @CurtMonash: One of the greatest wordplay headlines ever. "Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo"

#sassb Clearly, #SAS growth driven by value-add industry & function-focused analytics-infused premium apps.

#sassb #SAS key product growth areas fraud 121% cust intel 38% supp hn 36% retail sol 29% risk mgt 23% data mgt 10% analytics 10%

#sassb #SAS industry rev split: fin svcs 40% govt 15% svcs 13% comms 7% life sci 6% man 5% retail 4% educ 3% etc

#sassb #SAS geographic revenue split: Americas 46%, EMEA 42% APAC 12%

#sassb Davis says sales to new customers is also very strong. Not just reliant on customer renewals.

RT @DanVesset: SAS Visual Analytics Explorer is more than visualiation of descriptive stats. Incorporates SAS predictive analytics #sassb

#sassb Davis discussing 2011 revs. $2.725B. High customer renewal rates.

#sassb Jim Davis providing executive viewpoint. Also says stay tuned for iPad analytics discussion.

#sassb #SAS Visual Designer, plus SAS Visual Analytics Explorer, GA in March, show vendor strongly addressing self-svc #BI & adv analytics

RT @dmenningervr: .@randyguard mentioned new viz tool is flash based, guess it won't run on my iPad #SASSB

#sassb Visual Analytics Explorer does not pre-aggregate any data. User can rapidly create hierarchy on fly.

#sassb Visual Analytics Explorer is all-in-mem client visualization & exploration tool with tight integration with server runtime

#sassb Randy Guard demoing Visual Analytics Explorer. 1.15 billion rows in memory

#sassb Goodnight discussing all-in-mem interactive exploratory #BI ("billions of rows in mem) in Visual Analytics tool, which GAs in March

#sassb Dr. Goodnight discussing HPC #BigData performance optimization re algorithm function execution optimization across diverse platforms

#sassb SAS is committed, says Goodnight, to getting full range of algorithms into HPC #BigData in-mem in-db multicore platforms

#sassb Dr. Goodnight #SAS has right approach to #BigData : focus on use cases that can benefit from it. Don't push technology for own sake

#sassb Dr Goodnight discussing #BigData analytics apps in marketing campaign optimization. Key focus for #Forrester re #CRM Next Best Action

#sassb Dr. Goodnight discussing SAS hi-perf analytics #BigData apps in risk mitigation, merchandising, etc.

#sassb Dr. Goodnight says def'n of #BigData necessary. Many analysts in this room has defined it. Forrester:

#sassb Dr. Goodnight: "Key to our future success: Big Analytics + #BigData ." As I predicted in earlier tweet. Of course they're emphasizing

#sassb Dr. Goodnight discussing corporate growth. 12.1% revenue growth overall last year.

#sassb Heather Roth understands the correct balance between allowing analysts to tweet what they hear vs. safeguarding NDA info.

#sassb starts. Heather Roth, dir. analyst relations, kicks it off as always. #SAS people even establishing marital relations w/ analysts

Denver has a news person named "Amelia Earhart."

"Microsoft will finally kill off the Windows Live brand" ( JK--Missed a golden headline opportunity: "Live is Dead."

I suspect that #BigData & #Hadoop will be key themes at #sassb this week.

"Giving Moore's Law the Cold Shoulder" ( JK--Can't we engineer transistors at the subatomic level?

Work-life balance demands that you find the enjoyable moments in even the most hectic schedules. Savor those. Engineer those into schedule

Billy Crystal wasn't particularly funny on the Oscars last night. Where exactly was his heart & mind?

Looking forward to Day One of #sassb in Steamboat Springs. Expecting the #SAS executive team to deliver their usual thorough overview.

"The Artist." Director said his next project will be remake of "Birth of a Nation" filmed w/ nitrate film stock & 1915-grade racist subtext

Best Foreign Film. I nominate this 4 most insanely US-centric chauvinistic Oscar category. Either that, or put Canadian & UK films there too

Meryl Streep. Likely to extend her streak tonight as the losingest actress is Oscar history. Why do they keep hiring this no-talent hack?

"The Tree of Life." First nominee for best picture that I ever stopped watching a half-hour into it & almost chucked in the wastebasket.

Christopher Plummer. Good to see Academy finally recognizing him for his performance as Capt von Trapp in all the "Sound of Music" sequels

Academy Awards. Is it true they disinvited some English nobleman: Sacha, the Baron of Cohen? Diplomatic incident in the making?

Snowmobiling high up in the Colorado Rockies on a beautiful winter's day! Holy freakin Jehosaphat! Ain't that the definition of fun!

Unplanned pitstop in middle of Routt Natl Forest. Rescuers attending to a stuck snowmobile. Me? I am cool.

Ascending 3000 feet to Rabbit Ears Pass w/ Allman Bros on van audio system. "Gonna buy a ticket now, far as I can, ain't never comin back"

Listening to Eddie Vedder "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away." Exceptional & exquisite Beatles cover.

Josh Marshall@joshtpm Santorum building new GOP with voters who don't want to go to college or have sex.

Did the Burt's Bees promotion tent next to the Sheraton earlier. Free massage! Free lip balm! Free coffee! Sweepstakes to win gift basket!

Refreshed the batteries in my camera this morning. Saving them for the snowmobile trek in mountains this afternoon. Zoom!

Shuttlebus ride in from Hayden airport yesterday was pleasant. Last year, driver treated us to anti-Boulder anti-"bleeding heart" diatribe

Grabbed quick cup or 2 of coffee at The Cabin at Steamboat Grand. Chatted w/ #SAS & #TDWI Phil Russom. Going back 4 full breakfast in a sec

Reading Steamboat Pilot & Today over coffee. Recalling Milton (Wisc) Courier, where I was briefly asst editor 28 years ago. Smalltown journo

Sitting here, sipping wine, enjoying Meryl Streep/Miranda Priestley's devastatingly dismissive "Cerulean" soliloquy in "Devil Wears Prada."

Going out to photograph Steamboat in the bright sunshine & thick snow. Wife napping. She needs it. I need that.

Irving Thalberg? Bah! How often did he save the Academy Awards producer's rear end where it counted?

Billy Crystal. At some point they'll have to give him an honorary lifetime statue for best & safest choice for reasonably funny Oscar emcee

Yes, digital is the primary publishing medium now, print secondary. Used to (till very recent times) be the other way around.

"Print is Dead! Long Live Print?" ( JK--What's dead is "print-only." It'll remain important medium 2 supplemnt digital

Yampa Valley, Colorado airport. That's quite a whipping wind!

Looking forward to fine all-encompassing detailed & cordial time with #SAS at the annual Steamboat Springs analyst event. Dr Goodnight et al

Connecting in ATL to HDN. Other people at this gate are geared for skiing. I can tell by their boots.

@rwang0 I'm doing what? Striking #BigData down? How can that be? I've retired from debunking. Now I'm just chock full of bunk.

@Claudia_Imhoff I certainly will, Claudia. Sounds like you're having a ball in the Caymans.

"Porn on large screen TVs shocks at Best Buy" ( JK--For obvious reason: too large to cram into average closet.

On the prowl for disruptive business models. Who's disrupting the hell out of everything & everybody they come into contact with?

@frankbria See you there. Snowmobiling on Sunday.

Total Friday night relaxation. Prepping for Steamboat. Chilling in my sofa with tablet & #KEXP . Breather between periods of steady motion.

Skipping my normal aweekstweets & stuff shticks this weekend. Catch the next update the following weekend.

Graph analytic models are hard to partition, are non-deterministic in their processing loads, & are highly dynamic. Resource hogs

Apache Jena ( JK--Being used to do graph analysis in semantic Web framework.

Viola Davis' prediction on the upcoming Academy Awards, in which she's up for Best Actress: "I'm going to kick Meryl Streep's ass!"

Can't wait for weekend to begin. My work week's end is coming on strong, making me feel a bit weak.

Give you a hint: massively scalable relationship graph analysis in-memory

Taking a totally cool briefing from a #BigData vendor that I can't tweet about now, but they launch next week at @strataconf

Petabytes of polystructured streaming data. Substitute "Big" for the first 4 words of that phrase and you have essence of #BigData

"Tectonic shift." Phrase always misconstrued 2 refer 2 sudden directional change. But nothing could B more gradual/diffuse than crust shifts

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A Day in the Life by The Beatles JK--Disappointed @loserboy didnt leave on 40-sec trailing fading final massive chord

Romney thinks the auto industry bailout was a bad thing? But apparently the SLC Olympics were too important to the US economy to let fail.

Being briefed by #GridGain an in-memory #BigData vendor whose data/compute-grid scale-out platform supports real-time & transactions

Silicon Valley. Is there a Carbon Valley somewhere in the cosmos where silicon-based life forms compute with diamond-encrusted buckyballs?

Everything these days is on steroids, metaphorically. So everything ineligible 4 that great Hall o Fame in sky. Everything should be ashamed

@megamda Right, but #BigData is far broader in functional scope than #MapReduce

The #BPM & app dev worlds have turned adjectives "Lean" & "Agile" into stand-alone buzzwords. Dare we data analytics do the same re "Big"?

Wow! He still stoops to writing blogs. They're not totally dead.

New blogpost: " #BigData : Does It Make Sense to Hope for an IDE, Or Am I Just Whistling in the Wind?" (

#BigData : Does it even make sense to hope for an IDE, or am I just whistling in the wind?

"Big Data Or Big Chaos? Data Steward Is Crucial" ( JK--Agreed but piece sez nuthin new. Sez "#BigData " in lieu of #BI

Dear PR people: Please use the broad Jeremy Lin allusions sparingly in your message. Don't make me delete you sight unseen.

"IBM makes QRadar security event management product more intelligent" ( JK--Plan 2 integrate w/ #Hadoop Big Insights?

"World's most massiv supercomputr needed 4 colosal space telescope" ( JK--Need 1 massiv enuff 2 qualify as dwarf planet

IT architecture. I know wot it is. IT marketecture. Sorta understand that too. What the heck is BS such as "enterprise 2.0"? Snarketecture?

I fully expect that up & coming bands will name themselves after choice Twitter DM phrases, such as "Check Out This Pic Haha."

RT @lauradidio: NASA seeks persons to test desserts for mission to Mars ( JK--Can U spoon freefloating jello at low-G?

"How much has cyber-spying changed since 1989? Not as much as you'd think" ( JK--Brute force attacks often succeed.

"New Vending Machine Can Guess Your Age" ( JK--As in roadside carnivals, do you get free kewpie doll if guesses right?

InfoChimps Marketplace ( JK--Social net identity mapping API is way cool (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Thirteen by Big Star from #1 Record / Radio City JK--Lovely acoustic one. 1972. Doesn't feel that old.

"Zettaset 2 offer role-based access control 4 #Hadoop " ( JK--Many vdrs will roll out Hdp security & gov tools this yr

No one has a truly integrated development environment for Next Best Action, or decision management, call it what you will.

Reading & pondering another fine report on decision management by @jamet123

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) by Marvin Gaye from What's Going On JK--Song's a gritty urban movie unto self

Expecting 70 degrees today in DC area. Expecting deep snow this weekend in Steamboat Springs.

Glad I didn't have Newt Gingrich as my history prof back in college. I like to think that history is more aligned with science than fiction.

Proud to report that I'm all American. I and all of my forebears descend from a unique branch of primates native to the USA.

RT @BradBennett: 'Men resemble their times more than they do their fathers." Arab proverb

I'm following the GOP debates secondhand, through the tweetstreams of @LarrySabato

Interesting how the endless series of GOP presidential debates have plunged the "base" deeper into their own conflicted demoralization

Trying 2 understand Jeremy Lin mania. Did anybody doubt that Asians can be good at basketball? Yao Ming anyone? Or is the Ivy League thing?

Nice mixed-green salad & fruit plate without dressing. Slathered in thick bacon. Nothing's healthier for you.

"6 Cool Uses of Near-Field Comm" ( JK--Touchless frictionless close-quarters hi-speed physical transactions & analytics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Queen Bitch by David Bowie from Hunky Dory JK--Artist whose pioneering glam-rock turned rock's corner from 60s to 70s

"Google glasses likely coming soon" ( JK--Can it get them in my prescription? Do I need to switch to dork optometrist?

"Google's glasses: Who's the idiot that would buy these?" ( JK--The new ruling class, of course: the dork-oisie.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Won't Be Found by The Tallest Man on Earth from Shallow Grave JK--Fun fact: 3 feet tall but wears 7-foot platforms

Recent college grads using powerful new tablet app to land plum starting jobs. It's called "iPadMyResume."

Taking #BigData update briefing from #SAS , in prep for next week's analyst summit

#Forrester analyst Rachel Dines really knows backup & disaster recovery best practices. She's driving that discussion on a joint inquiry.

"When you don’t know what to do, do lots of things." Marvin Minsky

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Every Day Should Be a Holiday by The Dandy Warhols from The Dandy Warhols Come Down JK--Today's GeoWash actual b-day

Yes, I tweet a song for every sentiment, situation, and stray observation. Thanks YouTube!

Stevie Ray Vaughan "Crossfire" ( JK--Where industry analysts often stand--caught in--when vendors war.

"FBI seeks social media monitoring tool" ( JK--Surveillance. Will probably engage specialists 2 custom-build w/CEP

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love Interruption by Jack White from the Blunderbuss JK--Technically his 1st solo LP. But all his projex are JWhite++

@bloomreachinc Just tweeted a moment ago. Thanks for pointing me to the press release, which is in my crowded inbox

"BloomReach Intros....Multi-Chan Cloud Mktg Plat 2 Drive Intell Discov 4 Web Biz" ( JK--Sophisticated relevance engine

@jmsidhu All of that. For hint of breadth I'm exploring in data science CoE, see "Data Scientist" blogseries. Start at

Organizing and managing data science centers of excellence. A topic I'm developing.

RT @mrdavehill: Anonymous asked: Do your feet ever hurt from kicking so much ass?

I would not be surprised 2 C #SAS acquire #CRM Next Best Action (i.e, interaction optimization) solution provider. Would make perfect sense

"SAS & aiMatch bring adv analytics 2 digital advertising" ( JK--Optimized ad-serving is bloodstream of digital economy

RT @markmadsen: A data scientist sounds almost like a data team in most companies, rare to have it all in one person - @colinjwhite #DMRadio

Not much interesting industry news this morning. Had to check. The usual mundane announcements & editorial backwash from last week's news.

"Progressive elaboration of capabilities." Coined by #Forrester Steve Wilkes

Usual morning of plotting out a personal strategy to get some things done amid other things that need doing.

Led Zeppelin "Dazed and Confused" ( JK--1969. Just one year later. Plant had the pipes to deliver to the rafters

The Yardbirds "Dazed And Confused" ( JK--1968. Page's dry run for the classic one voiced by Robert Plant.

Stuart Moxham "Vampire of Love" ( JK--Stuart, I still have that great cassette you burned for me with this on it

Vampire Weekend "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" ( JK--2008. Namedrops Peter Gabriel. He later covered it.

Peter Gabriel "Solsbury Hill" ( JK--1978. Marked his emergence as a solo artist.

Led Zeppelin "When the Levee Breaks" ( JK--This stand-out from ZoSo adds the right strain of foreboding & dread

King Oliver Jazz Band "St James Infirmary" ( JK--An ur-text of jazz and American popular music in general

Louis Armstrong "When The Saints Go Marching In" ( JK--I nominate this for best party song of 20th Century.

Rockin' Sidney "Don't Mess with my My Toot Toot" ( JK--Wouldn't dream of it. She's yr rootie tootie li'l cutie!

Fats Domino "I'm Walking to New Orleans" ( JK--The man's a survivor. Survived Katrina. City did too. Soul intact

Al Hirt "Java" ( JK--Blow daddy-o!!!!

Freddy Cannon "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans" ( JK--Love that raw rock-n-roll teenager yowl

Paul Simon "Take Me to the Mardi Gras" ( JK--From the awesome "Rhymin' Simon" LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Hoorai by Anda Union from The Wind Horse JK--Mongolian throat-singers with a band, suggesting Irish jig on Mars

March is going to be interesting. I can already feel it flow week by week, day by day. Overscheduled.

Circadian rhythm. Soul pumps the body continuously as if it were an elliptical, adjusting intensity, incline, & resistance to stoke the flow

There is as of yet no clear market segment for " #BigData IDE ." Have various specialized tools but nothing comprehensive.

When you're old & gray & looking back with regret on your sorry life, you'll wish you had tweeted more. I guarantee it.

What's now called #BigData was formerly called Very Large Databases (VLDB). I move that we re-introduce some of that. #VeryBigData anyone?

Taking update briefing from Alpine Data labs , a tool vendor for in-db analytics modeling . Me & @owensleslie

Taking update briefing from #DataStax , who were one of the vendors in the #Hadoop Wave, the one that's strong on #Cassandra

Taking update briefing from columnar MPP #EDW platform vendor #Calpont

"Big Data Already Suspect" ( JK--Call in the usual suspects: #Hadoop #EDW etc.

@chriskanaracus doing article for CIO mag asked me for advice on which interview questions are best ones to ask a veteran analytics vdr CEO

Remember that scene in Wizard of Oz where Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, & Lion fell asleep in a field of poppies? Subtle drug ref?

@CurtMonash My Hadoop-ish Hadoop is Hadooping Hadoopily and I expect we'll all be Hadoopy ever after!

Another day, another challenge to use the word " #Hadoop " as every possible part of speech.

Taking briefing from #CRM data integration software/svcs provider Scribe Software. Me & @waband .

Dear Industry Chums Who Are Also Forrester Customers: Please submit yer "got a minute?" email questions as email inquiries. Or I'll go crazy

Interviewed via email by Lindsay Clark of re development & recruitment of #BI professionals

"Teradata-Hortonworks Partnership to.." ( JK--Htwx duking it out w/Cloudera to become #Hadoop go-to partner 2 EDW vdrs

Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The lurid tabloid headlines continue.

@nickpatience Me too. They earn their pay just as I earn mine. I just want the vendor to give me the raw material that I can do my job with

@nickpatience Industry tends to read far too muchy "analyst firm X vs. analyst firm Y" into stuff. We all face battle against vendor spin.

@nickpatience It's not as if I don't care what my competitor thinks. It's matter of wanting vendor 2 pitch the facts, so I can make the call

@deepak I never ski there. I walk.

Dear Vendor PR Blaster: It's good to know my competitor thinks highly of you. Thanks for sharing.

Clipping the latest press quotations/citations of yours truly. Yes, I'm full of myself. Or, technically, my citations crate is full to brim

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heartbeat by Dum Dum Girls from Only in Dreams JK--Loving this group more & more. This is like the best Pretenders

Important first task of the morning is always to declutter. My head, for starters.

Another morning of me reaching 4 knife 2 cut my tightly sheathed banana skin cuz my nails are too short to pierce it. Pisau potong pisang.

Another morning of me racking up my schedule like a tightly packed billiards triangle & contemplating how I'm going to line up my cue.

Good overview of when you should use Amazon DynamoDB vs other hosted Amazon cloud databases (

Amazon DynamoDB: distrib key value store accessible from MapReduce & Hive. Hence another proofpoint that #BigData converge #Hadoop & #NoSQL

Been good 3-day. Looking ahead 2 packed 4-day of inquiries, briefings, & consulting. Do SAS analyst summit next week. March'll be something

Odds are good that fundamentalist-reared Katy Perry will make a midlife Christian record to atone for her wicked songs, Russell Brand, etc

I married a great cook. That wasn't a factor in my thinking at the time, but it's been a regular dividend ever since.

The essence of being human is arguing over the essence of being human. Our self-regards elevates us in our minds over...whatcha got?

I never highlight printed text. I simply use ballpoint pen to draw margin arrows to first lines of salient passages.

Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers on how he plans to celebrate his 50th birthday: "On acid, running down the street naked, howling at the moon."

The polar lexicon of modern wellness: order v disorder, ease v disease, function v dysfunction.

Foo Fighters "Learn To Fly" ( JK--Listening to it now on over-the-air local radio. My fave of their hits.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp In the Waiting Line by Zero 7 from Simple Things JK--Silky smooth chill-soul used beautifully in "Garden State" sdtrk

"Computers May Control Intersections 4 Self-driving Cars" ( JK--Will self-driving cars auto-flip each other off?

"These Pants Have Built-In Keyboard, May Draw Funny Looks" ( JK--Draw even funnier looks if you're touching self there

@StevePR104 But God & Cronkite heard, and that's all that matters.

"Hortonworks University Opens 4 Hadoop Training, Certification" ( JK--Expect them 2 become major trainers for #BigData

50 years today since "God speed U John Glenn!" Technically, was sped by centrifugal force of Earth's gravitational field, under God control

"10 myths of BYOD in the enterprise" ( JK--Myth #11: the "D" did not originally stand for "desk."

"If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It: Ancient Computers in Use Today" ( JK--Cites OS/2 as old. Was new when I started in IT

"NoSQL" "NewSQL"? Stop the madness. Just call it all innovative database architectures. No I'm not recommending yet another 3-letter acronym

It's important to make yourself laugh on a fairly regular basis. Don't worry if nobody else gets your sense of humor. It just feels good.

WashPost ad slogan "If you don't get it, you don't get it." No truth to rumor they considered "If you don't get it, you're an ignorant fool"

Summarizing Moore's Law: Love is all around, why don't you take it, you're gonna make it after all (meow!).

President's Day holiday. Have Mount Vernon archaeologists found the petrified fossilized trunk of the fabled fallen cherry tree?

Customer experience optimization. I love how this new mania brings the soft human perspective to the heart of #CRM analytics.

When somebody wants to discuss industry-specific data models, I ask them to discuss industry-specific problems, models flows from those.

It's good to have working knowledge of wide range of techs. It means I'm not clueless when called upon to synthesize in some novel way.

Relistening to Adele "21" album in its entirety. Played it for Egidia to hear what a great album it is. Definitely deserved 6 Grammies.

Chicken pot pie? Isnt one of those ingredients illegal?

Could be wrong, but feels like yoga systematclly induces & reduces inflamation throughout body. Habituates physiology 2 reduce autonomically

Obsolete IT hardware tech sows seeds of own ridicule simply by being so damn massive costly & cumbersome. It grows small as data grows big

Sunday WashPost running column on long-ago DC dairies. I'm old enuff 2 remembr when milk still deliverd 2 homes in Detroit burbs. Twin Pines

My sense is that many #NoSQL database vendors feel slightly marginalized in #Hadoop centric #BigData mania. But that's changing. Emerging

Does Pinterest have Android app ? I cant find it. If I'm going to fool idly w/new social from my tablet, that's a must. Browser insufficient

Occasionally Blockbuster Exprs has older title. Rented "Carlito's Way" ('93). Further proof what superb actors Al Pacino & Sean Penn are.

Time-Life commercial for "150 romantic classics" includes one by a "Mr. Acker Bilk." Why so formal?

Profile photo of Prince Philip on his honeymoon with Elizabeth. Looks more like his grandsons William & Harry than his sons.

WSJ "Internet On, Inhibitions Off: Why We Tell All" (…) JK--Except we don't. Obscenity less on social than real life

Tiny tot spinning herself dizzy in a public place. I been there, done that, long ago. First self-induced high.

Newsweek cover story "The Politics of Sex." Sidebar: "The Economics of Selling Magazines at the News Stand."

Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood Issue with the tri-fold cover-spread wide photo of up-and-coming starlets. This year, all in 1930s mode.