Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kobielus Forrester blogpost links: January 2008 to March 2012

March 2012:

Global Optimization: Gaia Revisited

Open Source Approaches Are Opening Big Data Analytics To A World Of Fresh Intelligence

The Real-World Experiment: New Application Development Paradigm in the Age of Big Data

February 2012:

Big Data: Does It Make Sense to Hope for an Integrated Development Environment, Or Am I Just Whistling in the Wind?

January 2012:

Social Media Analytics: Revolutionizing Marketing Campaign Management

December 2011:

The Year Ahead in Next Best Action? Here’s the Next Best Thing to a Crystal Ball!

The Year Ahead in Advanced Analytics? Advances on All Fronts!

The Year Ahead In Big Data? Big, Cool, New Stuff Looms Large!

November 2011:

Data Scientist: Is This Really Science or Just Pretension?

Data Scientist: Do You Truly Need Big Data?

Data scientist: Which adjacent roles are central?

Data scientist: What skills does it require?

Data scientist: Important new role or trendy job-title inflation?

October 2011:


September 2011:


August 2011:

The ROI of Next Best Action: Measuring the Lift from Improved Customer Experience

July 2011:


June 2011:

Hadoop: When Will the Inevitable Backlash Begin?

Hadoop: Future of Enterprise Data Warehousing? Are You Kidding?

Hadoop: What are These Big Bad Insights That Need All This Nouveau Stuff?

Hadoop: What is it Good For? Absolutely...Something

Hadoop: Is it Soup Yet?

May 2011:


April 2011:


March 2011:

Teradata Acquiring Aster Data, Driving MapReduce Deeply into its Strategy

February 2011:

HP Acquiring Vertica, Ramping Steadily Back into Enterprise Data Warehousing Market

Waves of Innovation Continue to Transform Enterprise Data Warehousing Market

January 2011:

Predictions and Plans for Business Analytics in 2011

December 2010:

An Enterprise Data Warehouse Without A Database—Is That Even Conceivable?

Want to Change Your CRM Game? Push Customer-Facing Processes into the Social Cloud

November 2010:

Advance Your Analytics Strategies: Blog-Ahead Thoughts Re Upcoming Forrester TweetJam

October 2010:

Use Advanced Analytics to Spotlight People Who Have the Biggest Impact on Customer Satisfaction

September 2010:

IBM Buying Netezza, Sending Clear Shot Across Oracle’s Bow

August 2010:

Key Data Analytics Projects for Building Your Process Optimization Program

July 2010:

Interdictive Analytics: Catching Baddies at the Pass and in the Nick of Time

Advanced Analytics Help You Nurture Customer Service Excellence

Social Business Intelligence: The Knowledge Management Connection

Findings from Forrester Wave: Customer Service Analytics Empower the Predictive Process

Social Media Analytics: You Will Still Need Actual Analysts in the Loop

Agile Data Warehousing: Do You Scrum?

Those Nasty “Hairball” Analytics Projects: Usually There’s a Data Warehouse at the Core

Social Media Analytics vs Social Network Analysis: Is There A Real Difference or Are You Seeing Double?

EMC Acquiring Greenplum, Paving the Way to Emergence of Virtualized Cloud Data Warehousing

Commercializing Enterprise-Grade Hadoop: Tools For Harnessing Petabyte Analytics

June 2010:

Podcast: June 30, 2010 — Predictive Process Platforms: What are the Killer Applications?

Podcast: June 30, 2010 — Social Media Analytics vs. Social Network Analysis

May 2010:

SAP Acquiring Sybase, Rocking the Analytics Market with Deep Synergies

April 2010:

What’s Not BI? Oh, Don’t Get Me Started....Oops Too Late...Here Goes....

Social CRM—Don’t Make It a Silo in Your Multichannel Strategy

Harnessing Real-time Process Analytics: Forrester Analyst Video Jam Session and ITF Look-Ahead

#Forrester Analyst Jam Session: Harnessing Real-time Process Analytics" ( Me & @passion4process video podcast.

March 2010:

No No No: The Curiously Absent Architecture of Postmodern Analytic Databases

Number of People Using Advanced Analytics

Social CRM: Yes, It's the Real Deal, But That Hand's Still Being Dealt

If Queries Are King In The Realm Of The Analytic Database, Does That Make Columnar Heir Apparent?

Self-Service Predictive Modeling: Vendors Still Have Far to Go

Social, Spatial, & Temporal: The Coordinates of Community in the Cloud

Social CRM Thrives on Powerful Dashboards and Process Analytics

Predictive Processes Demand Unified BAM and BSM Stack

The Appliance Wars Drag On and On

Podcast: The New Decade Of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!

February 2010:

The ROI of High-Quality Decision-Driving Gut Feel

The ROI of High-Quality Decision Management Practices

The ROI of High-Quality Decision Support Infrastructure

Podcast: February 10, 2010 — The New Decade Of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!!_021010.mp3

January 2010:

How Much Intelligence Can You Pack Into a Tweet?

Next Best Models: The Process Agility Equation

Podcast: Service Oriented Analytics - Tapping Into The Predictive Smarts Of Your Entire Organization

Mining the Cloud? Are You Allowed?

Razor, Blades, and 10x: Key to Value-Based Pricing in the Data Warehousing Appliance Market

Self-Service Business Intelligence: Dissolving the Barriers to Creative Decision-Support Solutions

Process Mining: Because Your Company’s Workflow Issues Aren’t Always Obvious

Social Network Analysis: The Fuse Igniting Enterprise Data Warehouse Growth. It’s Planet Petabyte or Bust!

Conversation as a Complex Event

The New Decade of Advanced Analytics: Roll Over Rocket Scientists!

Whither Data Warehousing In The Teens?

December 2009:

Advanced Analytics Predictions For 2010

Podcast: Instrumenting Your Enterprise For Maximum Predictive Power

Social Network Analysis: Going to Become Too Ubiquitous for Its Own Good

November 2009:

Instrumenting Your Enterprise for Maximum Predictive Power

Podcast: November 25, 2009 — Instrumenting Your Enterprise For Maximum Predictive Power

Podcast: November 18, 2009 — Service Oriented Analytics - Tapping Into The Predictive Smarts Of Your Entire Organization

October 2009:

Service-Oriented Analytics: Tapping into the Predictive Smarts of Your Entire Organization

September 2009:

Podcast: In-Database Analytics: Heart of the Predictive Enterprise

HP and Informatica’s Expanded Relationship: Portent of Bigger Deals to Come?

Podcast: Is BAM Relevant In The Age Of Lean Processes?

Podcast: September 21, 2009 — In-Database Analytics - Heart of the Predictive Enterprise

August 2009:

Is BAM Relevant In The Age Of Lean Processes?

Podcast: August 31, 2009 — Is BAM Relevant In The Age Of Lean Processes?

July 2009:

IBM Goes Deeply Predictive, Announces Acquisition of SPSS

BI, Analytics, and CEP: Some Fruitful Potential Follow-Ons from Software AG’s Acquisition of IDS Scheer

June 2009:

BI Mashup Maturity Model? Oxymoron? Au Contraire Mon Frère!

May 2009:

Database Religions Dissolve into the Big Billowing Virtual Data Cloud

Self-Service Business Intelligence Depends On Automated Data Discovery

April 2009:

Oracle’s Sun Acquisition Accelerates Push Into Data Warehousing Appliances

Dislocation Intelligence In A Brutal Economy

Podcast: April 14, 2009 — Mighty Mashups: Do-It-Yourself Business Intelligence For A Down Economy

March 2009:

Inmon’s Vitriolic Slap At “Virtual Data Warehousing” Does Not Withstand Scrutiny

After So Many Years Of Ballyhoo, Semantic Web Still Searching For Killer App

Lean Information Management Strategies For Lean Times

Yawn! Business Process Visions Consistent Over The Years

February 2009

Whatever Happened To EII?

January 2009

What, If Anything, Is A "Niche Vendor," Where Enterprise Data Warehousing Is Concerned?

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Platforms Q1 2009: The Key Takeaway

What’s the Fastest, Most Scalable Data Warehouse Platform? Well, If You Must Ask.....

Is BI Recession-Proof, Or Are We Just Bracing For The Next Shoe To Drop?

December 2008

New Year Fast Approaching, and So Is the Next-Generation Enterprise Data Warehouse

November 2008

Obama’s Information Agenda....What Is It And Is There A Role For BI?

October 2008

Governance Risk Compliance Agenda....Critical in Turbulent Economy, But Conspicuously Missing from IBM’s IOD Go-To-Market Message

Extreme Affordability at the Data Warehouse? Teradata? Really?

Tactile user-built micro-analytics...OLAP and BI for the next generation...and for the aging Baby Boomer generation

September 2008

Agenda Politics -- Information Shifts The Balance Of Policy And Influence In Any Organization

Oracle Soars Into Petabyte Stratosphere, Puts HP-Powered Grid Storage At The Heart Of Its New High-End DW Appliance

Oracle Virtualizes DBMS And DW Into Amazon's Cloud

Federation Supplements The Data Warehouse - Not Either/Or, Never Was

The New Paradigm Of In-Database Cloud Analytics, And Google’s Role As Catalyst

August 2008

Database Virtualization Could Induce I&KM Vertigo

July 2008

Microsoft Acquiring DATAllegro, Rebooting Data Warehousing Appliance Strategy, And Triggering Industry Consolidation

OLAP's Cube Is Crumbling Around The Edges

June 2008

No posts

May 2008

Analytic Databases Power BI Boom

April 2008

Teradata Goes Appliance, Officially

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) — Defined, Refined, Evolving With The Times

CEP For Real-Time BI: Vendor Announcement Events Come In Threes, Apparently

March 2008

Competitive Business Intelligence, Harnessed Through Collaboration And CEP, Harvested Across The Cloud

Oh No, Not Another 2.0 -- Database 2.0? Data Warehousing In The Cloud!

February 2008

Complex Decisions Driven, But Not Overtaken, By Events

Complex Events, Simple Experiences

Complex Event Processing (CEP) For I&KM — Mouthfuls, Morsels, And Meaningful, Manageable, Multifaceted Streams of Real-Time Intelligence

IBM Expands IOD Portfolio, Perhaps To The Bursting Point

January 2008

Data Warehousing Appliances: Growing Bigger Than A Breadbox, Softer Than The Bread

BI's New Frontiers In 2008 And Beyond

Everything That Happens In The Enterprise Software Market Affects BI