Saturday, March 24, 2012

Aweekstweets March 17-24 2012: the week January began its flip to June

Rain hasn't started dripping yet. It will. Air smells heavy and rich with fresh Spring morning pollen-laden humidity.

Looking fwd 2 seeing old friend Rajiv Kohli tomorrow. I'm guest lecturer on soc med analytics in Prof Kohli Exec MBA class @ William & Mary

Carload of Buddhist monks in robes and shaved heads shopping at KMart. Don't see that every day. Thought they preferred Target.

ESPN Tebowmania ramps up from excessive to insufferable now that he's been traded to the Big Apple, thereby "validating" him to sports wags

Have several #Forrester consulting engagements next week. One is Brian, Boris, & I doing full-day #BigData workshop for user client.

Watching telecast of Tyra Banks show in Beijing/Forbiddn City. Her all made up Chinese & struttin regal. She's gettin into this far too much

Global optimization: how do we cultivate a world that is sustainable scalable & livable for humanity & all species extant & possible?

Let's not forget his politician brother: Mr SayMuch Doolittle.

That was one busy week. Don't know whether I'm coming or going. Wait. Can it be both?

When spam calls me a "VIP" and address as a "special offer" my way, I half-think it stands for "virus-identified patsy."

I'm not ashamed to say that "hat" (site) out of which I periodically pull a "rabbit" (clue) on customer inquiries is a thing called "Google"

On inquiry, customer asked where they can find data mgt & analytic consulting expertise for project. I pointed them to a local #TDWI chapter

Interviewed by @jaivijayan of #Computerworld re #SAS Visual Analytics announcement.

"MythBusters Tour ......" ( JK--Men act dumber if women present? I can't & won't believe that till I hear it from Kari

Wanna see "Mythbusters" do something with #BigData. Jamie & Adam hurl huge gobs of high-velocity data at problems, see if brilliance emerges

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tombstone Blues by Bob Dylan from Highway 61 Revisited JK--On my personl list of top 10 Dylan songs. Funny & rocking!

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Enjoy the Silence by Nada Surf from If I Had a Hi-Fi JK--Amazing cover that stands apart from Depeche Mode original

Gadgets (and lack thereof). That's key Facebook vulnerability in competitive wars. The palm of your hand, not FB per se, is your new world

" #Hadoop’s new strategy: Pump data in 2 process, pull out 4 privacy" ( JK--Hdp evolve 2 "monolithic stack"? No way!

"Facebook reportedly buys IBM patents" ( JK--Big Blue certainly has rich IP trove. I bet Apple uses its wad 2 buy some

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp To Be Young (Is to Be Sad, Is to Be High) by Ryan Adams from Heartbreaker JK--One of gr8st rocking country songs ever

Cool. @loserboy says new Dandy Warhols LP due out in late April. Can't wait. Love all theirs.

I love the word "malodorous." It's verbal equivalent of sealing the stinky thing in airtight package & holding it at armslength with tongs.

RT @BardessGroup: The Physics of Big Data ( JK--Actually, this discusses the smallest data particle: the bit.

RT @infomgmt: #SAS Unveils New In-Memory Analytic Platform ( JK--Key component of SAS' #BigData platform strategy

The term "Twitterverse" seems as quaint now as "blogosphere." How about "socioplex"? Nah. Sounds like a social disease.

RIP Murray Lender. Gentiles like me didnt encounter bagels in supermarket until the 70s. He had a hand in popularizing one of my fave snacks

Lovely Spring morning. 60-ish. Gentle light. Calm with a refreshing hint of a breeze. This is the Spring morning I remember from childhood.

Hmmm....what new acronyms will I coin today?....oh.....AICT (acronyms I coin today).....brilliant!

Richard Thompson's comic strip "Cul De Sac" has gotten sharper lately as he has simplified his drawing style. Closer to the "Peanuts" model.

@jameskobielus prefers not to be "fit to be tied." @jameskobielus don't swing that way. But thanks for thinking of @jameskobielus.

"Behind Detroit’s Notorious Ruins" ( JK--As suburban Livonia boy, I always found Motor City's architecture fascinating

Wieden + Kennedy , Portland OR ( , as immortalized in this Portlandia sketch (

"Future of Money: Classifying Virtual Currency Systems" ( JK--Excellent overview, via @raphaellelaubie

Pinterest VS. Stumbleupon - For Page Views

Hey commercial tweeters, don't directly ask us to help you "share our message" with the world. Would you market us gratis? I didn't think so

I'm think I'm going to start "protecting" my tweets. Heaven forbid people might think I want them to actually be viewed by anyone.

Nissan bringing back Datsun. Back when I was a young'un, I thought that was a Japanese cousin of those cute dachshunds.

Chubby Checker "Limbo Rock" ( JK--Jim be limber, Jim be quick, Jim trying 2 rock this limbo. Can't go much lower

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Strict Machine by Goldfrapp from Black Cherry JK--2003. Nice slinky sinuous dancefloor electronica. UK artist.

"Indie darlings." Doesn't that phrase sound like the hip-quotient kiss of death?

RT @infomgmt: Big Data's Open Source Momentum ( (new from @jameskobielus) #bigdata #analytics

"Accellos Announces Cloud-Based Warehouse Management System" ( JK--Reason I read such articles is "just because."

Often get misdirected warehousing inqs. They'll converge w/data warehousing inqs when pigs fly or forklifts stack containerized OLAP cubes

"Will Megaupload's 28 petabytes o data be deleted?" ( JK--Or deflected into asteroid belt, so we're out of harm's way?

Companies reportedly asking job candidates for FB usernames & passwords. Caution candidates: dont give em your childhood secret decoder ring

Somebody tweeted "SJ." I thought "huh?" I know it stands 4 "Society of Jesus" (ie, Jesuits). Think he meant the late Steve Jobs (& acolytes)

"'NoOps' debate grows heated" ( JK--I.e., cloudsourcing your data center. If also cloudsource #BigData , is it HadoOps?

Spammers need 2 tweak subject lines. They scream "DATE WOMEN 50+". Betcha buncha dudes'd respond to "DATE 50+ WOMEN." I'm married/53, BTW

New blogpost: "Open Source Approaches Are Opening #BigData Analytics To A World Of Fresh Intelligence" (

Interviewed (via email) by Brian Bloom of IT World Canada re open-source approaches in data/analytics. Reminds me: write blog on that

Etch-A-Sketch metaphor. Does that mean Mitt gets even more expressionless when shaken & his visage even more rectilinear when composes self?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Like Birds by Eels from Daisies of the Galaxy JK--"E" has voice/songcraft that'd suit him well in country-wstrn too

Google BigQuery ( for more info or to request access/participation.

"Google's BigQuery brings big data to the cloud" ( JK-- #BigData OLAP cloud trial service 4 interactive exploration

"11 promising enterprise social nets" ( JK--Remember back in the day when we calld this stuff "groupware"? Damn I'm old

"Why U Might Want 2 Start Hiring #BigData Experts" ( JK--That plus recognize, incentive, & promote those U already have

"IBM Security Platform Combines Analytics with Big Data Feeds" ( JK--QRadar 4 real-time security monitor of many feeds

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California Stars by Billy Bragg & Wilco from Mermaid Avenue JK--Note to self: must buy this classic off iTunes

"Oracle: Hardware biz decelerates, cloud combat coming into view" ( JK--Oracle stuck Sun hw where profits dont shine

"Pentaho, Big Data & more - the real Pentaho capab reveald" ( JK--I think of them more as #BigData than #BI vendor now

"IBM, Big Data, and its analytics solutions" ( JK--I heard fair amount of Watson update earlier this week. Expect more

"DARPA Wants Yr 'Cognitive Footprint' " ( JK--It's a govt plot. They want yr brain pickled in jar. Call Scully & Mulder

Shamnesia: convenient forgetting.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin from Physical Graffiti JK--Lovely acoustic guitar track from my fave Zep (double) LP

"'Big Data,' Yes -- But #EDW Not Dead Yet" ( JK--Not by long shot. Evolving into feder8d svc platf 4 polystrcturd data

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Haiti by Arcade Fire from Funeral JK_-Good early one. Track with RĂ©gine Chassagne on lead, Win Butler backing vox

"EMC buys app development management firm Pivotal Labs" ( JK--A developer of its Chorus collab data-science dev platfrm

"HP confirms merger of PC, printer businesses" ( JK--Just as people are weaning themselves off PCs & paper.

When I see "American Idol," I can't help think of The Who "We're Not Gonna Take It" (

Name a single original song that was ever introduced and/or popularized on "American Idol." Can't, can you? Music isn't the point.

Read that "Shoeless" Joe Jackson got that nickname cuz he played in stocking feet in 1 game, due 2 painful shoes. His later pain more severe

More likely 2 friend a complete stranger on LinkedIn than other socials. Cuz I've already amassed critical mass of complete strangers there

"Could HP Reorg Spur Oracle to Make Historic Takeover Bid?" ( JK--Lotsa good cherrypickings at HP. Ellison knows.

Just received tech news release in which every word is redlined. At least they recognize that entire thing is fluff. I coulda told 'em that

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp All U Need Is Love by The Beatles from Summer of Love JK--Actually, I just made up LP title. '67 cultural centerpiece

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Crush by Sleigh Bells from Reign of Terror JK--Duo's signature style is sledgehammer electronica.

@MikeGotta No, it's right on the money. "American Idol" is of a piece with "reality shows" that are nothing but shallow shameless fools

Every day, in every way, trying to expand the range of topics in which I'm dangerous.

Ever notice how Oracle is only large tech vendor that routinely criticizes other large competitors, and from CEO level? What's up with that?

"American Idol" has never been my cup of tea. I prefer original material performed by the composers, not oversung covers by publicity whores

Thao + The Get Down Stay Down "Know Better Learn Faster" ( JK--Viet-American frm Falls Church VA. Asian flavor.

Tin Huey "Chinese Circus" ( JK--Antic/manic slice of lunacy shows them kindred to Devo, Pere Ubu, & Monty Python

Tin Huey "Robert Takes the Road to Lieber Nawash" ( JK--My fave of their early 45s. Very Beefheart-y/Waits-y

Tin Huey "Puppet Wipes" ( JK--Hey @djkevincole here's a puppet song I betcha dont have. I have the original 45

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Born Under Punches (Heat Goes On) by Talking Heads frm Remain in Light JK--Eno stretchd em frm nerd-rock 2 world-beat

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Please Be My Third Eye by La Sera JK--But you'll still need a content editor.

Keith Richards & I have same impressios of Allen Ginsberg: "pretentious...gasbag pontificating on everything..playing concertina badly..omm"

Online digital publishers. That's what analyst firms are, in part. But we don't necessarily dynamic reassemble & deliver micro-content

Analytic offload. Think of #BigData as massively parallel menagerie of workload-optimized nodes that offload & accelerate data analytic jobs

Meg Whitman might as well get #HP into oil business. Theyve already made bundle from gushers of black gold. Printer ink, with us over barrel

Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way" ( JK--As he grows old & grumpy, expect Lenny to suggest the highway.

Alanis Morissette "Ironic" ( JK--Black fly in your Chardonnay isn't ironic. It's gross. Or delicacy. All depends

Listening to The Shins "Port of Morrow" LP in track order, as set by the band, not the shuffle that my Zune insists on. Shins-order is best

I've been told that Men's Health mag reports that Ashton Kutcher is doing #BigData. Has the elephant jumped the shark?

Let's see. Rick Santorum. He appeals to the many Roman Catholics who didn't squirm in those uncomfortable wooden pews. So many of us

Is it not Friday yet?

Chambers Brothers "Time Has Come Today" ( JK--And all of our analytics have been #Hadoop -i-cized. Time!

Finished slides for my #Paraccel webinar, "Analytic Offload: The Key to Accelerating Big Data," Wed Mar 28. Register:

Surgically replacing "MPP EDW" with " #BigData " in everything I write/say from now on. Just cuz always need new ways to say same old things

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Exit Music (for a Film) by Radiohead from OK Computer JK--Happygolucky would nevr B used 2 descrbe Thom Yorke's style

Joe South "Games People Play" ( JK--Could be theme song of gamification era, both on upswing & if all goes south

@dmenningervr #bigdata I was making funny ha-ha

@dmenningervr #bigdata Hey dude, as the tallest #Hadoop analyst in creation, you lord it over (physical) shrimps like Tony & me

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp A-Punk by Vampire Weekend from their first LP JK--Cool Ivy League indie-rock. #Forrester should name conf room 4 them

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Tout ceci ne vous rendra pas le Congo Pt1 by Baloji frm Kinshasa Succursale JK--Cool African rap call & choral respns

@TonyBaer #dataconf Tony-o, it takes men of your and my stature 2 set the @dmenningervr 's of this world straight. #BigData must get small!

Fun fact: friends who engage me on the right topic at the right time know that I'm fluent in French. I'm constantly pardoning my French.

Lemme see. How many clever elephant puns, analogies, metaphors, & figures of speech can I spin around #BigData ?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Start a War by The National from Boxer JK--Matt Berninger has one of the best coffee-voices in modern music.

Being agile of mind also means being bold &, on some level, not caring whether others think you're out of yer mind. Out of box = out of mind

Pere Ubu "Goodbye" ( JK--One of the highlights of 1979's "New Picnic Time." David can do deep & soulful.

"Obama campaign sez [De Niro] ‘white first lady’ joke ‘inappropriate" ( JK--BTW white actor has had 2 wives, both black

My overseas analyst friend complimented me on my agile cogitation. Like him, I pride self on being a synthesist. Old, new, bluesky, whatever

Pleasant call from an overseas friend.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Insects by Altered Images from Happy Birthday JK--Early 80s Scottish New Wavers whose singer had insect-like voice

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Origins by Tennis from Young and Old JK--Will probably buy this LP as well. So cool to hear all these songs.

I would abbreviate #BigData down to "BD," but that's a beloved Doonesbury character & I don't want to hog any piece of Garry Trudeau's glory

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heroes by David Bowie from Heroes JK--Recorded in Berlin. Landmark song decisively put Ziggy Stardust behind him.

"My Bonnie lies over the ocean"? Did Bonnie switch to truth-telling when the plane arrived over the airspace of the next continent?

#NPR Tiny Desk Concert "Mountain Goats" ( JK--I wish I'd been downtown to see this there. Wanna meet Darnielle

To summarize my morning of customer inquiries: what are leading #BigData analytics development tools 4 marketing & experience optimization?

Apple is the US company with the highest stock-market valuation right now. Hence, vulnerable to the bubble that gadget-mania building toward

Amelia Earhart back in the news. I've often thought "Amelia Airhead" would be great name for cartoon character.

A lot of people in the industry have told me they found my #Hadoop Wave quite useful, and I don't think that's lip service.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Deep Red Bells by Neko Case from Blacklisted JK--Song title would also work well on Christmas carol.

"EMC Intros Chorus Open-Source Big Data App" ( JK--Open-sourcing is key 4 industry 2 build nxt-gn collab #BigData IDEs

"Mitt Romney holds Google+ Hangout" ( JK--Perfect social for ensuring nobody wants to hang out with you.

It's important to tell people when you're busy, and how busy you are. But it's also important to not default-assert you're busier than them.

"We're All Overworked" ( JK--People who claim to be busier than you are often simply self-centered uncooperative jerks

"MapR Unveils ... Data Connection Options for #Hadoop " ( JK--Connect 2 various file sys, DBMSs, and apps.

"Datameer Releases Major New Version of Analytics Platform" ( JK--Incrementals plus upd suppt 4 #Cloudera #IBM distros

Late night TV is more to my liking these days. Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Kimmel. We Jimmys are taking over, kicking comedic tail after hours.

"NICE Integrates Interaction Mgt & Fizzback Solutions to Enh Cust Experience" ( JK--#NextBestAction 4 conversation mgt

"RainStor & IBM InfoSphere BigInsights 2 Address...#BigData Challenges" ( JK--Strong #Hadoop cluster mgt w/eff compress

#EMC #Greenplum Chorus is a social/collaborative platform for #BigData data scientists to powerfully pool their modeling smarts.

"Alpine Illuminator Integr8s w/ EMC Greenplum Chorus, The Social Data Science Platf" ( JK--Powerful productivty combo

"HStreaming Announces Free Community Ed'n of Its Real-Time...Platfrm 4 #Hadoop " ( JK--Strong real-time vdr in Hdp mkt

"EMC Goes Social, Open and Agile With #BigData " ( JK--Chorus finally sees light of day, and it demo's very well.

Pointed out 2 #Forrester consultant that #R was already in criteria in early 2010's Wave 4 Pred Analytics & Data Mining tools. Not new trend

First listen-thru of Shins' new "Port of Morrow": excellent, tuneful & well-crafted songs, like always, with bright vocal harmonies

Cuz heaven knows I've designated myself de facto #KEXP brand ambassador on Twitter.

On panel I suggested 2 #NPR Sondra Russell that they dub me Twtr brand ambassador 4 music podcasts, comp me Tiny Desk Concert in-person pass

Very much enjoyed participating Online Publishers Assn panel in NYC yesterday w/tech people from NPR, Thomson Reuters, & Edmunds.

Morning's first order of post-biztrip business: download Shins new LP, "Port of Morrow." I've been leaving credits in iTunes 4 this purpose

Update: famous Washington Post reporter consuming healthy-looking salad. Stop the presses!

Famous person alert: Bob Woodward of Watergate fame 2 stools over a LaGuardia snackbar. He's having the white wine.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Big Blue's totally gotten #CRM #NextBestAction as key 2 #SmarterPlanet. Glad I went deep on it in my #Forrester rsch

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Brenda Dietrich is an exceptionally interesting speaker & thinker & doer on advanced analytics in modern business

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Dietrich: confidence in next best action in spite of process uncertainty, data uncertainty, model uncertainty

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Brenda Dietrich: the 4th "V" of #BigData is "veracity."

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Rhodin discusses #IBM university & higher learning outreach on #BigData analytics education/curriculum programs

"CMOs are Starting to Drive Next-Gen Application Agenda" ( JK--Driving #BigData analytics programs & #NextBestAction

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Von McConnell, exec dir, innov & adv labs, Sprint, sez they're handling & analyzing petabytes per cellsite per day

"IBM Launches New Pred Analytics Software & Svcs" ( JK--Signature solutions 4 #CRM #NextBestAction anti-fraud finance

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Ryan Leslie, vp of analytics & health economics, Seton Healthcare, discusses #BigData driven patient prioritization

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics McKesson dir, fin planning & analysis, Matthew Johnson discuss end2end supply chain modeling, analysis, optimization

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics customer panel: pharma (McKesson), healthcare (Seton Healthcare), telco (Sprint). Advanced analytics + #BigData

RT @IBMbigdata: "Yottabyte is 1 followed by 24 zeros. Not sure how "Yoda-byte" is written" JK--1 muppet followed by 24 StarWars nerds

"HP Labs investigates using cow manure to power data centres" ( JK--Recycle it from executive suite. Renewable resource

@jamet123 #SmarterAnalytics Skip ahead to minute 15:00 to see my @strataconf discussion of next-gen #BigData self-svc #BI tooling

@jamet123 #SmarterAnalytics Humans follow noses through Yoda-bytes thru self-svc search-driven next-gen #BI, per

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc sez #IBM recently signed up 100th #BigData business partner. Impressive list of active partners

@jamet123 #smarteranalytics Not a contradiction. "Improved decisions" doesn't always mean being led by nose. It can mean "follow your nose"

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Good strong reliable Wi-Fi here in the Manhattan Ballroom at Grand Hyatt. By tweeting this, I'm jinxing us.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc discuss #IBM #BigData integration: #HDFS connector, balanced optimization & connectivity

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics #IBM #BigData enterprise robustness: adaptive #MapReduce, cluster/wkld mgt, enhanced user & network security

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc IBM #BigData platforms accelerators: Text analytics toolkit, temperature monitoring, geospatial accel

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics IBM #BigData platform = #Hadoop, stream cmptg, #EDW w/in-db analytx, info integ/gov, accels, mgt, appdev, viz/discovr

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc says #BigData enabling adaptive analysis, continual analysis, optimization under uncertainty....

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc got a laugh when he speculated we'll grow from "yottabytes" to "Yoda-bytes."

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LeBlanc discussing #BigData platform w/ #MapReduce & #NoSQL, text analytics, hw-based query accel, stream computing

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leader Summit LeBlanc discussing IBM's evolution from transaction sys thru Web/SOA to #BigData platform

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics van Kralingen sez sentiment analysis will be "key" to real-time #NextBestAction in sales & mkting.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics IBM Signature Solutions: 1) Anti-Fraud, Waste, & Abuse, 2) CFO Performance Insight, 3) Customer #NextBestAction

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics van Kralingen sez IBM launching "Signature Solutions" drawn from svcs expertise.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit van Kralingen says 9,000+ consultants. Correction to my previous tweet. Must clean my spectacles

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit van Kralingen says IBM has done 20,000 analytics projects throughout world, has 8,000 consultants

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Rhodin discuss Watson NLP, hypothesis testing, & evidence-based learning, powering #NextBestAction

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Rhodin discussing "short shelf life" of unstr data frm soc med. Watson correl8 streaming w/ref data

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Rhodin discuss call-ctr apps of analytics-infused #NextBestAction techs to shape B2C conversation

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Rhodin discussing decision mgt #NextBestAction via embed pred analytics, proc modls, & optzn tools

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LS: IBM Cognos Insight helps "turn insight into action" thru integr scenario modeling, planning, publishing/distrib

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit This IBM Cognos Insight demo reminds: @bevelson #forrester will soon publish Wave for self-svc #BI

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics LS Demo of IBM Cognos Insight for "personal standalone desktop analytics tool for typical business user." Self-svc BI

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Speakers at event doing good job presenting outcome-oriented msg tying together diverse IBM brands

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit I hope Rhodin explains what "defensible disposal" means under "align."

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Rhodin discusses "holistic" approach 2 transform info to insight to outcomes. "Act w/confidence at point of impact"

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics 1) grow retain & satisfy customers; 2) incr oper efficiency, 3) transform fin processes, 4) mg risk fraud compliance

RT @dmenningervr: Bridget van Kralingen w/ the understatement of day: Healthcare is an example of a non-optimzied industry #smarteranalytics

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: van Kralingen sez ability to "embed" analytic insight in yr biz ops will become the differentiator

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Bridget van Kralingen discussing analytics serving "agenda of C-suite executives"

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics: Rhodin sez analytics evolve from enterprise data 2 #BigData ; biz initiative 2 imperative; to transform industries

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Rhodin sez #BigData analytics permeating & enabling "front-office transformation" and productivity

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Rhodin says "role of #BigData and analytics is starting to permeate every role in the org."

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit Rhodin says analytics are "silver thread" through solutions to shape how they're built

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Rhodin says #BigData requires advanced analytics. "The two go hand-in-hand."

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mike Rhodin discussing "business outcomes that are insight-driven"

RT @jamet123: Steve Mills' #smarteranalytics examples hit the three classics - opportunity maximization, fraud elimination, risk management

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Alameda County provides real-time soc svc case views to reduce fraud & waste, via Cognos, Identity Insight, ISAS, etc

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics: Best Buy realized reduced ad spending and increase marketing effectiveness thru target mktg, using Cognos SPSS, ILOG

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discussing smarter analytics at Best Buy, Alameda County Social Svcs Agency, & "major telco"

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discussing role of deep algorithmic analytic apps in #BigData for next best action.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discussing IBM investments in smarter analytics, $16B for 30 acqs since 2005 etc

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discusses shift of power 2 consumer. Emergence of #BigData. Listening 2 VoC via analytics

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discusses anti-fraud, risk mitig, supply chain optzn, & mktg apps of #bigdata

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit: Mills discussing analytics in healthcare, fin svcs, retailing, & telco industries.

#IBM #SmarterAnalytics Leadership Summit kicks off with Steve Mills discussing why business analytics matter. "Yottabytes" gets laugh.

"AP Creates New Big Data Approach to its Article Archive" ( JK--Leverages #MarkLogic in content customization

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Baby, Let Me Follow You Down by Bob Dylan from The Witmark Demos JK--Nice & spare & lean. Bob in good voice (for Bob)

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp California (All the Way) by Luna frm Bewitched JK--"if U hav 2 read yr poetry aloud 2 me I'll hav 2 show U 2 th door"

First day of Spring. Fresh hardy urban weeds are sprouting in the cracks in Manhattan pavement.

"Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold. " JK--Well duh no cuz it's pump, not reservoir. Where'd U get yr MD?

No. Being one of "the 99 percent" does not mean you're in the 99th percentile of net worth. Let's take this from the top.....

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Dougou Badia (feat. Santigold) by Amadou & Mariam from Folila JK--Duo from Mali with great electric guitar sound.

Walked from 42nd up 5th over 49th down Park back to Grand Central. Midtown literally has a Starbucks every other block.

Getting ready for #IBM Smarter Analytics event at Grand Hyatt. By "getting ready," I mean "bumped into Mychelle Mollot coming off elevator"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ace of Hz by Ladytron from Gravity the Seducer JK--Has the electro-snap of the best Human League.

Midtown Manhattan, crack of dawn. Nice to get out and walk around for some "air." Yeah, I know it's all fumes. But, ah, fresh fumes!!!!

Cannot believe Google would send out email announcing shutoff of Google Wave in which, in subject line, it calls defunct svc "Google Wage"

Jeff Foxworthy "U Might Be a Redneck if..." ( JK--If yr smartphone is so big U gotta mount it in your gun rack..

"Which Smartphone Apps R Biggest Data Hogs?" ( JK--U know youre data hog if yr smartfon qualifies as #BigData platform

Has Google modified its motto to reflect business realities? Is it now OK with being the lesser of two evils?

Catching an #IBM smarter analytics event in the morning before my OPA tech board speech. Two events, one day. New York: it's a helluva town!

"NASA Releases Atlas Of Entire Sky" ( JK--Entire sky is 321 GB uncompressed? Entire visible cosmos not #BigData ?

"Wait may be long for big data unified stack" ( JK--Not so. #Hadoop + #R + #Cassandra + #MongoDB = LAMP for #BigData

"How to get a hot job in #BigData" ( JK--Cute: "the artist with the spreadsheet tattoo" "geek who joined lawyer's nest"

"Does supersonic travel have a future?" ( JK--MIT aeronautics prof proposes new generation of biplanes.

"Apple Confirms Cash Details - Will Spend $45 Billion Over Three Years" ( JK--Wisely?

Second thing I do on overnight biz trips is repack my bags promptly, laying out everything to dress & run out the door next morning.

Took new tack when I checked into this hotel room. First, I familiarized w/all bathroom fixtures & TV controls & arranged place to my prefs

Speaking tomorrow to the Online Publishers Association Technical Committee on apps of #BigData. Time-Life Bldg.

Keeping hotel room video on CNBC documentary on Herr's PA Mennonite potato chip company. Audio on @deejayChilly El Sonido #KEXP spicy Latino

@metabrown312 A bit of me educating them so that they could put themselves closer to taking action.

Watching a Bill Maher show with conservatives arguing effectively and Maher respectfully letting them speak & not interrupting.

Americans have to get over notion it's any stranger for Will Ferrell to do a movie in Spanish than Gael Garcia Bernal in English.

Free copy of New York Post? Wowee. I enjoy being spoonfed the informational equivalent of Dippin' Dots. Aimed at doddering dips.

RT @jperlow: Ok, the thought of Santorum and Romney doing Jaeger shots and flashing their breasts makes me ill

I suspect George Romney dubbed his eldest "Mitt" to honor Michigan's Lower Peninsula. We 'ganders brainwashed the Mormon auto exec damn good

@metabrown312 They were totally shocked, flabbergasted, & gobsmacked by the sheer idiocy of my definition. No, actually, they agreed.

The one thing I use AOL Instant Messenger's client for is to test whether I'm getting bandwidth. Was it designed for something else?

Best to eat fastfood standing up. Gravity helps you metabolize grease, according to a leading industry analyst. Not saying which industry.

Amazing how often the slapped-together clues hit the bullseye.

I'm the friend of every desperate biz/tech reporter. I know what it's like 2 scrounge a clue or two in a totally ad-hoc duel with a deadline

Interviewed by Jeremy Quittner of American Banker re upcoming in-memory analytics client announcement

Thank you aweekstweets for saving my analytical tail & helping me quickly find something I mentioned ages ago. Late February.

Losing my edge. Only being mentioned today by Twitter spambots. Who fail to appreciate my wit & nuance

Customer inquiry on #RevolutionAnalytics & #R as a market segment for pred analytics & data mining. These coming with increasing frequency

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Supernova by Liz Phair from Supernova JK--Fun fact: has sold out completely, rebranding as "Phair to Middlin'"

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Biting My Nails by Renegade Soundwave frm Soundclash JK--Fun fact: creeps out Trent Reznor. Restraining order pending

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Head Like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails from Pretty Hate Machine JK--Fun fact: Reznor never clips 'em. Now up to 432 inch

The Gist "Clean Bridges" ( JK--Gist and bottom line is to always keep bridges clean, obstruction-free, & 2-way

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles from SPLHCB JK--Ringo, like Charlie of Stones, stayed friends w/all

My older bro & his wife now doing yoga, as are me & mine. Helps us control naturally nervous system that comes with being a Kobielus

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Passenger by Iggy Pop from Lust for Life JK--Ralph Brown & I once hoisted Iggy in concert. He was our passenger

Ah yes, defoliating a victory garden sure works up an appetite! Oh...caught myself in another Firesign Theatre catchphrase.

Love "Always See Your Face" ( JK--Late 60s artist was left history by turn of 70s. But left beautiful impression

13th Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me" ( JK--Hey Roky don't flatter yrself. U were forgotten by turn of 70s

Best to give yr wealth away while you're still breathing & of sound mind. Watch others pick your bones. Gauge how much they'll truly miss U

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Birth, School, Work, Death by The Godfathers from JK--Brilliant analysis of the fundamentals.

"Data silos in big data analytics: Now you see them, now you don't?" ( JK--Collapse 'em through EDW best practices

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alive by Pearl Jam from Ten JK--The grunge equivalent of "I Will Survive." Eddie is very much still belting 'em out!

A lazy industry analyst is one who simply comments on vendor actions, announcmts releases etc. First & foremost, gotta have user-centric POV

"Is Google Facing the Beginning of the End?" ( JK--Philosophical hairsplitting. Conception is beginning of the end.

"The Day Print Died" ( JK--Premature obituary. My printers die every few years. But my paper appetite is insatiable.

Can't stand those energy drinks. They don't actually give me energy. What they do is turn my stomach & make me drink more water. As I should

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Harvest Moon by Neil Young frm Harvest Moon JK--The man does pretty & heartfelt as well as he does bluntforce jamming

I was out of the office all last week. I didn't realize how many emails can pile up when I'm actually doing work.

"Futurist." Yeah, that's the ticket. Try to convince people that my cranium is just a crystal ball covered with hair. I'm crystal balding.

Apple & their humongous cash pile. Company long noteworthy for organic internal R&D. Not a big acquirer, as tech vendors go.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Perfect Day by Lou Reed from Transformer JK--Lou, who plumbed NYC fetid underbelly, almost sounds innocent here.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Blowin in the Wind by Bob Dylan from The Freewheelin' BD JK--How many roads did Bob walk down w/Suze to become a man?

Camera Obscura in San Francisco: Camera Obscura in Glasgow:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Zooropa by U2 from Zooropa JK--LP where Irish stadium rockers dabble in electronica then switch back 2 guitar anthems

When people say "Beatlesque," they mean "McCartneyesque." Early Elvis Costello with his acid wit was Beatlesque, in sense he was Lennonesque

Life is flow. Just scoop your hands and grab what you can as the river rushes by you.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Let Down by Radiohead from OK Computer JK--My desert island disc from all their LPs.

Another early morning customer inquiry where they want me to summarize trends in analytics before my first sip of caffeine.

Politicians often speak of deadwood bureaucrats. BTW, have you ever noticed how many deadwood politicians there are?

Somehow I doubt that one of my fave #KEXP DJs cares whether peeps are posting terrible things about me. As she knows, only the music matters

Rightwing chastises "Hollywood liberals" most vehemently when leftwing actors getting more press than the 10 zillion Hollywood conservatives

VH-1. "Mob Wives" are cooking & scowling. Should outsource the cooking 2 Giada so that they can focus on the scowling, which they do so well

Doing quick NYC trip on Tues: vendor event in a.m., speech elsewhere in afternoon. I like the occasional in-out.

Anchorage had a snowier winter than usual. The contiguous US had a mild one. North America's a big place.

Among chefs on Food Network, Giada is the most expressive on mute. Very Italian use of face & hands. And she's stunning to boot.

Partied with Egidia and her teacher colleagues again last night. Pleasure to not have to talk or think my own biz socially.

I consult MapQuest far less now that we got GPS. I do in fact trust TomTom well enough & don't sweat its occasional hiccups.

In my career, I have watched every hot new tech I've covered progress along the maturity curve toward boring oldschool plumbing. Worlds turn

Still not doing TV that's streaming, social, on-demand, or interactive, and still not feeling like I'm missing anything special.

Where might ye be going with that sack of potatoes?

The snakes that Padraig ostensibly drove out of Eire. Payback for the Garden of Eden brouhaha? First wave of the Irish diaspora? Blarney?


Expect commercial signage to become so visual, dynamic, real-time, & interactive that you'll wish it'll shut up & stop trying so hard.

Expect social media intelligence dasboards to become so throughly embedded in commercial signage that you'll stop paying attention.

Expect #BigData social intelligence listening, filtering, & storage to become so commoditized that most companies will outsource it.

Expect overwhelmed users to punt their #BigData development to #DataScience prof svcs & outsource their infra to cloud/SaaS providers.

Expect vendors to promote #BigData IDEs as key tools for building, deploying, & optimizing models, functs, & apps across diverse appliances

Expect exasper8d customers 2 throw up their hands & scream at #BigData vdrs 2 clarify & distinguish use cases 4 this menagerie of appliances

Expect vendors to introduce diverse analytic appliances--EDW, in-mem, columnar, #Hadoop, key-val, graph, etc--under catch-all " #BigData "