Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stuff I'm thinking of putting in cold storage March 19-23 2012

Data and Reality: A Timeless Perspective on Data Management

The Growth Trend in Data Storage

SAP Performance App Runs On Hana, iPad

Pentaho, Big Data and more - the real Pentaho capability revealed

The Day Print Died

Is Google Facing the Beginning of the End?

Data silos in big data analytics: Now you see them, now you don't?

Apple's cash plans: Pay dividend, $10 billion share buyback

Does supersonic travel have a future?

How to get a hot job in big data

Wait may be long for big data unified stack

NASA Releases Atlas Of Entire Sky

Which Smartphone Apps are the Biggest Data Hogs?

Computer Viruses Could Cross Frontier Into Biological Realm,
Researchers Say

IBM Launches New Predictive Analytics Software and Services

Cloud-based single sign-on: A business perk for customers?

Data Governance and MDM More Successful Together

Future of the BPMS

Putting passwords out to pasture: Identity behaviour vs. identity authentication

IBM battles dire mainframe myths

Judea Pearl, a big brain behind artificial intelligence, wins Turing Award

CMOs are Starting to Drive Next-Gen Application Agenda

EMC Goes Social, Open and Agile With Big Data

HStreaming Announces Free Community Edition of Its Real-Time Analytics Platform for Hadoop

New Web-Based Alpine Illuminator Integrates With EMC Greenplum Chorus, The Social Data Science Platform

RainStor and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights to Address Growing Big Data Challenges

NICE Integrates Interaction Management and Fizzback Solutions to Enhance Customer Experience

IBM Introduces New Predictive Analytics Services and Software to Reduce Fraud, Manage Financial Performance and Deliver Next Best Action

Datameer Releases Major New Version of Analytics Platform

MapR Unveils Most Comprehensive Data Connection Options for Hadoop

We're All Overworked

IBM Takes Analytics to a New Level

IBM Debuts New Predictive Analytics Software, Services

Oracle net income rises 18%, but hardware sales slump

Mitt Romney holds Google+ Hangout

Ellison Defends Oracle's Cloud Strategy

Oracle Promises Hardware Sales Turnaround In Upcoming Fiscal Year

EMC Intros Chorus Open-Source Big Data App

IBM 'Smart Solutions' Predict Fraud, Risk, Customer Behavior

Busting 10 Myths about Hadoop

Tibco Goes All In for Social Features

Could HP Reorg Spur Oracle to Make Historic Takeover Bid?

Is Oracle Ignoring The Real Enemy?

EMC Expands Cloud Services to Accelerate the Transformation of IT Environments

Evaluating Cloud-Based ID Management Solutions

NEC to acquire Convergys data management business for $449M

HP confirms merger of PC, printer businesses

NEC to add earthquake sensors to its cloud services

EMC buys app development management firm Pivotal Labs

HP Gets Extreme Makeover

'Big Data,' Yes -- But Enterprise Data Warehouse Not Dead Yet

DARPA Wants Your 'Cognitive Footprint'

IBM, Big Data, and its analytics solutions

Pentaho, Big Data and more - the real Pentaho capability revealed

Oracle: Hardware business decelerates, cloud combat coming into view

Microsoft, Hortonworks to link Excel and Hadoop

IBM Talks Security Intelligence To Beat the Bad Guys

IBM Security Platform Combines Analytics with Big Data Feeds

Splunk Makes a Splash with Enterprise Security for Big Data

Why You Might Want to Start Hiring Big Data Experts

Meg Whitman steers HP straight at the rocks

11 promising enterprise social networks

Google's BigQuery brings big data to the cloud

Ping Identity Launches PingOne

Good Agile Is Messy Agile

5 Crucial Steps for Using Social Media to Improve Your
Customer Service

Government IT Spotlight: The government and big data: Use, problems and potential

Microsoft plans Q4 debut for Dynamics ERP on the Azure cloud

'NoOps' debate grows heated

Cell-to-Wi-Fi roaming is on the way, but may come with a price

Akamai eyes acceleration boost for mobile content

Will Megaupload's 28 petabytes of data be deleted?

Ping Identity Launches PingOne

NEC to Buy Convergys Information Management Division

Akamai Builds Cloud App Solution, Mobile Service Atop Platform

Facebook reportedly buys IBM patents

Hadoop’s new strategy: Pump data in to process, pull it out for privacy

In 6 years, Twitter becomes major social, political player

Customers, Big Data, and the Internet of Things

MythBusters Tour entertains with out-there science experiments H-P Plan Is 'First Step'

Which storage cloud is fastest?

Dolby ready to blind San Jose with science

Amazon taps Eucalyptus to integrate public and private clouds

Vertica Founder: Big Data Is The Channel's Biggest New Play