Friday, March 30, 2012

Stuff that’s been piling up for 220 weeks March 26-31 2012

Oracle set to update analytics strategy, go after SAP customers

Okta Eases Identity Management Chores for IT Pros

Big Data’s Open Source Momentum

Microsoft's Answer To The End Of Software

Nokia's Vibrating Tattoo: A Bad Buzz

Open source desktops for all

'Hello, world': Programming languages quiz

Global manhunt will leverage social media to find 'suspects'

Hadoop Tames Big Data for the Enterprise

Tech job seekers less likely to be asked for social-media passwords

Pinterest Responds to Concerns, Changes Terms of Service

Why Google is Right to Be Paranoid

On Facebook, Think Before You 'Like'

Microsoft's Answer To The End Of Software

Google In Decline? Critics Protest

The Value of Real-Time Locating Systems to All Businesses

SocialMatica Releases Compelling GOP Primary Race Dashboards That Combine and Weight Social Media Analytics With Traditional Polling

Business Analytics: Opportunities and Pitfalls

Six reasons why tablets will replace desk phones

Oracle DB under threat?

The world of social media arrests and prosecutions

NatGeo moves its media archive to the public cloud

HP's server strategy focuses on SSDs, storage bottleneck

Amazon deal alone can't save Eucalyptus from OpenStack

No Fooling: SQL Server Prices Set for a Jump on April 1

SAS: SaaS And Big Data In Store


Adobe Helping Users Wrangle Big Data

We're Not Very Good Statisticians

Big Data Meets Disease-Resistant Plant Research

How to Be Ready for Big Data

Road map 2012: Microsoft's big bang of new releases

The Confusing Future of BI and Data Warehousing

AnalytiX Puts Emphasis on Pre-ETL Mapping

BI Experts: No Time for BI Complacency

Q&A: Analyst Sees Bright Future in Big Data

SQL Server 2012 Marks the End of an Era

Internet Society celebrates 20 years of standards, advocacy

IBM CIO discusses Big Blue's BYOD strategy

Analytics with Smarts?

Data and Physical Realities

Can you handle Big Data?

Are Tablets Inevitable as PC Replacements?



Microsoft Announces Azure-Based Cloud Build for Team Foundation Services

Build Big-Data Apps in SQL Azure with Federation

SAS promises pervasive BI with new tool

Big Data Talent War: 10 Analytics Job Trends

Opera buys Commendo to create predictive analytics powerhouse

Google going forward with Go language

Morphlabs Intros All-SSD-Based Cloud Platform

The future of money

Obama pledges $200 million for ‘big data’ initiative

Ex-Vertica CEO Lynch pledges to build 'high-speed railway for Big Data'

8 cool tools for data analysis, visualization and presentation

Big Data for the Global Grid


The Big Data Challenge: Social Data Meets Corporate Data

Bizarre Insights From Big Data

Google Account Activity Reports Chronicle Your Google Life

MyDrive Releases Telematics Smart Box

HP's server strategy focuses on SSDs, storage bottleneck

Social CRM vs. the Unimaginative, the Unmotivated and the Skeptical

Big Data Solutions to Remain Ahead of the Curve

Predictive Analytics: Special Skills Needed

7 Principles for Sustainable Analytics

Red Hat: First $1 Billion Open Source Company

Big Data Talent War: 10 Analytics Job Trends

Millennials aren't the villains or drivers in consumerization

Zetta Rolls Out Appliance-Less Online Backup Service

'Forget storage subsystems, think memory' says Fusion-io chief

U.S. government commits big R&D money to 'Big Data'

President Obama targets $200 million for big data boost

DARPA does Big Data in a big way

Open-source designs for your very own tricorder now available online

'Massive Power Shift' Seen as Intermediaries Control Online News Flow

The Race to Make the Web Faster

NGDATA to Showcase Big Data Management Platform at Strata 2012 Conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Alteryx Accelerates Decision Making with Strategic Analytics 7.0

IT pros bypass management, set up their own AWS clouds

Haptic feedback touchpads and ultra-thin keyboards revealed in Apple patent applications

IBM PartnerWorld 201