Friday, March 01, 2013

Aweekstweets February 24 to March 1 2013: the week I aweekstweeted from the road

@betsy7b No. Paradoxically, it's a glass-doored office in an IBM office suite. It says "privacy" on the door. "Privacy" compared 2 cubicles

"Can evil data scientists fool us all with world’s best spam?" ( JK--Only if use Shark with frickin' laserbeam algos

A very pleasant and productive afternoon in my "privacy" mobile#IBM-er office in the Foster City CA office.

I am so fed up with the latest FB BS: share-me graphical posts that ask you to "name [x] that doesn't have letter [y]." I don't give an [f].

One thing I noticed at #strataconf was that LinkedIn data scientists have sweaters that say "LinkedIn Data Scientist."

Catch me others #IBM webcast Mar 11, 12noon ET "Capitalize on the Power of #BigData to Transform Marketing" Register:

Catch me at #IBM #BigData Developer Day in Foster City CA today.

"Waterfall" approach to software lifecycle development. I used 2 think it was throw all the code in a barrel & see if survives the QA plunge

"What is so infinitely cool about Mars?" ( JK-No such thing as infinite. Get yr fax straight (

On this day in rock history, the Who are spun off from the World Health Organization.

Unstructured #bigdata? Real-world experiments pursue serendipitous insights and outcomes ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Unstructured big data? Real-world experiments pursue serendipitous insights and outcomes:

"The one function that TV news performs very well is tht when there's no news we give it 2 U with th same emphasis as if it were" DBrinkley

Somebody referrd 2 me today @ #strataconf as the Sammy Davis Jr of Forrester old data Rat Pack. High compliment. Thanks but I cant tapdance

Best #strataconf preso I saw was "'#BigData from Small Devices: Using Smartphones to Understand Human Behavior." N. Aharony, Behavio Inc.

RT @SmarterPlanet: IBM Knows When to Acquire and When to Divest

"#BigData Will Become 'Big Intelligence'" ( JK--Dont call it that. You're security. Call it "big security," brother

Note to awkward presenters: "ah, ummmm, yeah, [snort], well, ok, [cough], anyway, [snicker]" is not a grammatical English sentence.

Social etiquette: Polite 2 say U "leverage crowdsourcing to surface insights from your workforce." Impolite to say you "exploit your peons."

@graemeknows Cynics might say that the windmill of #bigdata is powered by gale-force hot air. Or flatulence.

Watching #IBM Noah Ilinsky present on "4 pillars of visualization" at#strataconf: purpose, content, structure, formatting

@graemeknows And the winds that power it all are powered by the dynamic environment of modern life.

@graemeknows Hey dude, if the blades are 3 Vs, then the axle on which they turn is data science & tower on which it all stands is analytics

Just had a quick great chat with the lovely and talented@alyswoodward from IDC here at #strataconf

"Harness Power of #BigData for New Economy" ( JK--Hey @graemeknows , windmill blades resemble 3 Vs at common vertex

Alpha testing. Beta testing. I think we should rename production deployment as "gamma." And "delta" is perfect for lifecycle of incrementals

RT @graemeknows: My suggestions for Pope: Wm Shatner,1971 Buffalo Bills, Mitt Romney, Oprah, Pluto (the dwarf planet) & Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Machine data. in the cloud 4 consumer apps. I've heard several discussions of it in multi-user online gaming scenarios, here at#strataconf

Wrote all 5 quick-hits for next week, on #bigdata on the move. The 5 fat bullets from the blog, but broken out, elaborated, & in paragraphs

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Data Scientist: Exploration in the Age of the Unstructured (

RT @GerryDuggan: “ Oh shit! Did I clear my browser history?” - the Pope, just now

Banning info workers from telecommuting is Nurse Ratched-ly. Flies in face o virtual collab culture that innovates & keeps work-life balance

I wonder if the Mafia are using vindictive analytics. Perhaps I shouldn't give them ideas.

High tech makes you more zen. Changes so fast, you learn it's wise 2 practice detachment from the things of this world. Transient, ephemeral

"#BigData Beyond MapReduce" ( JK--My service-layer framework helps me avoid confusion while reading stuff like this

Decomposing #bigdata ecosystem into those service layers helps me to make sense of the innovations going on in each.

#BigData has the following service layers: storage, execution, application,management, modeling, integration, and access. Each evolving

Silicon Valley full of smart people in the way Hollywood is full of pretty people. It's an asset that gives access, not necessarily success

WSJ reports that LinkedIn becoming investors' dandy among socials, due 2 job listings. I'll report it's full o news & noise in equal measure

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Mandinka by Sinead O'Connor from The Lion & the Cobra JK--1987. Yes, she could rock.

"Exposing #BI value of cloud data analytics" ( JK--Good discussion of 3rd party data sources but omits social media

Unstructured #bigdata? Analytics driving dynamic contextual situational business processes ( Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Unstructured big data? Analytics driving dynamic, contextual, situational business processes:

"Sergey Brin says using a smartphone is 'emasculating'" ( JK--Autocorrect error? Or extraordinarily stupid statement?

@hsmalltree traded east-coast beach living for west-coast beach living. Out west, she got into ukulele music, like Eddie Vedder.

Half the time I think "didnt I already write that up somewhere?" H8 2 repeat self. Have 2 find what I wrote & then color outside those lines

#Strataconf is thick with interesting data science. And very clear discussions of complex modeling scenarios.

Was saying over dinner tonight that my core job every day is simply to explain stuff to myself. As simply as possible. So I don't forget.

Always best to follow the beat your own drummer. Less confusing that way.

C'mon Twitter, I seriously doubt @MiaFarrow has tweets specifically for ME.

Roaming the show floor at #strataconf. No straight line to anywhere. Too many people recognize me. I stop & talk with all.

CSCC #BigData WG, Reston VA, 3-18. Agenda Brochure #strataconf #IBM booth 508. I cochair
@jilldyche Back atcha Jill. Always cool to see you. I got game. You got game. We all got game. #bigdata #strataconf

Scott Yara forecasts "resurgence of standards" in #bigdata"#strataconf

Silicon Valley has streetcars. Gives ultramodern a delicious oldtimey spice.

Heading over to #Strata2013. I'm an early bird.

RT @kexpplaylist: #kexp Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan frm Highway 61 Rvstd JK--Still wondering how diplomat kept Siamese cat on shoulder

"#IBM Launches Cloud-Based Analytics...." ( JK--1-yr free access 4 biz prtnrs 2 cloud-bsd CMO Digital Analytics tech

Man, were those some spicy peppers in my morning omelet or what! All my blood was pumping before the first sip of coffee.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Breathe Me by Sia from Colour the Small One JK--She gets me at "ouch."

"#IBM Backs Network Functions Virtualiz'n 2 Help Carriers Speed New Svcs" ( JK--Virtual Core for Mobile on #PureFlex

Delivering an exceptional dining experience with #BigData #IBMpwlc

#BigData helps small retailers tap into social and mobile interactions to drive sales #IBMpwlc #IBMsmb

Big data in the cloud? Governing a sprawling business

Unstructured big data? Collaboration may be improvised among unfamiliar data-science disciplines ( Wednesday #IBM qh

Unstructured big data? Collaboration may be improvised among unfamiliar data-science disciplines:

Big data in the cloud? Governing a sprawling business

"Everythin U Wantd 2 Know About Machine Learning But Wer Afraid 2 Ask" ( JK--Good reason. Machines wanna 2 destroy us

"Whys & Hows of Social Network Analysis (SNA) 4 Analytics Decision Audits" ( JK--Graph analysis to see who influences

"#BigData poses big problem for Pentagon" ( JK--DoD collects far more sensor data than it can store or process

"SimCity, for Real: Measuring Untidy Metropolis" ( JK--NYU center is #IBM partner #bigdata analytics+ lo-cost sensors

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Everywhere That I'm Not by Translator from Heartbeats and Triggers JK--This could be my life's story.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I Think I Need a New Heart by The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs JK--Song makes me bounce in my chair.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jubilee Street by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Push The Sky Away JK--2013. Cool. A bit of a Cowboy Junkies feel.

I always totally dig Larry's Lounge (Larry Rose) on #KEXP. He always manages to surprise me with gr8 stuff that even other DJs overlooked.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Alexander by Fey Moth from White Blind JK--2012. Cool. Self-released. Very dramatically mannered vocals.

February. It's a double-fortnight. Feels like the only standard month, an even number of weeks. No remainder. Three years out of four.

#BigData meets mobility: double-exposure paradigm where MDM (master data mgt) & MDM (mobile device mgt) mutually reinforce. Like lightwaves

Changing timezones feels like an adrenalin jolt of daylight savings time.

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "#BigData On the Move: Everywhere You Need It To Be"

Writing blog about #bigdata on the move. While I'm in motion.

Connecting in LAX. Wi-Fi is strong so far. Fortunately, I've got 4G on my smartphone, and accessing to biz email there. Never trust Wi-Fi.

Seems like every1 on Twtr wants me 2 C picture o self laughing out loud. I'm rarely snapped in full-guffaw mode.This should B good: [click}

Hallelujah. Reagan National's free Wi-fi actually works. For once.

Crossed paths with #Altimeter analyst @Alan Webber at DCA. Talked about old times, both of us ex-Forrester.

MAMAPAPA-KU//All the leaves are brown/and the skies are gray. Never/that way in C-A.

One of those bridal magazines has a redheaded cover model with ample freckles. Imperfect complexions usually get zero exposure.

Bringing #bigdata down to size--in terms of wrapping one's head & strategies around it in all its daunting variety--is an ongoing challenge

I predict that a wife will eventually hack her husband's Google Glasses to see just where his eyes are roaming ….
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"The Trouble with Gerrold: Majel" ( JK--Roddenberry & his wife seemed oddly clueless for 1983.

@kexp Your assistant understands the score. Internet invented in 1969. Web invented in early 90s. By 1993, it was on verge of massive growth

Unstructured #bigdata? Governance may be tricky when data non-record non-schema-fied ( Tuesday #IBM q-h in advance

Unstructured big data? Governance may be tricky when data is non-record non-schema-fied:

When I close all the open windows on my desktop at the end of the afternoon, I'm surprised how many places I've been to, tasks involved in

Listening to Cranberries "Dreams" ( JK--Actually, listened this morning on car radio. Pleasant transportation

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Sugar Man by Rodriguez from Cold Fact JK--Film about him won Best Documentary at Oscars last night.

Reputation management. Phrase always makes me chuckle. Yeah, I'm going to monitor the unspoken stuff people all over are thinking about me.

Big Brother. Is there a Big Sister that Orwell never told us about? Minds what's on your mind & tattles on what she finds?

Getting ready for Strata, which I'll be at on Wed & Thurs, in Santa Clara. By "getting ready," I mean "printing out my boarding pass."

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

Big data in the cloud? Governing a sprawling business

I'm happy to be known as a resource person. Someone who's a resource for other people. Someone who has resources at his fingertips.

Ongoing challenge is to keep the heart from racing as the body and mind inevitably must race to keep up with days unfolding.

"Wikibon #BigData Vdr Rev & Mkt Frcst 2012-7" ( JK--Key finding: #IBM largest/deepest/broadst b.d. prod/svc portfolio

"Do people matter anymore?" ( JK--Seems our robot overlords are cutting to the chase in these debates. Be very afraid

"The Beeriodic Table" ( JK--It all comes down to atoms...or adams...Sam Adams, that is, IMHO.

Unstructured #bigdata? Proliferation of new data types with non-explicit semantics: ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Unstructured big data? Proliferation of new data types with non-explicit semantics:

Twitter during an Oscar evening is a nonstop stream of "that's a gorgeous dress she's wearing" & "wow it's Michael Douglas" tweets

I lied. A good Chardonnay makes doing your taxes slightly less painful. A welcome numb.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Massive Nights by The Hold Steady from Boys and Girls in America JK--Indie group reminds me of 70s Springsteen scene

I counted. I'm now regularly contributing original thought leadership material through 8 channels, #IBM and non-IBM. I'll stick to those

Doing my taxes. Listening to the new Yo La Tengo LP. Trying to offset the pain with pleasure. Steering clear of alcohol.

Old Town Alexandria. It's practically downtown DC. Got that great urban vibe. Sunny Sunday. Doing Potbelly at Carlyle.

News today is all Oscars and Oscar. I'm getting grouchy.