Saturday, March 23, 2013

Aweekstweets March 16-23 2013: the week Jewel told her whole life story between songs

So glad there are no national elections this year. Elections are seasons in which Americans use politics as excuse to indulge their nasties.

Bought & downloaded Django Django's self-titled debut LP. Now for a sweet Saturday night listen.

When you design a data model well, you learn something about the business, something central to the business model
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Used to be you only saw your whole life flashing before your eyes when your maker was calling. Now it's any time you check Facebook.

Elon Musk. Sounds like some nasty cologne they only market to power-hungry macho ego freaks.

Oligarch. An ugly word. Sounds like some hideous freak who feasts on raw sewage.

Everybody on social media is a thought leader. Everybody thinks you want to be their friend. And that you will follow them.

Muscle & Fitness magazine. Dedicated to the man who wants to bulk up in the ugliest & scariest way imaginable.

The best way to read poetry is impatiently. Glance at it. Anything jump out & grab? If nothing, the poet has failed, not you. Put it down.

Finished Isaacson's Jobs bio. Balanced portrait of complex personality. I respected, but wasn't in thrall to him, his company, or products.

Sitting here reflecting on the legacy of Dag Hammarskjold. Or not.

I'll bet chimpanzees think we're stupid because we can't vocalize in chimpanzee fashion.

If I ever adopt a nom de plume, it will be Trip Van Wrinkle.

It's best to just keep producing without fretting too much about how it all composes into a larger body of work. That will sort itself out.

Reading about Aziz Ansari striking responsive audience chord with humor about fear of grown-up stuff. I never once felt that fear as a kid

Heard end of Supertramp "Logical Song" the other day for the 1st time. Was distracted. I usually switch stations when that crap comes on

RIP Harry Reems. Yardstick against which all latter-day male performers are measured.

Thinking that #bigdata needs slogan with serious swagger. How about "When Big Data talks, bullshit walks"? No. Bullshit moves high-velocity

Need handy mnemonic for NoSQL database sprawl: CD FIG KNOX M (column doc file in-mem graph keyval newsql object xml multival) doesnt cut it

Drafted my next #ITKE article: "Small Data and #BigData Are Joined at the Hip."

@ajbowles Sure. Plenty of blog fodder for us all to ruminate over.

@TonyBaer @ajbowles The "traditional" SQL/DBMS criterion is not useful unless you define "traditional" as pre-2000 EDW/data marts/OLAP

@TonyBaer @ajbowles Disagree. Big Data is primarily advanced analytics. Not OLTP. Not ECM. Not traditional BI (reporting, etc.).

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Fire Bug by JD McPherson from Signs & Signifiers JK--Cool rockabilly revivalist. Great gruff vox. Wields a mean axe.

@ajbowles "Use case" refers to bounded set of business reqs, scenarios, apps, & outcomes. "Case study" is a real instance of a use case

@ajbowles Check out my facebook, then. It's up there now.

@ajbowles Or check this graphic on #bigdata as "big bursting paradigm." It's a few years old. Still mostly valid:

@ajbowles It's a multileveled definition: A scale-only definition speaks only 2 techies. A stakes-inclusive def'n speaks 2 C-level use cases

@ajbowles The "bigness" isn't just the scale of the data on any number of dimensions. It's also a metric of strategic biz stakes of the apps

@ajbowles You treat #bigdata synonymous w/ "lots and lots of data." I treat it as synonymous w/ "cool stuff you can do w/lots & lots o data"

IMHO, I'm only one who SUCCESSFULLY defined #bigdata DEFINITIVELY in SIMPLE sentence: "Big Data is advanced analytics at extreme scale."

Drafted new article for #IBMDataManagement mag: "Going Cloud With Your #BigData: A Structured Approach"

"#BigData Can Bring Patients to Water But It Can’t Make Them Think" ( JK--Give people access to manage own healthcare

"DARPA wants unique auto tools 2 rapidly make computrs smartr" ( JK--Probabilistic Programming 4 Adv Machine Learning

"SQL and NoSQL" ( JK--Good discussion of need for query optimizer to span both hemispheres of the #bigdata world.

"De-duplication in a graph database" ( JK--Interesting speculation on behavioral graphs for identify resolution

"OpenStack: Vive la revolution!" ( JK--Good discussion of initiative & #IBM commitment to it.

Now following @the_rish because his Twitter profile is "Views are generally others but repackaged as my own."

People debate philosophy of th world, but agree it's "rich peoples got wot th poor peoples want & poor peoples want wot th rich peoples got"

Much o wot U worry about will eventualy blow over. Make sure U're aerodynamic so it wont drag & just might lift U 2 new heights when it does

"Made in #IBM Labs:New Atomic Technique 2 Charge Memory Chips" ( JK--Tiny ionic currents mimic event-driven cognition

"#IBM Introduces Predictive Analytics Software and Services that Forecast Asset Failure" ( JK--IBM Signature Solution

"How big is the sound of music?" ( JK--Digital storage considerations aside, how alive are the hills with it?

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Heartbroken, in Disrepair by Dan Auerbach from Keep It Hid JK--Some serious electro-throb on this blues-rock jam.

Can extinct species be resurrected thru genetic engineering? Is a dead genome truly dead, or just dormant & needing biochemical jumpstart?

@darylwatkins I'd like to see LinkedIn "endorsements" auto-ranked by depth of description. People who take time to explain should go up top

Actually, my frustration with many people is that they fail 2 read or even be aware of my work before speaking w/me. I craft these carefully

Catch me et al #IBM Tweetchat "In-Memory Infrastructure & #BigData." Wed Mar 27 12 PM ET #bigdatamgmt. Read my blog:

Still not sure what value "endorsements" on LinkedIn add. I've been endorsed for #bigdata many times over. Peeps should simply read my work

My browser-based views o TweetDeck have nevr frozen, unlike client-app views, which freeze frequently. I never use latter anymore. They suck

People complain about heat waves. They complain about cold snaps. They complain about too-fast switch from hot 2 cold. God neutral on issue

Catch me on #bigdata panel at TiE Boston, Cambridge MA, Fri May 3 (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Izabella by Jimi Hendrix from People, Hell and Angels JK--Funky one from the guitar god. Previously unreleased.

#BigData hardcore use cases? Sensor analytics ( Friday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data hardcore use cases? Sensor analytics:

@LoraineLawson I'm referring, of course, to the general-circulation press, not the trade press. The latter tend to get distinctions straight

RT @LoraineLawson @jameskobielus "what do you think is mis-explained?" JK--For starters, distinctions between different types of database.

Many general-circulation biz-tech reporters do a terrible job of explaining tech & trends in #bigdata market. No wonder people R confused

Al Pacino as Phil Spector, written and directed by David Mamet. Sounds like a psycho moshpit sort of drama. I might watch HBO this Sunday.

My constant background activity is usually to find cool stuff to blog, tweet, and Facebook about. Much of it is already in my mind.

Arlington Catholic Herald reports that new pope is "very spiritual" & has "strong devotion to Mary." Doesn't say what he does for a living.

"Record blocking patterns fueling extreme weather: detailed look" ( JK--Required reading for meteorology geeks.

Wow! Good Morning Silicon Valley is finally structuring their blog for readability. I might actually read it now.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Leaving On A Jet Plane by My Morning Jacket from The Music Is You: A Tribute to John Denver JK--Beautiful version

"吉拉德连任工党党首继续出任澳总理" ( JK--Wow! Small world! My feeling exactly!

"Social Networks Reveal Structure (& Weaknesses) of Businesses" ( JK--Graph analysis reveals limp internal relations

RT @gamechange: @jameskobielus No love out there for Clown Computing or Pig Data #honkahonka

"7 EEG-based Apps of Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning" ( JK--Cool discussion of neuro pattern analysis

Has anybody ever run into a crowded fire and yelled "theatre!" When the day comes, I hope they're constitutionally protected.

"#BigData overhyped? Not in the least -- bring on the hype!" ( JK--Can we please not get into a defensive snit here?

Somebody please furnish list o tech topics that R under-hyped so we can get down to th serious business of exaggerating everything equitably It's advanced analytics at extreme scale.

"Is it possible to describe #BigData in one sentence" ( JK--It's advanced analytics at extreme scale.

Machine-to-machine (M2M). Or, as our robot overlords call it, "social networking."

OK people, stop using "tell me all about #bigdata" as an icebreaker. Let me save my breath.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp John Saw That Number by Neko Case from Fox Confessor Brings the Flood JK--One of Neko's very best. Adapts a spiritual

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jubilee Street by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Push the Sky Away JK--2013. Gorgeous, romantic. Choral textures here

My first blog for #InfoWorld: "When you should put #BigData in the cloud" (

Wrote all 5 of next week's quick-hits. Going outside for a breath of air.

New #IBM jk blog: "In-Memory: The Lightning in the #BigData Bottle" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Down in Mexico by The Coasters from Death Proof JK--Cool classic R&B.

"A ‘#BigData’ Freeway for Scientists" ( JK--Think "information superhighway" writ BIG.

"Without human input augmentation, algorithms alone are making us dumber" ( JK--Dumb example. Humans choose that news

There's about a zillion wine, coffee, & beer snobs. But very few soft-drink snobs, except for those Jolt-aholics. Can junkies be snobs?

To say something will "change the future" is paradoxical. The future hasn't happened yet, so there's nothing yet to change. You'll shape it

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp The Gift by The Velvet Underground from White Light/White Heat JK--Brilliant chilling short story w/screechy feedback

MOOC (massive open online course). Something tells me that will be the pattern for global knowledge dissemination going forward.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Temporary Secretary by Paul McCartney from McCartney II JK--Cool one. Sounds a bit like he was channeling Syd Barrett

#BigData hardcore use cases? Multiscenario analytics ( Thursday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data hardcore use cases? Multiscenario analytics:

When I need to laugh, I simply recall anything that Mel Brooks has ever said.

Spring's here. Pretty soon I'll have to start shoveling the pollen into tidy piles around my house.

Eventually, CBS will need to replace Letterman with somebody named Jimmy. Our plan for late night domination is going quite well.

I'm expecting to see the ultimate Facebook you-too post: a smiley face come-on to "Like if you like liking stuff on Facebook."

Will visionary VCs transfrm south Ontario into "Quantum Valley"? 1st order o biz: create cute/uncute dead/undead Vampire Schrodingr Cat logo

"BOGO." The acronym always sorta feels like a scam word, though usually isn't. If we buy one of anything, all we expect to get is one.

The most haiku-minimal format of Twitter DM hack-attack message is simply "This you? [tiny URL]"

"Should We Gamify BI? Jury Still Out" ( JK--Don't "gamify" financial perf analytics. That's calld "cooking the books"

"Illness just became another #bigdata problem" ( JK--Accurat diagnosis & effectiv treatment may demand deep analytics

"What is the Philosophy of Data Science?" ( JK--Good one. Here's what I blogged on this topic:

RT @jameshutto: Crap! I swear... I do my best proofreading right after I hit send.

Jewel has cool biz model as touring artist: records each show, uploads 2 her website, & sells downloadable access to fans post-show in lobby

"The #BigData Landscape: when is data actually big?" ( JK--Robin Bloor coins "data obesity." Well played, oh pundit

For example, Elias Bros. Big Boy. Too big for his britches? Damn right. If he'd lay off the brawny lads & just do the slim jims, he'd be OK

What I wanna know is when #bigdata is just too big for its britches. That's what I wanna know. And how we can cut it down a notch or two.

Catch me in person this Mon, Mar 25, at Open Analytics Summit, Arlington VA ( speaking on "Power of Graph Analysis"

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Recap of IBM Twitterchat: Mobile Data - Taking Your #BigData on the Road" (

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp I'm Waiting for the Man by Velvet Underground frm Velvet Underground & Nico JK--Love how Lou ends with "walk it home"

When somebody rings our front doorbell nowadays, it's generally strangers asking 4 money. Same with peeps ringing our landline. Dont respond

"Dual Role of Mobile Devices for #BigData" ( JK--Good @jeffreyfkelly blog ref-ing recent #IBM #bigdatamgmt tweetchat

#BigData hardcore use cases? Multivariate analytics ( Wednesday's #IBM quick-hit

Big-data hardcore use cases? Multivariate analytics:

Jewel opened 4 Dylan early in her career. She said he was nice, polite, a fan, "not lecherous," critiq'd her lyrics, gave constructiv advice

Jewel was quite funny. Said as young girl she dreamt of meeting Dylan & that "he would totally come onto me." She eventually did. He didn't.

Panera plays good music overhead. Usually the place is a bit noisy and you don't notice. Today I'm hanging here early.

Jewel was superb: awesome voice, excellent songs, engaging stage presence, warm and funny. Played all her hits but many gr8 unfamiliar songs

Opening act Holly Williams was good. Country singer-songwriter is granddaughter of Hank Williams. My daughter's never heard of him.

In our seats at Lisner Auditorium, waiting for Jewel. Not a huge place, but she hasn't had a hit in years. Still good, though.

You know what's truly mind-numbing? Sifting through a tweetchat transcript to re-construct a coherent thread of discussion. I'm weird.

Drafted my next #IBM blog: "Recap of IBM Tweetchat: Mobile Data--Taking Your #BigData on the Road."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Song to Woody by Bob Dylan from Bob Dylan JK--1962. Debut LP from some unknown young folksinger with crappy voice.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Valentine's Day by David Bowie from The Next Day JK--2013. David's in classic form on this one. An evergreen artist.

#KEXP has the marvelous ability to expose you intimately to really cool new artists, like Django Django. I'm definitely getting their LP.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp: Love's Dart by Django Django from Live on KEXP JK--2nd time I tweeted this song today. This one is live now at KEXP

I've been regularly receiving essentially the same piece of postal junk mail from some random electrical parts supplier for past 20 years.

Many ostensibly "big" data discussions are just generic "data" discussions wherein people assume "big" implicit in "data." It's not.

Scriptures never indicate whether Jesus had a wife. Here's a radical thought. Perhaps he was gay.

As storage costs drop & personal clouds grow, I wonder if "BYOD" (bring your own device) will evolve into "BYOBD" (bring your own #bigdata).

Got half a mind to ask Children's Television Workshop to do Sesame Street on #bigdata. Would need to B sponsored by the letter V & number 3.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Love's Dart by Django Django from Django Django JK--2012. Strongly considering getting this album.

Spoke at an OMG event yesterday. A first for me. What I noticed is how many IT industry veterans were in attendance. Long industry memories.

Join #IBM for "#Big Data at the Speed of Business," broadcast event, April 30, Register here:

What is the top business value priority for #bigdata? Take IBM's Smart 16 Challenge #bigdatamgmt #Smart16

I've been practicing yoga for 7 years now. It's become more autonomically embedded in my nervous system. Along the mindless-mindful membrane

Join me et al for tweetchat "In-Memory for #BigData Management" Wed 3-27 12pm ET. hashtag #bigdatamgmt. #ibm

"Facebook On #BigData Analytics" ( JK--Working on new real-time and graph-analysis platforms

"The Rise And Stall Of Social Media Listening" ( JK--@sethgrimes sez social intel is "poor guide to effective action"

"Can we pls stop saying “unstructured” data?" ( JK--Agree. What's key is whethr semantics implicit within data object

"Data Darwinism & future o work" ( JK--Cutting on-demand laborer connectivity like evicting proles from company town

Annoys me how people think #bigdata is just data. It's that + metadata, models, rules, policies, svcs, middleware, tools, apps, & platforms

"Vertical vs. Horizontal Data Scientists" ( JK--Good discussion of domain specialists vs. generalists.

"Data Scientist Scarcity: Automation Is the Answer" ( JK--Only partly. Self-svc tools & prebuilt models are key too

Get two or more people in the same room talking about #bigdata and see how long they stay focused on the same topic. Tangents veer rapidly

"The Brutal Truth About 'Big Data'" ( JK--Inflammatory POV on #bigdata, targeting, & "drone-based assassination"

"The Body as a Source of #BigData" ( JK--Nice infographic.on data volumes powering healthcare analytics.

"#BigData and In-Memory Database" ( JK--In-depth tech discussion of cache on #IBM System z POWER7+

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Somewhere by Jimi Hendrix from People, Hell and Angels JK--Previously unreleased Hendrix gem.

New pope installed. There was some delay while they searched for the installation manual. Benedict XVI had stashed it away in the catacombs.

Four work days away from my home office feels like an eternity. Nothing like having a physical space of one's own to control.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Jive Babe by Mikhael Paskalev from Jive Babe JK--2013. New artist from England, born in Bulgaria. Really sharp rock

#BigData hardcore use cases? Temporal analytics ( Tuesday's #IBM quick-hit.

Big-data hardcore use cases? Temporal analytics:

@martynorks But, of course, I'm cynical when it makes sense to be cynical. I like to think.

@martynorks I notice whether somebody's cynicism is commentary on the hype, or on the tech. People who don't understand only comment on hype

If someone says #bigdata "beyond capab of traditional data platforms," I remind them that RDBMS, w/MPP, is both "traditional" & big data

When somebody seems glibly dismissive or cynical about #bigdata, I listen to hear whether they actually understand the topic.

Comes the time of day or night when I wish to be left the hell alone. My anti-social side. Or perhaps pro-private side. Oblivial.

#IBM VP Inhi Cho Suh did great preso on "Industry Impact of #BigData in the Cloud" at the CSCC BigData in Cloud WG. Ample real-word examples

One of our CSCC BigData WG participants is CDO at US DoTreasury FMS. He didn't connect this Kobielus to the agency's Kobielus. My bro Tom

"#IBM takes SKA techs from deep space to datacenter" ( JK--No, not the Jamaican music style. "Square Kilometer Array"

Long-winded definitions o #bigdata make me chuckle. It's simply advanced analytics at extreme scale. Other definitional tweaks are secondary

Drove the snowy route from home this morning to Reston for CSCC #BigData in the #Cloud Working Group. Fortunately, covered parking.

Discipline is remembering not to forget stuff. It's also remembering not to not do stuff.

#BigData hardcore use cases? Multistructured analytics ( Monday #IBM quick-hit in advance. I'm at conference tomorrow

Big-data hardcore use cases? Multistructured analytics:

"Advertising Analytics 2.0" ( JK--Measure impact of multivariate interaction of ads across channels within campaign

Pop-up ads have a big impact on me. The impact is irritation. Get that f**ing pop-up ad out of my face right now!!!!!!

Wuz tellin the daughter that my job makes me a bit of a politician. An industry politician. Still trying to decide what that means.

Fun fact: Today is March 17. It's also March 17th, March the 17th, the 17th of March, 17 March, and the 17th day in the month of March.

It's Lent & I'm a lapsed Catholic. It's St. Patrick's Day & I'm a quarter Irish. I'll observe by abstaining from beer & fasting on potatoes

Isaacson points out many instances where Jobs "disrespected" various individuals. All of these people were, coincidentally, Jobs rivals.

Isaacson Jobs bio reminds that Woz et al at Apple urged prudent course of fostering an ecosystem, not an egosystem. Jobs a premo narcissist

Tomorrow all day Reston VA co-chairing first meeting of Cloud Services Customer Council Working Group on standards for #BigData in the Cloud

NBC execs gnashing teeth cuz they've fallen behind Univision in ratings. I think it's significant indicator of Hispanics in US mainstream

It's tempting to think St. Patrick is the patron saint of getting smashed & puking green, but that would be wrong, so so very wrong.

WashPost article on new pope as Jesuit. Has list of Catholic religious orders. I was raised RC & never understood purpose of these groups.

Social media shows that too many people are getting into too many things. Cut it out!

@freebalance. I wasn't. We don't compete with Apple. Besides, we all occupy attractive office buildings. Theirs are nice enough looking.

If U criticize new pope 4 dealing w/ former Argentine govt thugs, must also ding prior w/ Nazi army svc & 1 before that w/Polish commie govt

Ate lunch one day at Panera in Cupertino. Passed by Apple HQ to snap photo for my daughter. Place crowded. Doubleparking. Bursting at seams

I've been to Silicon Valley three times in the past 6 weeks. Different pattern of visits & events each time. I'm absorbing it all faster.

"In-Memory Data Grids Allow Data Science at Faster Speeds" ( JK--Very good overview. See my blog on in-mem next week

"Machine Learning: A Road to Smarter Payments" ( JK--Good high-level primer on machine learning as a technology.

Rascals "How Can I Be Sure" ( JK--Cool. Steve Van Zandt got these guys back together. Would love to see them live.

"#BigData: Searching Large Amounts of Data Quickly &Efficiently" ( JK--"#Hadoop Aggressive Indexing Library," (HAIL)

"#BigData roadblocks will slow driverless cars until 2040, analyst sez" ( JK--BS. Article discusses privacy & safety

"Use Cases for Decision Management" ( JK--Good discussion can be mapped to underlying business rules & analytics

"Beware the Big Errors of ‘#BigData’" ( JK--Modeling correlations is easier than demonstrating causality. Spuriosity!

"MIT Research Vault: 7 Wireless Technologies Of The Future" ( JK--Very cool. A lot of out-of-box thinking here.

The eye is naturally drawn toward lists, bullets, & graphics in a text doc. The mind follows naturally. It's all in the visual. I outline.

"Big Data Meet Big Services" ( JK--SOA attempts rebranding to regain hip IT paradigm status. Lotsa luck!

"NLP: Everyday, Analytical & Unusual Uses" ( JK--Exhaustive taxonomy of NLP faces from @sethgrimes

"Machine Learning From Streaming Data" ( JK--Algos that learn incrementally over data vs. periodic model retrain

"Hadoop helps bring #bigdata into a data warehouse environment" ( JK--Good discussion of #Hadoop for log analysis

"Gamifying processes: seductive, but proceed with caution" ( JK--Great POV from @neilwd. Don't run biz on gimmickry

The browser version of TweetDeck now works so much better than client app original. I'm thinking of de-installing the latter, which freezes

Best feature of Google Chrome is that it auto-replicates my bookmarks across all my deployed instances of Chrome. Only need to bookmark once

"Visions of Futuristic Air Travel (And Plenty o Leg Room!) in 1946" ( JK--Glad they nixed th ashtray from that vision

ReadWriteWeb observes that #IBM's commitment to open cloud standards is a big deal.