Sunday, March 10, 2013

Aweekstweets March 2-10 2013: the week I decided that data is the new fish oil

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp You Don't Own Me by Klaus Nomi from Encore! JK--1983. Lesley Gore cover. Makes you say "what the hell?!"

 9 hrs
Sounds like wonderful new paranoiac obsession: the birds around your house are drones the govt is using to eavesdrop AND drop shit on you

Wife wants me to eat skin of the fish, sez the healthy oils are there. Whether or not that's so, I refuse 2 put slimy oozy stuff in my mouth

WSJ reviewed some #bigdata book today. Artticle highlighted several themes & memes I'll need 2 blog on. I tore out the page. Put it on desk

When someone puts me in difficult position, I'm never sure if I should exercise the "fight" or "flight" option. I get a headache.

"#IBM's Big Bet on Cloud Analytics" ( JK--CEO Ginni Rometty puts our #BigData push foremost.

The awesome @sharlesemetcalf DJing the Audioasis show of Pacific Northwest contemporary music tonight on #kexp. She knows how to pick 'em.

Sends chill up my spine to hear somebody called "The Police" on "CIA Records" boast about watching "every step you take." Big Brother Sting?

Thinking of calling my next #IBM blog "In-Memory: The Lightning in the #BigData Bottle."

Kinda day makes wanna do "Come Saturday Morning": "We'll travel 4 miles on our Saturday smiles which we'll remembr long aftr Satrday's gone"

Not at all sure what my next #IBM blog topic will be. This will be a week I stay open to whatever floating in the air.

Ach...feelin' contrarian tonight...I wish Facebook would offer a "global de-like" so I can repudiate all my prior passions in one swell foop

Drafted my first #Dataversity blog: "How Much #BigData Do You Actually Need?"

@emcclem Come participate in the CSCC #BigData Working Group, first meeting March 18 ( & let's discuss that!

Sometimes I get nostalgic for 8-track tape, till I recall how players chewed up tapes & record comps killed songs by splitting btwn tracks

New co-authored #CSCC blog: me & Bob Marcus "#BigData in the Cloud: Roadmap for User Adoption" (

I'll be at #IBM Silicon Valley labs to do a video preso next Thursday a.m. Bringing my own test tubes, bunsen burner, & white lab coat.

"Evaluating #BI for Cloud and Mobile" ( JK--Good checklist from @bevelson

"Will we quickly move from #BigData to RUM Data?" ( JK--Not till we mix in some CokeData & give it a VodkaData Chaser

"Forget #BigData, Think Mid Data" ( JK--Forget attaching dumb adjectives to "data." Think of something useful to say

"Tracking Sensors Invade the Workplace" ( JK--Intrusive E2E application of the "Internet of Things."

"#BigData Not Just About Mktg: Dont Forget IT Department’s Needs" ( JK--Predictive app, sys, ntwk, & infra monitoring

"Corporate culture: Your organization’s response to stress" ( JK--Keep emotions in check. Focus on getting stuff done

"Six Predictive Modeling Mistakes" ( JK--Excellent overview of missteps that can torpedo predictive fit.

I love when caller ID displays only the region they're calling from. "California? Yeah, that narrows it down."

"The evolving role of the chief digital officer" ( JK--Ridiculous C-level title. "Digital" is not a resource

"#BigData and Caution at Strata 2013" ( JK--SMiller caught many of the juiciest sessions at #strataconf

"5 reasons why the future of #Hadoop is real-time (relatively speaking)" ( JK--Good detailed analysis.

"3 Things You Need to Know about #BigData" ( JK--Sources may be untrustworthy, dirty, & ever-changing sez @fhalper

"An Unstructured Approach" ( JK--Structured/disciplined approach for handling + analyzing unstructured data.

Which type of #bigdata platform is best suited to serving #mobileclients? Join me on 3/13 at noon ET for #bigdatamgmt chat

What are the security & privacy risks of providing #mobile access to#bigdata applications? Join me on 3/13 at noon ET for #bigdatamgmtchat

Is there a killer app for #mobile access to #bigdata? Join me on 3/13 at noon ET for #bigdatamgmt chat

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

WSJ "The Tyranny of the Queen Bee" ( JK--Authored by woman. Bolstered by American Mgt Assn survey.

Sentiment monitoring. It helps you measure & hopefully prevent customer engagement from degenerating into customer enragement.

I organize my work desktop via paper files. My to-do objective every day is to clear all this goddamn paper off my desktop.

Morning is the time I de-tense from the weird positions my body assumed while sleeping & odd dreams that tangled my head

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Be-In by The Dandy Warhols frm Th Dandy Warhols Come Down JK--Working alone means I can crank this to full volume

#IBM presentation: "Presentation: 5 Keys to "Productionizing"#BigData" ( Bsd on my blogpost:

#BigData on the move? Next best action leverages big data analytics for continual mobile guidance ( Friday's #IBM q-h

Big data on the move? Next best action leverages big data analytics for continual mobile guidance:

Data is NOT the "new oil." Oil is a nonrenewable resource, produced by nature. Data is a renewable resource, the product of human activity.

Or the German one. Just as much my bloodline as the Pole. Ethnic or racial balance at the top is superficial issue in Catholic church.

I have no opinion on whether there should be American pope--or any other nationality. I was not so crazy about that Polish pope. My "people"

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. This makes sense. "Al Gusto Del Gordo." Raul de Molina comiendo. Ahora tengo hambre!

Forbidden City. I suspect that applies to all o Beijing now, in terms of hyperpolluted places Chinese doctors tell people w/lungs to avoid

@sethdrobinson But not the 4th "V" that I introduced? To paraphrase Carly Simon, you're so vain I betcha thought that tweet was about you!

Filibusters, pocket vetoes, recess appointmts, etc. It's as if "founding fathers" gamified our system o governance, just to fuck with us

Looks like William Shatner moving into #bigdata. He's spinning up a massive ego cluster to process his 4 Vs, the 4th being Vanity.

Isaacson's Jobs bio makes me laugh at many points. For example, Jobs in 1982 was cocksure Time mag would name him "Person of the Year"

You can't really know it all. Best U can do is evolve richly nuanced & observationally grounded outlook w/agility to shift points of view

"So how you like Boston, Jim?" People asked me that in my prior job (Forrester) & now at current (IBM). I tell em I've always been in NoVa

Telecommuting. The term doesn't really apply when the "home office" you're "telecommuting" to is a plane ride away, or purely virtual.

New #IBM jk blogpost: "Big Data On the Move: Everywhere You Need It To Be" (

"Tech Trade Associations: Are They Valuable?" ( JK--I'd say "yes." I got my tech career start at one in 1985.

Annoys when music writer says shit like "Replacements invented indie rock in '84." Indie labels (Sire Stiff etc) pioneered it before then

#BigData on the move? Location analytics use big data to orient your mobile on the ground ( Thursday #IBM quick-hit

Big data on the move? Location analytics use big data to orient your mobile on the ground:

We got a few inches yesterday, most of which melted before the sun set. Nice sunny morning now. No "major" snowstorm, despite the media hype

Watching TV news to catch up on how much bullshit in the world I need to worry about today.

Funny phrase from Isaacson's Jobs bio: "printers, grizzled editors, and other ink-stained wretches."

Told my FB friend Leon Lynn that the "big data for us little guys" is Facebook itself, and pretty much every other social network.

Whew! Finished my slides for my May 1 preso at Enterprise Data World: Data Scientists: Grow & Sustain a Big Data Center of Excellence."

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp It All Began With A Burst by Kishi Bashi from LIVE on KEXP JK--Group has very nimble melodic sound. Very Shins-y

Listening 2 Harper's Bizarre "Feelin Groovy" ( JK--Best misleadingly edgy groupname til 10K Maniacs & Vampire Weekend

Reviewing the slides from #Strataconf, I notice that one presenter put the word "shit" prominently on one slide. Made me laugh. I won't do

"Your Bank America accounts has been locked." Hey phisher-kings: is there a special reason why you choose not to use grammar checkers?

"Advertising & Internet of Things" ( JK--Vision of every can of soup at the grocery store having own unique RFID?

"How & why LinkedIn becoming eng powerhouse" ( JK--Developed creepynamed open-source Voldemort, Azkaban, & Kafka

"Berkeley AMPLab: Algos, Machines, & People works on #BigData & Analytics Sol'ns" ( JK--Overvu o cutting-edge projex

"The #BigData Interview: Making Sense o th New World Order" ( JK--The Kobielus Review: big data makes modeling fluid

"#BigData's New Buzzword: Datafication" ( JK--Not at all sure whethr I like th word. Reminds too much o "deification"

"Game-changers." OK. Keep us posted on whether these disruptors are actually winning the games they've changed.

"Social Graphs & Applied NoSQL Solutions" ( JK--Good@johnlmyers44 discussion. Curious how his readers respond.

Peter Drucker? Constantly mentioned in IT talks with a biz focus. Tom Peters? Seldom. Many strategic biz mgt gurus have short shelf-lives

One of fun things about returning from road trip is realizing my latest print job is sitting at printer in an #IBM office 3000 miles away

Wet and slushy. A typical late-season snow. Not a pleasant one.

Univision. El Gordo y La Flaca. Need wardrobe consultnt. El Gordo wears unflattering cuts o suit 4 man his girth. Looks like clad in puptent

Remember the good old days when we would "xerox" any good stuff our little hearts desired? Isaacson's bio makes clear Jobs xeroxed PARC.

Snowstorm approacheth. Local TV news trux out same supermkt rush salt lay stay indoors dont throw yr bax out covrage as on prior snow events

Hugo Chavez has died.

A good indicator that you're too damn busy is when you truly NEED in-flight Internet.

"Private Boom Amid Detroit Public Blight" ( JK--Investment sprouting along Woodward corridor: downtown+"New Center"

Streaming sensor grids drive real-time human-collab nxt-bst-act infra: any urgent theatre o ops: war, public safety, hazmat response, etc

Near as I can tell, the only "V" that hasn't been used to characterize some dimension of #bigdata is "vita-meat-a-veg-amin." Give it time.

One of the federal speakers at #BigData in Govt conf just hit on the chilling bottom-line constraint: "we're 3 days into sequestration"

 Mar 5
Drafted next #IBM jk blog: "Hardcore #BigData Use Cases: Better Results at Extreme Scale"

I'd never noticed till now that the National Science Foundation logo is almost identical to the United Auto Workers logo.

"#IBM 2 Make Cloud Svcs+SW Opn Src-bsd" ( JK--New #IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator prvt cloud offering bsd on OpenStack

DC-based government-focused tech conferences. Every male wears a suit & tie, self-included. Tech conferences elsewhere: few do.

Rosslyn. Arlington VA. Just across Key Bridge from Georgetown DC. Wife & I lived/worked near here early on, pre-kids. I loved the walk

"So without further ado." Sometimes, when speaker launches into boring main talk, you long for further ado. A little ado can do wonders

@rwhiteley0 Do #IBM customers ask me personally about bandwidth implications of #bigdata? Not yet. Good blog topic, though. Thanks.

I'm having trouble understanding why the verb "sequester" (meaning "segregate" or "seclude") is being used as synonym for "slash budget"

Catch me tomorrow and the next day at #BigData in Government conference, Arlington VA ( Attending, not presenting

"Survey: “intimate” customer rels will drive investmt in analytix" ( JK--#Forrester svy on customer decisioning plans

"The history of #Hadoop: From 4 nodes to the future of data" ( JK--Recap for those not paying attention

New jk #IBMDataMag article: "Gauging the Maturity of Your #BigDataInitiatives" (

Here's a key analytical skill for career enhancement: improvise ad-hoc insights on the seemingly arbitrary intersection of any 2+ topics

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Last Light by matt pond PA from Last Light JK--Good one. Reminds me a bit of Sebadoh.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Surrender by Cheap Trick from Heaven Tonight JK--Delightfully in-yr-face late-70s FM pop-metal classic.

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkmen JK--These guys need to issue correction: "California Dreamin'" is NOT Beach Boys

Reading Isaacson's bio of Steve Jobs reminds me what I was happy never to have met him. I suspect we wouldn't have gotten along.

Contours of yr personal streambed change from day to day. What side of bed did U get up on? Morning involves finding the new contour/stream

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Ohm by Yo La Tengo from Fade JK--My current fave song. Inspirational. "Resisting the flow [repeat]." Ommmmmmmmm

#BigData in Cloud: Preparing for Future ( ). Mar 18. Agenda: Register:

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens frm ComeOnFeelThIllinoise! JK--Today. IL holiday. US RevWar hero. Yes, Pole

RT @kexpplaylist #kexp San Francisco by Foxygen from We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic JK--Cool new anthem to CityByBay

"LinkedIn opensources db chnge captur sys" ( JK--Databus "timeln-consist stream grupd in Xactions n srce cmmit ordr"

"Are we now living in post-crypto world?" ( JK--If your machine under someone else's control, they control yr crypto
"“Intro 2 Berkeley Data Analytics Stack (BDAS) Featuring Spark...& Shark.” ( JK--SMiller discusses #Strataconf panel

Report: Rethinking Personal Data: Strengthening Trust, May 2012 ( Good one. A keeper.

"Building recommendation platforms w/ #Hadoop" ( JK--ETL, feat gen+select, recom algos, A/B tstng, servng, trak&rept

#BigData on the move? Machine data is what yr mobile feeds 2 big-data cloud analytics ( Wed #IBM qh in adv. Same conf

Big data on the move? Machine data is what your mobile feeds to big-data cloud analytics:

#BigData on the move? Stream computing enables real-time mobile experiences ( Tuesday's #IBM q-h in advance. At conf

Big data on the move? Stream computing enables real-time mobile experiences:

#BigData on the move? Cloud services ensure big data is always there for your mobile ( Monday's #IBM quick-hit

Big data on the move? Cloud services ensure big data is always there for your mobile:

WSJ article about mobile apps. I hate apps. Most take too long to load, consume too much memory, crash too often, & add little value.

"Why Don't You Hear Someone's Accent in a Song? ( JK--Good discussion. Many conform their accent to original singer's

Listening 2 playback of recent in-studio by Aaron Neville on #KEXP( Starts w/ gr8 version of "This Magic Moment"

Anthropologically, Silicon Valley feels closer than Washington DC. I'm in the former's environment, but the latter's environs.

My appreciation of Isaacson's Jobs bio is anchored in having made a point to drive last week past key NoCal locations noted in book.

I wasn't only man in yoga class this morning. There were 4 others, all beefy, seemingly military. This is near Pentagon, so not surprising

I think I'll do my next blog and quick-hits on #bigdata hardcore use cases--of the non-porn non-punk variety.

I tend to pay back respect with my attention, disrespect with inattention and feigned absent-mindedness. I go thru the listening motions

Abraham Lincoln. Even if he'd been a lackluster president during a placid time, he'd still have been memorable for that Old Testament face.

Ex-pope vacated the Vatican Nixon-style. Helicopter airlifted him outa there. At least he didn't raise his arms in double-V finger salute

Tucker Carlson. The bowtied commentator resembles the rightside anti-hip of the conjoined twin from which left-hip Steve Jobs was separated.

George Will. Someone once described bowtied columnist as resembling a "Victorian patrician trapped in a world of unspeakable vulgarity."

Last bowtied liberal in Washington was the late Senator Paul Simon (D-IL). Extinct species.

Our cable company giving us several free months of HBO. Mostly movies I've already seen. Boring.

#strataconf felt focused on data science, not so much on #bigdataplatforms and tools. Felt more focused on maturation than innovation.

@NicolasJMorales Thanks Nicolas. Nice to meet you too. I'll try not to disappoint.

My approach 2 generating new ideas could not be more moronic. I choose a topic in haste. I tell myself to write something. I write something

"How to Live Peacefully With Co-Workers" ( JK--More important than these: do your work, don't whine, & don't backstab

The secret to a quiet mind is simply to have a quiet face.

It was cold, sweetly overcast, and there were brief extremely light flurries when I arrived home today. Made Egidia & I quite mellow.

May not be at all obvious, but my mind in middle age is far quieter than when I was young. The only nervous chatter is what I hear around me

Glad to be home. I thought DC had bad traffic. But Rte 101 up and down the San Francisco peninsula is far worse. Glad I brought my music

Scalia remark on voting rights as "racial entitlements" was 1st time I recall wanting 2 tell a SCOTUS justice 2 shove his opinion up his ass

Stimulating week in Silicon Valley. #Strataconf filled my head with a cloud of ideas. #IBMDevDay gave me further insight into customers